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WW1 Era British Officer's Bamboo Cane Sword Stick With Nickel Silver Plated Brass Fittings To Bloxham School (Oxfordshire) Officer Training School (OTC) By Lockwood Brothers Sheffield. ED 259 - ED 259 / 11776
Bloxham School, also called All Saints' School, is an independent boarding school of the British public school tradition, located in the village of Bloxham, three miles from the town of Banbury in Oxfordshire, England. The school was founded in 1860. Bloxham OTC was founded in 1910 and it became one of the most respected contingents in the country. Bloxham OTC is one of the few schools in the country to have been granted its own uniform cap badge (The School’s crest) and many former members have served with distinction in the British armed forces. This is an excellent WW1 Era British Officer's Bamboo Cane Sword Stick to Bloxham OTC. The attractive plated brass ball top handle is embossed with the Bloxham OTC name and cap badge above ‘EPNS’ mark (Electro Plated Nickel Silver). It has a heavy 23 ¼” single edged square blade which is clean & tapers to a pin sharp point. The blade is crisply stamped by the manufacturer ‘Lockwood Brothers Sheffield’. The sword stick measures 35" overall including scabbard. The cane handle and scabbard are varnished and have brass fittings which retain some of their nickel silver finish. Price includes UK delivery. ED 259

American WW1 Pattern 1913 Patton 1914 Dated Cavary Trooper's Sabre And Dress Nickel Plated Steel Scabbard. Sn 11678 - 11678
An original American WW1 1913 pattern 'Patton' 1914 dated American Cavalry Trooper's Sabre complete with a metal dress scabbard. The sword was based on a design by the future General George S. Patton, and submitted whilst he was an army lieutenant. Strongly influenced by the British 1908 Pattern Cavalry Trooper's sword, it is very similar to it's successful British counterpart, serving primarily as an effective thrusting weapon. Grips were manufactured in Bakelite or thermo-plastic. It is found with either a wood and canvas scabbard covering, or nickel plated steel. The quality of manufacturing was very high. This sword is in very good original condition, the grips look to be Bakelite, secured with two screw bolts. The guard is steel and free of any damage and is secure. It has a rolled edge. The ricasso is stamped on one side with "SA 1914" (SA Springfield Arsenal, Government Armoury) and on the other with "US 24414". The double edged blade is polished steel with a fuller and is in very good bright condition. The blade measures 35 1/4" in length. The dress scabbard is nickel plated steel with a polished finish. The scabbard has a flared steel top with a brass ornate design frog hook. The scabbard also has a steel tip. This is a very nice original scarce sword. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 11678

RARE, WW2 Era U.S. Manufactured Dutch Klewang M1940 Short Sword By Milsco & Leather Scabbard With Integral Belt Loop. Sn 11504 - 11504
An original WW2 era U.S. manufactured Dutch Klewang M1940 designed after the European-manufactured M1898/M1911 models. The M1940 was manufactured in the U.S. by Milsco (Milwaukee Saddlery Company) beginning in 1940. There is hardly a difference between the various models of Klewang over its 50 odd years of production by the various manufacturers and the pattern has stayed virtually the same. All Klewang models had a pierced hilt cup and clipped tip. After the Netherlands couldn't full fill its contract to Milsco in 1941, having been over run by the Germans, the U.S. Navy purchased the excess inventory of cutlasses and then sold them after the war as Navy surplus. Milsco shipped a number of Klewangs to the Netherlands East Indies just prior to or right after the outbreak of WWII. Many of these Klewangs ended up being used in the East Indies during the colonial uprising. This American made M1940 Klewang has a 24” curved blade with correct clipped tip and fuller. It measures 29 ½” overall, has undamaged brass riveted wood grips and correct steel pierced cup hilt. The ricasso of the blade is stamped by the manufacturer ‘MILSCO’. The Klewang is complete with its original leather scabbard with brass throat mount and chape. The scabbard has an integral riveted belt loop. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. Price for this rare American made Klewang includes UK delivery. Sn 11504

Imperial German 1899 Dated 'Sword Manufacturer's Sample' Miniature Kaiserliche Marine Naval Officer's Sword With Etched Blade by Weyersberg Kirschbaum Solingen & Scabbard. Sn 10698 - 10698
This quality made piece was made in the Imperial German Era by the famous German sword manufacturer Weyersberg Kirschbaum, Solingen. It is no doubt a sample piece made to advertise the quality of their full size weapons. It is in excellent undamaged condition. The sword measures 9 ¾” overall and the 7 ¾” blade is etched on both sides, one side with ‘Blacksmith at Anvil’ Trademark, and foliate panels incorporating the Imperial German Kaiserliche Marine Naval ‘Rope & Anchor’ motif, with German Script ‘JN JANK BAREI RINNERUN ANDEN INVERGESS LICHEN AIESERTA JM BERGISCHI LANDE AM 12 AUGUST 1899 DIE ALT WAFFENSTAD SOLINGEN HURRAH DEM KAISER’. The reverse with Imperial Eagle, depiction of a Saxon Warrior, Crown above Cross and Ship at Sea together with wording ‘SEINER MAJESTEI DEM DEUTSCHEN KAISER UND KONIG VON PRUESSEN WILHELM II’. The blade is fitted with original hilt washer. The gilt grip with Imperial Crown pommel has a full knuckle guard embossed Imperial Eagle. Its blackened brass or copper scabbard has 2 original hanging rings. Price for this unusual attractive Imperial piece worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 10698

