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Inert, Rare WW2, 1943 Dated, Metal Ammunition carrier containing 10 Near Mint German 5 cm, Mortar Rounds. Sn O 998 - O 998
This original , Inert, Rare WW2, 1943 Dated, Metal Ammunition carrier complete with all handles, including the wooden carrying handle and contains 10 Near Mint German 5 cm, Mortar Rounds. The metal carrier retains much of its original green finish and is stencilled in white on both sides Munition over 5 CM Wgr36 over Wgr Z.T .Also Lgr. W.36. Oben . Each mortar body, vented tail and fins retain 90%+ of the original matt red paint and they are stencilled in black on the body Lte.28.3.43Q11 together with a large 14 . The cast iron body is stamped 40akh123 together with three waffenampt stamps Waa26 . The tail fins are made of pressed steel spot welded to the body. The Bakelite fuses are stamped Wgr ZT feh 43 22 Waffenampt 819 .Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 998

Inert Scarce WW2 Japanese Type 4 / Ceramic Fragmentation Hand Grenade. Sn. O 997 - O 997
These are inert scarce WW2 Japanese Type 4 hand grenades, commonly known as the Ceramic Grenade that were made at the latter stages of WW2 (late 1944 onwards) by the Japanese due to a shortage of raw materials. The grenades are made from white terra cotta and are glazed with various colours including a very dark brown, tan, white and a clear glaze. When these grenades detonated they fragmented into sharp chards of ceramic. There are different colours available as per photographs. These grenades have been recovered from a river in Okinawa at the side of an old manufactory and were abandoned at the end of WW2. The price is per hand grenade and includes UK delivery..Sn. O 997

UNAVAIBLE. Inert Unfired Original WW2 British 2 Inch High Explosive Mortar. Sn. 11061:51 - 11061:51
UNAVAIBLE This is a British original WW2 unfired 2 Inch high explosive mortar with a complete No151 mk I nose fuse. The zinc fin is stamped 1941-12 ( ‘MAR’ cartouche) Z and retains some red paint to one side of one fin and has a black stencil of J over 10 within a black circle. The primer protector screw on cap is stamped FD 41 . The lacquered body retains most original finish, including its red (high explosive) band at the nose and a green (Amatol) band at the middle. The white stencilling on the body is 2” MOR 8821 1407 . The light green Amatol band round the middle of the round has black stencilling BAR 20/80 on it. The alloy and brass nose fuse is stamped No151 I H TD / 41 . The alloy fuse protector is stamped REMOVE BEFORE FIRING. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 11061:51

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