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Cannon Ammunition 13 - 20 mm

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WW2 INERT German 30 mm MK108 (30x90RB) Practice Meinengeschloss (M geschloss) Cannon Round Sn O 962 - O 963
This is a round for the German 30mm MK 108 (30x90RB) aircraft cannon fitted to various German aircraft during WW2, including the Me262, Me163, and the Me109. The steel cartridge case retains most of its original green coloured lacquer and has an electric primer. The headstamp is EEO 77 257 44 . The practice projectile is a steel practice high capacity Meinengeschloss (M geschloss) type with a copper driving band, alloy nose plug and no trace fitted. Both projectile and cartridge case have no cracks in the necks. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 963

INERT Unfired Soviet 30 x 210B Dummy High Explosive Dummy Round. O 962 - O 962
This is an excellent condition unfired Soviet 30 x 210B high explosive dummy round retaining most of its original finish and stencilling. The brass cartridge case retains most of its black stencilling with Russian 2 symbol headstamp . The red lacquered steel projectile has two copper driving bands and is stamped 13-606-81 e with a diamond symbol. The alloy nose fuse is stamped B5 MT-31583 . There is a steel bolt head where the primer should be on a live round. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 962

INERT Unfired Russian N 37 (37x155) High Explosive Aircraft Cannon Round Sn O 952 - O 952
This is an Unfired INERT Russian N 37 (37x155) High Explosive aircraft cannon round as fitted to Russian post war aircraft. The round was introduced on 1946 to replace the NS37 (37x195) cannon round used in WW 2 and was fitted to various aircraft, including the MiGs 9,,15,17,19 and to the Yak 25. This brass cased round has an electric primer and is headstamped 250-? T 184-0 . The copper driving banded steel projectile has various Russian stamps on its circumference including ? 11 A-? ? . The copper tipped nose fuse also has various Russian marks including 5-? 3-50?.. xor A-879. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 952

1943 German Oerlican 20mm FFM inert Phosphorus Aircraft Cannon Round - O 539
This is a super example of an inert 1943 dated German WW2 Luftwaffe cannon round. It is a 20mm Oerlican aircraft cannon round for the FFM series of Luftwaffe cannon. This lacquered steel cased round has the headstamp ' 43 3K wg' which referes to Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Altenburg plant. The inert shell was filled with Phosphorus (Ph) as an incendiary and retains its original paint and stencilling. A scarce round in this condition and with this loading. The price includes UK delivery. No licence is required to possess inert rounds in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display.

Hotchkiss 25mm Anti-tank Rifle Round - O 31
A French 25mm Hotckiss, INERT, and unfired Anti Tank Round. Used by the British also. A nice complete round dated March 1939 on the case. Price includes UK delivery. O 31

Various WW2 Cannon Rounds - O 9
We have a good selection of WW2 period Aircraft cannon rounds, both British and German. The images we are showing are representitive of the stock and we will list individual items in due course. meanwhile if you have any specific requirements please contact us.
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