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Trench Art

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SOLD SOLD (02/12) WW1 Period 'Trench Art' Desk Stand & Two Ink Wells, Decorated With Shells, Bombs and Bullets. Sn 11539 - 11539
A WW1 period 'Trench Art' desk stand with glass ink wells, decorated with shells, bombs and bullets. This is a very nice piece of trench art and would look well on a collectors desk at home or work. The centre at the back has a 5 round clip of inert rounds, with a glass ink well either side of this. At the very front of the wooden frame there is a full width dished pen rest. The top of the desk stand is decorated as a diorama of a battlefield with spent cartridges, bombs and bullets which are fixed in place on a thin metal plate which is screwed to the wooden desk frame. The ink wells have hinged glass tops. This is as it was found. It measures 29.5cm wide, 1.6cm deep and 1.7cm high. This is very nice piece. The price includes Uk delivery. SN 11539
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