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Daggers and Knives

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MINT, WW2 British Soldier’s Private Purchase Southern & Richardson Sheffield F.S. Style Fighting Knife/Dagger & Scabbard. Sn 13855 - 13855
this is a near mint, WW2 private purchase F.S. style fighting knife/dagger and scabbard by Southern & Richardson Sheffield. This knife was a private purchase during WW2. An identical example is illustrated at page 179 item 12.2 in 'The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife and Other Commando Knives' book by Ron Flook. The pommel and cross guard are brass. It has a compressed leather rings grip which is in excellent condition. The small brass cross guard is oval. The blade measures 167mm and it is 11 ¼” overall length. The pristine, polished blade is FS style with medial ridge and is etched on one side with the maker’s name Southern & Richardson Sheffield England below their trademark . The original scabbard in similar near mint condition dark brown leather and has an integral belt loop with retaining strap and press stud fastener. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13855

AS FOUND UN-MESSED WITH Large WW1 British Officer’s Private Purchase Folding Multi Blade / Tool Clasp Knife Retailed By Harrods With 1915- 1916 Solid Sterling Silver Scales By Britton Co London & Blades /Tools By Atkinson Brothers & W. Green Ltd Sheffield - 13854
This is a quality made WW1 British Officer’s folding clasp knife with many blades / tools useful in the field. It has a large blade (3 ½”), a saw blade (3 ¼”), a file with screwdriver end, hook, gimlet and removable tweezers. The saw blade is marked ‘Harrods Ltd Brompton Road SW’ (The famous Knightsbridge London Store). The large blade ‘Atkinson Bros’ and the file ‘W.Green Ltd Sheffield’. The knife has heavy solid sterling silver hallmarked scales which denote manufacture in 1915 -1916 by Richard Britton Co London. The scales have slots near to the butt end for removable tools. One tool most likely a small blade or pin is absent from its slot. The other slot houses the small steel tweezers which are present and function as they should. This quality piece which is as found and un-messed with. The blades and tools have staining consistent with age, professional cleaning of this superb piece would make it even more desirable. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13854

Victorian Era North West Frontier pesh-kabz / Khyber Armour Piercing Indian / Afghan Knife With Polished Horn Grips & Scabbard. ED 2152 - ED 2152
The pesh-kabz or peshkabz is a type of Perso-Afghan knife designed to penetrate chain mail armour. The word is also spelled pesh-quabz or pish-ghabz and means "fore-grip" in the Persian language. The knife is typically used as a thrusting weapon, however, the wide ‘T’ section blade also possesses considerable slicing performance, and as such may also be used effectively with slashing or cutting strokes. During the British colonial rule in India, the British frequently referred to all Afghan blades of this pattern collectively as "Afghan knives" or "Khyber knives", after the Khyber Pass that marked the transition from British India to the nation of Afghanistan. In India, manufacture of the pesh-kabz was centered in the northern city of Bhera, now part of Pakistan. During the First and Second Anglo-Afghan wars, the pesh-kabz was frequently the weapon of choice for finishing off wounded British and colonial troops, as the Afghan tribesmen did not take prisoners except for use as hostages. This is a very good original example of the pesh-kabz made in the Victorian era. It has a heavy 6 ¾” single edged curved T section blade (10 ¾” overall). The blade has a sharp cutting edge & narrows to a pin sharp armour piercing point. The blade has staining consistent with age but no rust just a couple of minor nicks to the cutting edge. It has a full tang with integral finger guard. The scales are polished horn. One scale has a small 5mm gouge only visible on close inspection and both scales are totally secure, fastened to the tang by rivets. The knife is complete with its original leather hide covered wood scabbard. The leather of the scabbard which has a stitched seam is undamaged. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2152

