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ARTILLERY Ammunition 37 mm +

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INERT Unfired Mint Oerlikon 35mm KDF (35 x 228) HVAP-DST (High Velocity Armour Piercing ¬- Discarding Sabot Trace) Round. Sn 11061:7 - 11061:7
This is an INERT, unfired, virtually mint Oerlikon 35mm KDF (35 x 228) HVAP-DS-T (High Velocity Armour Piercing ¬- Discarding Sabot - Trace) round used mainly in a twin mounting controlled by the Skyguard radar controlled anti-aircraft system. This round has a black APDS projectile stencilled in white 35K HVAP-DS -T over DM 23 over LOS OE-31-Pilot B-X , is double crimped into a steel green finished case. The headstamp is 35x228 DM1001 over LOS PSW-1-93-X. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11061:7

Rare Inert Unfired Cockerell 90mm gun (90x352) HEAT-T (High Explosive Anti Tank – Trace) (M620A1) (Fin Stabilised , Hollow Charge) Round for the Cockerell Mk3-MA1 90mm gun. Sn 11061:5 - 11061:5
This is a rare inert unfired 90mm Cockerell (90x352) Low pressure Gun HEAT-T (High Explosive Anti Tank – Trace) (Fin Stabilised) round for the Cockerell Mk3-MA1 90mm gun fitted to turrets of several armoured vehicles, including the Scorpion 90 and Indonesian Anoa 6x6 armoured car. This hollow charged round consists of a brass cartridge case headstamped 90mm TK over BY429/800050 over CA097Lo1-01 . It is also stencilled 90mm TK over HESH-T over RO929A1 over FORGUNMK111 . The case primer is stamped R0909A21 over 01 EHD 10 97 . The alloy projectile body has a single copper driving band and a steel cone. It is stamped 90mm-NR489A7 MMJ-04-03 89 above the driving band. The grey investment cast alloy fins are stamped 1—MM. 05 . Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11061:5

Rare 1941 WW2 German Unfired 15cm (150 x 575R) U Boat and Torpedo Boat High Explosive Round. Sn 11061:4 - 11061:4
This is a rare WW2 German unfired 15cm (150 x 575R) high explosive round for the main deck guns German U Boat and Torpedo Boats and was used from its introduction in 1917 until the end of World War 2. The guns designation was 15cm/45 Ubts and 15cm/45 Tbts KL/45, the gun barrel being 45 calibres long. The projectile and cartridge case were separately loaded. This round is in very good condition. The brass cartridge case is headstamped PATRONENFABRIK KARLSRULE NOV 1917 with 39 above it . The nose fused high explosive projectile is stamped on the side 4439 over be over lx 41 . The base is stamped 521 waffenampt Rm 4439 . There is a separate large screw in base plug with 2 sunken tightening lugs and it is stamped 4439 waffenampt M I 4 over 42 be 501c .4439 . The base is fitted with a tracer plug stamped Brivsch over f 15cm . An alloy nose fuse KzC/27(Lm) dated 3/41 is fitted, complete with its original stand off wooden rod. This round is very heavy at about 55 kg. Delivery by arrangement and at cost Sn 11061:4 £1250

INERT Russian 73mm SPG-9 ‘Kopye’ (Spear) Recoilless, Rocket Assisted, Fin Stabilised High Explosive Round. Sn O 970 - O 970
This is an near mint INERT Russian 73mm SPG-9 recoilless, rocket assisted, fin stabilised high explosive round complete with its launching cartridge. This was used in a vehicle mounted weapon in the BMP-1 amphibious infantry armoured vehicle. The red painted projectile retains most of its original finish and has many stamps in its steel body including 612ov??ucao 50138 . 5 FM . There is black stencilling on the body consisting of 613-H1-83 Or-9 over 56-204-81 x over MAKET . The alloy fin stabilised lower part of the round consists of an alloy tube with the fins machined on and vent holes round the sides. It is stencilled in black 613- H1-81 4? . 6PM .6PM T Th ? over H1 .The steel launching cartridge is attached to the projectile with a crimped ring, The side of the cartridge is stencilled in black or-15n over 24-80-6 over MAKET . The headstamp is 32 over 80 and 176 over BW. There is also black stencilling of 32 and 53 in a circle. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 970

