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WW1 Trio Medal Group Comprising 1914-15 Star, War Medal and Victory Medal to Sapper 589 Herbert O Blyth, Royal Engineers. M 124 - M 124
This is a nice WW1 trio medal group comprising the 1914-15 Star, War Medal and Victory Medal to Sapper 589 Herbert O Blyth, Royal Engineers. This medal group is in very good condition and is mounted on black card, the group comes with some paperwork. . This group is worthy of further research and the price includes U.K. delivery. M 124

Pat Walker Bowie Knife And Scabbard. ED 882 - ED 883
This is an unusual handmade bowie knife made by the husband and wife team of Stuart and Pat Walker of Sheffield. They operated originally from the Stag Works until 1980 when they moved to new premises in the Portland Works. Unfortunately both Stuart and Pat are now deceased but the firm has continued with their son, Stuart Junior. All of the knives made by Stuart and Pat carried the name of Pat Walker, (their trademark). This knife has a 6 ¼ inch bowie blade and is stamped Pat Walker Sheffield England within an oval and HAND MADE STAINLESS STEEL. The crossguard and pommel are made of brass with compressed leather washers rather than the usual stag horn or wood grips that the Mitchells usually used. The knife is complete with its original hand tooled brown leather sheath. The knife is retained in its scabbard by a press studded strap. This is an unusual knife for the Mitchells which probably dates to the late 1970s to the early 1980s. The price includes U.K. delivery. ED 883

Sudan Defence Force Hallmarked Silver Officers Cap Badge. BA 896 - BA 896
This is a scarce Sudan Defence Force officers silver cap badge by WJD and is hallmarked for Birmingham in 1930. Originally the badge had a central screw post fitting but this has either broken or been removed. This has been replaced with a slider which appears to be contemporary. The Sudan Defence Force was a British Army unit formed in 1925 to maintain the boarders of the Sudan whilst under the British administration. During the Second World War the force also served beyond the Sudan in the East African Campaign and in the Western Desert campaign. Most of the officers of the Sudan Defence Force were British Army Officers on secondment for a few years whilst the troops were mostly local native troops. This is a very nice genuine hallmarked officers cap badge to a scarce unit. The price includes U.K. delivery. BA 896

British War Medal To Private James Forrest 39824 Of The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. M 125 - M 125
This is a nice WW1 British War Medal To Private James Forrest 39824 of The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment. This was his only medal entitlement and comes complete with its original box of issue, official slip stating that the War Medal was issued to those who served overseas serving the war not the Victory Medal which was only issued to those who served in a theatre of war. Also included are copies of his medal rolls index cards showing the war medal as his only entitlement plus his service record which shows him going to India, Bangalore and finally Salonika after the end of the war. A copy of the death certificate of his 13 month son who died of meningitis whilst he was serving abroad is also included. This is a single medal which is worthy of further research and the price includes U.K. delivery. M 125

RARE, Large Victorian English & Hubers Sheffield Works 2 Bowie Knife Hilt Inlaid With Brass Studs & Original Steel & Leather Scabbard. Sn 15942 - 15942
J. English & G. Hubers were Sheffield based cutlers in the Victorian era. Known to makers of large Bowie knives for the British & American markets in that era. Examples of their knives are rare to find (see pages 283 & 284 of ‘The Heritage Of English Knives’ by Hayden-Wright where a Bowie by English & Hubers similar to our example is described & illustrated). This is an impressive original large Bowie by English & Hubers. It has a 12 ¼” long deep swept steel bowie blade which is 2” broad at its widest point. The knife measures 18” overall. The ricasso is signed on one side by the makers ‘J. English’ above ‘G. Hubers'. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. The reverse is crisply marked ‘Sheffield Works 2’. It has a steel cross guard with ribbed ball finials, rectangular brass ferrule and pommel, contoured hard wood handle with 16 brass studs and 2 laid on brass escutcheon plates. The Bowie has its original steel scabbard which leather applied to front and rear panels. The chape of the scabbard has a ball end and the throat has a stylised Boars head locket. The scabbard has no damage or dents. The Bowie fits the scabbard snugly. The price for this rare Victorian Bowie includes UK delivery. Sn 15942

WW2 Era Italian Fascist MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Leaders Alloy Eagle’s Head Hilt Dagger With Fascist Device & Steel Scabbard With Original Hangers. Sn 15930a - 15930a
This is an original WW2 era Italian MVSN Leader’s Dagger & Scabbard. It measures 12 ¼” overall. It has an alloy Eagle’s head hilt with black composite inserts on the left and right sides. One insert has an inlaid brass fascist device. The hilt has an integral curved finger guard. The 7 ¾” polished steel blade is undamaged. The knife is complete with its original steel scabbard with 2 original hanging rings on ornate mounts and ball end chape. The scabbard has no dents and retains all of its original finish. The scabbard is fitted with its original leather hanging straps with 3 sprung brass clips. The largest clip has an embossed Eagle device and is hung on a riveted tab with stylised brass ‘M’ badge of the Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15930a

