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Optical Instruments

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WW2 Era French Ministry Of War Military SRPI GT-6 Micro Grades Extendable Trench Periscope With Original Hard Leather Case Marked ‘P58 2 Komp’ (2nd Company). Sn 14678 - 14678
This is an original WW2 era French Ministry of War extendable trench periscope. It is in excellent condition with fully functional graduated optics. It measures 16” closed, with handle folded and 27 ½” extended . The alloy metal work retains its original green paint. It has a Bakelite eye piece adjustable for focus and folding wood handle. The periscope tube is marked There are no signs of damage or repair. The periscope is marked ‘MG’ (Ministère de la Guerre) above number ‘19849’. It is also marked ‘RD 52686’,‘GT-6 Micro Grades’ and ‘SRPI’. The periscope is complete with its original sturdy brown leather fitted carry case. The scope fits snugly into the case which has a full hinged lid with side mounted sprung retaining strap. The rear of the case has 2 belt loops. The front of the case has original period white paint letter and numbers ‘P58’. There is also contemporary ink hand written ‘2 Komp’ (2nd Company). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14678

Superb, Complete, WW2 Nazi German Kriegsmarine , Armoured, U-Boat Turret, 'U-Bootglas' 7x 50 Binoculars By Carl Zeiss, Jena (blc). Sn 14648 - 14648
In early 1943 the Nazi German Command, introduced the 'U-Bootglas' 7x 50, Armoured, U-Boat Turret, Binoculars ( see pages 377/8 of Military Binoculars & Telescopes By Seeger). These Binoculars are a fine original example. The Binocular's armoured body has its original correct light green finish and have lanyard bars. The lenses are protected by heavy duty rubber shrouds. The right shoulder under the rubber shroud is crisply stamped with the manufacturer’s Nazi German Wartime code 'blc' which is Carl Zeiss, Jena, together with 7x50 (magnification) & Number '53941'. The binoculars are also fitted with its original bakelite lense cover marked 'Benutzer'. The cover has its original sprung rubber retaining cord. These binoculars were originally issued without carry cases and in transportation crates of 10 for use by U-Boat crews. All optics are excellent. The price for this sought after piece of U-Boat history includes UK delivery. Sn 14648

RARE, Original WW2 US Navy Morse Code Light Lamp ‘Signal Gun’ USN Code 9-S-4240-L. (Stock Number Sn 14621) - 14621
This is a rare, original USN morse code light lamp signal gun used by USN battleship signalmen to send messages from ship to ship or ship to shore. The ‘gun’ which is not a weapon and cannot shoot or launch anything has a light bulb holder inside the tube ‘barrel’ that is powered by batteries (batteries and bulb absent). The trigger is pulled to send the light signal like a telegraph key. The mid section of the barrel has a screw thread with locking catch and can be dismantled. The front section of the barrel tube has a winged sight to assist aiming. The tube near to the wood shoulder stock has the correct USN code ‘9-S-4240-L’. The undamaged wood stock has a steel butt plate. The metal has even patina. The signal gun measures 34 ¾” overall length and the tube opening is 3 ¼” diameter. We have not tested the electronics of this piece. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14621

Cased, WW2 British WD 3 Draw Scouts Regiments MK IIs Sniper Spotters 3 Draw 20x Magnification Telescope With Extending Sun Visor Cover By HCR & Sons Ltd (Part Of The No.4 T Sniper Rifle Kit). Sn 14610 - 14610
The MKII Scout Regiment Telescope was first introduced 1939 at the start of WW2, and soon after supplied as an integral part of the snipers No4T kit chest issued alongside the Holland & Holland modified Lee Enfield No.4(T) snipers rifle, matched scope, officers prismatic compass, etc. The 20x scope proved exceptional at acquiring targets and locating other snipers.This is an excellent British WW2 3 Draw Scout Regiments MK IIs Sniper Spotters Telescope. It is made of leather covered brass & is nicely stamped 'HCR & Sons Ltd' (H.C. Ryland & Son) together with 'War Dept Arrow','TELE SCT REGTS MK IIs' & numbers ' OS126GA' and 'No. 18609' (all illustrated). It has the correct extending sun visor. The eye piece has a small brass rimmed tinted glass, sliding aperture shade/ cover. The eye piece is stamped with OS number (illustrated). It is complete with its original leather carry case with shoulder strap and adjustment buckle. The body and lid of the case have impressed OS numbers and the body a WD mark (all illustrated). It measures 31 ¾” fully extended and 10 ½” closed. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14610

