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Small Arms Ammunition

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Kynoch 7 x 57 Mauser pack of inert rounds (5 available) - O 343
An original commercial pack of 10 Kynoch 7mm Mauser Rifle rounds fitted with a 140 gram copper jacketed solid bullet. made in 1928 and in excellent original condition. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess these inert rounds in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display.

Inert WW2 50 cal US Machine Gun Rounds ( Priced Per Round Minimum x 2) - O 83
These are 1944 dated 50 cal. ball rounds for the Browning Heavy Machine Gun in excellent condition. Stamped Lake City Ordnance Plant, USA ( LC ) 1944 ( Headstamps may vary ). Sold individually they are 12 per round with a link, they can be supplied as a belt, we have 40 rounds in stock. MINIMUM ORDER 2 x rounds The price includes UK delivery.

7.62 x 25mm Russian Tokarev Pistol inert drill rounds. - O 38
This is a rare opportunity to purchase an original packet of 25 inert drill pistol rounds / ammunition for the Tokarev semi auto pistol. There are both brass cased ( 2 only boxes remain.) and lacquered steel cased rounds in mint condition in their original packets. Made by Carl Hoffman in Aue in Sachsen Saxony during 1953. ( case code aym) The headstamp shows the case code and date. These rounds are totally inert. Please state which case type you would like when ordering. These are ideal to display with your deactivated pistol. Batches of 10 rounds can be purchased at 30 incl postage. O 38

Original packets of inert military ammunition - O 10
We able to supply original packets of military issue small arms ammunition which has been rendered totally inert and which does not require any licence to possess in the UK. We have German, British and American packets in stock. The images are representitive. Please contact with any specific requirements.

***SOLD***SOLD*** Japanese 7.7mm Hotchkiss Machine Gun Ammunition Strip - O 3
This is a complete and original Hotchkiss machine gun loading strip containing 30 original and deactivated 7.7mm Japanese WW2 machine gun rounds. Complete with its original packaging and labels.
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