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‘1888’ MkII Regimentally Marked Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Bayonet & Scabbard. 19849. - 19849
A double-edged 12” blade with steel cross guard and muzzle ring. The pommel is regimentally marked A.S.H. (Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) and numbered 170. The ricasso is marked with crowned ‘VR’ over ‘01’. The reverse marked with Broad Arrow over ‘E.F.D.’ (Enfield). The wooden slab grips are in good condition and are secured with 2 brass rivets. The bayonet is contained in a leather scabbard with steel mounts, the leather and furniture are in good condition and all of the stitching is in place. The blade and metal work is in very good condition, only showing minor signs of age related wear. See ‘British & Commonwealth Bayonets’ by Ian D. Skennerton & Robert Richardson, page 171-item B215. The price includes UK delivery. 19849. (Box 1)

WW2 U.S. Army M4 Knife Bayonet By Imperial For M1 Carbines & M8A1 Scabbard By PWH (Pennsylvania Working Home For The Blind). Sn 19806 - 19806
This is an original WW2 U.S army M4 Knife Bayonet by 'Imperial' complete with its M8A1 scabbard by PWH (Pennsylvania Working Home For The Blind). The bayonet which is in excellent condition has the correct compressed leather rings handle. Its parkerised steel blade measures 6 ¾” and has just light areas of rubbing. The cross guard is stamped 'US M4 Imperial' and with the Frankford Arsenal ignited grenade mark. The top of the steel pommel is stamped with inspection marks (illustrated). The pommel has the correct ‘pincer’ bayonet release catch. Its olive green plastic/ fibre scabbard holed tip for cord with metal chape and an integral webbing frog with belt loop which has a single retaining strap, brass stud fastener and steel belt bar. The steel throat mount is correctly stamped 'U.S. M8A1' and with 'PWH' manufacturer detail. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19806

British 1903 (Not Converted) Pattern Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 166. - BAYO 166
In the 1902 financial year, 375 each of the short and long experimental models were made for trials. The short model was a trials version of the eventual patt. It was the short version that was eventually decided upon for introduction with the new short rifle. Provisionally approved on 14th December 1902, the pattern 1903 sword bayonet was announced in the list of changes para, 11716 with an approval date of 19th December. Made at Enfield (unconverted) the blade length is: 30 ½ cm (42 cm overall) and is in good overall condition. The WD arrow is above EFD and crown to one side and crown over 1903 and numerous inspection stamps. The wooden grips are held with two pins *spring catch not working*. The pommel has ‘5 84’ imprinted. See British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Ian D. Skennerton page 181, item B230. The scabbard is land pattern MKI and is in good overall condition with the stitching in place *missing its integral frog*. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 166. (Box 1)

British 1887 MKIII Sword Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 165. - BAYO 165
The pattern 1887 MKIII is distinctive in that there are no fullers in the blade. The Wilkinson as this one is, are clearly marked on the ricasso, and the contractor was given discretionary power as to the mode of securing the cross piece, by riveting or brazing. The blade is 46 ½ cm (60 ¼ cm overall). There is a WD and arrow to one side of the ricasso and ‘181 above crown and ‘89’ (manufactured in 1889) above ‘Wilkinson Sword Company London’ amongst other inspection stamps (see pictures). The leather chequered grips are held with two pins and are in very nice condition. The leather scabbard thought to have been used by Indian troops is in equally good condition with the brass furniture, leather and stitching all in good condition. The chape has a ‘24’ imprinted and other stamps on the throat. See ‘British & Commonwealth Bayonets’ by Ian D. Skennerton and Robert Richardson. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 165. (Box 1)

Brazilian ‘1908’ Pattern in Rare steel Mounted scabbard. BAYO 164 - BAYO 164
Unlike most of continental South America, Brazil had been under Portuguese rule, not Spanish, since the 1500’s. The 19th Century saw Brazil at war with Argentina and Paraguay, the latter conflict almost destroying Paraguay as a nation. Brazil joined the allies during both WWI &WWII. A new 7mm rifle and short rifle were adopted in 1908. These weapons had an attractive knife bayonet with hook quillon and a brass mounted leather scabbard. See page 38 of ‘An Illustrated History of Bayonets’ by Martin J.Brayley. It has wood slab grips secured with two steel rivets. The 30 cm blade is showing some surface rust. The pommel is steel and has a push button release which works as it should. It has no markings on the bayonet but was made by several German makers. The scarce steel mounted leather scabbards stitching is intact. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 164.

