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Italian WW2 inert Brixia Mortar Anti Personnel Round ( 5x Remaining) Sn O 82 - O 82
This is an original WW2 45mm inert round for the breech loading Italian Mortar; this was a unique weapon with a high rate of fire. Loaded through a sliding breech and propelled using a clip of ballistite cartridges. The round had a small explosive filling (removed) surrounded by a steel wire fragmentation sleave which is present (illustrated). It was detonated by a small impact fuse which is also present. The round retains a good proportion of its original paint. The price includes UK delivery. (6 Available). Sn. O 82

Box of 4 BAR mine Drill Fuzes. O 84 - O 84
A complete box of British BAR Anti-Tank mine, Drill Fuzes L 138A1, in superb mint, unused condition. Available as a box or idividually at 95 each. All prices include UK delivery O 84

***SOLD***SOLD*** Inert British WW2 4-pound magnesium incendiary bomb. O 72 - O 72
One of the most destructive British weapons was the small (1.8- kg) incendiary bomb used in large numbers to create ground fires over a wide area. Dropped by RAF crews this is a rare example of its type. The nose plate unscrews from the nose weight and the tail section is present. Some cracking to the body typical of its type. Includes UK delivery. O 72

WW1 Austrian Universal Rifle Grenade - O 28/188
A very rare WW1 Austrian Universal Rifle Grenade. It consists of a 2 part screw together steel hollow cylinderical body which still contains its fragmentation sleeve now split into sections. It has a brass forward section which has aerodynamic flight holes holes in it. It is fitted with a 28" rifle Rod. This is a very rare grenade and is a lake recovered one from the high mountain battlefields near the Austrian / Italian border and spent many decades in frozen water which contributed to its well preserved condition although the steel is pitted and the rod badly coroded the brass is excellent as is the interior and screw threads. Price includes UK delivery.

British Sectioned L14A Anti-Tank Mine-1978 - O 21
A military one quarter sectioned instructional L14A sideways attack Ant-Tank Mine, made at Chorley in 1978. Completely inert and in superb condition. This is a very rare item and weighs 11 kilos.
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