British Royal Navy Saw Back Diver’s Knife With NATO Stores Numbers By Nowill & Sons Sheffield With NATO Stores Numbered Scabbard & NATO Thigh Strap Assembly. Sn 13807 - 13807
This is an excellent original British Royal Navy Diver’s Knife. These knives are in use today (see page 92 and plates 208 & 209 of Flook's book British & Commonwealth Military Knives). The knife has a clean 7 3/4" stainless steel double edged blade with medial ridge & spear point tip. The cutting edge of the knife is sharp and the back of the blade has a deep cut sawback. The knife measures 12 ¾” overall and has a steel tang covered with moulded hard rubber which has 3 raised bands for grip. The steel pommel is correctly sunk into the rubber handle. The pommel end of the handle is holed for wrist strap. The blade is crisply etched by the manufacturer 'John Nowill & Sons Ltd, Sheffield. England'. The handle is embossed with NATO stores number 'NSNo4220-99-523-9744'. The knife is complete with its original black hard rubber scabbard. The scabbard is complete and undamaged. It has a large vented belt loop with elasticated rubber retaining band. The body is slotted for thigh strap. The scabbard is embossed with the correct NATO stores number 'NSNo4220-99-523-9745' and it is fitted with the correct NATO thigh strap assembly with plastic buckles. The straps have the correct NATO stores numbers ‘NSNo 4220-99-523-9746. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13807

WW1 Era British Officer's Brown Leather Covered Wood Swagger Dagger / Sword Stick. Sn 13841 - 13841
An original WW1 era British Officer’s, brown leather covered Swagger Sword Stick. It has a 1o ½” single edged fullered blade which narrows to a pin sharp point. It measures 17” overall in its scabbard. The blade has some areas of light staining consistent with age (there are no manufacturer or date marks). The leather and stitching of the sword stick handle and scabbard are intact. The leather does have small surface scuffs consistent with age & service use. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13841

Unique Superb English, 1797, George Parker 4th Earl Of Macclesfield Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire Massive Deer Hunting Dagger With Etched Blade, Stag Horn Handle & Scabbard Both With Ornate Silver Fittings By Prosser London Makers To The Royal Family - 13825
The 4th Earl of Macclesfield George Parker succeeded to the title and that of Lord & Viscount Parker in 1795. He also became Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire. He inherited Shirburn Castle, Watlington, Oxfordshire and 14,000 acres of parklands. In 1797 he ordered a hunting knife with his family crest thereon from Richardson of Bond Street London who had the knife made by Prosser of Charing Cross London Makers to the Royal Family. He was a keen Sportsman and died in 1842. This is the actual Hunting Dagger made for the 4th Earl of Macclesfield, Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire. The best quality piece has an undamaged Stag horn hilt. The hilt has heavy ornate solid silver fittings including pommel cap and ferrule. Its 12” spear point blade has just light areas of staining consistent with age and has etched panels on both sides. On one side it has the commissioned family crest with Latin motto ‘Dare to be wise’ above a foliate panel which is signed by the retailer ‘Richardson 43 New Bond St’. The reverse depicts a ‘Stag in the field’ above ‘Horn and arms’ above a foliate panel. The dagger measures 18” overall length. The weapon is complete with its original brown leather scabbard with heavy solid silver throat mount and chape. Both have ornate foliate decoration. The throat mount has a panel engraved by the manufacturer ‘Prosser Charing Cross London To The Royal Family (maker)’ on one side and the reverse has an ornate frog stud. The leather & stitching of the scabbard are clean but there are small areas of stable wear to the the leather to be expected with age and use and a 3” tear to one side of the leather which is only visible on close inspection. A laminated single page A4 size paper document accompanies the piece. The document has copied extracts featuring the Earl’s Coat of Arms, his family lineage and outline of the dagger’s commission (illustrated in image 2). The price for this historic best quality hunting dagger & scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 13825

