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UNTOUCHED COLLECTOR’s CONDITION, WW2 Era Japanese Officer’s Seki Arsenal Sword With Special Order Fullered Blade & Scabbard With Field Combat Cover. Sn 14352 - 14352
This is a collector’s condition WW2 era Japanese Officers Sword & scabbard as found and un-messed with. The sword has a fish skin handle bound with brown cord. It has its original copper and brass fittings including tsuba and floral menuki. The pommel has its original lanyard ring. The tang is unsigned. The original 24” clean blade appears to be good quality pre war Seki arsenal work, special order fullered (lighter) oil tempered. The blade has pronounced, pointed gunome hamon. The sword measures 35 ½” overall length. It is carried in its wood scabbard with single hanging ring. The scabbard is fitted with its original leather field combat cover with a single brass stud near to the throat. All leather and stitching of the cover are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14352

RARE, British Pattern 1896 Mountain Artillery 'All Ranks' Sword (North West Frontier Era) India Stores Department ‘ISD’ & WD Arrow Mark, Regiment Marked 1/191 & WW1 1915 WD Marked Scabbard. Sn 14314 - 14314
In 1896 a special Pattern of sword was introduced for all ranks of the Mountain Artillery Batteries. This pattern of sword is one of the rarest of regulation patterns and was used by British & Indian troops during campaigns on the North West frontier & WW1 (see pages 228-230 of Robson's book Swords Of The British Army). This is an excellent original example. The Sword has a 29 ½” single edged blade with fuller (35 ¼” overall). The blade has staining consistent with age but no rust and the cutting edge no nicks. The ricasso is marked on one side with the India Stores dept ‘ISD with WD arrow’ mark and the reverse with Regiment mark ‘1/191’ below WD arrow. The back of the blade has indistinct lettering (all marks illustrated). It has a brass flat bow guard and correct grooved cast iron ribbed grip. It is complete with its original correct leather scabbard with brass mounts. The throat mount and chape have small inspection marks. The chape is dented but secure and intact. The leather is impressed with ’15 (1915) date ‘WD arrow above AO’ mark and Crown inspection mark. All stitching & leather of the scabbard are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14314

SUPERB, British Pattern 1827 Officer's Sword With Etched Blade By Gaunt & Son Presented To Capt A.F. Hordern CBE AFC KPM On His Retirement 1926 While Serving With The South Staffordshire Regt (He Later Became Chief Constable Of Cheshire Police). - ED 2185
Archibald Frederick Hordern CBE AFC KPM was born on 15th June 1889. He entered Sandhurst in 1913 and became a Flight Officer with the Royal Flying Corps and served throughout the Great War gaining the rank of Captain. He was awarded the Air Force Cross on 10th October 1919 and this was published in the London Gazette 14th October 1919. He became Adjutant on 9th March 1923. He then joined the South Staffordshire Regiment before retiring on 4th May 1926. He then joined Cheshire Constabulary as an Inspector on 29th June 1926 and became Chief Constable in 1935. On 16th July 1935 there was a special parade of the Constabulary held at Wigan drill hall to welcome the new Chief Constable. He was awarded the CBE in 1942 and the King’s Police Medal. He was later invested as an Officer in the most venerable order of the Hospital of St John’s of Jerusalem. He died on 17th April 1950. This is his original 1827 Pattern Officer’s Sword presented to Captain Hordern on his retirement from the army in 1926 presented by the Sergeant’s Mess of the 5th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment (the 1827 pattern is defined by an all steel hilt coupled with the strung bugle in the hilt cartouche, see page 174 of World Swords by Withers). The sword is in superb condition. It has a pristine 33” blade (39" overall) with partial fullers. The blade is beautifully etched on both sides including King’s Crown ‘GR’ Royal Cypher (George Rex) together with foliate panels. The blade also has the ordnance acceptance star with inlaid roundel at the ricasso and an etched panel on one side ‘Presented to Captain A.F. Hordern AFC by members of the Sergeant’s Mess 5th Bn The South Staffordshire Regiment on his retirement May 4th 1926’. The ricasso is also etched & blued by the manufacturer ‘JR Gaunt & Son Limited Late Edward Thurkle London & Birmingham’. It has a nickel plated voided full knuckle guard with correct Rifle Brigade 'Crown with bugle' badge the outer edge of which is later engraved ‘East Riding Constabulary’ indicating that the sword was used for ceremonial purposes by Hordern while serving as a Police Officer. The hilt has a curved stepped pommel with ball end. The fish skin grip with wire binding is in superb condition. The guard is fitted with original leather strap/ cord and 'acorn' knot. It is complete with nickel plated steel scabbard with 2 hanging rings and shoe. The scabbard is in similar excellent condition. Price for this superb sword & scabbard to an Army Officer & Police Chief Constable who served with distinction in both roles and worthy of further research includes UK delivery. ED 2185

