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American U.S. Model 1917 Polished Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 588. - BAYO 588
This is a WWII 1917 pattern bayonet with the WWII pattern scabbard of olive green plastic. Earlier models had the leather scabbards, but during the Second World War a further pattern was introduced of olive green plastic with a steel top mount incorporating a double hook and marked to the top locket with U.S. within a flaming grenade and M1917. The polished blade is in good condition and is marked 1917 over Remington (In 1940, the US Army became worried about its ammunition capacity and asked Remington to collaborate on a plan for national expansion. With the aid of DuPont, Remington built the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant (named Lake City Arsenal initially) and Denver Ordnance ammunition plants, and three more plants later on, including the Lowell Ordnance Plant. Though the plants belonged to the US government, Remington was asked to oversee their operation) within a circle on one side and an eagle with a flaming grenade over U.S. on the other. The wooden grips are held with two screws and are very good condition. See The Bayonet Book by ‘White & Watts’ item No 925, pages 412 & 435. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 588.

British ‘P1888’ MkI 2nd Type Bayonet Scabbard and Leather Frog. BAYO 583. - BAYO 583
This is a very nice MkI 2nd type ‘P1888’ bayonet with the two brass rivets and an oil hole through the grip. The blade is marked with a crown over V.R. and 4 98 denoting manufacture in April 1898. The other side carries a broad arrow over EFD (Enfield) and an inspectors stamp on the spine of the blade. The pommel carries the number 172. The scabbard is a standard MkI with steel mounts and leather body. The frog is a brown leather 1914 pattern version but with cut away sides. The leather, stitching and metalwork are all in very good order. See ‘British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Ian D. Skennerton, item B213 pages 168-172. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 583. (Box 2)

*Scarce* British Lanchester S.M.G. Bayonet and Scabbard with R.A.F. Pattern Frog. BAYO 579. - BAYO 579
This is a nice ‘1907’ pattern bayonet manufactured by ‘Wilkinson Sword Company’ during WWII for use with the Lanchester SMG (The Lanchester is a submachine gun (SMG) manufactured by the Sterling Armaments Company between 1941 and 1945. It is a copy of the German MP28/II and was manufactured in two versions, Mk.1 and Mk.1*; the latter was a simplified version of the original Mk.1, with no fire selector and simplified sights. It was primarily used by the Royal Navy during the Second World War, and to a lesser extent by the Royal Air Force Regiment (for airfield protection). It was given the general designation of Lanchester after George Herbert Lanchester, who was charged with producing the weapon at the Sterling Armaments Company) and recognisable by the markings to the blade of Crown over G.R. 1907 5294 (Wilkinson Wartime Code) W.S.C. and 2 43 (Date of manufacture Feb. 1943). These bayonets were mainly used by the Royal Navy but also used in small numbers by the other services. This example carries R.A.F. stamped to the pommel and the No2 MkI scabbard with round frog stud is carried in a R.A.F. style webbing frog. The leather, stitching and metalwork are all in very good condition. See ‘British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Ian D. Skennerton, item B281 pages 230-231. This is a scarce bayonet particularly with R.A.F. regiment markings. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 579. (Box 1)

M1895 Bayonet for the Martini Henry with the Correct 1889 Brass Mounted Leather Scabbard. BAYO 575. - BAYO 575
This is the socket bayonet for use on the .303 calibre M1895 Martini-Enfield rifle. The Pattern 1895 bayonets were altered Pattern 1876 bayonets, originally made for the calibre .577–450 Martini-Henry rifle. (See Britain 1700 – WWI) for reference. The blade is marked ‘R over broad arrow WD crown over E 27/84 – crown over BR 13’ with inspection stamps to the socket. The near mint 1889 scabbard has crown over 23/89 – broad arrow WD crown over E 23 with an inspection stamp to the frog stud and WD to the chape. The leather , stitching and metalwork are in excellent condition. A lovely set for the collector or enthusiast. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 575.

*Very Rare* British Volunteer Sawback Bayonet & Part Scabbard. 20327. - 20327
This is a very rare volunteer bayonet made by ‘Solingen Trade’ for various colonial Governments, such as Australia & South Africa. These bayonets were not necessarily intended for the Martini Henty rifle. Early volunteer Martini rifles had heavier barrels than the service Martini which explains the 19-20mm muzzle ring diameter (MRDS’s) of many of these volunteer patterns. The blade carries the Kings head mark of ‘Weyersberg’ (The history of the company Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie (W.K.C.) in Solingen began in the early middle-ages, when the trademark “Kingshead“ was registered by the bladesmith Johannes Wundes in 1560.This trademark is one of the oldest registered and is still in use today) and the crossguard carries an ‘L78’. The blade is 45 ¾ cm with a M.R.D of 20.2mm. See Skennerton item B190 pages 148 & 149. The price includes UK delivery. 20327.

