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Optical Instruments

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SOLD SOLD (11/05) VERY RARE, MATCHING NUMBERS, Cased, WW1 British WD Model 1918 Prismatic Prism Co London Blackened Brass & Steel Sniper Telescopic Sight With Leather Lens Covers & Later Parker Hale Sight Mounts. Sn 15290 - 15290
This is an excellent original very rare to find British WW1 Telescopic Sniper sight. These sights were used by British snipers mounted on SMLE No III MKI .303 calibre rifles. It is made of blackened steel & has a brass adjustment dial graduated from 1 to 10. It is nicely marked with WD & arrow mark above ‘1918 Model’ and by the manufacturer ‘Prismatic Prism Co (London)’ & has serial number ‘77026’ (all illustrated). The scope measures 9 ½” overall length and all optics are excellent including the post reticule. The scope has period brown leather lens cover caps joined by leather strap. It is complete with its original matching number leather trimmed waxed green canvas covered field carry case with riveted leather shoulder strap loops and removable lid with buckle and leather retaining strap. The body of the case has its original ink stamped serial number which matches the scope and was obviously issued with it ‘77026’. There is also a contemporary ink handwritten name and address no doubt a previous owner of the sight. The scope was found with later British Parker Hale scope mounts which are as new and are included with this piece. The price for this rare WW1 Snipers set includes UK delivery. Sn 15290

Early 20th Century, Cased, British J. Halden & Co Manchester & London Brass 2 Draw Telescope With Period Wood Desk / Table Stand. Sn 14978 - 14978
J. Halden & Co. Ltd were producers of a range of drawing and surveying instruments and other office materials and had offices at 8 Albert Square, Manchester, London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, with their manufacturing base at Rowsley Works in Reddish, Stockport. The business was started by Joseph Halden in partnership with A.G. Thornton in 1878 as a wholesale drawing material importer and mounting paper manufacturer. However, by the 1880s, A.G. Thornton had left the business and moved to his own premises which were based on Deansgate. The company continued producing optical instruments through both World wars and into the 1960’s. The companywas finally taken over in 1969 by the Ozalid Group, which was started as part of the German company Kalle in 1928. This is a very good cased table telescope by J.Halden & Co made in the early 20th Century with original period wood Table clamp / stand. The optics of the telescope are excellent and clear. When mounted in its extended position it is 28 ¾” in length. The brass telescope has a copper sun shade and sliding protective cover on the eyepiece. The scope is crisply engraved near to the eye piece ‘J.Halden & Co Manchester & London’. The stand has a turn screw fitting which attaches securely to the edge of a table or desk. The top of the clamp has a steel wing nut and screw which can be tightened as desired to direct the telescope vertically. The top of the wood clamp fits snugly into the brass mounting bracket of the telescope. When attached to the clamp the telescope rotates freely 360 degrees. When not in use the telescope and stand fits into it’s wooden case with hinged lid fixed carry handle and hook fasteners. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14978

WW2, British WD CF41 7X50 Magnification, Large Naval Binoculars By Barr & Stroud With Eye Piece Cover, Neck Strap & Fitted Case With Shoulder Strap. Sn 15183 - 15183
These are an excellent original cased pair of WW2, British CF41 7X50 Magnification, Naval Binoculars ( see page 302 of Military Binoculars And Telescopes For Land Air & Sea Services By Seeger). The Binoculars are 9 ¾” in length & have a black textured finish, with adjustable eyepieces. The body of the binoculars have lanyard bars are fitted with the correct leather neck strap with 2 studs and leather eye piece cover. The body of the Binoculars are marked with 2 large WD arrows highlighted in original yellow paint and it has the correct wing nut locking device on the lower hinge. They also have the correct built in filters which are operated by levers mounted on each side of the lens housings. All optics are excellent and function as they should. One shoulder of the binoculars is crisply marked '7 x Barr & Stroud Glasgow & London' together with patent detail. The other 'A.P. No. 1900A' with War Dept arrow & 'Serial No. 33772' and patent detail (all illustrated). The binoculars are contained in their fitted sturdy brown leather case with hinged lid. The lid of the case has its original sprung fastener and the body has its original strap stud. The case is complete with shoulder strap with buckle. The price for this excellent set of nicely marked WW2 Naval Binoculars with case includes UK delivery. Sn 15183

Victorian British Joseph Of Liverpool 3 Draw Leather Bound Brass Telescope With Extending Sun Visor Cover. Sn 14981 - 14981
This is an excellent British Victorian Telescope with sliding sun visor. It is made of leather covered brass. The brass is signed by the maker ‘Joseph South Castle St Liverpool’. The eye piece and visor have sliding brass covers. Fully extended the telescope measures 37”. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14981