*Very Rare* Unit Marked Indian Regiment False Edge ‘P 1917’ Bayonet & Leather Scabbard. 3421 - 3421
A very rare pattern of a 1917 Bayonet with the scarce false edge at the tip of the blade. It is unit marked to the Delhi Police on the cross guard and grips. The bayonet is made by Winchester. The blade is marked with the flaming grenade above U.S. and 1917 above the Winchester motif to the other. The wooden grips are held with two pins and are in very good condition, marked D.P. both sides (Delhi Police) and one side of the cross guard. It comes with and a nice black leather scabbard with good leather and stitching with scarce ‘D’ locket. 3421.

*Scarce* Canadian Ross Mk I Bayonet by Maker "Ross Rifle Co Quebec Patent 1907". With Leather Scabbard & Frog. 12914. - 12914
This is a scarce 1st Pattern Ross bayonet with the stepped back muzzle ring, a smaller muzzle ring diameter and a split annual spring inside the muzzle ring. This acts against the muzzle and ring to provide a rattle free and positive fit. This bayonet fitted the first pattern of Ross rifle but on the introduction of the MK II rifle the bayonet was altered with a larger muzzle ring diameter, no step back on the muzzle ring and the muzzle spring was deleted. This bayonet was made in August 1910 and is so marked on the pommel with the Canadian acceptance mark, inspection stamp and "*-10". The other side is stamped with "Ross Rifle Co Quebec Patent 1907". The pommel and the grips also carry inspection stamps. The slab grips are in very good condition secured with two screw bolts. The push button release works as it should. The bayonet measures 14 3/4 inches overall and has an officially modified clean 10 inch blade. It is contained in its brown leather scabbard with integral frog. The rear is stamped with a faint "1909". This is a very nice complete WW1 bayonet combination in excellent condition. (see Skennerton's item C4 pages 300-303). The price includes UK delivery. 12914.

WWI ‘Ersatz’ Turkish Conversion Bayonet and Scabbard. 19593 - 19593
This is believed to be a Turkish conversion of a German ‘Ersatz’ bayonet, by the addition of a muzzle ring to the grip (see No. 335 of The Bayonet Book by Watts & White which illustrates a similar bayonet minus the added muzzle ring). Ersatz (substitute) bayonets were made in Germany during the early years of World War I, because there weren’t enough regulation bayonets to equip the rapidly expanding army. Ersatz bayonets were manufactured in local workshops resulting in hundreds of variations. The single edged fullered blade is 24 cm in length (38 ½ cm overall) the blade has been re sharpened and is showing signs of age related wear, as is the spine. The steel grips are held with two pins and are displaying the number ‘23838’. The catch functions as it should. The steel scabbard with frog stud retains much of its original paint and has some age related marks. A nice scarce bayonet and scabbard for the collector/enthusiast. The price includes UK delivery. 19593. (Box 3)

*Scarce* British ‘Constabulary Carbine’ Bayonet. 19555 - 19555
There were 250 of these carbines ordered, initially for the Irish Constabulary and repeat orders were placed in 1839, 1840 and 1845, through the tower (The Lee Enfield carbine has a six-bullet magazine (as against ten in the larger rifle) was in use by the British army cavalry from 1896 to 1907, when it was decided to issue one common rifle to both infantry and cavalry units: the ‘short magazine’ Lee Enfield rifle Mark III). See British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Ian Skennerton & Robert Richardson, pages 80-81 ‘B109’. The double edged fullered blade is 43 cm (54 cm overall). The blade is in good condition with only age related marks. The ribbed brass hilt above crossguard has the correct working button release catch. There is a crown above ‘D’ and 13 on the ripasso. UK delivery for this scarce collectors piece is included in the price. 19555. (Tub)

WWII German Army Dress ‘KS98’ Bayonet and Scabbard with Frog and Officers Dress Knot. BAYO 6278. - BAYO 6278
In Germany, army officers typically wore swords as a sign of their rank while conducting formal activities in the public view. Beginning in the last part of the 19th century, some German NCOs and enlisted soldiers, when dressed for “walking out” (leaving the barracks for non-duty activities such as going on leave) or while wearing formal parade uniforms, began to sport brass or wood handled “dress” bayonets, decorated with coloured tassels designating their individual units. This German ‘walking out’ or Parade bayonet has a bright Nickel plated hilt with ‘Birds head’ pommel, with functioning bayonet catch, and cross-guard with swept-forward quillon. The black Bakelite grips are held by two dome head plated rivets. An excellent 246 mm single edged, single fullered nickel plated blade (397mm overall length), Ricasso marked with the maker ‘A. Evertrz Solingen’, Complete in black Japanned steel scabbard which has some age related marks to it. The original frog comes with a green and silver thread Dress Knot/Portepee which are both in good used condition. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6278.
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