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Large, RCBS USA Steel & Wood No.4 Bore Bullet Mould With 4 Bore Moulded Lead Bullet. Sn 15640 - 15640
The American firm RCBS is Headquartered in Oroville, California, RCBS & has locations located around the USA. The company specialises in quality re-loading equipment. This is a large RCBS 4 Bore Bullet Mould. The steel mould has wood handles and measures 10 1/2" length. The frame is marked on both sides ‘RCBS’ and comes with a moulded 4 bore lead bullet. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15640

**SOLD**SOLD**30/8*German Army WW2 1943 Dated Kienzle Funkenuhr Radio Operators Clock. Sn. 15600 - 15600
This is an original WW2, 1943 dated Funkenuhr clock. This clock is made by Kienzle and is dated 1943 on the inside of the alloy frame. The Funkenuhr, originally called the Betreibsuhren or Stationsuhren was originally issued as a duty clock for radio operators around 1934 and had a eight day clockwork mechanism. The rear winding clock is held in a case which hinges out from an alloy back piece with a spring loaded retaining clip. The clocks back plate is nicely stamped with the maker KIENZLE No7123 1943 (date) and Heereseigentum (Army property). The clock has a black face with white Arabic numbers up to 24 hours with a bottom seconds dial and has its original flat bevelled glass cover. The 128mm high clock is housed in its original field grey painted wooden desk stand with two lower swivel out supports to help stability. A round metal plate is screwed to the rear with a hanging slot allowing the clock to be wall mounted. The price includes U.K. delivery. Sn. 15600

Large, Royal Doulton England Winston Churchill Toby Jug. Sn 15547 - 15547
This Toby jug is in the colourful form of Winston Churchill dressed in his iconic attire, smoking his signature cigar stub. The jug has no damage, cracks or chips and retains its vivid colour. The jug stands 9” tall and is 4 ½” base diameter at its widest. The base is stamped by the manufacturer Royal Doulton Made In England together with trademark, title ‘Winston Churchill’ and number 80 which is either an issue number or 1980 date (Winston Churchill themed Toby Jugs were produced by Royal Doulton from C1941 through to the early 1990’s). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15547

C1964 – 1994 Collection of 3 Admiral Nelson Royal Doulton & Tony Wood Staffordshire Porcelain Figures / Jugs. Sn 15548 - 15548
A collection of 3 pieces commemorating Admiral Nelson. From left to right in the images is a Royal Doulton pot featuring the bust of Nelson. The base has the title 'Nelson', Royal Doulton International Collector’s club mark and 1994 Doulton copyright together with other numbers. The next is a figure of Nelson in Uniform standing at a map table. The base is named ‘The Captain’ and has Doulton 1964 copyright information. The 3rd piece is a small jug in the form of a bust of Nelson. The base of this piece is marked ‘Tony Wood Staffordshire England’ and titled ‘Lord Admiral Nelson’. All markings are illustrated. All of the pieces have vivid original colour and no damage, cracks or chips. The price for this collection includes UK delivery. Sn 15548

1971 To 1974 British Halcyon Skies London Cargo Ship’s Brass Bell With Iron Striker. MISC 890 - MISC 890
The Halcyon Skies was a 27502 Ton Cargo ship laid down in 1971 for Court Lines London. In 1974 the ship was sold to Open Seas Cia Nav, Liberia and re-named Patianna. In 1980 it was sold to Manunited Cia Nav Greece and re-named Anna Xyla. In 1981 it was destroyed by fire at Jebel Dhanna and hulked, then scrapped in 1985. This is the Halcyon Skies London brass ship’s bell used on the ship between 1971 and 1974 before being sold on to the Liberian Company. The bell is 12" tall and the mouth 11” diameter from rim edge to rim edge. It is complete with iron striker fitted with plaited white rope cord. The bell sounds perfectly with a loud deep resonance. The top of the bell is crowned with a thick cast, holed hanging block. The front of the bell is deeply cut with large lettering ‘Halcyon Skies’ highlighted in black paint and the rear ‘London’ highlighted in red paint. This impressive Bell weighs a heavy 11.550 Kg (including striker). The price includes UK delivery. MISC 890.

WW2 Japanese Soldier’s Imperial Rising Sun Silk Back Pack Battle Flag. Sn 15390:11 - 15390:11
This is an excellent original 38” x 26 ½” WW2 Japanese Soldier’s back pack Battle Flag. These flags would be carried by Japanese Soldiers and attached to their rifles when charging during battle. This flag is made of white silk and has a central vivid red printed ‘sun’ roundel. The Flag is clean with no mothing and has stitched edges. 2 corners have the correct triangular reinforced edges and original string cords. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:11

