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WWI 1916 Seitengewehr German Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher Knife' Bayonet By Mauser A.G. Oberndorf Complete with Steel Scabbard . BAYO 330. - BAYO 330
A 1916 German Model 1898/05 G98 Mauser 'Butcher Knife' bayonet By Mauser A.G. Oberndorf. This is a very nice condition original Imperial German Pattern 1898/05 'butchers knife' bayonet and scabbard for the Gew. 98 Mauser Rifle. This is the later model with a trimmed muzzle ring and fitted with a flash guard. The ricasso is stamped "Waffenfabrik Mauser A.G. Oberndorf a.n.” The back edge of the blade is stamped with the Imperial Crown above "W 16" (1916). The blade is clean and the grips are original and un-damaged. The steel scabbard is also original and in good order with just a couple of very minor dents on the reverse as to be expected. (See image 267 on page 123 in 'The Bayonet Book' by Watts and White). The price for this nicely marked bayonet and scabbard includes UK delivery. BAYO 330. (Box 3)

**SOLD**7/11**U.S. 1943 Dated M1 Bayonet and Scabbard. 20672:27. - 20672:27
This is a newly made M1 bayonet for the M1 Garand (The M1 Garand or M1 rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that was the service rifle of the U.S. Army during World War II and the Korean War) and not a cut down M1905 or M1942 blade. The blade carries ‘AFH’ (American Fork and Hoe) the flaming grenade and ‘1943 U.S.’. The blade is fullered and predominantly unmarked with only minor signs of use related wear. The number ‘4625659’ is to the left of the muzzle ring. It is carried in its correct green plastic scabbard with ‘U.S.’ within a flaming grenade to the top mount. The scabbard is undamaged and has a nice aged patina. See ‘An Illustrated History of Bayonets’ by Martin J.Brayley pages 231 to 241. The price includes UK delivery. 20672:27. (USA Bayonets Box)

French ‘Shortened Cadet’ Lebel M1886/93 Bayonet and Scabbard. 20672:26. - 20672:26
This is a nice pattern Lebel bayonet which is shortened example (34 cm blade length-46 cm OA) with a white metal hilt, downswept quillon with ‘63173’ two encircled ‘P’ proof marks stamped to it, and a round button catch. This is an early model with the hilt fixed permanently to the tang, whereas later models had removable hilts with a screw nut fixing to the end of the hilt. The blackened blade is the usual Lebel cruciform shape and the scabbard is black tubular steel. This is a lovely complete example of a 1st pattern iconic Lebel bayonet. See White and Watts item no. 205 on page 96 and Martin Brayley, An Illustrated History of Bayonets, pages 71 – 73. The price includes U.K. delivery. 20672:26. (French Bayo Box)

American M1 'Field Made' Fighting Knife/Bayonet & M8 P.W.H Scabbard. 20672:25. - 20672:25
Made in the field by shortening the M1942 sword bayonet, this fighting knife/ bayonet measures 16 ¾ cm (28 ½ cm OA) for use on the Garand rifle see page 436, No 928 of ‘White & Watts’. The spring catch works as it should and the black ribbed plastic grips are intact but showing signs of service wear. The blades fuller goes to the tip and the metal is painted olive drab and is wearing in places. The USM8A1 scabbard was made by P.W.H ((Pennsylvania Working Home for the Blind) and is stamped to the locket. The number ‘240’ is stamped to the front of the scabbard. The green web frog is in good condition and the metalwork and stitching is intact. The price for this unique pairing includes UK delivery. 20672:25. (American Knife/Bayonets Box)

WWI Swiss Model M1914 Schmidt Rubin Sawback Bayonet and Leather Scabbard. 20630. - 20630
Switzerland Mod 1914 by Waffenfabrik of Neuhausen. Introduced in 1914, these Sawing Bayonets were issued to select troops, along with the 7.5mm Bolt-Action Schmidt-Rubin M1911 Carbine and the M1931 Short Rifle (K31 Carbine), for both the Swiss and Italians. These bayonets were originally introduced with leather scabbards in 1914 as this none, yet in 1938 the new production of steel scabbards replaced the older leather scabbards. The 47.8 cm, fullered single side, swell-point tip, sawback, matte finished blade is in excellent condition. It features a nicely executed “Waffenfabrik Neuhausen” maker mark. The scabbard is leather and is very supple and smooth with only a few marks. The stitching and metalwork are all intact. The throat retaining screw remains intact as does the obverse leather hanger strap. Just above the hanger is marked with a rifle through an N. The ball has the Swiss cross on it. The crossguard features: the Swiss cross to the underside, a muzzel ring and is numbered: “186197”. The push button continues to work well. There are two grained wood grips that are in perfect condition. See page 272 item 607 of The Bayonet Book by White & Watts. The price for this desirable piece includes UK delivery. 20630. (Box 1)

