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Victorian Scottish ‘County Of Roxburgh’, Roxburghshire Constabulary Police Hanger / Sword Weapon Number 6 By Parker Field & Sons With Etched Blade & Scabbard. Sn 15037 - 15037
The Scottish Victorian Roxburghshire Constabulary merged with other County forces in 1946 to become the Berwick, Roxburgh and Selkirk Constabulary. This is an excellent Victorian Police Hanger & scabbard. Manufactured by Parker Field & Sons 233 Holborn London it has a fine deeply etched panel with manufacturer's name & address on one side of the blade (illustrated). The reverse has an etched panel ‘County Of Roxburgh No.6 (weapon number)’ (illustrated). It has a fullered 22 ½” swept blade. The blade has just small areas of staining consistent with age. The ribbed fish skin handle is in good order with brass knuckle guard and stepped pommel. The hilt is fitted with original leather washer and has a scabbard retaining catch. The overall length of the hanger is 27 ¾”. The original leather scabbard has brass mounts. The leather has scuffs to be expected with age and service use and one side a a horizontal split just below the bottom edge of the throat mount and the rear seam is absent its stitching. The leather and stitching would benefit from repair by a professional saddler / leather worker. One side of the scabbard has gold lettering ‘County Of Roxburgh Constabulary Circa 1850’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15037

Victorian British Court / Small Sword With Etched Rapier Blade Henry Mibbourne & Son London, Cord & Bullion Tasseled Knot. ED 873 - ED 873
The small sword or smallsword (also court sword, French: épée de cour or dress sword) is a light one-handed sword designed for thrusting which evolved out of the longer and heavier rapier of the late Renaissance. The height of the small sword's popularity was between mid 17th and late 18th century. It is thought to have appeared in France and spread quickly across the rest of Europe. The small sword was the immediate predecessor of the French dueling sword (from which the épée developed). This is an excellent original British Victorian Court / small sword. It has the typical brass hilt with cross guard clam shell mount,. The clam shell has the embossed Queen’s crown with Royal cypher ‘VR’ (Victoria Regina) and Laurel wreath. . It has a bar knuckle guard and Crown pommel. The wire binding on the handle is tight and intact. The hilt is fitted with its original strap cord and bullion tasseled knot. Which has some wear but is intact. The slim 31 ½” rapier form blade is undamaged and has just small areas of staining consistent with age. The blade is etched on both sides with foliate decoration. One side also has the manufacturer’s name ‘Henry Mibbourne & Son 24 Sackville Street , London W’. The reverse has banners and arms amongst the foliate decoration. The sword measures 37” overall. It is complete with its original leather scabbard which has brass mounts and 2 hanging rings. The mounts have engraved foliate decoration. The price for this attractive Court / small sword includes UK delivery. ED 873

MINT, UN-ISSUED, INTER WAR 1925 Dated British WD 1908 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword With Ishapore India Arsenal Mark, Buff Leather Cord, Acorn Knot, Scabbard & Mint WW1 British WD 1917 Dated Leather Horseshoe Carrier Pouch By Bennett Walsall - 14935
This is a mint, un-issued condition, original British 1908 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers sword, scabbard & horseshoe carrier pouch. The Sword has an undamaged pristine 35 " single edged blade with fuller (43" overall). The ricasso is marked ‘07 ‘25 (July 1925) together with WD ordnance inspection marks. The reverse also has inspection marks. The back of the blade is stamped ’P08’ (1908 Pattern) and ‘IP’ (Ishapore India Arsenal mark). The bowl guard has no visible Regiment or date marks. It has an undamaged chequered wood grip with thumb recess. The hilt is fitted with its original buff leather cord with acorn knot and it has its original buff leather hilt washer. It is complete with its original steel scabbard with fixed hanging rings. The scabbard is in equally mint condition with all of its original green paint. The scabbard is fitted with an original mint and un-issued condition brown leather Cavalry troopers’ horseshoe carrier pouch. The front of the full flap cover has a WD arrow mark above ‘17’ (WW1 1917 date). The carrier has its original straps and brass buckle. The rear of the carrier has an integral riveted loop which snugly fits the scabbard. Internally the carrier has a small pocket with flap which appears to be a later professionally applied addition in WW2. The flap of the pocket is dated 1940 and by the saddler ‘Wilmott Bennett Walsall’. All leather stitching and rivets of the carrier are clean and intact. The price for this mint 1908 Pattern sword set includes UK delivery. Sn 14935