AS FOUND RESTORATION PROJECT Shinto Period 1598-1800 Ancient Bladed Mino School Japanese Wakizashi Short Sword, Smith Signed Tang ‘SADDA MITSU’ With Antique Baleen Whale Keretin Binding & Lacquered Wood Scabbard. Sn 14217 - 14217
An original Japanese Wakizashi Sword made for one handed use with ancient blade and scabbard. The sword is as found, un-messed with and would make a great restoration project. It measures 17 ½” overall with an 11 ¾” hand forged ancient blade made during the Shinto period 1598-1800 in the Mino school form. The blade is has no rust. The hilt has brass and copper fittings with voided iron tsuba and ornate Dragon Menuki. It has fish skin covered grip with antique Baleen Whale keratin binding which is tight and undamaged. The tang is signed by the sword smith ‘SADDA MITSU’ a Mino smith working during the Shinto period. The signature was also used later by the smith Gassan Nobru 3rd Living Treasure Swordsmith born 1907 (see page 148 of Slough’s book Modern Japanese Swordsmiths), however, we believe this blade to be by the original SADDA MITSU. The sword has a lacquered wood scabbard with brass throat mount. The price for this piece which is worthy of further research and restoration includes UK delivery. Sn 14217

Model 1860 Imperial Prussian Infantry Brass Handled Short Sword Sidearm & Scabbard Both With Regiment Marks. ED 2164 - ED 2164
This is an excellent, original, Model 1860 Imperial Prussian Infantry short sword side arm (see page 196 of World Swords by Withers). It has a heavy 17 ¼” curved single edged steel blade and measures 22 ¾” overall. There are no visible manufacturer marks on the blade but the back of the blade has a small indistinct inspection mark (illustrated). It has a rugged brass handle with correct grooved panel on one side to assist grip. The hilt incorporates a cast birds head pommel and returning curve cross guard with rounded ends. The cross guard is Regiment marked ‘7.R.H.65’. The Sword is complete with correct, original leather scabbard with brass throat mount which has a fixed frog bar and brass chape with ball end. The throat mount is Regiment marked ‘2.R.A.5.27’. Both the throat mount and chape have small Imperial inspection marks. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price for this Imperial sidearm, rare to find with scabbard includes UK delivery. ED 2164

British Officer’s 1821 Pattern East Yorkshire Volunteer Artillery Sword By Hobson & Sons London & Scabbard. Sn 14058 - 14058
An original 1821 pattern Volunteer Artillery Officer’s sword & Scabbard (see page 99 of World Swords by Withers). It has a 32 ¼” blade with fullers and measures 38” overall. It has the correct fish skin grip with wire binding which is intact and tight and correct 3 bar guard hilt. The blade is etched and blued on both sides with foliate panels . One side is etched to the ‘4th East Yorks Artillery Voltrs’ and the reverse with cannon and ignited grenade. The ricasso is marked on one side by the maker ‘Hobson & sons 94 St Martins Lane, London’ and the reverse with ordnance star and inlaid roundel. The blade has staining consistent with age. The scabbard with 2 hanging rings and fixed belt bar has no dents and just staining consistent with age. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14058