Cased, Victorian British 4 Draw Gentleman’s Leather Bound Lacquered Brass Telescope Inscribed ‘Arthur Cartwright 1873 ‘ & ‘G.G.P Heywood 1894’ With Extending Sun Visor Cover. Sn 14982 - 14982
This is an excellent British Victorian Telescope with sliding sun visor. It is made of leather covered black lacquered brass. The brass is inscribed ‘Arthur Cartwright 1873 ‘ & ‘G.G.P Heywood 1894’. A paper label acquired with this piece reads ‘Inscribed Arthur Cartwright 1873 & G. Heywood 1894. Heywood lived at Tickwool Hall Shropshire & Gave these items to Andrew Palmer in early 20th C (Heath Gardeners son)’. The label accompanies the instrument and is worthy of further research. The eye piece has a small brass, sliding aperture cover. Fully extended the telescope measures 31 ¼”. It is complete with its original leather carry case with shoulder strap and adjustment buckle. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14982

Cased, WW1 / WW2 British WD 3 Draw Scouts Regiments MK II’s Sniper Spotters 3 Draw Telescope With Extending Sun Visor Cover By HBM Co. Sn 14986 - 14986
This is an excellent British WW1/WW2 3 Draw Scout Regiments MK II Sniper Spotters Telescope with sliding sun visor. It is made of leather covered brass & is nicely stamped 'HBM Co' together with 'War Dept Arrow', 'TELE SCT REGTS MK IIs' & numbers ' OS126GA' and 'REGD No. 5485' (all illustrated). The eye piece has a small brass rimmed tinted glass, sliding aperture shade/ cover. The eye piece is marked ‘OS 161 SA’. Fully extended the telescope measures 31”. It is complete with its original leather carry case with shoulder strap and adjustment buckle. All optics of the telescope are excellent and function as they should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14986

MASSIVE, MATCHING NUMBERS, Transit Cased, WW2 / Cold War Era British WD Ross London Patent G.367, 10 x 70 Naval Deck Binocular / Gun Sight With Accessories. Sn 14429 - 14429
A massive British WD Naval Deck Binocular / gunsight. These sights were used by the British Royal Navy during WW2 & into the Cold War. All optics dials, filter levers and shutters of our example are fully functioning. Made of aluminium and brass our example has its original tropical green stippled paint and rubber eye piece. The sight and case have all of their original manufacturer, patent and WD markings including matching serial numbers (all illustrated). The binocular measures 16” x 9 ½” x 8”. Its original matching number hardwood fitted transit case has a hinged lid with WD, manufacturer and patent detail (illustrated). The Case has its original lock and key, single brass carry handle, hook fasteners and contains its original spanner and allen key adjustment tools together with an original silica gel tin marked by the manufacturer and with patent detail (illustrated). The transit case measures 18 ½” x 12 ¼” x 11”. The Binocular in its case weighs 17.39 Kilos. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14429

WW2 1943 British ME Co (Mills Equipment Co) Panoramic Power 3 Field Optical Machine Gun Sight. Sn 15020 - 15020
This is an original WW2 dated panoramic optical machine gun sight. It is fully functioning with calibrated adjustment dial. Constructed of brass and steel it retains its original finish and has manufacturer detail, 1943 date and optics information (all illustrated). The sight has its original rubber eye piece which is removable and has service wear. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 15020

Transit Cased British WW1 1917 Vickers Ltd / W. Ottway & Co Ltd Ealing (London) No.17 Artillery Gun Or Mortar Optical Sight. Sn 15021 - 15021
This WW1 black painted brass instrument is for artillery guns and mortars. It is in excellent condition and in its original fitted wood transit case. The instrument which measures 5½” overall length is fully functional and has crisp manufacturer marks, designation and serial number (all illustrated). It has a removable brass eye protector cap. The instrument retains its original black paint finish. Its original wood transit case has a hinged lid and clasp fastener. Internally the case has contoured fixed wooden blocks which fit the instrument snugly. The price for this cased WW1 artillery / mortar Instrument includes UK delivery. Sn 15021

SOLD SOLD (09/05) Original, WW1 Era British F. Duerr & Sons Manchester Patent Lifeguard Collapsible, Concertina Folding Trench Periscope. Sn 14988 - 14988
These periscopes were invented and patented by Edgar Duerr, for use in trench warfare (Duerr & Sons, Est 1881 Manchester are the UK’s oldest family owned Jam & Marmalade maker). The collapsible periscope was considered such a significant part of Britain’s war effort that originals used by troops are on display in The Imperial War Museums in London and Manchester, in addition to The Guards Museum in London. The life-saving instrument enabled front-line soldiers to observe enemy movements from 50cm (20 inches) below the parapet, providing them with a view of up to 91m (100 yards). The instruments were approved by the British War Office. A copy of a contemporary WW1 era advertisement demonstrating the use of Duerr’s instrument is illustrated in image 2. Our original example is in very good condition. The steel concertina frame pocket-sized periscope measures 4 ½” x 4” x 2 ½” closed and 24 ½”extended. The frame has brass screws and glazed alloy end plate viewing frames which are both embossed on one side with F. Duerr & Sons name, Manchester S.W. address and model designation ‘The Lifeguard patent Periscope’ within Shield. The original glass viewing panes within the frames are undamaged (if a soldier broke the viewing glass the company would replace both for a cost of 1 shilling & 6 pence). The metal work retains much of its original black paint finish. The periscope functions as it should. The price for this interesting WW1 trench warfare instrument includes UK delivery. Sn 14988
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