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ARTILLERY Ammunition 37 mm +

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WW2 Unfired Inert Soviet 45mm (45x310R) Tank and Anti-Tank HE (High Explosive) round. Sn. O 1028 - O 1028
This is an inert WW2 45 x 310R Soviet HE (High Explosive) round, 1944 dated for the M1932, 37 & 42 anti-tank gun and other Soviet guns and tanks of this calibre introduced in 1932 and steadily improved. This round is in excellent condition and retains nearly all of its original finish. The headstamp is 41? 50 c and 184 in an oval. The brass cartridge case has 8 rows of black stencilling in a Russian script. The unfired high explosive projectile has a copper driving band and retains most if its black paint. There is a 10mm dull red band with an orange 5mm band above it directly below the nose fuse. The projectile is stamped 1/41 under the red band. The steel nose fuse is stamped 3?? KIM-1 161-991. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess these inert rounds in the UK if retained as part of a collection or displays. Sn O 1028 There are 3 rounds available.

Inert Near Mint American Unfired 90MM M318A1 (90x600R) APCBE-T, (Armour Piercing, Capped, Ballistic Cap with Trace) Round Sn O 984 - O 984
This is an inert near mint unfired American 90MM M318A1 (90x600R) APCBC-T, (Armour Piercing, Capped, Ballistic Cap with Trace) Round that was used in various American tanks including from 1944 onwards the M36 tank destroyer, formally 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage, M36, was an American tank destroyer used during World War II. The M36 was essentially an up-gunned M10 tank destroyer, replacing the former's 3 inch (76.2mm) M7 gun with a powerful 90 mm gun. The M56 Scorpion was an unarmored American self-propelled anti-tank gun, which featured a 90mm M54 gun with a simple blast shield, and an unprotected crew compartment. It was meant to be transported by helicopter or by air drop. The M46,47,48 Patton tanks from 1951 onwards. This round consists of a brass cartridge case headstamped 90 MM M19 SMC 46 over 1945 . The brass primer is stamped ROP 14-11 45 M 40 . The base is stenciled in red AMMN LOT GR-3-??? Over HVAP?????? Over SMOKELESS . The side of the cartridge case is stenciled in red HYPERVELOCITY ?3505/? . The unfired projectile retains most of its black paint and white stenciling. The stenciling is 90G over CTG AP-T M318A1 . The copper driving band is stamped RJW-1-2-1957 SHOT AP-T 90MM M318A1 .Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 984

Very Early And Rare Inert, 1937, British Drill 3.45” Cartridge Case (88 x 292R) Converted to 25 Pr. Mk ll. Sn. O 981 - O 981
This is a very early and rare British 3.45” cartridge case for the 3.45” field gun, the forerunner of the famous 25 Pr QF gun. This gun, introduced in 1935 was the Mk 1 and was called the '18/25 Pr.' It consisted of a 25 Pr. barrel and breach in a modified jacket of an 18 Pr. as a 'loose liner'. It was original mounted on the 18 Pr. gun carriage and with the introduction of the 25 pr Gun Mk 2, mounted on the Carriage 25-pr Mark ll in 1940 became the standard 25 Pr. Gun in the British army. This cartridge case was made in 1937 as a 3.45” cartridge case and was re-headstamped as a 25 Pr. Mk ll Drill round. The base of the case is profusely marked 3.45” (struck out) 25 Pr ll DRILL ECC (Elswick Cartridge Company) 1937 Lot 34 . The case is fitted with its correct and rare No 1 lll DRILL primer stamped RL 9-39 (Royal Laboratories, September 1939). The case is closed by a leather closure disc complete with its leather handle. Inside the cartridge case are the three DRILL sewn leather reprensative charge bags. Charge one is of red leather and is stamped I over RL over 25 Pr over 6oz. 5DR over DRILL. Charge two is of tan leather and is stamped I over RL over 25Pr. over 7oz. 12DR over DRILL . Charge three is of blue leather with a leather strap and is stamped I over RL over 25Pr. Over 13oz.3DR. over DRILL. The cartridge case case retains traces of varnish to the inside. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. O 981

WW1 Unfired INERT German 75mm (75x278R) Erhardt Field Gun Shrapnal Round. Sn O 972 - O 972
This is an unfired German 75mm (75x278R) shrapnel round for the 7.5cm FK/07, K/30 Erhardt field gun. The unfired projectile is fitted with a unfired brass and alloy time nose fuse which is a German copy of the British No 80 time fuse, is graduated on the lower brass ring from 2 to 80. This ring still has an intact brass powder ring sealing cap. The alloy top to the fuse is stamped Geb. . This fuse is screwed into a nickel plated steel adapter ring stamped 212 . The unfired steel projectile which is in a superb unfired condition and is also nickel plated (The steel projectile would probably have been nickel plated after being brought home from WW1 as a souvenir). It has a 10mm wide copper driving band. The base of the projectile is stamped SP61 SP61 13 SP61 L L . The brass cartridge is headstamped PATRONEFABRIK KARLSRUHE 1917 21 . The brass primer is stamped Fried.KurppA.G. 14 . Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 972

