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Police Uniform and Equipment

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Original Victorian Prison Officer's Hanger/ Side Arm With Scabbard & Later Original 1922 Dated Leather Frog By Hiatt Birmingham . Sn 12626 - 12626
This is a very good original Victorian Prison service Hanger/ Side Arm. It has a 24” curved blade with fuller. The blade has just light staining consistent with age. Its Shagreen handle is in good order with a steel hand guard & stepped pommel. The cross guard has a scabbard retaining catch with steel button which is present and functions perfectly. The overall length of the sword is 30”. Its black leather covered wood scabbard with steel mounts is in nice undamaged condition and is fitted with an original later frog with belt loop and retaining strap with buckle. The rear of the frog is impressed ‘ Hiatt Birm’ & dated ‘1922’. All leather & stitching of the scabbard and frog are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12626

MINT, SCARCE PRODUCTION, 1960’s- 1970’s British Police/ Diplomatic Protection Wilkinson Sword Steel / Titanium TR-3 Flexible Body Armour. Sn 12320 - 12320
These heavy sets of body armour (over 7 Kilos) were used by British Police/ Special Branch Officers deployed on diplomatic protection duties during the 1960's and 1970's. This set is in superb condition with no sweat stains, penetration marks, burns, or signs of wear. The body armour made by the prestigious company Wilkinson Sword London has stitched panels which contain flexible Steel/ Titanium linked scales. The armour has reinforced seams, velcro straps and panels at the shoulders and waist which are adjustable. The front and rear armour sections wrap around the body to provide side protection. The inside of the front and back sections both have Wilkinson Swords cloth label, and size tab ‘40’ (40 inch chest) together with ink stamp ‘TR-3’ (designation). All Stitching is perfect The armour has obviously been stored individually in an armoury or wardrobe and hardly worn at all. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12320

WW2 1941 British 'D' Type Hand Forged Handcuffs With Key, "R.C.S." Stamped. Pol 379 - Pol 379
A mid to late 19th century pair of 'D' Type handcuffs with key stamped with 1941. They are hand forged steel. They are stamped on the ends of the opening bars with "3551 R.C.S. 1941 2". Also on one of the shoulders with the War Department 'Broad Arrow' and "86". The key is stamped with "674". They both open freely with the key. They are linked with a short three piece chain which incorporates a swivel. The key screws into the opening bar to release. They are in excellent condition. The price includes Uk delivery. Pol 379

British Made Hiatt Leading Handcuff. Pol 378 - Pol 378
An original, quality, plated wrought iron leading handcuff, British made. The leading handcuff was still in use as late as the 1970's in Britain and first came into use in the mid to late 19th Century. It was designed to 'snap' onto the wrist and locked in place, the officer could control the offender by carefully twisting the other end which gave full control. They lock with a snap lock kept closed with a spring clip. This leading handcuff is in very good condition, the spring clip works as it should, they lock together. They have a single hinge point which moves smoothly. The body is stamped near to the clip with "Hiatt Steel" on one side and "British made" on the other. There are a couple of small pieces of plating missing from normal usage. The price includes UK delivery. Pol 378

WW2 Military Issue Gas Mask and Front Pack To Police Constable P. Dobson, Bury Police Staion, Lancashire Constabulary. Pol 375 - Pol 375
An Original and Researchable WW2 Military Issue Gas Mask and Front Pack with a Transport And General Workers Union (T&GWU) Membership Card Issued in 1943 to P. Dobson of 47 Bury Road, Edenfield, a Methodist Church Edenfield Teaching Syllabus to Mr P. Dobson and a spare eye visor.The Gas mask was manufactured on 16/08/38 (1938) and manufactured by "L & B R Co Ltd" and has the War Department 'Broad Arrow' stamped on it. The elastic head straps are all serviceable and the Canister is in good condition. The mask is sized as "L" (Large. The rear head pad is stamped as "No. 4 MK III 8/38". The lenses are in good unscratched or damaged condition and the mask is supple and free of damage. The gas mask tube is flexible and undamaged. The canvas front pack has the shoulder strap and original string. It has brass press stud fastenings. Inside the flap it has "LA/Bury Divn/Police S.C. Sgt 686" in hand written pen. Inside the front pack there is a spare eye visor and papers as described above. This is a very researchable item. The price includes Uk delivery. Pol 375

Victorian Rochdale Borough Police Hanger Sidearm With Etched Blade & Scabbard. Sn 10964 - 10964
This is an excellent Victorian Police Hanger & scabbard. It has a fine deeply etched panel 'R.B.P. No. 8' (Rochdale Borough Police Weapon No. 8) on one side of the blade (illustrated). It has a clean fullered 23 ½” swept blade. The shagreen handle is in good order with brass hand guard. The hilt is fitted with original leather washer. The overall length of the sword is 29 inches. The hilt has the correct press stud scabbard retaining lug which works correctly. The leather scabbard with brass mounts is in similar fine condition with all leather & stitching intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10964

