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Reichs Finance Adminstration (Customs) M98 Dress Bayonet With Scabbard & 1940 Dated Leather Frog. BAYO 53. - BAYO 53
*Special* An excellent issue Dress bayonet for enlisted personnel of the Customs Service. The Crossguard is stamped with the Letters "RFV" indicating that it is a contract piece issued by the Finance Agency. The pommel is steel with a push button release. The grips are secured with two rivets and have a stacking slot near the crossguard denoting early manufacture. One of the grips has a faint stress crack but the grip is firm and secure and it does not detract visually. It has an up swept quillon and groove muzzle ring. The single edged polished steel blade has the early Eickhorn Logo of a Squirrel within an oval. This is a very rare German Bayonet. It is complete with the correct steel scabbard and nice quality leather frog which is date stamped "1940" on the reverse. (see 'German Clamshells & Other Bayonets' Book by Gary L. Walker & R.J. Weinand, page 124). The price includes Uk delivery. BAYO 53

Czech Knife Bayonet for the Model 58 Rifles & Scabbard. BAYO 6288. - BAYO 6288
This is an excellent Knife Bayonet for Czech Model 58 rifles. The bayonet has a 6 3/4" parkerised single edged fullered blade with medial ridge. It measures 11 1/2" overall. The blade is stamped with the number '3801M'. The reverse is stamped '114'. It has curved wood grips and is without muzzle ring. It's leather scabbard is in similar excellent undamaged condition. It has a single angled belt loop, retaining strap and stud fastener. The rear is ink stamped with a 'crossed swords 64' ink stamp and partial circular ink stamp at the rear lower tip. All leather & stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6288. (Other Countries Box 2)

*Rare* French Remington Rolling Block Bayonet & Scabbard. BAYO 6287. - BAYO 6287
Rolling block rifles and bayonets were purchased for auxiliary troops while the principal French rifles went to the front. Very uncommon to find, this bayonet is 20.5” overall with the blade being 16”. The unmarked hardwood grips are held with two studs, the lock button works as it should. The blade is in very good condition with only minor signs of age related wear with ‘Remington Arms – Union Metallic CTG. Co. REM Works, Ilion, U.S.A. (produced under contract during WWI for the French war effort) inscribed inside the fuller to one side. The undamaged steel scabbard has a good patina and the leather hanger is intact with all stitching in place. See White & Watts page 411 & 433 item No 919. The price for this ‘rare with a long blade’ bayonet and scabbard includes UK delivery. BAYO 6287. (Other countries Box 2)

*Scarce* Turkish Sword Bayonet for the Mauser 1903 Rifle. BAYO 6286 - BAYO 6286
A rare Turkish sword bayonet made for the Mauser 1903 rifle. Taken from White & Watts ‘The Bayonet Book’ page 278, ‘A new bayonet was adopted for the M1903 rifle. It had a quillon blade identical to the German M1898 Mauser bayonet, but it retained the hilt used on the M1887 and M1890 bayonets. Blade length 52 ¼ cm (overall: 65 cm) fullered. The crossguard is numbered ‘71937’. There is script on the ricasso to one side. The Turkish moon and star are on the blade spine and hook. There are inspection stamps to the pommel. The wooden slab grips are held with two pins and are in good order. The price for this scarce bayonet includes UK delivery. BAYO 6286. (Other countries Box 3)

WWI British 1907 Pattern Bayonet & MKII Scabbard by Sanderson. BAYO 6285. - BAYO 6285
This is a nice 1907 pattern bayonet made by Sanderson. It is marked to the blade with a crown over George Rex (G.R ) 1907 ‘1 18’ (January 1918 date of manufacture) and Sanderson. The other side carries a broad arrow and several inspection stamps. The blade is 43 ¼ cm long and the bayonet is 55 ½ cm long in total. The wooden grips are showing signs of age related wear with a clear acceptance mark. The press-stud locking mechanism works well. The scabbard is dark leather with external chape. See Skennerton page 186-B235. A nice WWI wartime dated bayonet. . Price includes UK postage. BAYO 6285 (Box 2)

