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Bayonets - German

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German M98 Dress Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog - BAYO 678
German M98 Dress Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. This is a nice other ranks M98 Dress bayonet with the longer 9 ¾ “ blade. The shorter 7 ¾ “ blade was for the Non-commissioned officer (N.C.O). These were worn with the walking out dress uniform, much the same as officers wore dress daggers. This example was made by Alcoso and is marked to the blade with their trademark of Alcoso, Scales & Solingen. The grips are chequered black plastic and the pommel has a working press stud and rifle mortise but could not be fitted to a rifle as the slot was too small for the attachment lug on the M98 Mauser rifle. The scabbard is black painted steel and is contained in a black leather frog. See German clamshells and other bayonets by Gary. L Walker & R.J Weinand page 15. £175. BAYO 679

German late WW2 M88/89 3rd Model Bayonet & Scabbard. - BAYO 677
This is a late production K98 bayonet made in 1944 by E & F Horster and marked to the blade with their wartime code of 44asw. There is only one visible waffenampt stamp to the pommel and the overall finish is not up to the usual standard. The scabbard is also a late war version with the finish not being as good as normal. This is marked to the top with 44cof which is the wartime code for Carl Eickhorn. A nice late war combination and a must for the serious collector. See White & Watts No 296 pages 115 & 133. £175 BAYO 677.

WW1 Imperial German Ersatz Bayonet. - BAYO 665
This is a nice M99/98 all steel Ersatz bayonet similar to No335 in White & Watts, the bayonet book. It is nearly 16 ¾ “overall with a fullered blade length of 12”. The stepped muzzle ring is open at the top of the steel hilt has an oil drain hole behind the cross guard. Unfortunately there is no scabbard as is often the case with Ersatz bayonets. A nice example of an Ersatz bayonet. BAYO 665

WW2 Era Nazi German Fireman’s Long Model Faschinenmesser Dress Bayonet By Carl Eickhorn Solingen With Original Period DRL/NSRL Championship Sports Achievement Medal/ Award Applied To Grip & Scabbard. Sn 18278:6 - 18278:6
This is an excellent original Nazi German WW2 era German Fireman's long model dress bayonet and scabbard (see page 126 of the book 'German Clamshells' by Walker and Weinand). The basic design is taken from the standard military dress bayonet but is without the rifle mortise and stud button. The cross guard is re curved which is correct for these Fireman’s bayonets. This bayonet has the correct 9 ¾” clean nickel plated blade with fullers and has the crisp makers of Carl Eickhorn Solingen. The blade has its original leather hilt washer. The pommel and cross guard are nickel plated and excellent. It has undamaged black stippled grips secured with two rivets. One scale has an original period DRL/NSRL Championship Sports Achievement Medal/ Award Applied. The Championship Badge was introduced in 1937 and it was awarded at an annual championship to an individual in every branch of sport. The Badge was originally established by the National Socialist Physical Training League (NSRL) and it was later adopted by the NSRL's predecessor, the German National Physical Education Union (DRL). It comes with the correct black painted military issue scabbard which is free of dents. The paint has just small areas of service wear to be expected. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18278:6

WW2 German M88/98 3rd Model Bayonet & Scabbard. - BAYO 663
This is a nice K98 Bayonet with brown Bakelite grips. It was made by E & F Horster in 1943 and is marked to the blade with their wartime code of 43 asw. There are 2 Waffenampt stamps to the pommel. The scabbard also carries the Horster wartime code of 42 asw. A nice mid WW2 K98 combination. See White & Watts No 296 pages 115 & 133. BAYO 663

**MINT** MATCHING REGIMENT MARKS**WW2 Nazi German Clemen & Jung Solingen Police Dress Bayonet With Stag Antler Grips & Scabbard Both Regiment / Unit Marked ‘S.Mg. 370’ & Leather Frog. BAYO 660 - BAYO 660
A near mint Nazi German Police dress bayonet. It has its original nickel plating on all parts. It has superb Stag Antler grips, one side mounted with Police Eagle with Swastika badge, Eagle head pommel & upswept, oak leaf finger guard which is Regiment / Unit numbered ‘S.Mg. 370’. It has a clean polished 13" single edged, fullered blade with crisp marks on both sides. One side the manufacturer ‘Clemen & Jung Solingen’. The reverse has a stylised shield containing ‘Z’ mark. Its original black leather covered wood scabbard with nickel plated chape and locket is in similar near mint condition with all leather & stitching intact. The throat mount is stamped with matching Regiment / Unit mark. The scabbard is fitted with its excellent original black leather frog. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 660

WW1 Imperial German Model 1914 Ersatz Bayonet And Scabbard - BAYO 649
This is an original nice example of a WW1 German Ersatz M1914 bayonet with the third type pommel and square fullers to the blade. The blade is stamped with a knight on horseback over BAYARD and the spine carries an inspection stamp. These bayonets are thought to have been for export to several South American countries but at the outbreak of WW1, they were diverted to the German army and became one of the standard bayonets or WW1. The bayonet is contained in an M1915 Bavarian Ersatz metal scabbard. See The Bayonet Book by White & Watts item 277 on pages 115 and 126. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 649

German WW1, 1916 Dated Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher Knife' Bayonet By Simson & Co., Suhl, Complete With Steel Scabbard - BAYO 635
This is a German WW1, 1916 dated Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher Knife' bayonet by Simpson & Co. The ricasso is stamped SIMPSON & SON SUHL and the top of the blade is stamped W16 (1916 date) and a stylised M acceptance stamp. The hilt is stamped with two acceptance marks. The top of the grip has the later flash guard and a trimmed muzzle ring. The grips are undamaged. The bayonet is contained in its original steel scabbard carrying the mark of Fabrik Mauser-AG Obenddorf aN above an iron cross stamp. The frog is the standard German leather version. See White and Watts, item 267 on pages 114 and123. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 635

German WW1, 1915 Dated 1884/98 Bayonet With Sawback Removed And Scabbard - BAYO 281
This is a German WW1, 1884/98 bayonet which has had its sawback removed. These bayonets were in production from 1915 until at least 1917 although most of the dated examples (when they were dated at all) indicate that production peaked in 1915. This example has had its sawback removed, necessitated by the accusation in the British press that the sawback bayonet was a barbourous weapon. The bayonet ahs a feint F.K and So on the ricasso which is more than likely F. Koeller and Co., Solingen but the rest is badly rubbed. The wooden grips are held by 2 screw bolts and the black painted steel pommel carries an Imperial inspection stamp. The scabbard is black steel and undamaged. This is a nice M1884/98 with sawback removed bayonet. See White and Watts, item 286 on pages 115 and 129 for an unaltered example. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 281

Nazi M98 Dress Bayonet By E. Pack & Sohne & Scabbard - BAYO 625
This is an early Nazi M98 dress bayonet and scabbard. The dress sidearm for military and civilian uniformed formations was designated the M98 Dress Bayonet. This bayonet represented a stylised form of the S. 84/98 bayonet purchased by the individual for wear with the walkout dress uniform and was worn by the mainly non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel. This early dress bayonet has a rifle mortise and a dummy push button release. Usually there is some green felt in the rifle mortise but this is missing. This is the long version with a 9 3/4" blade which carries the makers logo of E. Pack & Sohne. The bayonet has "E. Pack & Sohne Solingen" etched on the ricasso together with their Siegfried Waffen logo. This is a scarcer variant of their trademark. The polished steel blade is in excellent condition. The plastic grips are chequered and secured with two screw bolts. The scabbard is the standard black gloss painted version, (see 'German Clamshells' book pages 15-16 by Gary L. Walker & R.J. Weinand). The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 625
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