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**A Scarce Pattern 1913 Bayonet for the 1914 Rifle. BAYO 704. - BAYO 704
This is a scarce American made ‘P1913 bayonet for the ‘Pattern 1914’ rifle. This was introduced into British service in 1916. The bayonet is marked to the ricasso with ‘1913’ over ’12-16’ (December 1916) and a ‘W’ denoting manufacture by ‘Winchester’. The company ‘Winchester’ only made 225,000 of these bayonets, whereas ‘Remington’ made 1,243,000! The other side of the ricasso carries a broad arrow and several inspection stamps. The grips are wooden with two grooves cut into them to differentiate between the 1907 pattern bayonet and the 1913 pattern. The scabbard is the standard ‘No1 – Mkll’ and has a ‘W’ and ‘H.R.G.T.’ stamped into the leather. See ‘Skennerton’ item B239, page 193. *This is one of the cleanest, well-marked ‘P1913’ bayonets and scabbards that we have ever marketed. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 704.

SOLD SOLD (16/09) British 1907 Pattern Bayonet, *Marked to the 2nd Hampshire Regiment, Scabbard and Frog. BAYO 703 - BAYO 703
This is an original, excellent condition 1907 pattern bayonet for the Enfield rifle, scabbard and frog which was made by ‘Wilkinson’ in June 1917 and regimentally marked to the 2nd Hampshire Regiment, bayonet number 448. The ricasso is stamped with a partially visible 'Wilkinson', Kings Crown and crisp '1907' (Pattern). The reverse is stamped with inspection marks. The blade is clean. The wood slab grips are in similar excellent condition. It is complete with its steel mounted leather scabbard and original webbing frog with single belt loop. The blade and scabbard have minimal age related marks which add to its collectability. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 703.

British 1856/58 Yatahgan Sword Bayonet And Scabbard. BAYO 701 - BAYO 701
This is a good example of the 1856/58 yataghan sword bayonet made at Enfield. From 1858 the use of more machinery enabled closer tolerances to make bayonets and in doing so made the bayonets interchangeable instead of bayonets being individually fitted to a particular rifle. This bayonet has a slightly longer leaf spring for the locking bolt and was secured by a screw and not as previously with a rivet on the P 1856 bayonet. The bayonet is 28.25 inches long with a blade length of 22.8 inches. This bayonet has numerous Enfield inspection stamps on the blade, tang and pommel. The cross guard has the number ‘1144’ stamped to it. See ‘Skennerton’ item ‘B151 page 114’. The grips are made of chequered black leather held by steel pins. The scabbard is made of black leather with steel top mount, beige leather frog with brass studs brass buckle and chape. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 701.

*A British 1888 Pattern MkI ‘2ND Type’ Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 697. - BAYO 697
This is a nice British 1888 pattern Mk1, 2nd type bayonet made at ‘Enfield’ and marked to the ricasso with crown over V.R. and 1 ’91 (January 1891) The other side carries a broad arrow over W.D. and an inspection stamp. There are also two inspection stamps on the spine. The grips are wooden with an oil hole. Behind the top brass rivet and the pommel carries the number ‘16’. The bayonet is contained in its MkII scabbard with internal chape but sadly missing the frog. See Skennerton item B213 page 169. It is marked to the leather with a broad arrow ‘ 02 (1902) and two inspection stamps. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 697.

*British 1888 Pattern MkII Sword Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 695. - BAYO 695
This is a very nice 1888 MkII bayonet by ‘Wilkinson’. The ricasso carries ‘V.R.’ followed by 5’00 (May 1900) and ‘Wilkinson London’. The opposite side carries a broad arrow and an inspection, whilst the spine has two inspection stamps. The undamaged wooden grips also carry two inspection stamps. The scabbard is the standard steel mounted black leather MkI and this also carries two inspection stamps on the chape and top mount including a broad arrow and inspection stamp to the leather. (See Skennerton's Item B215 page 171). A beautiful, well-marked ‘1888 MkII’. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 695.

