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Victorian English Gentleman’s Cane Sword Stick With Brass Fittings Marked ‘Bernard 4 Church Place, Piccadilly’. Sn 12187 - 12187
This is an attractive original Victorian English Gentleman’s Sword Stick. The sword has a slim 23 ½” blade which has just staining consistent with age and no damage. The hilt has a small scabbard retaining catch. The sword stick measures 36” overall in its scabbard. Its undamaged cane handle has a brass ferrule nicely marked ‘Bernard 4 Church Place, Piccadilly’ & grooved round wood pommel. The cane scabbard is undamaged and has a conical brass end cap. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12187

Early 19th Century Imperial German Falchion Short Sword Sidearm With Large Stag Antler Handle. Sn 12192 - 12192
This an original falchion in the form most usually seen in Imperial Germany during the early 1800’s. The large falchions has a heavy curved 22 ¾” long blade with 3 narrow fullers on either side grooves . The blade is 1 ¾” at its widest point and has 3 naïve ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ marks, most likely applied by the unknown maker (illustrated inset in image 2). The weapon measures 31 ½” overall length. It has a large 8 ½” curved solid Stag antler handlehich has a brass ferrule at the hilt and iron cross guard. The price for substantial Imperial German falchion includes UK delivery. Sn 12192

Edwardian Gentleman’s Sword Stick With Root Ball Handle and Sterling Silver Hallmarked Ferrule Dating to Birmingham 1901-1902. Sn 12178. - 12178
This Edwardian Gentleman’s sword stick has an attractive cane scabbard and bulbous root ball handle. It measures 36 ½” overall in its scabbard. The cane scabbard has a sterling silver hallmarked ferrule and the lower tip has a conical brass end cap. Price includes UK delivery. The hallmarks date to Birmingham 1901-1902 during the reign of King Edward VII. The ferrule is beautifully tooled with foliate decoration around a void oval panel. The sword is held securely in the scabbard by a retaining clip at the hilt which is released by depression of a small brass button on the handle. The sturdy single edged blackened blade measures 22 ½” in length and tapers to a sharp point. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12178.

Victorian British 1895 Pattern Infantry Officer's Sword With Etched Blade By Mole & Sons Birmingham With Leather Covered Scabbard & Leather Frog. Sn 12173 - 12173
This is an excellent original, 1897 Pattern British Infantry Officer's Sword with Scabbard & Frog (see page 179 of World Swords by Withers). The Sword has a 32 ½” single edged blade with fuller (39" overall). The blade is clean with etched panels and Crown VR (Victoria Regina) to both sides. The ricasso is marked by the manufacturer 'Robt Mole & Sons Makers Birmingham’. The reverse has the ordnance acceptance star and inlaid roundel. The hilt is fitted with its original leather washer. It has an ornate voided bowl guard with stylised Victorian Royal Cypher and Crown. It has an undamaged wire bound fish skin grip together with stepped steel pommel with ball top. It is complete with its brown leather covered wood scabbard which has a German Silver throat mount. The scabbard is fitted with an original brown leather frog with straps, brass stud and buckles. All leather & stitching are intact. Price for this Sword with scabbard and frog includes UK delivery. Sn 12173

WW1 British Officer’s Lacquered Wood Sword Stick With Ferrule Engraved To ‘Captain Chas Alford MM France 1916-1918’ & Bone Handle. Sn 12097 - 12097
This is a very good original WW1 British Officer’s Sword Stick. The sword has a slim, short 10” triangular blade which is clean, straight and undamaged. The sword stick measures 34 ¾” overall in its scabbard. Its undamaged bone handle has a steel ferrule engraved ‘Capt Chas (most likely abbreviation of Charles) Alford MM France 1916-1918’, indicating that this named officer served in France during 1916-1918 and was awarded the prestigious British Military Medal for valour. The scabbard is undamaged & has a brass roundel throat mount and conical brass end cap. Price for this attractive WW1 Officer’s sword stick to a named Officer which is worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 12097