*Gallipoli Bring Back* Turkish Sword Bayonet for the M1890 Mauser Rifle. BAYO 6284. - BAYO 6284
A Turkish sword bayonet for the Mauser 1890 brought back from Gallipoli with damage to the muzzle ring which was apparently caused by a bullet striking the bayonet whilst fixed to the gun. Fullered and measuring 58 ¾ cm in total (blade length: 46 ¼ cm). Illegible scripture to one side of the ricasso with the Turkish moon & star to the blade spine and hook. The pommel has what appears to be an inspection mark to one side.See White & Watts item No 624 pages 277 & 280. The wooden slab grips are held with two pins and have service wear. A good example worthy of further investigation. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6284. (Other Countries Box 3)

WWII 1918 Dated 1907 Pattern British ‘Wilkinson’ Regimentally Stamped Bayonet and No1 MkII Double Seamed Leather Scabbard. BAYO 6283. - BAYO 6283
An excellent British, World War dated example of the Pattern 1907 bayonet for the SMLE rifle complete with scabbard. The ricasso of the bayonet is stamped by the manufacturer ' Wilkinson', '1907 Within Shield' (Pattern) and '3/18 ' (March 1918), the pommel with’2.S’ The reverse is stamped with '1907' Wilkinson and inspection marks. The blade is in good clean condition and it's wood grips are undamaged and perfectly secure. It is complete with a nice ‘No1 MkII’ steel mounted double seamed brown leather Scabbard. All stitching of the scabbard is intact. The rear of the scabbard has some service wear to the surface of the body. See ‘Skennerton’ item B235, pages 186-192. Price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6283. (Box 2)

*Scarce* British ‘1903’ Pattern Bayonet Converted From ‘P1888’ Dated ‘5/01’. BAYO 6281 - BAYO 6281
The ‘P1903’ design combined the ‘P1888’ blade and cross piece with a new pommel design. Many 1903 patter bayonets are actually P1888 bayonets that have been converted. This bayonet is a good example of a converted 1888. The blade length is 30cm and is double edged. On side is stamped with ‘EFD’ (Enfield) 05/01, and the other with numerous inspection stamps, as is the pommel. The press-stud locking mechanism works well. The wooden grip scales are in good condition with age related marks. The leather scabbard with internal chape has age related marks, the stitching is in good order. See Skennerton, item B230, pages 181 & 182. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 6281. (Box 2)

**RARE MAKER**WW2 Era U.S Army M4 Knife Bayonet By ACC (American Cutlery Co Chicago & New York) For M1 Carbines & U.S. M8 Scabbard By BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company). Sn 19855 - 19855
This is an original WW2 US M4 Knife Bayonet by ACC (American Cutlery Co Chicago & New York) complete with its original M8 scabbard by BM Co (Beckwith Manufacturing Company), see page 107 No.1 of Cole’s book US Military Knives Book III which shows an illustration of an M8 bayonet guard marked the same as ours). The bayonet is in excellent condition. It has the correct compressed leather rings handle. Its steel blade measures 6 ¾” length. The cross guard is stamped 'US M4 ACC' and with the Frankford Arsenal ‘ignited grenade’ mark. The pommel has the correct ‘pincer’ bayonet release catch and inspection marks. Its olive green plastic scabbard has a single retaining strap with brass press stud fastener and blackened wire belt bar. The steel throat mount is correctly stamped 'U.S. M8' and with ‘BM Co’ manufacturer detail. The The rear of the scabbard has what looks like remnants of an indistinct white painted weapon or armoury number. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 19855

*c-1870* German Made ‘Gem’ .177 Air Rifle. AI 813. - AI 813
The Gem started off back in the 1870’s, 20 years before many guns we consider as the beginning of the airgun era appeared. The American design was adopted in Germany, and manufacturing started. Made less from engineered steel, and more from castings. A classic Vintage rifle which was produced from around 1870 to about 1930. It was manufactured in both rifled and smooth bore barrels and in .177, .22 and the rare .25cal. This fine example is a .177 calibre. The history of the Gem rifle is all a bit vague and there are plenty of publications, but most of them are contradictory, no surprise there either. What is for certain though is that many were manufactured in Germany for Quackenbush when Haviland and Gunn sold their patents to Mr Henry Marcus Quackenbush of New York. C.G. Bonehill of Birmingham manufactured a modified version of the Quackenbush called the Britannia and this manufacture started around 1905. 17 ½ “barrel (34” overall length) with fixed front and rear sights. The wooden stock is in very good condition for its years with only a few age/use related marks. A steel butt plate is held by two screws. ‘Gem b’ the company logo and ‘manufactured in Germany’ imprinted on the barrel. The loading and firing actions work perfectly. Price includes UK delivery for this very early first series rifle. AI 813.
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