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Badges and Insignia

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Original, WW1 Era Imperial Prussian NCO Guard’s / Grenadier’s Infantry Pickelhaube Helmet Plate. Sn 13588 - 13588
This is a large original Imperial Prussian NCO Guard’s / Grenadier’s Infantry Pickelhaube Helmet Plate. The plate features the gilt brass Imperial Prussian Eagle With motto banner and central silvered metal star with central embossed Eagle and motto roundel. The curved Eagle is 7 ½” from wing tip to wing tip. The rear has the correct mounting rings. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13588

***SOLD***SOLD*** WW2 German Coastal Artillery Flak Badge By 'K. Wagner Berlin'. BA 891 - BA 891
An original WW2 German Coastal Artillery Flak Badge with wearers pin. The Naval Artillery War Badge or War Badge of the Coastal Artillery (German: Kriegsabzeichen für Marineartillerie) was a World War II German military decoration awarded to the crews of Kriegsmarine land-based marine artillery and anti-aircraft units. Initially presented to only coastal air defence units, it was later awarded to crews of guns positioned against naval targets. The award was instituted on 24 June, 1941 by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder to reward the actions of both individuals and crew members. The medal, designed by Otto Placzek of Berlin, consists of an outer laurel wreath of oak leaves with the national emblem of eagle clutching a swastika (both golden coloured) at its apex. The central area features a coastal artillery cannon with the sea behind (both a grey colour). This badge is in very good condition with most of the gilt still round the outside. On the reverse the wearers pin is present and still opens and closes as it should. It is marked on the reverse with the makers name "K. Wagner Berlin". The price includes UK delivery. BA 891

Original Victorian British Welsh Regiment Officer's Gilt & Silver Helmet Plate. Sn 13565 - 13565
This is a very nice original helmet plate for the Welsh Regiment and dates from the period 1881 to 1902. It carries a Victorian Crown over a seven point star and a wreath. The centre carries a separate section of a garter enclosing a Prince of Wales Feathers above a scroll on a black wool backing. Below this on the wreath is a silver scroll with "The Welsh Regiment". It carries 3 loops to the reverse. All of the gilding remains and the whole helmet plate is in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13565

WW2 German Panzer Assault Award, Silver Class. BA 887 - BA 887
An original WW2 German Panzer Assault Award, silver coloured. The Panzer Badge (German: Panzerkampfabzeichen) was a World War II German military decoration awarded troops in armoured divisions. It was instituted 20 December 1939 (although a version had been introduced during the World War I and a variation during the Spanish Civil War). The Panzer Badge was introduced on 20 December, 1939, in order to recognize the achievements of Panzer personnel who took part in armoured assaults. It was designed by the Berlin firm of Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus, and was instituted by order of Generaloberst Walther von Brauchitsch. The Panzer Badge consists of an oval with a wreath composed of five single oak leaves on one side and four on the other (the tank treads cover one). At the base of the oval is a tie, and at the apex a Wehrmacht eagle, which has folded wings clutches a swastika in its talons. In the center of the badge is a tank that passes from left to right. The left track of the tank goes into the wreath of oak leaves, and the area under the tank is grooved and made to look like grass. The reverse of the badge has three variations, the badge could either be hollow backed, flat, or semi-dished. The hollowed backed variation showed the imprint of the obverse, while the flat was just solid. The semi-dished version has a slight indent that shows part of the outline of the tank. This is the semi-dished version. It has a wearers pin which is in good condition. The Silver class was presented to tank commanders, gunners or radio operators while the bronze class was presented to the Panzergrenadier regiments, tank assault crew, armoured reconnaissance units, and medical personnel who went into battle in armoured vehicles. The award was authorized through the Panzer Division commander. The price includes UK delivery. BA 887

Victorian Other Ranks Helmet Plate To The Loyal North Lancashire's. BA 885 - BA 885
This is a very nice 'Other Ranks' helmet plate to the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. The Loyal Regiment (North Lancashire) (until 1921 known as the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment) was a line infantry regiment of the British Army that was in existence from 1881 to 1970. It is the Star and Wreath two part construction with a separate removable central boss. It has 3 loops to the rear. It is in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. BA 885

Pre WW1 C1902- 1914 British Kings Crown Manchester Regiment Helmet Plate. Sn 13349 - 13349
An original very good example of the crowned star pattern plate mounted with laurel wreath and garter. The centre carries the Manchester City heraldic coat of arms and the base of the wreath has a scroll with ‘The Manchester Regiment’ name. There are 3 loops to the reverse. A nice example of a pre WW1 helmet plate. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13349

WW2 German Red Cross Nurses Enamel Badge by A Stubbe, Berlin. Ba 884 - BA 884
This is an excellent quality enamel WW2 German Nurses badge. The badge is made from black, white, red and gold enamel. It has a red enamel cross in the centre below the Eagle with folded wings. The red cross is on a white background. On the reverse of the badge it is nicely stamped with the maker "A Stubbe Berlin" and below this with an issue number "2367" and area "Karlsruhe". The badge has the original wearers pin which operates as it should. This is a nice example of the badge. It is 40mm in diameter. The price includes UK delivery. Ba 884

British Scarce WW2 LDV (Local Defence Volunteers) / Home Guard Cloth Insignia Group. Sn. MISC 852 - MISC 852
This is an original group consisting of an early and scarce LDV (Local Defence Volunteers) brassard or armband, printed on khaki felt. These were only in existence between the 22nd May 1940 when the L.D.V. were officially formed and the 30th July 1940 when Winston Churchill decreed that their name would change to The Home Guard. The brassard has obviously been affixed to a uniform but is in excellent condition. There are also 3 other items of Home Guard material. A stitch on blouse patch, a shoulder title and a slip over collar title. All of these have been fixed to a uniform in the past, but like the brassard, are in excellent condition. This is a nice collection of LDV and Home Guard cloth insignia which could be the basis for a larger collection. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. MISC 852

SOLD SOLD SOLD Original 17th Lancers Other Ranks Czapka Kings Crown Helmet Plate. BA 883 - BA 883
An Original 17th Lancers Czapka King's Crown helmet plate dating from the Edwardian Period. This is a very nice example of an 'Other Ranks' Czapka helmet plate in brass to the 17th Lancers (The Death Or Glory Boys). It is complete with both wearers lugs to the rear and has 'battle Honours to the front up to and including South Africa 1900-1902. It is in excellent condition. The price includes Uk delivery. BA 883

A Large Frame Of 'Volunteer Artillery' Badges And Insignia 1859-1908. Sn 11633 - 11633
The frame is comprised of a large Victorian Crown helmet plate, a Busby Grenade Plume holder and Plume, a large Forage Cap Victorian Crown badge, two General Pattern Pagri Badges, two Grenade badges and Bullion Grenade Badges, a Standard King's Crown cap badge, two Victorian Crown Pouch or Belt Plates, one Victorian Crown Belt Buckle, one white metal Belt Buckle and three Victorian Epaulettes (one Bullion). The Volunteer Artillery wore white metal badges for other ranks and silver or silver plated for officers. Regular units wore gilt or brass badges. This is a very impressive display and would grace any collectors wall. ********* PLEASE NOTE IT HAS BEEN DIFFICULT TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS FRAME DISPLAY BECAUSE OF THE REFLECTION FROM THE GLASS, IT IS FAR MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN THE PHOTOGRAPHS DEPICT *********** The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11633
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