Cased, WW2 British WD 3 Draw Scouts Regiments MK III Spotters / Signallers Telescope By BC (BROADHURST CLARKSON) & Co Ltd London & Hard Leather Case With Shoulder Strap. Sn 14609 - 14609
This is an excellent British WW1/WW2 3 Draw Scout Regiments MK II Sniper Spotters Telescope. It is made of leather covered brass & is nicely stamped ‘BC & Co Ltd’ (BROADHURST CLARKSON & CO. LTD, London) together with 'MK III' model detail, 'War Dept Arrow','TELE SCT REGTS MK IIIs', letters & numbers ' OS126GA' and '9648' (all illustrated). The eye piece is marked ‘OS1616SA’ and has a sliding shutter. The front section of the telescope has a sliding sun shade. It is complete with its original leather carry case with shoulder strap and adjustment buckle. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14609

SOLD SOLD (13/11) WW1 1918 British Officer’s WD Stand Instrument No 21 MK V Sniper & Artillery Forward Observation Brass & Wood Tri-Pod For The Spotting & Sniper’s Telescope By HGR Ltd (Hepburn, Gale & Ross Ltd, London). Sn 8163 - 8163
This is an excellent, original WW1 dated British Officer’s Forward Observervation tri-pod. These tri-pods were for the spotting & sniper’s telescope. The wood legs have metal conical spiked feet and the tri-pod retains its original green paint. One leg has 2 steel rings for carry strap. The brass clamp mount with wingnut has model designation on one side and on the other side manufacturer detail HGR Ltd which is Hepburn, Gale & Ross Ltd, Grange Mills, Grange Road, Bermondsey, London, SE1 and ‘1918’ date (all illustrated in image 2). The tripod is 37” overall length. The stand comes with its original wood block secured by string to protect the clamp in transit and webbing shoulder strap with leather section with loop at the lower end to secure the legs in transit and leather cap with strap & buckle to protect the clamp in transit. The leather of the shoulder strap has an impressed WD arrow. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 8163

LARGE, British WD Boer War & WW1 Era Leather Covered Brass Military Telescope By T. Cooke & Sons Ltd London & York With Original WD Brass & Oak Extendable Tripod. Sn 14431 - 14431
T. Cooke & Sons was an English instrument-making firm, headquartered in York. It was founded by Thomas Cooke by 1837. By 1855 Thomas Cooke had built a factory at Bishophill in York. The firm built the clock face on the Darlington clock tower. Following the death of Cooke in 1868, the business was continued by his sons. In 1914, a new factory was built in Bishophill. In 1915 Vickers acquired a controlling stake in the company.In 1922 Vickers merged it with Troughton & Simms to form Cooke, Troughton & Simms. In 1924 the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Vickers. This is a large original Boer War & WW1 era British War Department Telescope by T. Cooke & Sons. The heavy brass instrument is undamaged and retains its original leather covering which is stamped with WD arrow. It also has removable leather lens cover caps joined by leather straps with buckles and leather shoulder strap. One side of the telescope has a brass adjustment dial. All optics are fully functional and have recently been serviced and cleaned. The underside of the instrument has 2 screw thread bolts with screw caps for mounting to its tripod. Near to the eyepiece, the draw of the telescope is stamped with crisp manufacturer detail and WD arrow (illustrated in image 2). Fully extended the telescope measures 49 ½” length. The instrument comes with its original brass and Oak tripod which has adjustable legs. The brass legs have spiked ends and have original green paint. The top of the tripod has the correct blackened brass mounting bracket with correct screw holes for the instrument’s screw bolts which fit perfectly. The mounting bracket is stamped with WD arrow and struck out number (illustrated in image 2). The tripod stands 53 ½” tall when fully extended. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14431

