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Scarce, Trials Pattern FN FAL X2E1 Bayonet & X1E1 Scabbard. Sn 9872 - 9872
A rare Trials X2 E1 Bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet is for a NATO 7.62mm FAL Rifle in particular the X8E1, Type A 1953-61. The bayonet has the F.N. 'elastique' design pommel and catch and has two flash hider prongs, 1.6" long projecting forward of the muzzle ring. It measures 12 3/4" overall. It has dark wood smooth grips secured with screw bolts. The grips have some service wear to be expected. It is stamped on the tang edge between the grips with 'X2 E1' and with a struck out number together with '11456'. The double edged blade is polished steel and measures 7 1/2" long. The scabbard is metal, painted black and on the mouthpiece it is stamped 'X1 E1' (See Page 256/7 of British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). Price for this rare trials bayonet with scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 9872

Regiment Marked Turkish/ Romanian, Model 1874 Socket Bayonet With Cruciform Blade For Peabody-Martini Rifles. ED 2308 - ED 2308
An original Pattern 1874 socket bayonet for Peabody-Martini Rifles. These bayonets were used by Armies of several Nations including Turkey & Romania. It has a 510mm tapering cruciform blade (594mm overall). It has a 68mm socket with 18mm diameter muzzle ring. The socket is stamped with Regiment mark '13RGK No 104'. It has some staining consistent with service use but no rust. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2308

1794- 1860's Prussian Dreyse Socket Bayonet With Unique Locking Spring. ED 2307 - ED 2307
A Prussian Dreyse Socket bayonet with a unique locking spring designed by Johan Christian Wilken Kyhl (Danish). It was first introduced in 1794. The Kyhl spring catch was used on Danish bayonets from 1794-1860 and was also used by Norwegian and Prussian makers. The bayonet overall length is 508mm, blade length is 400mm and the muzzle ring is 25mm. The muzzle ring is stamped with faint partially unreadable marks (illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. ED 2307

WW1 1st Pattern US Army Issue, Canadian Ross 1907 Patent, Bayonet and Leather Scabbard With Integral Frog. Sn 9781 - 9781
This is a nice 1st Pattern WW1 Canadian Ross Bayonet for the Ross Rifle, complete with it's Scabbard and Frog. These bayonets were issued to American troops during WW1. The bayonet measures 15 inches overall and has a nice 10 1/2 inch blade which has only minor staining. It has the correct sprung pommel button and spring ring inside the small muzzle ring. The bayonet's wood slab grips are in excellent undamaged condition stamped with the U.S. Frankford Arsenal 'ignited grenade' mark and U.S. Army 'U.S.' mark. One side of the pommel bears the manufacturer's patent details ' Ross Rifle Co. Quebec, Patented 1907' the reverse is stamped '08' with inspection marks and '9-10' ( Sept 1910 date). The bayonet is complete with it's leather scabbard which has an integeral leather frog with a large single belt loop. The rear of the scabbard is date stamped '1909' together with War Dept arrow and inspection mark. The front of the scabbard is stamped with a crisp U.S Army 'U.S.' mark. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 9781

RARE PRE PRODUCTION PROTOTYPE Pre 1947 British No.9. Bayonet Scabbard and Frog. ED 2285 - ED 2285
A rare, original, pre production, prototype of a British No.9 bayonet, scabbard and frog. These bayonets were the last type made for the Lee Enfield No. 4 MK.1 rifle. It is stamped on the socket with War dept arrow and the scarce 'M50' Code for Byfords Ltd, West Bromwich. It has an excellent clean bowie blade, original scabbard and webbing frog. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2285

RARE, Hungarian M1935 Mannlicher Rifle Bayonet, Scabbard & Leather Frog. ED 2280 - ED 2280
This is a rare, original, Hungarian M1935 Mannlicher Rifle Bayonet, Scabbard & Leather Frog. The bayonet has a 13 1/2" spear point blade with large medial ridge. The blade has staining consistent with age but no rust. The bayonet measures 19" overall and has thich cross guard with sprung knurled lever and muzzle ring with sighting blade. The cross guard is stamped with the Hungarian crest and 'B-6216'. It has a large rounded steel pommel with flat top and is complete with it's original black painted steel scabbard & brown leather frog with single belt loop. The scabbard has no dents and all leather and stitching of the frog are intact. Price for this rare item includes UK delivery. ED 2280.

