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c1965 Webley Falcon .22 Calibre Break Action Air Rifle Early '6214T' Serial Number. 21266:7. - 21266:7
An excellent example of the Webley Falcon. The Webley Falcon was produced between 1960 and 1970 (see Chapter 5 of Webley Air Rifles by Christopher Thrale). The woodwork is good with a nice polished grain *varnished with age related wear*. The metal work is in good undamaged condition with signs of use related wear to the cylinder, barrel and trigger guard. It has a 17" clean rifled barrel and measures 41 ½ " overall. The underside of the barrel block is stamped with serial number '6214T' making the manufacture date around c1965. The left side of the block is stamped with calibre detail '.22' which is the field model opposed to the .177 model which was designated for target shooting. The top of the air chamber is marked with model detail and Webley name and Falcon model detail (illustrated). It has a block & blade fore sight, adjustable rear sight and correct telescopic sight plate. The loading and firing actions work perfectly. Price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act with regards to the sale and delivery of this item apply. 21266:7.

*Early Production* BSA ‘The Standard No1 ‘A’ Prefix .177 Air Rifle. 21293. - 21293
The ‘L’ prefix Standard No1 was discontinued towards the end of 1935 and in January 1936 BSA replaced it with the ‘A’ series. It could arguably be described as the fifth series of the standard No1 but is referred to as a separate model by collectors. Its original wood stock has a lovely colour *professional repair to the top of the grip/bottom right hand side rear*. It has an undamaged ribbed butt with trap. The underside of the stock is impressed ’14 ¼’ (inches). The rifle has a pinched blade fore sight and adjustable dial rear sight. The metal work is undamaged *slight stain to the cocking lever* with original blue finish and is crisply stamped with the correct 'A’ 755. The top of the barrel is laser etched ‘’The BSA Standard Air Rifle .177 Bore (No1) The Birmingham Arms Co Ltd’ with the BSA small arms piled logo and a list of patented sole makers. See page 140-142 in ‘The Book of the BSA Air Rifle 1905 to 1939’ by John Milewski (available on our website) for reference. The price for this piece of history includes UK delivery. 21293.

C1979 Webley & Scott Vulcan MkII .22 Air Rifle. 21266:6. - 21266:6
The Webley & Scott Vulcan air rifle first hit the market in 1979. All Vulcans were available in .177 and in .22 and all models except the MkI have been available as carbines. This is a powerful rifle that has the feel of quality. One of the English Rolls Royce of Air Guns as commented by air gun expert Dennis Hiller. It is 43 ½ “long with a 19” rifled barrel. It has a die-cast front sight and standard adjustable Webley rear sight. The serial number is stamped to the side of the breech; 766989. Webley Vulcan is stamped between the scope grooves. The wooden stock has a cheek piece and is in near perfect condition finished with a rubber butt stop with a white spacer, as is the base of the pistol grip. The metalwork is undamaged and has a unique finish. See pages 235/236 of Dennis Hillers collectors guide to Air Rifles. The rifle has been chronographed and it cocks loads and fires with a very smooth action. The price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act with regards to the sale and delivery of this item apply. 21266:6.