INERT Excellent Condition Unfired WW2 1944 British 40mm Bofors QF 40 mm Mark IV Gun (40 x 311R) High Explosive Tracer (HET) Round for the Bofors L/60 Anti-Aircraft Gun Sn. 11061:50 - 11061:50
This is an INERT excellent condition unfired WW2 1944 British 40mm Bofors QF 40 mm Mark IV gun (40 x 311R) high explosive tracer (HET) round. The brass cartridge case is headstamped 40mm IV CF 1944 together with various other stamps. The brass cartridge case has a dark patina finish and it is stencilled in black m 11437B (EX11P)?? .The unfired primer is stamped WB4BU 211 BR 6 44 over A 12 111 . The high explosive projectile retains much of its original yellow paint with a green band near the nose for Amatol and above it red crosses showing that the projectile had been filled with explosive. The projectile retains part of its red tracer symbol . The projectile is stamped on the driving band 40MM V-T U.S.H.-X-30- (US and anchor symbol) -1-44 . The projectile is fitted with an alloy No 225 impact nose fuse stamped 225.T.COL.4GN BR 8 44 156C . The top cap of the fuse is stamped COL .Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 11061:50

INERT Unfired Rare WW2 1943 German made 4 cm/56 Flak 28 Gun (40 x 311R) High Explosive Incendiary Tracer (HEIT) Round for the captured British and French Bofors L/60 Anti-Aircraft Gun. Sn. 11061:45 - 11061:45
This is an INERT rare unfired WW2 1943 German made 4 cm/56 Flak 28 gun (40 x 311R) high explosive incendiary tracer (HEIT) round. These rounds were used in captured British and French 40mm Bofors QF 40 mm Mark I Guns mainly after the fall of France in 1940. The lacquered steel cartridge is headstamped 4cm 28 St aux 43 3 zsFX . The brass screw in primer is stamped C/13nA 140 Rh/S327 39 . The high explosive incendiary projectile retains much of its original finish, comprising of yellow paint with a black band near the nose for incendiary and a red band above the iron driving band signifying a tracer round. Under this thick red band is stamping on the projectile body that cannot be read easily. The projectile is stencilled in black 97/43 over en 6/43 and 1h2?enz 3/43. This projectile is fitted with a alloy KZ 40 impact fuse stamped KZ 40 43 feh 67 waffenamt 819 . Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 11061:45

INERT Unfired WW2 1941 British Vickers Naval 2Pr Mk II (High Velocity) (40 x 158R) High Explosive Practice Tracer Round for the Pom Pom Mark Mk II Gun. Sn. 11061:44 - 11061:44
This is an unfired British Vickers Naval 2Pr Mk II (High Velocity) (40 x 158R) high explosive practice tracer anti-aircraft round for the Vickers 2pr Pom Pom Mark ll anti-aircraft gun fitted to British naval ships during WW2. This gun was a single barrelled gun or the 8 barrelled mount nicknamed the ‘Chicago Piano’. This brass cartridge case is stamped 2Pdr No1 Mkll B in a diamond F naval crowfoot N over 194 crowfoot Lot 79 . The primer is stamped No5 1A KN 9/21 72 w. 1/36 . The steel copper driving banded projectile is stamped 2Pr HV. Over 1T/N over B S over BTHCo over 4/41 over 1 4 3 . The alloy No 143 fuse is stamped PLUG over No243 B&S over 1941 . Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 11061:44

Inert Unfired 76mm Oto Melara (76x636R) Proximity Fused High Explosive Round. Sn 11061:39 - 11061:39
This is an inert unfired 76mm Oto Melara (76x636R) proximity fused high explosive round for the Italian naval gun developed in the 1980s. This green painted factory crimped round consists of a steel, copper driving banded unfired projectile which is stamped above the driving band 76K DM241TR8510 LOS DN-28-21 over DM1280 LOS DN-2-21. It is fitted at the nose with a proximity fuse stamped TB 76MOD.1-NSD over 9.TH.CSF . 77 . The brass cartridge is headstamped 76X636 DM 30 LOS DN-3-25 . The price includes UK delivery. Sn. 11061:39

INERT Mint Unfired British L7 (105x617R) Tank Gun Practice Flash Round. Sn. 11061:38 - 11061:38
This is an INERT mint British L7 (105x617R) tank gun practice flash round as used in the British Centurion, American M60 and the German Leopard main battle tanks from 1959 onwards. This factory crimped round consists of a blue steel practice projectile with a 27mm yellow band near the top of the projectile and the following white stenciling 105 MM over PRAC FLASH SH over HE SUB over T . The projectile is also stamped along its length A over 3 over P over 105 MM TK over SX689 over LOT8 RLB 04/92 over C4082 . The projectile has a slim copper driving band. The brass cartridge is stamped 105 MM TK over RW242 R95 over 1987 LOT 42 . Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 11061:38

INERT Mint Russian 100mm D 10 Tank Gun (100x695R) APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) DRILL Round. Sn 11061:37 - 11061:37
This is an unfired near mint Inert DRILL 100mm Tank Gun 100x695R) APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) round for the D 10 tank gun first introduced in the later stages of WW2 in the SU 100 tank destroyer. This gun was later fitted to the Russian T54 and T55 series of tanks of which this is one of the rounds. This round is a 100mm APDS (Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot) drill/dummy round which imitates a full weight of the service round. The top collar of the projectile is made of a non-ferrous material and is held on by four slotted screws. The black projectile is stencilled in white 100 MH over GYAKORLO over 1-78-11 . The steel cartridge case is lacquered in a light finish and is stencilled in black 100MH over GYAKORLO over 1-78-11 . The headstamp is 516 D10 over TG 1-78-11 76 . The primer has a black hard rubber primer protector fitted. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11061:37
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