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Police Truncheons

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WW1 Military/ Police Trench Club. Sn 7242 - 7242
This is an unusual original British WW1 Military Police Trench Club. It measures 15 1/2" in length and is constructed of bamboo filled with lead and has a bulbous head. The bamboo has leather strap covering at the grip, mid shaft and head. Price for this unusual WW1 Trench fighting weapon includes UK delivery. Sn 7242

Victorian Constables Painted Truncheon - POL 124 / 4562
Part of a large Police Truncheon and Handcuff collection just purchased, this is a 11" painted wooden truncheon issued to a Victorian Constable. Featuring the large Queen Victoria Royal Cypher. It has a nicely turned body with broad cylinderical top and a short ribbed handle. A superb item. Price includes UK delivery.
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