SOLD SOLD (14/03) 1908-1910 Bonehill Improved Model Britannia .25 Air Rifle.21290 - 21290
Production of the Improved Model bagan around 1908 and ended around 1910. By 1900 most airguns were simple break barrel Continental designs with smoothbore barrels. Over time people came up with ideas to improve them. When gunsmith Frederick Cox of Handsworth, Birmingham released his design it followed the period style. A very rare Bonehill Improved Model Britannia air rifle. C.G. Bonehill used the experience he gained in making Fred Cox’s Britannia in making what he termed an Improved Model (It was common practice by retailers to badge up airguns with their own details. One retailer R. Ramsbottom appears to have had a long relationship with the Cox and Bonehill Britannia project). Although it can look ungainly to modern eyes, the original intention was to make an air rifle suitable for target shooting from the prone and other positions, whilst utilising a fixed barrel. He achieved this aim and the improved model can be used from the prone position easier than a break barrel or underlever air rifle. 'C.G.BONEHILL SOLE MANUFACTURER' Firearms Works Birmingham and The IMPROVED MODEL BRITANNIA AIR RIFLE is crisply marked to the top of the cylinder. The trigger block is stamped ‘THE BRITANNIA AIR RIFLE’ between the Britannia and Air is a typical lady Britannia trademark complete with sea in the background with lighthouse and sailing ship. Measuring 44 ¾ “(barrel and cylinder length; 29 ½ “). The foresight is similar to a BSA, whilst the rear sight is flip up on a ramp and is adjustable for elevation and windage, similar in design to the Webley air pistol rear sight. The action is broken by a side lever in the right hand side of the trigger block, this lever being pushed forward to release the barrel and air chamber. A plunger device was patented for the introduction of pellets into the circular rotating breech. See page 14 of Dennis Hiller Air Rifles where he describes the rifle as very rare. The serial No- 1423 is stamped onto all components of the rifle. The metalwork is in very good condition considering its age. The wooden pistol grip stock is chequered and is in good condition with a few age related marks but nothing major *bottom and neck of pistol grip*. The rifles butt has a steel plate held by two screws. The weapon cocks loads and shoots as it should. The price for this rare collectors piece includes UK delivery. 21290.

*Lovely/Powerful 11.36 ft/lb* Mk2 Webley Eclipse .22 Air Rifle with Aftermarket Moderator. 21266:4. - 21266:4
The Eclipse is an underlever action with a flip up breech to expose the barrel to load the pellet. It has an alloy cylinder with faultless original bluing. Introduced in 1988 it superseded the Webley Omega. The Webley company was founded in the late 18th century by William Davies, who made bullet moulds. It was taken over in 1834 by his son-in-law, Philip Webley, who began producing percussion sporting guns. The manufacture of revolvers, for which the firm became famous, began twenty years later. At that time the company was named P. Webley & Son. In 1897 Webley amalgamated with W & C Scott and Sons to become The Webley & Scott Revolver and Arms Company Ltd of Birmingham. This fine example is almost un-marked *very minor indentation to the stock in parts and use related marks to the metalwork*. The deep bluing on the metalwork is excellent, and the wooden stock has a beautiful grain. The serial number is 838512 and is stamped to the front of the cylinder near the action. Webley Eclipse is stamped to the left of the cylinder above the trigger block. Webley & Scot Ltd Made in England is stamped to flip up port. Eclipse is mirrored to the left of the muzzle. 22-5.5 CAL is present on the top of the barrel. The rifle has been chronographed and fires at an impressive 11.36 ft/lb. The rifle cocks, loads & fires perfectly as it should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. 21266:4.

Post 1975, Webley Osprey .22 Calibre, Side lever, Air Rifle. 21266:2. - 21266:2
Webley Osprey Air Rifles were introduced in 1975 and manufactured by Webley & Scott at Frankley Industrial Park, Birmingham (see page 246 of Hiller's book The Collector's Guide to Air Rifles). The Osprey was produced in both standard format and as the Webley Osprey 'Super-Target' configured specifically for target and competition use. This is an excellent example of the former. It is 43 ½ “overall with a 19" barrel. It has a shrouded target fore sight, adjustable target rear sight and is side lever loading. Its metal is good throughout with all original finish having minor use related marks to the barrel and cylinder. The woodwork is excellent. The cylinder housing is stamped with .22 Calibre details, serial number which is 09679 and Webley address. The top of the cylinder is grooved for telescopic sight. Between the grooves is deeply stamped 'Webley Osprey'. The rifle cocks, loads & dry fires perfectly as it should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. Sn 21266:2.

*c-1890* German Made ‘Gem’ .177 Air Rifle. 21310. - 21310
The Gem started off back in the 1870’s, 20 years before many guns we consider as the beginning of the airgun era appeared. The American design was adopted in Germany, and manufacturing started. Made less from engineered steel, and more from castings. A classic Vintage rifle which was produced from around 1870 to about 1930. It was manufactured in both rifled and smooth bore barrels and in .177, .22 and the rare .25cal. This fine example is a .177 calibre. The history of the Gem rifle is all a bit vague and there are plenty of publications, but most of them are contradictory, no surprise there either. What is for certain though is that many were manufactured in Germany for Quackenbush when Haviland and Gunn sold their patents to Mr Henry Marcus Quackenbush of New York. C.G. Bonehill of Birmingham manufactured a modified version of the Quackenbush called the Britannia and this manufacture started around 1905. 16 ½ “barrel (33” overall length) with fixed front and rear sights. The wooden stock is in very good condition for its years with only a few age/use related marks. A steel butt plate is held by two screws. ‘Patent? GEM’ is imprinted on the barrel. See page 122 of Hillers Air Rifles for reference. The loading and firing actions work perfectly. Price includes UK delivery for this very early first series rifle. 21310