Imperial German / WW1 Era Bavarian Army Officer’s Private Purchase Dress Sword By Ernst Pack & Sohne Solingen Retailed By PO & Co With Bavarian State Motto Etched Blade ‘In Treue Fest’ (Steadfast In Loyalty / Firm In Fidelity) & Scabbard. Sn 15965 - 15965
This is an original Bavarian Army Officer’s private purchase dress sword. The curved blade with fullers is 30” in length (35” overall). The blade is crisply etched on both sides with panels, each featuring a winged Angel and motto ‘In Treue Fest’ (Steadfast In Loyalty / Firm In Fidelity) which was the motto of the Kingdom of Bavaria (1805–1918). The ricasso has the trademark of the manufacturer Ernst Pack & Sohne, Solingen above ‘P.O & Co’ (most likely a retailer’s mark). The blade has its original leather hilt washer. It has a flat, curved steel knuckle guard and cross guard with rolled quillon slotted for cord, back strap and curved pommel. Its black ribbed grip with twisted wire binding are undamaged and the wire tight. The Sword is complete its original black painted steel scabbard with single hanging ring & shoe. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15965

WW2 Era Japanese Officer's Katana Sword With Signed Tang ‘NOSU JU ASANO KANESANE SAKU’ With Award Winning Sword Smith’s Kokuin Seal, Showa Stamp, Steel Scabbard . Sn 15943 - 15943
Asano Kanesane, also spelled Kanezane, is one of the better documented swordsmiths of the Showa (WW II) Era. He was born Asano Shinichi on December 19th 1910 in the city of Seki in Mino (Noshu) Province and was apprenticed to master swordsmith Kojima Kanemichi in 1923. In April of 1930, he became an independent swordsmith and adopted the art name of Kanesane. He established a school of swordmaking in Seki and began teaching the art in 1933 when he accepted his first students, Kanetada and Michisane. He worked his entire life in Seki. He won numerous awards for swordmaking including the silver medal in the 1934 Fine Art Exhibition, the gold medal at the same exhibition in 1935 and gold medals in each successive exhibition from 1936 to 1941 (Fuller and Gregory). He was ranked "second seat" (quasi national smith) in the 1941 newly made swords exhibition (Slough). In 1942 he received a Special Award at the last Fine Art Exhibition held prior to the end of the war. Also in 1942, Kurihara Hikosaburo, (also known as Kurihara Akihide, the founder of the Nihonto Tanren Denshujo) ranked Kanesane as Joko no Retsu at the Tosho Banzuke (trans. Jinsoo Kim). The Nihon Token Tanrenjo and Nihon Token Shinbunshi swordsmith ranking published in 1943 gave Asano Kanesane the special rank of betseki (trans. Kenji Mishina). In 1942 his swordmaking school came under the direction of the army sword office. He established the East Asia Sword Company at that time to make swords for the war effort. At its peak, his sword company employed about 80 people. His sword factory produced a great number of showato during the war years. He continued to make special order swords, some of which are considered gendaito (made in the traditional manner). His swords commonly bear his personal seal (kokuin) at the tip of the nakago. The "sane" kokuin may appear on either showato or gendaito. This is an excellent, original WW2 Era Japanese Officer's Sword by Asano Kanesane & scabbard. It has a 26” blade (37 ¾” overall). The blade has pronounced wave hamon and has excellent polish.The tang is crisply signed with Japanese script characters of the Sword Smith ‘NOSU JU ASANO KANESANE SAKU’. The tang also has the Sword Smith’s ‘Kukuin’ or seal and showa stamp. The fish skin handle has brown cord binding, floral menuki and lanyard ring. It has its original copper and brass fittings including scabbard retaining catch. The sword is complete with its original steel scabbard with brass fittings and hanging ring. The scabbard has no dents and retains its original brown paint finish. The sword is accompanied by a copy of the translation of the signature. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15943

Victorian British Army In India Private Purchase 2nd Scinde Irregular Horse Enfield .700 Calibre Smooth Bore, Percussion Cavalry Carbine With Indistinct London Maker / Retailer Marked Barrel & Captive Steel Ram Rod. Sn 15941 - 15941
The Scinde Irregular Horse was raised at Hyderabad on 8 August 1838. It was named after the province of Sind now in Pakistan, where it was raised to protect the trade route from the Bolan Pass to Sukkur on the Indus River and fight against the marauding Baluchi warriors. It later expanded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Scinde Horse. These three regiments were absorbed into the regular forces after the Mutiny of 1857 and became the 35th Scinde Horse and the 36th Jacob's Horse. They saw active service in Northern and Central India, Persia, Afghanistan on the North West Frontier and, during World War I, where they served in France and Palestine. The two regiments were amalgamated in 1922, as the present 14th Prince of Wales's Own Scinde Horse which served in World War II. This is an original Enfield Pattern private purchase cavalry carbine marked to the 2nd Scinde Irregular Horse. Its original wood full stock is undamaged and metal work has even patina. It has a heavy military percussion hammer and the action plate is marked ‘2nd Scinde Irregular Horse’. Its 21" barrel (37” overall) has a smooth bore which has just light staining consistent with age. The top of the barrel is stamped with Victorian proof/inspection marks and with an indistinct ‘London’ maker or retailer mark. It has a fixed rear sight and blade fore sight. It has an under barrel captive swivel steel ramrod. The carbine also has brass fore end block, trigger guard & butt plate. It is complete with sling swivels. It cocks & dry fires perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion Carbine no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15941