Swiss Model 1842-75 Sapper & Pioneer’s Gladius Saw Back Short Sword / Side Arm By ‘SJG NEUHAUSEN’ & Scabbard. Sn 12007 - 12007
This is an excellent original Swiss Gladius form 1842-75 Pattern side arm. These side arms were issued to Pioneer and Sapper Units. The weapons have a Neo-classical design based upon the Roman Gladius. The hilt is constructed entirely of brass with a grip which is patterned with raised ribs or rings. This example has the correct straight edged blade with saw back. The blade is 20 ½” in length. On one side, the blade is crisply marked by the manufacturer ‘‘SJG NEUHAUSEN’ together with small Swiss Cross military mark and number ‘18241’ above ‘90’. The hilt is fitted with original leather washer. The Sword is complete with original leather scabbard with brass locket and chape. The throat mount has a single fixed bar fitted with original leather tab. All leather and stitching of the scabbard are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12007

Victorian Customs Officer's Briar Sword Stick By Mole Birmingham. Sn 12029 - 12029
Victorian Customs Officer's carried sword sticks not only for self defence against smugglers but also to test bales and other consignments for hidden contraband. This is an excellent, original Victorian Customs Officer's sword stick. Made of briar, it is 36 3/4" overall in its scabbard. The heavy duty square blade is 29 ¾” in length tapering to a needle sharp point. The blade is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age and faintly stamped by the maker 'Mole, Birm' (Birmingham). The handle has a brass ferrule. The blade fits snugly into its scabbard which has a brass throat mount and brass end cap. Price for this attractive Victorian Sword stick includes UK delivery. Sn 12029

WW2 Era Japanese Junior Army Officer’s Parade Sabre With Acid Etched Yakiba ‘Tempered Edge’, Applied Family ‘Mon’ Badge With Cord, Portepee & Scabbard. Sn 12033 - 12033
An excellent Japanese Junior Army Officer’s Sword in its original scabbard. These parade sabres were made for Japanese Officers up to 1941. Japanese Officer’s would often, at additional personal cost pay to have an acid etched ‘Yakiba’ or tempered edge applied to the blade to give the effect of a hand forged ‘wave hamon’ (see Military Swords Of Japan 1868-1945 By Gregory Pages 22 & 66-67). This sword has the correct ribbed horn grip with wire binding which is tight and intact. It has its regulation knuckle guard with ornate cast decoration & the back of the grip is fitted with a family applied ‘Mon’ badge (illustrated in image 2). It has a clean, 31” fullered curved steel blade. The blade has an acid etched Yakiba which would have been commissioned by the Officer at great personal expense. The handle is fitted with original cord and portepee. It is complete with original steel scabbard with single steel hanging ring. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12033

C1860-1914 Imperial German Brass Handled Infantry & Police Briquet Short Sword Sidearm & Scabbard. Sn 11895 - 11895
This is an excellent, original, short sword side arm in the form used by Imperial German Infantry & Police C1860-1914. It has 23 ½” clean, heavy single edged blade and measures 29 ¼” overall. It has a rugged brass handle deeply grooved for grip with full knuckle bar, curved quillon crossguard with ball end and rounded pommel. The knuckle guard has small inspection marks (illustrated). The handle is numbered ‘87’. There are no visible manufacturer marks on the blade or handle. The Sword is complete with original Leather Scabbard with brass locket and chape. The throat mount is numbered ‘112’. All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11895

WW2 Japanese Army Officer's Brown Leather Sword Belt and Rare Brass Chain Sword Hanger. L 358 - L 358
A WW2 Japanese Army Officer's brown leather sword belt and rare brass chain sword hanger. The sword belt is in very good condition. It has a 2" steel buckle secured on a leather tab which is stitched to the belt, it has a leather keeper, the stitching is all present and secure. The buckle has fixed belt prongs. At the other end of the belt there is a leather strap belt end which has seven sets of double buckle holes. The end is in very good condition and has a stitched star. On the reverse it is plain leather. There are no markings on the belt. The belt measures 42" long and 2 3/4" wide. Complete with the belt is a rare brass chain sword hanger. The chain hanger is clipped onto a metal loop which is stitched onto a leather belt loop, see the close up photograph.The hanger is in perfect condition and has a brass clip with hook and a separate hook on a chain at one end and a brass clip at the other end. The stitching is present and secure. It measures 14 1/2" long from end to end. (see 'Military Swords Of Japan 1868-1945' book by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory, pages 92 plate 104 for the hanger). The price includes UK delivery. L 358
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