**RARE** MATCHING NUMBERS S484**1932-1934 1st Type ‘Spring Clip’ Webley Service MK II .22 Calibre Air Rifle with All Correct 1st Type Features. 21072. - 21072
This is an excellent original early 1930’s 1st Type Webley Service Mark II Air Rifle in .22 Calibre. These rifles also known as the 'Spring Clip Service' due to the spring barrel retention clip were introduced in 1932 and produced until introduction of the 2nd Type MK II C1934 (See Chapter 2 of Thrale's book Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005). The trigger guard of the rifle is stamped with serial number ‘S 484’ which is repeated on the underside of the barrel. The weapon is stamped with Patent No 371548 & model detail. The barrel is stamped '.22 Calibre'. The metal work retains its original blue finish. It has its original wood stock *minor signs of age related wear near the trigger guard* with chequered panel wrist & ribbed butt plate. It has its original correct 1st type, spring retaining catch, 1st type flip up rear sight, safety catch and has a ramp blade fore sight. It also has a folding two leaf sight. The rifle loads and fires crisply. The price for this very rare 1st type rifle includes UK delivery. 21072.

1930's Webley Service 3rd Series MK II .22 Calibre Air Rifle. 21071. - 21071
This is a 1930’s 3rd Series Webley Service Mark II Air Rifle. These rifles introduced C1935 had a modified centrally mounted flip up aperture rear sight, an improvement on the earlier Type 1 & Type 2 side mounted Webley Service sights, it is naturally adjustable for both elevation and windage. (See Chapter 2 of Thrale's book Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005). The trigger guard and barrel of our rifle have matching serial numbers ‘S 3339 / 3339’. The barrel has a blade foresight and is stamped with ‘.22 calibre’. The left side of the cylinder is stamped 'WEBLEY SERVICE AIR RIFLE MK II". 'MANUFACTURED BY WEBLEY & SCOTT LTD, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND and with the Webley 'winged pellet logo'. It has the Great Britain, USA, Spain, Germany and Canada 1925 patents stamped on the Right Side of the air chamber. It also has the correct patent Number '371548' *blueing faded in areas and usage marks around the mechanism on the cylinder*. It has its original undamaged wood stock *very minor age related marks* with chequered wrist & ribbed horn butt plate. It has the correct 3rd Series flip up aperture sight and shoots crisply. The price for this cased rifle includes UK delivery. 21071.

*Powerful 11.97 ft/lb* Original MOD 45 .177 Air Rifle. 21211. - 21162
According to the Blue Book of Airguns the Diana 45 was made from 1978 until 1988. The rear sight is adjustable in both directions, and it has 4 different notches that may be selected. The front sight is an added shrouded unit which has interchangeable inserts. It is 45 ¼ inches long, and has a 20 ½ inch barrel; its weight is just over 3kg. The beautiful un-damaged stock is beech wood with a very straight grain and a dark rubber butt pad which has the Diana logo imprinted to it. The forearm is very square in cross-section, and the stamped steel trigger guard accents that in its square shape. The trigger blade is very straight and is also made of stamped steel. The trigger is adjustable and the safety is located at the back of the spring tube which is a black sliding plastic button that comes straight back when the rifle’s cocked. The serial number is stamped to the left hand side of the barrel; 310795. Original and ‘MOD 45’ is clearly stamped to the top of the cylinder in front of the scope rail. The metalwork is in lovely condition with no signs of wear. The rifle has been tested and cocks and fires with a strong action and delivers a powerful *11.97 ft/lb*. The price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act with regards to the sale and delivery of this item apply. 21162.
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