SOLD SOLD (17/01) MATCHING NUMBERS, Cased American Civil War Era, 1864 Patent Manhattan Fire Arms Manufacturing Co (Colt Navy), .36" Calibre, 6 Shot, Octagonal Barrel, Single Action Percussion Revolver With 2 Cylinders & Accessories. Sn 15964:1 - 15964:1
The Manhattan Fire Arms Manufacturing Co. was founded in New Jersey U.S.A. When Colt's Patents for revolving firearms expired in 1857 Manhattan began Manufacturing Colt Patent expired weapons including the iconic Colt Navy Revolver. Production continued until C1873. Many of their weapons were used during the American Civil War. This is an excellent, original 6 ½” octagonal barrel version of the Manhattan Colt Navy .36" Calibre, 6 shot percussion revolver with drop down loading lever & 2 cylinders. The metal work has nice patina throughout. The barrel's bore is clean with crisp rifling.Both cylinders have the correct engraved cylinder scenes and the top of the frame is engraved Manhattan Fire Arms Co Newark N.J Patented March 8 1864'. The pistol's steel frame, barrel block, nickel plated brass grip frame and butt are undamaged and stamped with matching serial number '8320'. The cylinders are both engraved 'Patented Dec 27 1869'. It has its original undamaged Walnut grip. The pistol's loading and firing actions work as they should. The pistol and spare cylinder are contained in their fitted case. The top of the hinged lid has an inlaid void brass plate. The case is lined with green felt and has compartments which snugly fit the weapon with additional compartments for accessories. The accessory compartments contain a brass, black powder flask decorated with an embossed clamshell design and marked ‘Patent’, a steel combination bullet & ball mould marked ‘Manhattan Fire Arms Manufacturing Company’, an empty ‘Eley London’ percussion cap tin and 6 moulded .36” calibre lead balls. The case has its original lock (key absent). The price includes UK delivery. NB. As an antique percussion revolver no licence is required to own this weapon in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15964:1

American Civil War, 1863, Colt Model 1860 Army .44 Calibre Percussion Revolver. Sn 15964:2 - 15964:2
The Colt Model 1860 Army was a muzzle-loading cap & ball .44-calibre revolver used during the American Civil War. It was used as a side arm by Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery troops, and Naval forces. This Colt Model 1860 Army revolver is in nice original condition with even patina throughout. The pistol has an 8 " round steel barrel and measures 14" overall. The weapon has the correct blade foresight and 'notched hammer' rear sight. The heel of the steel butt strap is also correctly notched for addition of a detachable shoulder stock and it has a captive 'lever' ramrod. The barrel is crisply stamped with manufacturer detail 'Address Col. Saml Colt New York U.S. America'. The left side of the frame is stamped 'Colt's Patent’. The pistol has matching serial numbers '138465’ on the frame, brass trigger guard frame and butt. The serial number dates the pistol’s production to 1863. It has its original American Walnut grip. The pistol's single action firing action works perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre percussion revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15964:2

AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ERA, Remington 1858 Army 6 Shot, .44 Calibre Single Action Revolver With Bone Grips. Sn 15964:3 - 15964:3
The Remington 1858 Army Model Revolvers were used during the American Civil War and the design was the beginning of a successful line of medium and large frame percussion revolvers. Due to limited availability of Colt 1860 Army Revolvers at the time, large numbers of the Remington revolver were ordered by the U.S. Government. It was favoured for its durability and ability to quickly reload by switching to another pre-loaded cylinder. It saw use in the American West, both in its original percussion configuration and as a metallic cartridge conversion. This is an excellent original Civil War Era, Model 1858 Army Model, Large frame, .44 calibre, cap and ball revolver. The pistol has an 8" octagonal barrel and measures 14" overall. The pistol is serial number '154539' which is stamped on the underside of the barrel. The top barrel flat is marked with faint Remington 1858 patent detail (illustrated). It has a brass trigger guard, blade fore sight, grooved frame rear sight, steel frame & captive lever ramrod. It has period bone grips. The bottom of one grip has contemporary hand inscribed initials ‘AJS’ most likely the name of the original owner of this pistol. The cylinder can be removed for quick change of reloaded cylinder and it cocks and dry fires perfectly. As an antique cap and ball percussion revolver no licence is required to own this pistol in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 15964:3
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