Imperial Germany ‘Seitengewehr’ M1898/05 Butcher Bayonet . 20629. - 20629
The Bayonet M1898/05 (Seitengewehr literally meaning 'Sidearm'), should succeed the M1898 long bayonet. It had a much stronger design but was still very long. In the beginning of the Great War it came with high ears and without flash guard. The M1898 ‘New Pattern’ was missing the ‘ears’ and is characterised by the addition of a thin sheet of steel as muzzle fire protection on top of the grip. The original German First World War butcher blade bayonet was used with the Mauser Gewehr 98 (GEW 98) the standard issue service rifle of Imperial Germany. This example is the later type with muzzle guard trimmed fitted with flashguard. The ricasso is marked ‘durkopp werke a.g’ (The Dürkopp works were involved in armaments production for the rearmament of the Wehrmacht early on. In the mid-1930s, the workforce at Dürkoppwerke grew again to over 2000 people. They produced, among other things , sidearms , needle bearings and roller bearings for tanks , machine guns , grenades , anti-aircraft guns , light artillery , anti-tank guns , on-board carriages for aircraft and detonators . Through the upswing from 1933, due to the production of armaments, the company made a profit again from 1934. In 1933 a branch was set up in Künsebeck near Halle (Westf) , with weapons production and over 2000 jobs) the blade is 37 cm (50 cm overall) see page 123 item 267 of The Bayonet Book by White & Watts. The metal scabbard is housed in a leather frog stamped ‘J Bomberg 1871’. The leather is aged but intact, as is the stitch work. The price for these nice examples includes UK delivery. 20629. (Box 3)

**EXTREMELY RARE**Austrian Socket Sword Bayonet For The Rare Lorenz Jagerstutzen Model 1854/56 Sharpshooter’s Carbine With Scabbard. Sn 20733 - 20733
The Austrian Lorenz rifle and carbines were used in the mid 19th century. They were used in the Second Italian War of Independence in 1859 and the Austro-Prussian War in 1866, and also featured prominently in the American Civil War. The Lorenz rifle was designed by Austrian lieutenant Joseph Lorenz. It was first approved for manufacture in 1854, and was Austria's first all-new infantry firearm since 1842. Replacing the earlier Augustin musket, the Lorenz was first distributed to Austrian soldiers in 1855. In 1866 some of the rifles and carbines were converted to Werndl breech loading weapons. The Austrian Model 1854/66 Lorenz Jagerstutzen (Sharpshooter’s) Carbine were designed to take a specific sword bayonet only designed for these weapons, the Lorenz Jager carbine Bayonet with Helical Slot (see page 13 item 19 and page 8 of The Bayonet book by Watts & White). These bayonets are extremely rare and our original example is in excellent condition. It has a 23 ¼” long sword blade with deep fullers. The blade has no damage and just light staining consistent with age. The 4 ¼” socket with correct helical slot is clean. The blade arm is numbered X8411 and the socket ring 16. The bayonet measures 28” overall length and is complete with original leather covered wood scabbard which has a steel throat mount with belt bar and steel chape. The price for this extremely rare bayonet includes UK delivery. Sn 20733 (NB We have one of the original rare Lorenz Jagerstutzen Model 1854/56 carbines for this bayonet available separately on our website stock number Sn 20731).

French Model 1842 Sabre Bayonet & Steel Scabbard BAYO 651 - BAYO 651
This is a very early French M1842 sabre bayonet and scabbard from its first production in 1842. This bayonet has a leaf spring as opposed to the later M1842/59 bayonet which had an internal coiled spring. The bayonet has a curve yataghan blade with the legend ‘Manufactured at Chattlerault 1842’ along its spine. The steel crossguard is stamped 2438 on one side and an indistinct number on the other. The bayonet has the correct steel cross guard with muzzle ring and ribbed brass grip with flat spring and steel push button. It is complete with the correct sheet steel scabbard which is painted black. See The Bayonet Book by White & Watts item183 on page 83 and 87. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 651.

Scarce* Parade Polished British L1A4 S.L.R Bayonet and Scabbard. 20737. - 20737
This is a scarce ‘L1A4’ pattern bayonet, for which the pattern was sealed ‘31/12/1958’ but not produced until the 1970’s by Hopkinson of Sheffield. The grips are marked ‘960 2379 & S.M denoting manufacture in 1979. The blade carries a polished finish and the grips are virtually mint. The scabbard is a ‘No5 MkII’ which again has been polished for parade. After the ‘L1A1’ this is the scarcest model in the ‘L1’ bayonet series. See Skennerton item B324 pages 262 & 263. The price includes UK delivery. 20737. (Box 3)

*SCARCE* WW2 Italian Army ‘R’ Marked Folding Bayonet For Model 1938 Mannlicher & Carcano M91/38 Rifles & Scabbard. Sn 16047. - 16047
This is a scarce, WW2 Italian Folding Bayonet For Model 1938 Mannlicher & Carcano M91/38 Rifles. It has a 7" single edged blade with fuller. The blued blade is clean. It has the correct small muzzle ring and the grip strap is stamped with partially visible letters 'R' (RE Italian Military) and number 'I 96613'. Its press button folding action works perfectly (the button near to the hilt is pressed which allows the blade to be pulled forward and folded into a slot in the handle). When folded the bayonet measures 8 ¾” length & when open 11 ½”. It is complete with black metal scabbard which has a fixed belt bar. The scabbard has no dents and even patina. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16047. (Box 1)
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