QUALITY, English Gentleman’s Bamboo Cane Swagger Sword Stick With 1945 London Sterling Silver Fittings By JS&S, Lions Head Pommel & Blade By Hills & Co Sheffield With Etched & Blued Panel. Sn 14172 - 14172
This quality made piece has an 18” single edged triangular section blade which is clean & tapers to a pin sharp point. The blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer within a blued & etched panel ‘Hills & Co Sheffield’. The swagger stick measures 24" overall including scabbard. The cane handle and scabbard are varnished and have sterling silver mounts. The hallmarks date to London 1945 and have JS&S manufacturer mark. Its Lions head pommel is excellent with original glazed eyes. The scabbard has conical brass end cap. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14172

EXTREMELY RARE, British 1864 Pattern Cavalry Troopers Sword By Robert Mole & Sons Birmingham & Enfield WD Marked Scabbard To The 4th Light Dragoons. Sn 13843 - 13843
1864 Pattern Cavalry trooper's swords are rare to find. It is known that 12,000 of the weapons were in stock for use in the second Afghan war (see page 100 of World Swords by Withers where this pattern of sword is described as extremely rare). This is an original, 1864 Pattern British Cavalry Troopers Sword & Scabbard. The Sword has a 32 ½” single edged slightly curved blade with fullers (38 ½” overall). The blade has light staining to be expected with age. The ricasso is marked by the manufacturer 'Robt Mole & Sons Birmingham'. The reverse has a small inspection mark. The back of the blade is stamped ‘Mole’ and with matching inspection mark. It has the correct full bowl guard with 4 pierced triangles forming a stylised cross. The guard also has 2 sword knot slits (this is not seen on any other British Military regulation sword). It has the correct chequered black leather scales secured by 5 rivets. The sword is complete with its steel scabbard with 2 hanging rings. The scabbard is undamaged and is nicely Regiment marked near to the throat on one side ‘IVLD’ to the 4th Light Dragoons, above weapon number ‘69’. The reverse is marked ‘Enfield’ together with WD inspection mark. The price for this extremely rare piece includes UK delivery. Sn 13843

MATCHING DATES, WW1 1916 Dated WD 1908 Pattern British WD Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword With Enfield & SB&N Ltd Marks & 1916 Dated Scabbard. Sn 12461 - 12461
This is an excellent original, WW1 British 1908 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword 1916 dated with its scabbard. The Sword has an undamaged 35 " single edged blade with fuller (43" overall). The blade has areas of light staining consistent with age. The ricasso is marked ‘4 ‘16 ( April 1916) with Enfield ‘EFD’ inspection marks & WD arrow. The reverse is stamped ‘SB&N Ld’ with WD inspection marks. The back of the blade is stamped ’P08’ (1908 Pattern). The hilt is fitted with its original leather washer. It has the correct full bowl guard and stippled light brown composite grip with thumb recess. The guard has no visible Regiment Marks. It is complete with its original steel scabbard with fixed hanging rings. Again there are no visible Regiment marks but it has faint matching date ‘16’ (1916). The scabbard has even patina consistent with age and service use. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12461

SOLD SOLD SOLD 'Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 Cyclopeddia Edition' Book by Jim Dawson. BO 302 - 13694
This is a mint, as new copy of the 'Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 Cyclopedia Edition' by Jim Dawson. Anyone having an interest in WWII Japanese Swords or simply Japanese swords in general should buy this book. For those WWII collectors interested in purchasing Japanese Swords it is critical to have the information in this book to avoid cheap fake swords being produced in china currently and aged to appear real. This book is full of photos, information, and pictures of Japanese military soldiers carrying the swords they were issued or purchased during the war, and any collector should be armed with this overall view of the items before trying to purchase one. Highly recommend it for any Japanese sword collector. It consists of 448 pages, is packed with colour and black and white photographs, sketches and drawing. It is in mint condition. It measures 11 1/4" x 9". The price includes UK delivery. BO 302 sn 13694
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