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All Other Daggers and Knives

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Early 20th Century Japanese Tanto With Ornately Hand Carved Ox Bone Handle & Scabbard With tasselled Cord. Sn 15680 - 15680
This is a very good original Japanese Tanto with beautifully deep carved Ox Bone Handle & Scabbard. The Tanto has an 8 ¼” single edged blade and measures 16” overall. The blade has areas of staining consistent with age. Its handle and scabbard made of the bone from the shin of an Ox are ornately hand carved with imagery of Japanese characters in traditional costume. The scabbard is fitted with an original red tasselled cord. The price for this attractive Japanese Tanto includes UK delivery. Sn 15680

Large, Victorian Era North West Frontier Afghan/ Pashtun Tribe Khyber Knife With Bone Grips. Sn 15618 - 15618
The Pashtun tribes living around the Khyber Pass traditionally use this type of Khyber knife. The Khyber Pass is the most important mountain pass in the Hindu Kush. Because it has played a strategic role in military and trade for over 2,000 years, the Khyber knife is found throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India. The knife comes in a range of different sizes, blade lengths of over 20" are not unusual. This is an excellent original example made in the Victorian Era. It has a heavy 23" single edged T section fullered steel blade (28 ¾” overall). The 2” wide blade narrows to a pin sharp point. The blade has just light staining consistent with age but no rust. It has a steel framed grip with polished bone scales. The scales are secure. The butt has a small square shaped fixed protrusion holed for lanyard / wrist cord. As is common with these weapons it is without scabbard. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15618

Original Early Model 1883 Pattern Japanese Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard. Sn 15576 - 15576
This is an excellent, original early model 1883 Pattern Japanese Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard. These dirks were worn by all commissioned Officers. Late examples made towards the end of WW2 had simulated sharkskin grips made from plastic or composite material and celluloid cross guards. Early examples had sharkskin grips and ornate gilt finished fittings (see pages 70-73 of Military Swords Of Japan By Fuller & Gregory). This Dirk has the correct shark skin grip with gilt wire binding which is tight. It has an ornate pommel and wave cross guard. The grip is mounted with the Emperor's family Chrysanthemum insignia, or 'Mon'. The fittings retain traces of original gilt finish. It has an 8 ¾” single edged polished steel blade with fullers. It measures 13 ¼” overall and the hilt is slotted for retaining lug which is mounted on its scabbard. The wood scabbard has ornately decorated mounts with traces of original gilt finish and is leather bound which is a rich red/brown colour. The upper mount of the scabbard has the correct press button retaining lug & 2 hanging rings. Price for this sought after Japanese Naval piece includes UK delivery. Sn 15576

SOLD SOLD (17/09) MINT, WW2 Era Italian Fascist MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Leaders Alloy Eagle’s Head Hilt Dagger With Fascist Devices & Correct Nickel Plated Steel Scabbard With Integral Black & Bullion Braid Belt Loop. Sn 15599 - 15599
This is a near mint original WW2 era Italian MVSN Leader’s Dagger & Scabbard. It measures 11” overall. It has an alloy Eagle’s head hilt with black composite inserts on the left and right sides. The inserts have applied alloy fascist devices. The hilt has an integral curved finger guard. The 6 ¾” polished steel blade is undamaged. The knife is complete with its original steel scabbard with integral black & bullion braid belt loop. The scabbard has no dents and retains all of its original nickel finish. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15599

C1890-1900 Dragon Form Japanese Tanto With Ornately Hand Carved & Lacquered Hilt & Scabbard. Sn 15486 - 15486
This is an attractive original Japanese Tanto made C1890-1900. It has a beautifully deep carved wood Handle & Scabbard in the form of the head & body of a Dragon. The Tanto has a 10” single edged blade with brass habaki and oval bone tsuba. It measures 15 ½” overall length. The blade is clean and sharp. The Handle in the form of a Dragon’s head is red lacquered with teeth, eyes and horns highlighted in white. The scabbard carving in the form of a Dragons body is lacquered dark green with deep cut scales, stylised legs and coiled tail. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15486

QUALITY, Japanese 1800-1860 Mino School Shin Shinto Tanto With Ornate Ho-Ho Birds Brass Mounts & Lacquered Scabbard. Sn 15479 - 15479
This Japanese Tanto has an undamaged, clean 11 ¾” long single edged curved blade. The blade appears to be Mino School work dating to C1800-1860. It is razor sharp. The fish skin grip is undamaged. It has a polished Buffalo horn pommel, floral tooled ferrule, brass finger guard and habaki. The grip is mounted with brass Ho-Ho birds on both sides. It measures 16 ½” overall length. Its scabbard is lacquered wood with ornate floral tooled brass mount & single small hanging ring. The scabbard is inlaid with brass foliate shapes and Ho-Ho birds. The tang is unsigned. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15479