MASSIVE, WW2 Era Japanese Silk 'Yosegaki Hinomaru' House Banner To Wish Good Luck To Soldiers Departing For War. Sn 15390:10 - 15390:10
This is an excellent original Japanese 'yosegaki hinomaru' or good luck banner. Flag. The massive banner is 4.267 metres overall length and 68.5 cm width. These banners were made by family members and friends of Japanese Soldiers going to war and contained personalized messages and / or signatures. The banners would be hung outside family homes of Soldiers departing for war in the hope that the messages would bring them good fortune. This banner is made of white silk and on one side has a hand painted colourful panel at the top featuring the Imperial Chrysanthemum ‘Mon’ badge and crossed flags, one depicting the ‘rising sun’ sunburst battle flag, the other depicting the Japanese National ‘red sun’ flag. Below the panel there are large Japanese script characters for the full length of the banner (the characters bottom to top are illustrated left to right in image 3). The banner has stitched edges and the bottom edge has original small tassels. The material has no mothing or other holes and just areas of light staining consistent with age. The price for this massive WW2 Japanese good luck banner includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:10

SOLD SOLD (13/07) 1908 - 1910 Imperial German Mounted Field Artillery Trooper Reservist’s Porcelain Bier Stein To Trooper Butz Of The 5th Battery 43rd Mounted Field Artillery Regiment With large Ornate Pewter / White Metal Hinged Cover - 15506
This is a splendid Imperial German field artillery trooper reservist’s personalised Bier Stein. The porcelain has no damage or chips and its colourful art work depicting mounted artillery Officers and Troopers & horse driven field gun trains in action together with embossed panels depicting home leave and guard duty scenes. The rim of the top of the stein is marked ½ L (Litre) & has German text .The rim of the base is named ‘5 Batt Clev Feld Art Reg Reservist Butz’ below panel ‘43’ with Imperial Eagle and Portrait of the Kaiser (5th Battery 43rd Mounted Field Artillery Regiment) together with date ‘1908-10’. The imagery in the central panels of the stein have passages of German text which would be worthy of translation. The top of the stein has a large pewter / white metal hinged cover fixed to the top of the stein’s handle. The cover has crisp decoration depicting Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry in the field and cast figures of a field cannon, gun crew & mounted Officer (a novel feature of the cannon is that its barrel can be raised and lowered in the vertical plane). The base of the stein is numbered ‘725’. The stein is 13 ¼” height overall and the base is 4” diameter. The stein clean and untarnished both inside and out and would make a superb display / conversation piece. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15506

Edward VII 1905 Centenary Presentation Plaque ‘Death Of Nelson’ At The Battle Of Trafalgar 21st October 1805 Containing Copper from HMS Victory From The Lords Of The Admiralty To The British & Foreign Sailors Society. Sn 15373 - 15373
On 21st October 1805 The British Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson received a fatal gunshot while pacing the deck of his flag ship HMS Victory during the battle of Trafalgar. In 1905 to commemorate the death of Nelson, his iconic speech ‘England Expects Every Man To Do His Duty’ & the British victory this plaque was created using original copper from HMS Victory and presented by The Lords Of The Admiralty to The British & Foreign Sailors Society. The centrally mounted shield shaped copper plate measures 6 ¾” x 5 ¾”. It is embossed with commemorative / presentation wording and ‘ER VII’ (Edward Rex) Royal Cypher below a depiction of HMS Victory under sail (all illustrated). The plate is secured by 4 copper screws to the wood shield shaped plaque which measures 10”x8”x ¾”. The rear is mounted with cord for wall hanging. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15373

Original Large Framed, American WW2 1940-1944 Colour Lithograph ‘Belgium Fights On’ Propaganda / Recruitment Poster By The Belgian Artist R. Sturbelle Published By The Belgian Information Center New York USA. Sn 15182 - 15182
After the German occupation of Belgium in May 1940, a Belgian Government in Exile was set up in London, while in 1942 the Belgian League was established to organise resistance to the Germans. The purpose of this poster was to encourage support within America for the Belgian resistance cause. In the diagonal sweep of the composition, the image of the bound prisoners facing the German firing squad is counteracted by the avenging Belgian soldier and the thrust of the fighter aircraft. The artwork was by R. Sturbelle, whose name suggests he was himself Belgian and the posters were published between 1940 & 1944 by the American Belgian Information Center, New York. The Colour lithograph paper poster retains all of its original vivid colour and has no staining or damage. The composition comprises a cluster of four bound prisoners in the upper left corner before a firing squad of helmeted soldiers who stand on the diagonal at the right. The central image shows three war planes flying in formation. In the lower centre, printed in full colour, is a charging soldier thrusting his bayonet, seen from above. Large red type is printed across three lines: "Belgium Fights On". The signature of the artist “R. Sturbelle” is printed in grey in upper right corner. “Published by the Belgian Information Center 630 Fifth Street New York City” is printed in black across the lower margin of the poster together with a small printed Union Registration mark. The poster is mounted in a later dark wood frame with clear laminate plastic window. The poster in its frame measures 32” x 26” x ½” and the rear is mounted with cord for wall hanging. NB. Due to the fragile nature of this piece it is only available with frame within the UK and delivery/ collection will be by arrangement. Sn 15182
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