Original, 1919 Liverpool Riots Era British ‘Gladstone Riot Shield’ By Hiatt & Co Ltd Birmingham Used By Liverpool Police. Sn 11199 - 11199
In 1919, due to appalling pay and working conditions the British Liverpool Police took the unprecedented action of going on strike, refusing to work until pay and conditions were improved. This led to wide spread rioting and looting on the streets of Liverpool. The British Government’s response was rapid and severe. The Army was brought in to bolster non-striking Police, to keep order but especially to break the strike. In the end, every single Police Officer who took part in the strike was dismissed. Pension rights were lost and many were never able to work again. Non Striking Police Officers who were deployed to quell the Rioting in Liverpool were issued with Gladstone Riot Shields. The steel riot shields were developed in 1914 by Robert Gladstone of Liverpool. In many cases these shields were the only safety equipment available in situations of riot and disorder. This shape of shield, albeit made of Perspex and other composite materials is used by present day Police Forces. This is an excellent original Gladstone Riot Shield used by Liverpool Police during the 1919 Riots. The steel ovoid shield retains most of its original black paint. It has the correct viewing slot to allow the Officer carrying the shield to look forward while being protected by the body of the shield. The body of the shield is curved with a raised centre and a riveted seam for strength to deflect blows from hand held weapons or thrown missiles. The raised centre ‘boss’ and the turned edges of the shield could also be used offensively to strike an attacker. The rear of the shield has the correct steel grip bar riveted to the body and original brown leather retaining straps with brass buckles and rivets together with correct horse hair/ felt pad to cushion impacts. A plate on the side of the grip bar bears the manufacturer and model detail ‘THE LAW & ORDER REG TRADE MARK POLICE SHIELD GLADSTONE’S PROV PATENTS RD 598932 & 599558 HIATT & CO LTD ***HOUSE LANE BIRMINGHAM’ (Hiatt of Birmingham were renowned makers of early Police Equipment). Image 2 is a contemporary image of Police Officers training with Gladstone shields and inset is the detail on the plate of this shield. The small plate measures (1 1/2" x 2"). The shield is 21” wide and 24” in length it is in excellent condition and has just scuffs and minor bumps consistent with age and service use. Price for this superb piece of British Policing history includes UK delivery. Sn 11199

Victorian London Constabulary Parker Field & Sons Police Hanger & Scabbard. Sn 10719 - 10719
This is a very good original Victorian Police Hanger & scabbard. Manufactured by Parker Field & Sons (who had premises at 233 Holborn London C1850) it has a slim 24 inch blade with pronounced curve and fuller. The blade has just light staining near to the tip consistent with age. The hilt is fitted with original leather washer. It's Shagreen handle is in good order with a brass handguard & stepped pommel. The overall length of the sword is 29 1/4 inches. The cross guard is nicely marked 'Parker Field & Sons London' with their Holborn Street address. It's black leather scabbard is in nice undamaged condition with just the scuffs to be expected & brass mounts. The upper mount has an oval brass locket. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10719

WW1 Period Cheshire Constabulary Uniform Leather Waist Belt, Buckle and Clasp. Sn 10712:1 - 10712:1
An original WW1 period Cheshire Constabulary uniform leather waist belt, buckle and clasp. The waist belt is dark brown leather and it has a very nice original patina. The belt is in excellent condition. It is 48" long when laid out flat. It has a buckle which allows it to be adjusted, in the photographs it is adjusted to 36". The belt has two leather loops. The clasp is nickel and has the Cheshire Constabulary crest in the centre along with "Cheshire Constabulary" around the outside. The leather fob behind the clasp has a number stamped on the reverse "106340" making it a researchable item. The stitching on the belt is all present and secure. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 10712:1

Original WW1 1914-1916 Special Constables Brassard, Cheshire Constabulary, with Badge 'Special Constable 300' & Buckle. Sn 10712:2 - 10712:2
Original WW1 1914-1916 Special Constables Brassard, Cheshire Constabulary, with Badge 'Special Constable 300' & Buckle. During WW1 Chief Constables placed posters in their area's to recruit any loyal men over the age of 21 years to volunteer as Special Constables for the duration of the war. They were issued with Brassard's (armbands) to be worn when on duty. This brassard is in very nice condition and has a cloth 18 1/2" long armband with a sewn on nickel buckle at one end and an alloy 'Special Constable' slid on over loops badge with "300" in the centre. The alloy badge has "Hiatt & Co B'ham Rd.n.o 453817" stamped on the bottom front edge. This is a very nice clean example. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 10712:2
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