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Medals and Decorations

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Display Cased, Court Mounted, Group Of 3 X British Medals to X4022596 Cpl M.C. Whitelaw R.A.F. Sn 13891 - 13891
This is a group Of 3 X Medals to X4022596 Cpl M.C. Whitelaw R.A.F. The group consists of a General Service Medal with Arabian Peninsular Bar, impressed to "4022596 Cpl M.C. Whitelaw R.A.F." and complete with ribbon. The second, a General Service Medal with Borneo Bar impressed to "X4022596 Cpl M.C. Whitelaw R.A.F" and complete with ribbon. The last one, A Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Impressed with "X4022596 Cpl M.C. Whitelaw R.A.F." and complete with a ribbon. The medals cover ‘hot spots’ in the post WW2 conflicts in which the British Armed Forces were engaged. The group are Court mounted on card and presented in a glass fronted cardboard display box with removable lid. This is an attractive group of medals worthy of further research. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13891

A WW2 Medal Pair to Trooper J.H. Vent, Royal Tanks. Sn 13860 - 13860
This is a pair of WW2 medals and ribbons with bars to Trooper J.H. Vent of the Royal Tanks. The pair consists of a British WW2 War Medal and Ribbon and Elizabeth II Territorial Efficiency Medal and Ribbon which has two long service bars. The Territorial Efficiency is named to a scarce unit. It is mounted for wear with metal clasp and pin. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13860

WW1 Wilmslow District Memorial Shield With Copper Centre Boss To British Army Private 2270 Francis Shaw 8th Battalion Manchester Regiment Killed In Action 18th December 1914 With Copy Of War Grave Commission Entry & Note Re History Of The Regiment. - 13738
This is an original memorial shield to a British Soldier who fell during WW1. A week away from Christmas Day and 331 British Army Officers and men lost their lives on 18th December 1914. Add in men from other nationalities and men serving with the Royal Navy, Mercantile Marine and Royal Air Force and that figure increases to 372. This shield in memory of Private 2270 Francis Shaw 8th Battalion Manchester Regiment Killed In Action 18th December 1914 has a wooden shield shaped base which measures 9” x 9 ½” x ½” has a large centre mounted copper boss which is 6 ½” diameter. The boss with laurel wreath bears heraldic arms below ‘Wilmslow District 1914-1919’ (Cheshire) and states ‘ In Grateful Memory Pte Francis Shaw 1/3 Manr (Manchester) Regt Who Died For His King & Country In The Great War’. The rear of the shield has a hanging ring for wall mounting. The shield is accompanied by an A4 size paper copy of the War Graves Commission entry in memory of the Soldier which states ‘Remembered With Honour Alexandria (Chatby) Military & War Cemetery’. Also included is a small printed note outlining the history of the Manchester Regiment and its involvement in WW1 (the documents are illustrated in the images). The price for this memorial shield to a named WW1 Soldier worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 13738

WW1 British Medal Trio & Imperial Service Medal to Colour Sergeant H. Mappin of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, Court Mounted for Display, Together With a Kings Royal Rifle Corps Cap Badge. Sn 13627 - 13627
WW1 British medal trio and Imperial Service Medal to Colour Sergeant Horace Mappin of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, Court Mounted for display. Together with a Kings Royal Rifle Corps cap badge. The medals are in excellent condition and all with the correct ribbons. The 1914-15 Star is crisply stamped on the rear with "8053 Sgt H. Mappin K.R. Rif C.". The other two medals in the trio are impressed with the same. The Imperial Service Medal is impressed with "Horace Mappin". Complete with a Kings Royal Rifle Corps Kings Crown cap badge which retains the wearers slider to the rear. A nicely presented display. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13627

India General Service Medal With Jowaki 1877-8 Clasp To Nicholas Roads 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade, Mounted on Card in a Glass Fronted Display Box. Sn 13626 - 13626
A very nice condition India General Service Medal with Jowaki 1877-8 clasp impressed to Nicholas Roads 4th Battalion Rifle Brigade. The India General Service Medal (1854 IGSM) was a campaign medal approved in 1854, for issue to officers and men of the British and Indian armies. The 1854 IGSM was approved on 1 March 1854. It was awarded for various minor military campaigns in India, during 1852 to 1895. Each battle or action covered by the medal was represented by a clasp on the ribbon, 24 were sanctioned, the maximum awarded to one man is thought to be seven. The medal was never issued without a clasp. The medal is silver, 1.4 inches in diameter, and was struck at the Royal Mint. It was later issued in bronze for camp followers and native civilians. The obverse bears a left facing effigy of Queen Victoria wearing a diadem and veil. Surrounding the head is the inscription 'VICTORIA REGINA'. The reverse depicts Victory crowning a seated nude warrior. The medal is suspended by a silver scrolled bar. The medal hangs from a ribbon 1 1/4 inches wide. It is divided into five stripes, three red and two dark blue, 1/4 inch wide. It is crisply impressed with "1750 Pte Nicholas Roads 4 Bn Rifle Bde". It has the 'Jowaki 1877-8' clasp and correct ribbon. It is nicely mounted on a piece of card and in a glass fronted display box. This is a very nice example. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13626

