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Bayonets - British

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EARLY RAF, WW1 1917 British WD Wilkinson Pall Mall 1907 Pattern Bayonet Regiment Marked to The RAF & RAF Marked Scabbard. BAYO 442 - BAYO 442
This is an original 1907 pattern bayonet for the Enfield rifle manufactured in August 1917 by Wilkinson. The ricasso is stamped 'Wilkinson Pall Mall' manufacturer detail & feint ‘GR’ (George Rex) over '8 '17 date ( Aug 1917). It also has 1930's reissue stamps. The reverse has a small inspection mark. The 17” polished steel blade with fullers has areas of staining to be expected. The wood slab grips are in excellent undamaged condition. The pommel is Regiment marked ‘RAF' to the Royal Air Force over 1C/9911’ & ‘Y146’. It is complete with its steel mounted leather scabbard. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. The throat mount is stamped ‘RAF’. The throat also has small inspection marks. The price for this bayonet & scabbard to the early RAF includes UK delivery. BAYO 442

1978 British Royal Factory Ishapore India Arsenal (RFI) No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet & Scabbard With Webbing Frog. BAYO 437 - BAYO 437
This is a very good British No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet and Scabbard. These bayonets were used during WW2 and post war. The bayonet with fullered, 8" Bowie style blued blade (12" overall) has muzzle ring, cross guard and pommel with lug button that has a good strong spring action. It has slab wood grips secured by screw bolts. The blade is manufacturer marked ‘RFI’ (Royal Factory Ishapore India Arsenal) at the ricasso together with ‘78’ (1978 date). The bayonet is complete with its steel scabbard which is undamaged and has original black finish. The scabbard is fitted with an original webbing frog which is clean and undamaged. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 437

British 1913 Pattern Bayonet, Scabbard And Frog. Bayo 435 - BAYO 435
This is a 1913 Pattern bayonet which was introduced into British service on the 21 st June 1916 along with its parent rifle, the pattern 1914. The majority of these bayonets were made in the U.S. by Winchester and Remington with a a very small number made in England by Vickers. This example is marked on the blade with 1913 over 8 17 (August 1917 date) and Remington over a circle. the other side carries a British inspection stamp which has been scored out and U.S. stamped below. The grips have the two vertical grooves scored into them to differentiate the bayonet from the 1917 pattern. The scabbard is the American style with a metal belt loop top locket but with the addition of a British webbing frog presumably for use by the Home guard in WW2. This is an interesting combination for the 1913 pattern bayonet. See Skennerton item B239 on pages 192 – 194. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 435

Very Rare British Prototype No 9 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. BAYO 434 - BAYO 434
This is a very rare prototype No 9 bayonet which has been fabricated from a No4 Mk II socket welded to a No 5 blade. The length overall is 9.75 inches with a blade length being 7.75 inches. The muzzle ring diameter is 15.5mm. See Skennerton item M16 on page 382 for a virtually identical bayonet. The bayonet is contained in the standard No 5 bayonet scabbard with a later 1955 dated webbing frog. This is a very rare bayonet ex of the Graham Priest Collection. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 434

Indian Land Pattern Socket Bayonet And Scarce Scabbard. BAYO 433 - BAYO 433
This is a nice Indian Land pattern socket bayonet made c.1801 by John Gill of Birmingham. The bayonets for the Indian Forces differed from the British LAND pattern bayonets by having a shorter blade and no ordnance inspection marks. The only markings on this bayonet and the name of JOHN GILL stamped onto the flat of the blade. The dimensions are 20 ½ inches overall length with a blade length of 15 ¾ inches and a muzzle ring diameter of 25mm, (British bayonets had a blade length of approximately 17 inches). The scabbard is a rare survivor and is brass mounted black leather with a tear drop frog stud. See Skenneton item 11 on pages 313 and 314 in the Indian section and page 56 in the British section. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 433

1903 Dated British WD Army Sappers & Miners 1855 Pattern Lancaster Rifle Pipeback Sword Bayonet & Scabbard. BAYO 428 - BAYO 428
British Sappers and Miners Units adopted an oval barrel rifle in 1855 and produced their own distinctive bayonet with a Falchion or pipe backed blade. The leather scabbard had brass fittings. After 1857 the Sappers and Miners were renamed the Engineers so the blade is sometimes called the Engineers Bayonet. After removal from Engineer service they became a side arm particularly for the Medical Corps. Early examples had a leaf spring secured by a rivet but post 1858 the springs on these bayonets were secured by a screw. The British Government ordered quantities of these bayonets from German manufacturers & both the London and Birmingham trade (see pages 121-124 and item B160 of British & Commonwealth Bayonets By Skennerton). This is an excellent original example of the 1855 Lancaster bayonet. It has the correct 24”pipeback blade is clean, brass cross guard with muzzle ring and brass pommel with correct flat steel spring bar with post 1858 retaining screw and push button which works as it should. The ricasso is dated ‘1903’ and has inspection marks which are also present on the grip strap. It's original black grips are have just light service wear and correctly secured by rivets. The pommel is numbered 1157. The bayonet measures 29 ¼” overall and is complete with it's original leather scabbard with brass locket and large brass shoe chape. The leather is undamaged. The locket is numbered 13447 and the leather has WD inspection marks. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 428