SOLD. SOLD (25/02). LOFT FIND, MATCHING NUMBERS, BLADE NUMBERED ON SIDE, Original, WW2 Japanese NCO's Type 95 Katana With Suya Sword Shop Tokyo (Harp), Kokura Arsenal Marks & Scabbard. Sn 14894:31 - 14894:31
This is an original WW2 Japanese NCO's Katana and scabbard recently found in a loft during a house clearance. The sword which is un-touched and un-cleaned has the typical brown painted aluminium cast handle with lanyard ring and fully functioning scabbard retaining clip. The handle retains most of its original paint. Its fullered, 27 ½” blade is stamped on one side '41196' and with inspection mark. The hilt is stamped with 1929-45 Kokura Arsenal mark and Suya Sword Shop Tokyo (harp) mark (see page 185 of Swords Of Imperial Japan by Dawson) together with inspection mark. It is complete with its original scabbard which has a single hanging ring. The scabbard has no dents. The throat of the scabbard is stamped with matching number. This piece is clearly a bring back, surrendered or recovered from the battlefield. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14894:31

Victorian British Customs Officer's Briar Sword Stick. Sn 14501 - 14501
Victorian Customs Officer's carried sword sticks not only for self defence against smugglers but also to test bales and other consignments for hidden contraband. This is an excellent, original Victorian Customs Officer's sword stick. Made of briar, it is 36 ¼” overall in its scabbard. The heavy duty square blade is 29 ¼” in length tapering to a needle sharp point. The blade is undamaged with just staining consistent with age. There are no visible manufacturer marks on this sword stick. The handle has a brass ferrule. The blade fits snugly into its scabbard which has a brass throat mount and brass end cap. The price for this attractive Victorian sword stick includes UK delivery. Sn 14501

SOLD SOLD (18/02) C1885-1890 & WW2 Japanese Officer’s Kyu Gunto (Old Military) Parade Sword With Officer’s Showa Period Tasselled Cord, Steel Scabbard & Leather Field Service Cover. Sn 15005 - 15005
The first standard sword of the Japanese military was known as the kyu gunto (old military sword). Murata Tsuneyoshi (1838–1921), a Japanese general who previously made guns, started making what was probably the first mass-produced substitute for traditionally made swords. These swords are were carried in both the Sino-Japanese War (1894–1895) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904–1905). The kyu gunto was used from 1875 until 1934, and many styles closely resembled European and American swords of the time. Many of these swords were handed down to Sons of Officer’s and carried into WW2 by them. This is an excellent, original, Japanese Kyu gunto parade sword & scabbard, as found and un-messed with. The sword has the correct fish skin bound grip with wire binding which is tight and intact. It has the correct ‘D’ shaped guard with ornate pierced finger guard and embossed brass grip strap & pommel cap. The hilt is fitted with its original Showa period tasselled Officer’s cord indicating that this sword may be one of those handed on to a WW2 Officer by his Father who served prior to WW2. The cord is frayed in places consistent with age and service use. The 26” fullered blade is clean with no damage. The blade is sharp. The sword measures 34” overall length and is carried in its original steel scabbard with leather field service cover which is laced at the throat. The scabbard has its original single hanging ring. All leather and stitching of the cover are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15005

