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The London Knife Book, Signed Leather Bound Limited Edition 82 Of 100, 1820 - 1945 by Ron Flook. BO 318 - BO 318
This is a mint, signed, leather bound hardback limited edition, 82 of 100 of ‘The London Knife Book, An A-Z guide to London Cutlers, 1820 – 1945’ by Ron Flook. The book has 230 quality pages packed with colour photos of every type of knife made in London during the period, listing all the Cutlers with their details. This book comes with a limited edition 82 of 100 commemorative label and is personally signed by the author Ron Flooks inside the front cover. The price includes UK delivery. BO 318

Colt’s Variations of the Old Model Pocket Pistol, 1848 – 1872 By P.L.Shumaker. BO 317 - BO 317
This is a clean copy with an undamaged dust wrapper of Colt’s Variations of the Old Model Pocket Pistol, 1848 – 1872 By P.L.Shumaker. This book is the second revised edition from 1966 and is best version. The book is an important reference for the study of the Old Model pocket pistol and is considered to be an important publication by researchers and collectors alike. The book is profusely illustrated and covers all the including the London pocket models. The books chapters cover markings on all models which makes identification easy, together production numbers etc. This is an essential book for the serious collector of Colt’s pocket pistols. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 317

A History Of The Colt Revolver And The Other Arms Made By Colts Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. From 1836 – 1940, Published in 1940 By Bonanza Books. BO 316 - BO 316
This book is considered to be the bible for Colts weapons and was written by two acknowledged experts on the subject, Charles T. Haven and Frank A. Beldin. This is a massive volume containing 711 pages covering all models from 1836 – 1940. The book is profusely illustrated with nearly 500 photograph, drawings, patents, Colts letters and other documents. This book covers the part played by the Colt revolver and its use by the Texas Rangers, Wells Fargo and the favourites of the likes of Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hiccock etc. The book includes its original dust cover. This is a monumental work and is a must for any serious collector. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 316

Inter War 1936 Nazi German NSDAP ‘Adolf Hitler’ Hard Back Photo Card Album With Many Photo Cards. Sn 15553:5 - 15553:5
An original Nazi German NSDAP photo card collector's book with 153 pages titled ‘Adolf Hitler’, published in 1936. This scrapbook commemorates Hitler’s rise to power and contains images of prominent Nazi figures, Nazi Rallies and parading SA & Hitler Youth Units. The book has German text throughout. The red cloth bound hard back book has black lettering ‘Adolf Hitler’ on the front and spine. The book has 133 pages and measures 12 ¼” x 9 ¼” x 1”. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15553:5

The American Cartridge ‘An Illustrated Study Of The Rimfire Cartridge In The United States’ By Charles R.Suydam. BO 314 - BO 314
This is an excellent book for cartridge collectors and students of ammunition. This copy is by Borden Publishing Co. of Alhambra, California and is the revised edition of 1973. This book has been long out of print and is in virtually mint condition with a full and undamaged dust wrapper. There are more than 425 cartridges which are photographed full size and individually studied. There are chapters on identification, cleaning, display, appendices on manufacturers, headstamps and cartridge boxes. This is a standard work which is invaluable to both the collector and student of ammunition. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 314

An Introduction To British Grenades By Ian Skennerton. BO 313 - BO 313
This is a 1st edition copy fo the standard work on British grenades. The book is by Inn D. Skennerton who also authorised the standard work on British and Commonwealth Bayonets and many books on rifles etc.. The book was published by Greenhill in 1988 and is a well illustrated reference and chronologically lists the various grenade numbers and marks in service from 1908 to the 1960s. tables are provided to permit identification and comparison of the different types and models, making this study an invaluable reference for military historians, collectors and museum curators. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 313

The Flintlock: Its Origin And Development by Torsten Link. BO 311 - BO 311
This is the first English translation of a masterly study of The Flintlock which was originally published in 1939 but in Swedish. The author was the director of the Swedish Royal Armoury which he had joined in 1924. This book was the result of 15 years of research and was in fact his doctoral thesis making it a masterly and important study of the flintlock. The book charts the development and history of the flintlock from its original concept to its successor, the percussion cap. The book is profusely illustrated with crisp black and white photographs showing both full flintlocks and minor details of decoration etc. the book which was published by The Holland Press, London in 1965 is in excellent condition with its original dust wrapper which is complete but with sellotape to the edges. This is a scholarly work which still holds its own even with more modern publications. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 311

Complete & Original 1936 Nazi German ‘Die Deutsche Wehrmacht’ German Paper Back Cigarette Card Album By Cigaretten Bilderdienst Dresden With 270 Colour Cigarette Cards (One Page With Original Nazi Waffen SS Ink Stamp). Sn 15553:4 - 15553:4
An original complete cigarette card collector's book titled ‘Die Deutsche Wehrmacht’ published by Cigaretten Bilderdienst Dresden in 1936. This scrapbook for cigarette cards from the 1930s provides an invaluable pictorial record of the German war machine. It captures the German perspective of War and training. It features 270 full-colour cigarette cards, all are present and securely fixed, illustrating German Army, Artillery, Navy, Air Force scenes with men and equipment / vehicles together with Soldiers in training. There are also colour illustrated pages of German rank insignia. The book has German text throughout. One of the fore pages has what appears to be an original Nazi Waffen SS ink stamp and manufacturer detail together with 1936 copyright (all illustrated). The front of the book has an embossed artillery gun and crew in the field scene above embossed lettering ‘Die Deutsche Wehrmacht’. The book measures 13" x 10 ¼”. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15553:4

2 Hard Back Volumes Olympia 1936 : Die XI Olympischen Spiele (Olympic Games) In Berlin 1936 Band 1 and 2 With Many With Many Illustrated Photo Cards & Pull Out Colour Venue Map Published by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. Sn 15553:1 - 15553:1
These 2 hard back volumes in original blue cloth celebrate the Nazi German Olympic games of 1936 published by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, Hamburg-Bahrenfeld in 1936. Volume 1 has 127 pages. Volume 2 168 pages. Each Volume measures 12 1/4" x 10". Both are very bright and tight editions with only very minor wear and tear. Both have their original illustrated black & white paper sleeve covers. A fascinating history of early years of Third Reich & the controversial Berlin Olympic games. Hitler and other prominent Nazis can be seen on several photographs. Both volumes full of black and white photographs including all of the major athletes in the Games including USA’s Jesse Owens. Volume 1 has a colour pull out site map of the Olympic venues. Two very clean examples. Both volumes are in German text throughout. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15553:1

Set Of 4 Official H.M.S.O. Field Service Regulations Parts 1 And 2 Dated 1909, Manual Of Elementary Drill (All Arms) 1935 and Notes On Platoon And Company Drill From The Imperial War Museum Reserve Stock. Sn. 13084:17 - 13084:17
This set of 4 books are all from the reserve stock of the Imperial War Museum library which were released recently. They comprise of 1909 dated volumes 1 and 2 on Field Service Regulations, Part 2 has a rubber stamp to a CAPT.F.D.GRIERSON OF THE 6TH BATT. WELSH REGT inside the copy. A 1916 copy of Notes on Platoon and Company Drill. A 1935 copy of the Manual of Elementary Drill (All Arms). There are various rubber stamps to the Imperial war museum libraries, H.M.Stationary Office and CAPT.F.D.GRIERSON OF THE 6TH BATT. WELSH REGT . Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 13084:17
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