SOLD SOLD (06/09) WW1 Era British Officer's Private Purchase Pritchard Greener 1916 Patent Trench Fighting Bayonet For Webley MK VI .455 Service Revolvers, Scabbard & Frog (Post War Manufacture Parts). Sn 18721 - 18721
Designed by Lt. Arthur Pritchard of the British 3rd Royal Berkshire Regiment these bayonets were originally produced by the Arms Company W.W. Greener in Birmingham for Private Purchase by Officers serving on the Western Front. Constructed with a custom brass hilt which attaches to the standard .455 calibre Webley MK VI Revolver these weapons utilised the front portion of the "T" cross section French Gras Model 1874 Bayonets which were very available during WW1. This is an excellent Pritchard Greener bayonet made using post war parts. It has the correct brass hilt crisply stamped with the 1916 patent detail 'Patent No.17143/16'. It has the correct sprung steel locking catch incorporated into the crossguard. The ‘T’ form blade measures 8 ¼” length (12 ¾” overall). It is complete with steel scabbard and leather frog with belt strap loop & buckle. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18721

An Austrian ‘M1870 Werndl’ Sabre Bayonet and Scabbard. BAYO 710. - BAYO 710
This is the ‘M1870’ pattern with shortened blade to conform with the new ‘M1873’ version after the introduction of a new rifle in 1873. The blade length is 18 ½”. But the bayonet is still in its 1870 length scabbard. There are no markings on the blade or the pommel. The grips are brown chequered leather and the press stud is attached to a leaf spring. The scabbard is black leather with steel mounts, but unfortunately it is missing its frog stud. Not a common bayonet on the collectors market. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 710.

**FALKLANDS WAR BRING BACK**Argentine Army Marked Type C Socket Bayonet For FN FAL Rifles, Scabbard & Tempex Frog. BAYO 707. - BAYO 707
These socket bayonets were used by Argentine forces in the Falklands War (See Page 22 of An Illustrated History Of Bayonets by Brayley where an Argentine Type C socket bayonet captured during the Falklands war with plastic scabbard & Tempex Frog the same as ours are illustrated). This Argentine Type C bayonet is most likely a bring back from the Falklands war. The all steel construction bayonet is in excellent condition. The tubular socket has the correct release catch ‘ears’ and has the correct cut outs to align with the vents in the rifle flash eliminator. The bayonet has a 6 ¾” long blade and measures 11 ½” overall. The blade has number ’01-79200’. The ‘01’ prefix denotes Army issue (02=Marines & 03=Air Force). There are no other manufacturer marks on the bayonet. The scabbard is the correct black plastic version. The scabbard has a frog locket. The scabbard is fitted with correct webbing frog which has 2 retaining straps with press stud fasteners marked ‘Tempex’ and steel wire belt bar. The rear of the frog has a riveted plastic belt attachment mount. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 707.

Circa 18th Century Spanish Plug Bayonet / Hunting Dagger With Polished Horn Hilt, Brass Fittings & Later Scabbard. Sn 18390 - 18390
Plug Bayonets were used in Spain as late as the 19th Century but in the latter period were also employed as hunting weapons (see page 245 & plate 549 on page 247 of the Bayonet Book by Watts & White which illustrates a Spanish plug bayonet with similar hilt to our example). This is an excellent original Spanish form plug bayonet/ hunting dagger. It has a 10 ½” single edged fullered blade with original leather hilt washer. The blade has just areas of natural aged staining. It has a brass cross guard with ball finials, ferrule and acorn / urn type brass pommel cap. The polished horn hilt is undamaged. The plug bayonet measures 16 ¾” overall. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on the bayonet. It is complete with a later green leather covered wood scabbard which was obviously made for the bayonet at some point in its life. The bayonet fits the scabbard snugly. The leather is clean and has a stitched seam. The scabbard has a brass throat mount with frog locket and brass chape. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 18390

**RARE**British Pattern 1859 2nd Type Naval Cutlass Bayonet With German Blade & Scabbard. Sn 18636 - 18636
This is a rare, original, British Pattern 1859 Naval Cutlass Bayonet with Scabbard (see page 127 of British & Commonwealth Military Bayonets By Skennerton). This 1859 pattern cutlass bayonet has the correct fuller 2nd type boiled hard leather grips than the later 1871 pattern. The bayonet has a 27 ¼” slightly curved single edged blade and measures 33” overall. The blade is clean. The ricasso is marked on one side with inspection mark and ‘Bow & arrow RM’ unknown trademark most likely of a German manufacturer (blades of these bayonets were made by both the British & German trade). It has a full knuckle guard slotted for lanyard and muzzle ring on the crossguard. It's black boiled hard leather stippled grips are excellent and undamaged. The pommel has its original sprung press button lug catch which works as it should. The cutlass bayonet is complete with its original black leather scabbard with steel locket and chape. The leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price for this rare cutlass bayonet which are particularly rare to find with scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 18636.
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