WW1 1918 Dated British Brass ‘Donkey Ears’ B.O. Forward Observation / Trench Telescope Of 1915 With Original Brass & Wood Extendable Tripod. Sn 14458 - 14458
Original WW1 British Donkey Ears Telescope of 1915 with tripod used by British forces in forward observation / trench deployment . The heavy brass instrument has original enamel green finish with adjustable eyepieces. One of its 2 the Bakelite eye cups are absent. All optics are fully functional. The casing is fitted with leather covers secured by leather straps. The end of one strap has perished but could easily be repaired. The casing is crisply marked with model designation, optics information and 1918 date (illustrated in image 2). The instrument comes with its original brass and wood tripod which has adjustable legs. The metal legs have spiked ends and have original green enamel paint. A removable webbing strap secures the legs together for transport. The top of the tripod has the correct graduated brass turn table. The tripod stands 5’4” tall when fully extended. The binoculars are fitted to the tripod by a brass lug which slots into a hole in the instrument. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14458

NEAR MINT, WW2 Era / Post 1943, British John Lilley & Gillie North Shields Royal Navy Midshipman’s Single Draw Naval Telescope With Extending Sun Cover & Sliding Eye Piece Shutter. Sn 14501 - 14501
In 1812, John Lilley, aged 24, founded John Lilley and Son in London. John Lilley is recorded as being an optician and the company manufactured nautical instruments, magnetic compasses, sextants and telescopes. In 1885 John Wilson Gillie founded Wilson & Gillie in North Shields as Admiralty chart agents and magnetic compass and nautical instrument makers. Over the years John Wilson Gillie patented many improvements to the magnetic compass and binnacle. In 1913 the two companies merged, and in 1943 were renamed as John Lilley & Gillie Ltd. After over 200 years in business, John Lilley & Gillie Ltd continue to manufacture quality Naval magnetic compass outfits. This is a near mint, British Royal Navy Midshipman’s Telescope made by Lilley & Gillie. It is made of nickel or chrome plated brass & bound in brown leather. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The scope has an extendable sun shade, and eye piece with sliding shutter. The scope is 17 ¼” in length when closed and 25 ¼” extended. The draw is engraved with manufacturer detail (illustrated In Image 2). The telescope has a leather lens protector cover secured to the frame by a leather strap and tab. The price for this quality telescope includes UK delivery. Sn 14501

Original, WW1 British Royal Flying Corps RFC / RNAS Pilot / Observer Brass Cased Creagh-Osborne Wrist Compass By Hughes & Son London With Original Leather Wrist Strap. Sn 14399 - 14399
Captain Frank Osborne Creagh-Osborne, Royal Navy, (1867/1943) was Superintendent of Compasses with the British Admiralty and inventor. His various inventions were built by H. Hughes & Son Ltd, Dent & Co, Johnson Ltd, Sperry Gyroscopes Co. & other British Companies. This is a rare example of the Creagh-Osborne Wrist Compass made by H. Hughes & Son London. The blackened brass body is 2 ¾” diameter and 1” deep. It has the correct tilting face with white highlighted numbers and directional letters and white painted metal pointer. The glazed face is undamaged and it has the correct hinged magnifying viewer. The rim of the case is crisply marked ‘Creagh-Osborne Compass’ & ‘H. Hughes & Son London’. The compass is fitted with its original leather wrist strap with buckle. The compass functions as it should. The price for this original scarce RFC piece includes UK delivery. Sn 14399
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