***SOLD***SOLD*** WW2 German Iron Cross 1st Class With Maker Marked Pin and Ribbon. M 111 - 00
This is a very nice condition Iron Cross. It is a magnetic version with no loss to the black paint. Adolf Hitler restored the Iron Cross in 1939 as a German decoration (rather than Prussian), and continued the tradition of issuing it in various classes. Legally, it is based on the "Enactmennt for the re-introduction of the Iron Cross" (Verordnung über die Erneuerung des Eisernen Kreuzes) of 1 September 1939. There is the usual makers mark in a cartouche to the pin but this is in decipherable. It was brought back by a soldier and purchased from the family. It has been left as purchased and is complete with a pinned through piece of 2nd class ribbon. The price includes UK delivery. M 111

Original 1882 Egyptian Khedive’s Star To Sergeant E. Jones 1st Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. M 110 - M 110
This medal was conferred by Khedive Tenfik of Egypt to those who qualified for the Egypt Medal and was invariably worn alongside it. This 5 pointed star with circular centre depicts the Sphinx & Pyramids surrounded by a band inscribed ‘Egypt 1882’ also the Khedive of Egypt and the year in the Moslem calendar. The reverse shows the Khedive’s monogram surmounted by crown. The star is suspended by a ring from an ornamental claspin the centre of which is a star and crescent. This medal has been privately engraved with the name of the recipient "1878 Sergt E. Jones 1 Batt. Sea. Highds". The star is complete with its ribbon. Price for this medal which is worthy of further research includes UK delivery. M 110

British Air Efficiency Award Medal and Ribbon To Squadron Leader E.F. Tanner Of The A.A.F. & Paper. Sn 13244 - 13244
This is a very nice Air Efficiency (Long & Meritous Service) award to an officer in the Auxiliary Air Force, complete with paperwork showing his progression from pilot officer in 1939 to his retirement in in 1954 as a Squadron Leader (Wing Commander for Retirement Purposes). The Air Efficiency Award, post-nominal letters AE for officers, was instituted in 1942. It could be awarded after ten years of meritorious service to part-time officers, airmen and airwomen in the Auxiliary and Volunteer Air Forces of the United Kingdom and the Territorial Air Forces and Air Force Reserves of the Dominions, the Indian Empire, Burma, the Colonies and Protectorates. The award is a GVI medal impressed to "Sqn. Ldr. E.F. Tanner A.A.F." The medal was struck in silver and is oval, 38 millimetres (1.5 inches) high and 32 millimetres (1.26 inches) wide, with a raised rim on each side. It is suspended from a silver bar in the form of an eagle in flight, looking towards its left, affixed to the medal by means of a single-toe claw and a pin through the upper edge of the medal. The obverse has his coinage type effigy and is circumscribed "GEORGIVS VI D: G: BR: OMN: REX F: D: IND: IMP:" reading around from the bottom. The initials "HP" below the truncation of the King's neck are those of the designer of the obverse of the medal, Thomas Humphrey Paget, an English medal and coin designer. The reverse is smooth and is inscribed "AIR EFFICIENCY AWARD" in three lines.It comes complete with its correct ribbon. A nice Long Service award to a man who went through WW2 and beyond. The price includes UK postage. Sn 13244

Framed Group Of Medals To A New Zealand Airman. Sn MISC 853 - MISC 853
This is a framed group of medals to a New Zealand Air Force man. The frame contains his bullion cap badge together with a photograph of him in his Air Force uniform. Below are his medals consisting of the Pacific Star, New Zealand War Service medal and the British War medals. The medal entitlement would suggest a man living in New Zealand who entered the war operationally in the Pacific area late in the war. The rear of the frame carries the name and address of the farmer in South Perth. Also in pencil is a note saying ‘FROM THE HOUSE OF A McNEILE OF GATACRE LIVERPOOL.’ This ties in with an RAF inoculation certificate for a Richard Thomas McNeile of Gatacre, born 1931, dated 24th July 1951, and presumably a younger brother of the medal holder who also joined the RAF post war. There is a passport photograph with the document but not the man in the frame. An intriguing family group worthy of further research. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. MISC 853

**SOLD**SOLD**WW2 German Army, Court Mounted 4 Year Service Medal Complete With Correct Eagle To The Ribbon. M 108 - M 108
This is a WW2 German Army 4 Year Service Medal, Eagle and Ribbon mounted for wear. A year after the reinstitution of the draft Germany reinstated the Long Service Awards (March 16th, 1936). All members of the Armed Forces were eligible for the award which was bestowed in five classes; four years, twelve years, eighteen years, twenty five years and fifty years. The four year service medal was mat silver and had on the obverse the Wehrmacht Eagle and the inscription "Treue Diesnste in der Wehrmacht" (Loyal Service in the Armed Forces). On the reverse it bore only the number 4 in the centre surrounded by oak leaves. The twelve year award was the same design but slightly larger, in bronze, and with the number "12" replacing the "4" on the reverse. This is in good condition. The price includes UK delivery. M 108
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