Chrome Plated British WSC (Wilkinson Sword Company) No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet With Wood Grips & Chrome Plated Scabbard Mounted On Display Stand With Presentation Plate ‘To Sgt T.A. Sumara From Officer’s & SNOC’s E. Coy. 5 LI Sep 1986’ . Sn 16530 - 16530
This is an excellent original No.5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet and scabbard with chrome plated metal work mounted on wooden display stand. The bayonet has a fullered blade, muzzle ring, cross guard and pommel with lug button which are clean and has all of its chrome plating. It has undamaged wood slab grips. The blade is marked by the manufacturer 'WSC' (Wilkinson Sword Company). Its chrome plated scabbard is clean with no dents. The hilt is fixed to the display stand by 2 screws through the scale holes which could be un-screwed to allow the bayonet to be taken off the stand. The tip of the scabbard is retained on the stand by a ‘u’ shaped metal mount on the stand. The stand has a brass presentation plate inscribed ‘Presented To Sgt T.A. Sumara From Officer’s & SNOC’s E. Coy. 5 LI Sep 1986’. The bayonet together with stand measures 16” x 3 ¼” x 5”. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16530

RARE, WW2 British Lee Enfield No 4 MK 1 Cruciform Spike Bayonet By ‘SM’ (Singer Manufacturing Co) With No 4 MK 1 Scabbard & Webbing Frog. Sn 16588 - 16588
An excellent, original, rare to find, Lee Enfield No.4 MK 1 spike bayonet with cruciform blade in its original scabbard with webbing Frog. The socket is stamped with G (Crown) R (George Rex) , No. 4 MK.1 and 'SM' (the Singer Manufacturing Co). It's 8” cruciform blade is undamaged and its ribbed locking catch works as it should. The bayonet's scabbard is in similar excellent condition with no dents. The throat of the scabbard is stamped ‘No4 MK 1’. The scabbard is fitted with an original webbing frog. The rear of the frog is stamped with indistinct ink markings most likely stores numbers. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16588

SCARCE, 1970’s British Hopkinsons Sheffield Guards Regiments Ceremonial L1A4 Bayonet With Chromed Stud Button & Blade, Scabbard & Buff Webbing Frog. BAYO 425 - BAYO 425
An original and scarce British L1A4 bayonet made by Hopkinsons of Sheffield in the 1970’s. The pattern was sealed on 31st December 1958 & was an alternative method of production for manufacturers. The L1A4 has the pommel secured by rivets whereas the L1A3 has the pommel brazed or heat shrunk on. However it was not produced by Hopkinsons until the early 1970’s. This example of the Hopkinson’s L1A4 has Chrome plating indicating use by Guards regiments for ceremonial use. The bayonet has a chrome plated clean 8” steel blade with bowie tip and fullers. The blade has no manufacturer or WD marks visible but they may be present under original black paint present at the ricasso. The smooth grips are metal, painted black and secured with two rivets. Both grips are marked ‘S.M ‘H’ within diamond cartouche (Hopkinsons) 960 2379 (stores code)’. The pommel incorporates a release stud button and release catch which are also chrome plated. The pommel has a stamp on one side ‘R’ and on the reverse ‘C’. Its steel scabbard is undamaged and the buff webbing frog has indistinct black in letters and numbers. Very few of these L1A4 bayonets were produced compared to the L1A3 & they are quite scarce. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 425

WW2, 1944 Dated India Pattern No 1 MK.II Bayonet And Scabbard. BAYO 423 - BAYO 423
This is a WW2, 1944 dated Indian Pattern No. 1, MK II bayonet and leather scabbard. This is a newly made and not a converted 1907 bayonet. This is the later version with the square pommel not the rounded one and this was introduced to save on machining time. The bayonet is marked on the blade with a crown over G.R.I. followed by MK II 3 44 (March 1944) and R.F.I. (Rifle Factory Ishaport). The other side of the blade has various inspection stamps. The bayonet has slab wood grips which are secured with two screw bolts. The pommel has the correct release button which operates smoothly and it has a clearance hole. The pommel is stamped 12022 over 322 The bayonet is in its correct leather scabbard with steel mounts. The bottom chape carries the stamp OA. See the Bayonet Book by White and Watts, item 842. The price includes UK Delivery. BAYO 423
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