SOLD SOLD SOLD ORIGINAL, MINT MUSEUM QUALITY, 19th Century Imperial German Royalty / Nobleman’s Boar Hunting Dagger With Damascus Blade Boar Tusk Handle & Scabbard Both With Ornate Heavy 925 Solid Silver Fittings. Sn 13826 - 13826
This is a mint museum quality Imperial German Hunting Dagger / Sidearm. The high quality of this piece indicates that it must have been made for a member of the Imperial German Royalty or High Status Nobleman. These substantial weapons were carried when hunting large game such as Boar for self defence and to deliver the 'death blow' to the hunted prey. This spectacular piece has a beautiful Boer’s tusk hilt hand carved with Ram’s head, Oak leaves and flowers. The hilt has heavy ornate solid silver fittings including Oak leaf and rope decorated ferrule amd Wild Boar pommel cap with acorn and Oak leaf adornments. The Boar mount has a small fixed ring for wrist cord which is stamped ‘925’ (Silver). The pommel cap itself is also stamped ‘925’. Its magnificent 4 ¾” single edged Damascus blade is pristine and sharp. It has an integral finger guard and scalloped back edge. The blade has no visible manufacturer marks. The knife measures 9½” overall length. The weapon is complete with its original similar mint condition brown leather scabbard with heavy solid silver throat mount and chape. Both have Oak leaf and acorn decoration and are stamped ‘925’. The leather & stitching of the scabbard are clean and intact. The price for this best quality Imperial German Nobleman’s hunting sidearm & scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 13826

Original, Contemporary, Souvenir Of The WW2 London Blitz 1940-1941 Knife / Letter Opener Forged From A Single Piece Of British 3.7 inch Anti Aircraft (AA) Shrapnel. ED 2151 - ED 2151
This souvenir of The WW2 London Blitz is a Knife / Letter Opener Forged From A Single Piece Of 3.7 inch AA Anti Aircraft Shrapnel recovered during the blitz between 1940-1941. It has a 6” diamond form polished blade marked on one side ‘London Blitz 1940-41’ and on the reverse ‘Made In England’. The handle retains its post detonation shrapnel form. The knife measures 10 ½” overall length. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2151

WW2 2nd Pattern B2 WD Fairbairn Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife & Scabbard. ED 2150 - ED 2150
2nd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes 'FS' Fighting Knives were introduced in 1941 (see page 89-93 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). This is an excellent WW2 2nd pattern, B2, FS dagger and scabbard. The hilt is brass with knurled grip and an oval cross guard. The top of the cross guard is stamped with the correct 'B2' designation and a War Dept arrow. It has a 172mm long double edged blued blade with medial ridge. It is complete with original scabbard with external chape. As is common with these scabbards the elasticated retaining strap on the belt loop & its 4 sewn on leather tabs have been contemporarily removed. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2150

SOLD SOLD RARE, ORIGINAL, WW2 Era 1936 Pattern Nazi SS Officer’s Service Dagger With Motto Etched Blade "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" & Scabbard With Deaths Head & Nazi Runes Hanging Chain. Sn 13541 - 13541
This is a rare original 1936 pattern Nazi SS Officer’s Service Dagger and scabbard with 1st pattern hanging chains as found and un-messed with. All SS Officers who had been SS Officers as of 9th November 1935 were authorised to wear these daggers (see pages 56 & 57 of Johnson’s book Collecting The Edged Weapons Of The Third Reich Vol 1). The black wooden grip is original and undamaged. The Nazi German National Emblem and 'SS' runes roundel are perfectly fitted. It has a Nickel cross guard & pommel. The clean blade has the correct "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" (My Honour Is Loyalty) inscription. The dagger is complete with its original black anodised metal scabbard with correct stylised Swastika centre mount. The scabbard has 2 fixed hanging bars, nickel plated chape and throat mount. The scabbard is fitted with correct nickel plated link hanging chain. The chain has the correct alternating embossed Death’s head skull and cross bones & SS Runes. The chain has a single sprung nickel plated clip correctly in the form of a modified cloverleaf. The rear of one of the links has a small manufacturer stylised monogram cartouche (illustrated in image 3). The Price for this rare, complete, Nazi SS Officer’s piece includes UK delivery. Sn 13541
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