Prussian 1918 Pattern Artilleryman’s Sword With Etched Blade & Scabbard. ED 2402 - ED 2402
This original Prussian 1918 Pattern Artilleryman’s Sword & Scabbard are in very good condition (see page 200 of the book World Swords 1400-1945 by Withers). The sword has a clean single edged, fullered, 30 1/2 inch Sabre type blade (35 1/2" overall). The blade is very faintly engraved with light foliate decoration which is visible on close inspection. Its cross guard, flat knuckle guard with cord slot & pommel are undamaged. Its ribbed wood grip is leather covered and has service wear to be expected with age. The sword is complete with its original steel scabbard with single fixed hanging ring and large shoe. The scabbard has no dents. Price includes UK delivery. ED 2402

1st Edition Of 'Swords Of Hitler's Third Reich' Book By Major John Angolia. BO 1027 - BO 1027
A 1st Edition copy of 'Swords Of Hitler's Third Reich'' by Major John Angolia. It was privately published in 1969 by Frederick J. Stephens. This was the authors first book and covers all known swords of Hitler's Third Reich including the Herman Goring Wedding Sword and the Armistice Sword together with accoutrements and accessories. It is a classic work and should be in any serious collector/student library. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1027

1st Edition of 'Swords Of Germany 1900/1945 By John R. Angolia. BO 1025 - BO 1025
A 1st Edition copy of 'Swords Of Germany 1900/1945' book by John R. Angolia with a Imperial Supplement by Gregory Douglas. It was published by R. James bender in 1988. This is an up-dated and revised edition of the authors 1st book from 20 years previously (Swords of Hitlers Third Reich). Using new photographs and with new information gleaned over the preceding 20 years. This is getting harder to find. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1025

MINT, Full Size, English 16th Century Design, Wilkinson Presentation Sword With Etched Blade. Sn 10681 - 10681
This is a quality made near mint presentation sword made in the form of a 16th century weapon. It has a clean 28 1/4" double edged rapier type blade and measures 34 1/2" overall. One side of the blade is beautifully etched with the Wilkinson Sword England name & Elizabeth II Royal Appointments together with intricate etched panel decoration. The reverse is void for presentation engraving. The brass crossguard has a void langet which could also be engraved for presentation. It has an undamaged walnut handle and brass pommel. These swords were produced without scabbard. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10681

***RESERVED*** 1912 Pattern British Officer's Cavalry Sword By Wilkinson Sword Blade No. 53639 & Scabbard. ED 2351 - ED 2351
This is an original British Officer's 1912 pattern Sword & Scabbard. The sword has a 35 1/2" single edged blade with fuller (43 1/2" overall). The blade has some staining consistent with age & some visible foliate decorative panels on both sides. One side of the ricasso is marked with ordnance quality star and the reverse with partially visible 'Wilkinson' manufacturer's name. The back of the blade is marked 'London Made' and numbered '53639'. The full knuckle guard is decorated with a foliate design and it has a stepped pommel. It's fish skin grip with wire binding are in superb condition. The sword is complete with it's leather bound wood scabbard with brass hanging bar. The leather covering of the scabbards large shoe has some service wear. Price for this numbered Wilkinson sword worthy of further research includes UK delivery. ED 2351

British 1827/97 Pattern Officer's Sword With Etched 1827 Pattern Blade To The 6th North York Rifle Volunteers By Henry Wilkinson London Blade No. 10409 & P.1897 Hilt With Copy Of Original Wilkinson Record Of Sale Dated 1860, Cord, Knot & Scabbard. ED 2350 - ED 2350
This is an original British Officer's Victorian Era Sword & Scabbard. It has a has a 32 1/2" blade (38 1/2" overall) with partial fuller. The blade is clean and beautifully etched on both sides. One side has decorative foliate panels and Queen Victoria Royal Cypher with Crown. It is also has the ordnance acceptance star with roundel. The reverse has 'North York VI Rifle Volunteers' above militia 'horn' and foliate panels. The blade is fitted with original leather washer. The blade is also etched by the manufacturer 'Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London'. The back of the blade is stamped with number '10409'. It has a full 1897 Pattern knuckle guard incorporating the Militia 'Crown with horn' badge & King George Crown indicating that the sword was re hilted after the death of Queen Victoria for WW1 Service as was common with military swords of that era (see page 166 plate 158 of Swords Of The British Army by Robson for an illustration of the 1897 pattern knuckle guard). The guard is fitted with original leather strap/ cord and 'acorn' knot. It has a curved stepped pommel with ball end, fish skin grip with wire binding in superb condition. It is complete with leather covered wood scabbard with brass throat mount and large shoe. The sword is accompanied by a copy of the original Wilkinson archive record which describes blade number 10409 as being a 'Medium Rifle Sword In Steel' proved on 28/03/1860 & finished on 18/04/1860. The record also shows the sword being sold to a J.H. Aspinall (James H. Aspinall 2nd Lieut. Royal Cornwall Rangers 23/02/1876). The Price for this excellent Militia sword with archive record worthy of further research includes UK delivery. ED 2350
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