British 1853 Pattern Socket Bayonet & Scabbard. BAYO 570. - BAYO 570
This is a nice ‘1853’ pattern socket bayonet and scabbard. The bayonet was listed as consisting of fewer components-these being the bayonet body, locking ring, locking ring screw and scabbard, but the previous bayonet with which it was being compared was not specified. The first patterns of the new bayonet had an iron socket and steel elbow and blade, whereas the British socket bayonet normally had an iron socket and elbow with a steel blade. The length overall is 20.5” with a blade length of 17” and a socket length of 3”. The Muzzle ring diameter (M.R.D) is 20mm. The scabbard is the later pattern (1853-1860) with teardrop frog stud. The leather, stitching and metalwork is in excellent condition *two pins absent to the rear of the chape*. See Skennerton item B145 pages 105-109. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 570.

WWI British ‘1913’ Sword, Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 767 - BAYO 767
This is a great example of the ‘P13’ bayonet, which although designated ‘P13’, fit the ‘P14’ rifle and was not introduced until ‘1916’. It is marked to the blade with ‘1913’ over ‘9’17’ (August 1917) and ‘Remington’ in a circle. The other side of the blade carries British inspection stamps. The blade is in good condition and only showing minor signs of wear. The vast majority of these bayonets were made in America by ‘Remington and Winchester’ with only a few made in England by ‘Vickers’. The near perfect wooden grips have two grooves on either side to distinguish it from the ‘P1907’. The scabbard is also an American made version with steel locket and chape, interchangeable with the ‘P’07’. The leather stitching and furniture on the scabbard are all in good condition and has been chromed presumably for parade/dress purposes. A very nice collectable ‘1913’ bayonet and scabbard in very good condition with some of its black paint missing. See ‘Skennerton’ item B239, pages 192-194. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 767. (Box 2)

*Scarce* British L1A4 Bayonet and Scabbard. 20184. - 20184
This is a scarce ‘L1A4’ pattern bayonet, for which the pattern was sealed ‘31/12/1958’ but not produced until the 1970’s by Hopkinson of Sheffield. The grips are marked ‘L1A4 9600259 & S.M. Whilst the pommel carries a stamped ‘H&C.’ the blade carries an ‘H’ in a diamond & 77 denoting manufacture in 1977. The blade carries all of its parkerised finish and the grips are virtually mint. The scabbard is a ‘No5 MkII’ with the brass mouthpiece. After the ‘L1A1’ this is the scarcest model in the ‘L1’ bayonet series. See Skennerton item B324 pages 262 & 263. The price includes UK delivery. 20184. (Box 2)

U.S. 1943 Dated M1 Bayonet and Scabbard by Maker U.F.H. BAYO 566 - BAYO 566
This is a rare M1 bayonet and not a cut M1905 or M1942 blade. The grips are plastic and are held to the bayonet by one screw bolt. The fullers on the blade do not go down to the tip, stopping 2 ¾ inches from the tip. The blade is in very good order and is showing very minor signs of service wear. The bayonet is stamped on the ricasso with U.F.H. (Union Fork and Hoe) U.S. and has the Flaming Grenade. The bayonet is carried in its correct composite olive green plastic scabbard with a steel mouthpiece on which is stamped the U.S. flaming grenade. The bayonet is virtually identical to the one shown as in item 930 on pages 412 and 437 in The Bayonet Book by White and Watts. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 566.

*Rare* Original WWI Dated ’07 Pattern’ Bayonet & Scabbard Issued to the ‘TJFF 702’ TransJordan Frontier Force which is Derived from ‘Lawrence of Arabia’s Arab Legion. 20183. - 20183
The Transjordan Frontier Force (TJFF) was established at Sarafand on 1 April 1926 with a cadre drawn from the Arab Legion and quickly grew to three cavalry squadrons, each of 120 men each, and an infantry unit. Its first commander was Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick William Bewsher. Other units, such as a camel squadron and mechanised units were subsequently added. The TJFF would be equipped in a conventional manner, with modern weapons, whilst the Arab Legion would, initially, remain a traditional force, looser in structure and without training in technology. Accordingly, the Arab Legion transferred its inventory of machine guns, artillery, and radios. This original 07 patt bayonet has been polished to dress parade brightness and was issued to ‘TJFF 702’ which is clearly stamped to the pommel. The blade is very clean and stamped to one side crown over 1907 – ’12 17’ (December 1917) above the maker Wilkinson (Wilkinson Sword- The company was founded as a manufacturer of guns made in Shotley Bridge in County Durham, by Henry Nock in London in 1772) the other side of the blade carries a broad arrow and inspection stamps. The leather scabbard is in good condition with all of the leather, stitching and metalwork in place. This bayonet and scabbard warrants further investigation. The price includes UK delivery. 20183. (Box 1)
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