Victorian British 12th (The Prince of Wales's) Royal Regiment of Lancers Officer's Sword With Queen’s Crown Etched Blade By Rogers & Co London & Scabbard. Sn 14662 - 14662
The 12th (The Prince of Wales's) Royal Regiment of Lancers, was a Cavalry Regiment of the British Army first formed in 1715. It saw service for three centuries, including the First World War and the Second World War. The Regiment survived the immediate post-war reduction in forces, but was amalgamated with the 9th Queen's Royal Lancers to form the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's) in 1960. This is an excellent, original Victorian 12th Lancers Officer’s Sword with Scabbard. It has a 34 ¼” long elegantly curved blade with fullers (40 ¼” overall). The blade has just light staining consistent with age and is etched on both sides with foliate panels including Queen’s crown and 12th Lancers crossed lances above XII. It also has the ordnance acceptance star with inlaid roundel at the ricasso on one side and manufacturer detail ' Rogers & Co New Burlington St London W1’ on the reverse. The back of the blade is marked ‘Made In England’ . It has a multi bar knuckle guard, curved stepped pommel with ball end and fish skin grip with copper wire binding. The wire is tight and intact. The fish skin is excellent. The grip strap is chequered for grip. It is complete with steel scabbard with 2 fixed hanging rings. The scabbard has even patina and no dents or damage. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14662

19th Century Japanese Wakazashi Short Sword With Ornately Hand Carved Ox Bone Handle & Scabbard. Sn 14869 - 14869
This is a very good original Japanese Wakazashi with beautifully deep carved Ox Bone Handle & Scabbard. It has a 12 ½” single edged blade with brass habaki and measures 18 ½” overall. The blade has areas of staining consistent with age. Its handle and scabbard made of the bone from the shin of an Ox are ornately hand carved with imagery of Japanese priests or noblemen in village scenery. The price for this attractive Japanese piece includes UK delivery. Sn 14869

SOLD SOLD ( 08/02) BOER WAR ERA, Victorian British WD 1900 & 1901 Dated 1856 Pattern Brass Hilt Pioneers Sawback Short Sword Sidearm ‘V.2. LAN’ To The 2nd Battalion The King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment Volunteers & 1903 Dated Scabbard - 14877
The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) was formed on 1 July 1881. The 2nd Battalion embarked for South Africa in December 1899, to serve in the Second Boer War, and saw action at the Battle of Spion Kop . This is an original 1856 Pattern British Pioneers Sawback Short Sword Sidearm to the 2nd Volunteer Battalion King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment (see page 173 of Robson's book Swords of the British Army). It has a broad 22 ½” long spear point blade with deeply cut saw back and measures 27 ½” overall. The ricasso is marked by the manufacturer 'Wilkinson London' & is dated ‘9/00’ (Sept 1900). The reverse is stamped with War Dept arrow and inspection marks. It has a heavy ribbed brass handle with full knuckle bow, slotted for lanyard and rolled quillon. The back of the cross guard is crisply date stamped '4.01' (April 1901) & Regiment marked ‘V.2.LAN’ To the 2nd Battalion The King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment (see page 95 of Broad Arrow by Skennerton) and weapon number ‘5’. The sidearm is complete with original leather scabbard with brass mounts. All stitching and leather of the scabbard are intact. The throat of the upper mount is crisply date stamped '6 03' (June 1903) and marked ‘M2/8F’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14877

1855 Pattern Imperial Prussian Infantry Pioneer’s Brass Hilt Short Sword Faschinenmesser (Fascine Knife) Sidearm Regiment Marked ’12.A.E.2.88’. Sn 14874 - 14874
This is an original, 1855 Prussian Infantry Pioneers Short Sword (see page 196 of World Swords 1400-1945 By Withers). It has 1 ½” broad, 19” long, heavy single edged blade and measures 24 ¾” overall. It has a rugged brass handle deeply grooved for grip with ball pommel and the straight cross guard has the correct rolled ends. The cross guard is crisply Regiment marked ’12.A.E.2.88’. The ricasso of the blade is marked with a faint, small Imperial Prussian Crown & Monogram inspection mark. The Sword is without scabbard. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14874
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