WW2 Era Japanese Leather Field Combat Covered Military Tanto. Sn 15453 - 15453
This is an original Japanese military tanto with leather field combat covered wood handle & scabbard. The Tanto has a clean, sharp 7 ½” curved single edged blade with 2 piece brass habaki and plain brass oblong tsuba. The tanto measures 12 ¼” overall. The hilt, at the tsuba has the remnants of a small leather strap. The leather & stitching of the hilt and scabbard covering are undamaged and intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15453

SOLD SOLD (17/09) RARE, WW2 Era Italian Fascist Model 1925 MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Poignard Dagger Marked ‘MVSN F.36’ With Inlaid Brass Fascist Devices & Correct Steel Scabbard. Sn 15478 - 15478
This is an excellent original WW2 era Italian Model 1925 MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Poignard Dagger & Scabbard (Poignard, or Poniard, (French), refers to a long, lightweight thrusting knife with a continuously tapering, acutely pointed blade and cross guard, historically worn by the upper class, noblemen, or the knighthood. Similar in design to a parrying dagger, the Poignard emerged during the Middle Ages and was used during the Renaissance in Western Europe, particularly in France, Switzerland, and Italy). The Italian MVSN model 1925 Poignard utilised obsolete shortened blades of Model 1897 Vetterli Vitali rifle bayonets ( see page 75 plate 372 of Stephen’s book ‘Fighting Knives’ where a similar example without Fascist devices is illustrated). This Poignard has a 7 ¾” diamond section blade which is clean and undamaged (correctly made from a shortened Mod 1897 bayonet blade). It measures 12 ¾” overall. It has the correct wood hilt with broad back strap, curved pommel steel cross guard with cast ball end finials. The hilt is inlaid with brass fascist devices on both sides. The cross guard is stamped ‘MVSN’ on one side and numbered ‘F.36’ on the reverse (most likely a Regiment or Unit number). The knife is complete with its original steel scabbard with fixed steel belt bar. The scabbard has no dents. The price for this rare WW2 Italian Poignard includes UK delivery. Sn 15478

MINT, VERY RARE,Original WW1 French Francais Armes & Cycles St Etienne Factory Made Aluminium Hilt Trench Fighting Knife With M1871 Gras Bayonet Blade & Original Steel Scabbard. Sn 15470 - 15470
This a very rare, near mint, Original WW1 era trench fighting knife factory made to a high quality by the French arms manufacturer Francais Armes & Cycles St Etienne (see page 27 plates 93 & 94 of Fighting Knives by Fred Stephens where an example without scabbard is illustrated). The 8 ½” long ‘T’ section blade is correctly made from the end of a Model 1871 Gras bayonet and the cast aluminium hilt with integral cross guard and pommel end is finely chequered. The cross guard is marked on one side ‘Manufacture Francais Armes & Cycles St Etienne’ and the reverse ‘Brevete’. The knife measures 13” overall length. The original steel scabbard, factory made from a section of Gras bayonet scabbard has no dents and retains its original black paint and factory applied steel belt clip. The price for this very rare Original WW1 piece in near mint condition includes UK delivery. Sn 15470

1957 – 1959 MALYAN EMERGENCY Chinese Insurgent’s Native Fighting Knife & Scabbard With Integral Frog Captured By Private Irvin Commbs Cheshire Regiment. Sn 15412 - 15412
The Malayan Emergency was a guerrilla war fought in pre- and post-independence Federation of Malaya, from 1948 until 1960. The belligerents were the Commonwealth armed forces against the Malayan National Liberation Army (MNLA), the military arm of the Malayan Communist Party . Support for the MNLA was mainly based on around 500,000 of the 3.12 million ethnic Chinese then living in Malaya. Despite the drawdown in violence in 1960, communist leader Chin Peng renewed the insurgency against the Malaysian Government in 1967; this second phase of the insurgency lasted until 1989. He fled to exile in Thailand, where he lived until his death on 16 September 2013. The Cheshire Regiment was deployed to Malaya in 1957. Private Irvin Commbs a Section Radio Operator with the Cheshire Regiment served in Malaya during the crisis between 1957 & 1959. While in Malaya he reputedly captured this native made fighting knife from a Chinese insurgent (we acquired the knife directly from Pte Commbs family). The knife has an 8 ¾” single edge blade which is 1 ½” wide at its broadest. The blade has staining consistent with age and a contemporary 4mm cut into the back edge near to the hilt. The cutting edge is razor sharp and undamaged. The hilt has a copper ferrule and short, curved tropical hard wood handle. The handle and ferrule are tight and secure. The knife measures 11 ¾” overall length and has its original native made wood scabbard with integral olive cloth frog with belt loop and woven cloth cord. The belt loop has wear consistent with age and use. The scabbard has a contemporary section of wire binding which together with the integral frog secures the wood of the scabbard which is made of 2 sections. The knife fits the scabbard securely. The price for this Malayan Emergency captured fighting knife includes UK delivery. Sn 15412
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