EARLY PRODUCTION 1ST TYPE (QUILLON REMOVED), 1908 Dated, British 1907 Pattern Bayonet By Wilkinson Marked 'OTC RAD' To Radley College, Officer Training Corps, Oxfordshire, Scabbard & Frog. Sn 9631 - 9631
This is an original, excellent condition 1907 pattern bayonet for the Enfield rifle manufactured By Wilkinson. The ricasso is stamped with a partially visible 'Wilkinson', Kings Crown and crisp '1907' (Pattern). It is also dated '11 8' (November 1908) making this an early production 1st type, 1907 pattern bayonet that will have had it's quillon officially removed when the 1907 pattern without quillon bayonet was introduced. The reverse is stamped with inspection marks. The blade is clean. The wood slab grips are in similar excellent condition. The pommel is stamped 'OTC RAD' To Radley College Officer Training Corps, Oxfordshire, together with weapon number '299' (illustrated). It is complete with it's steel mounted leather scabbard and original webbing frog with single belt loop. Price for this early production OTC marked bayonet with scabbard & frog includes UK delivery. Sn 9631.

MINT, 1969 Variant Spanish Toledo Knife Bayonet For The Cetme Rifle & Scabbard. ED 2273 - ED 2273
An original near mint 1969 Variant Spanish Knife Bayonet By Toledo For The Cetme Rifle & Scabbard. The bayonet has diamond chequered black plastic grips. The blued bolo type blade measures 8 3/4". The straight crossguard incorporates a muzzle ring. The ricasso is stamped with the Toledo trademark and number ET13192D. The reverse is stamped with Eagle mark (illustrated). The pommel has a button release mechanism which works perfectly. The scabbard is green composite and has a metal throat mount. the lower tip is holed and fitted with thigh cord. It has an integral green webbing frog which is riveted to the scabbard and this forms a belt loop. It also has two webbing straps which fold over the bayonet to secure it with a press stud. The frog also has a brass wire belt clip. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2273

Inter War, 1921 Dated 1907 Pattern, Australian, Lithgow, Bayonet, Double Seamed Leather Scabbard & 1908 Pattern Webbing Frog. ED 2266 - ED 2266
An excellent Australian, Inter World War dated example of the Pattern 1907 bayonet for the SMLE rifle complete with scabbard & frog. The ricasso of the bayonet is stamped by the manufacturer ' Lithgow', '1907 Within Shield' (Pattern) and '2 21' (Feb 1921). The reverse is stamped with 'A' within Star inspection marks. The blade is in superb clean condition and it's wood grips are undamaged and perfectly secure. The pommel is stamped ' A76149'. It is complete with a nice original steel mounted double seamed brown leather Scabbard. All stitching of the scabbard is intact. The rear of the scabbard has some service wear to the surface of the body. The leather is stamped with faint lettering most likely 'Mangrovite' (Mangrovite Belting Ltd, Australia). Also included is an original 1908 webbing frog. Price for this excellent Australian, Lithgow, Bayonet complete with Scabbard & Frog includes UK delivery. ED 2266 (NB. A WW2 Dated Australian Lithgow SMLE Rifle is available on this site)

Czech Knife Bayonet For Model 58 Rifles & Scabbard. ED 2260 - ED 2260
This is an excellent Knife Bayonet for Czech Model 58 rifles. The bayonet has a 6 3/4" parkerised single edged fullered blade with medial ridge. It measures 11 1/2" overall. It has the early version short tang which incorporates the bayonet bar slot. The blade is stamped with the number 'P4313'. The reverse is stamped '02'. It has curved wood grips and is without muzzle ring. It's leather scabbard is in similar excellent undamaged condition. It has a single angled belt loop, retaining strap and stud fastener. The rear is ink stamped with a 'crossed swords' ink stamp and partial circular ink stamp at the rear lower tip. All leather & stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2260
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