INERT WW 1916 Unfired British Vickers Naval 2Pr (40 x 158R) Pom Pom High Explosive Time Fused Round. Sn. 10561:1 - 10561:1
This is an unfired crimped British Vickers Naval 2Pr (40 x 158R)Pom Pom high explosive time fused anti-aircraft round for the Vickers 2pr anti-aircraft gun fitted to British naval ships during WW1. The brass cartridge case is stamped 2Pdr 1 crowfoot over N ove rII 9/16 CF . The number 5 1 primer is dated 1/16 with the makers Kings Norton stamp. . The steel copper driving banded projectile is stamped III 2Pr F.S. V LTD C 5-16 together with various other stamps. The brass No 121 time fuse is stamped 121 II 7/16 V.S.M and is graduated up to 10. See Hogg, British Artillery Weapons and Ammunition 1914 – 1918. Price includes UK delivery. Sn. 10561:1

INERT 2.36” HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) (Hollow Charged) ‘Bazooka’ M7A1 Practice Rocket. Sn O 951 - O 951
This is an Inert 2.36” HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank (hollow charged or shaped charge)) ‘Bazooka’ M7A1 Practice Rocket (identical to the original M6A1 HEAT rocket) and was first issued in July 1942. This all steel rocket retains over 60% of its black original finish with the tail unit retaining approximately 80% of its green paint. The projectile is stencilled in white around the circumference ROCKET PRAC over LOT WC 300 .Just after the ROCKET PRAC is a further feint stencil M7A which refers to this being a M7A1 practice rocket. There are some stamps on the projectile in various places being B E T .This M7A1 practice projectile is of the pointed first pattern type resembling the M6A1 explosive one. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 951

Post WW2 INERT Dutch Factory Crimped 6pr7cwt (57x441R)High Explosive Trace (HET) Round. Sn O 948 - O 948
This is a rare inert Dutch post WW2 factory crimped High Explosive Trace (HET) Round for the British 6pr 7cwt tank gun and the towed anti-tank gun. The anti-tank gun was first introduced on November 1941. Later the gun was fitted to the Churchill III & IV, Valentine IX, Crusader III tanks and the AEC armoured car Mk III The unfired projectile is unmarked except for a RED O which is the Dutch symbol for Inert. There is also this symbol on the nose fuse and headstamp. The alloy nose fuse is stamped FUSE P.C.M86 .The cartridge case is headstamped 6tp SMG 1951 (crown over 6) and transversely a (crown over A) and has a factory roll neck crimp on the projectile. The projectile is yellow with red, green and black bands. There is the following lettering 6PR-7CWD over NR8 over TNT over trace mark 52-1. On the reverse is the trace symbol. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O948

**UNAVAILABLE**UNAVAILABLE**INERT Unfired German WW2 3.7cm PAK 36 Round With An Unfired Armour Piercing Projectile . Sn O 946 - O 946
This is an INERT German WW2 3.7cm PAK 36 round, with lacquered steel case. The steel case retains much of its lacquer. It head stamp is, 6331St over 3,7cmPak over 10 P 105 VIII 16 1939 Waffenampt 244 .The primer is stamped 106/38Rhs425 C/13nA 162/37 .The iron driving banded steel projectile is an unfired armour piercing projectile. It retains approximately 80% of the original black finish. The driving band is stamped C wafffenampt352 a Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 946 £145

Inert Unfired Original WW2 British 3 Inch High Explosive Mortar. Sn O 924 - O 924
This is a inert unfired British original WW2 unfired 3 Inch high explosive mortar with a No162 nose fuse, protector cap and adapter ring The fuse is stamped on the side No152 W.B.L L/C 6/42. And also Sc/C8?42.426. On the top of the fuse after removing the safety cap is the remains of a small circular paper label with the following printed on it WI PIN FIRIN . The lacquered body retains most original finish, including its red (high explosive) band at the nose and a green (Amatol) band at the middle. The white stencilling on the body is 50/50 3” MOR MK3 11515 Pg/C 4/45 and 961 (in a oval). There is also a white oval with the what appears to be the following stencilling in it 4228/196. The body is stamped in rows FS CS 7V-H 3MOR 10?BM CF 2-45 The lacquered steel fin is stamped LOT 37 No10 FMCo 3-45 on one of the fins. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 924

INERT Unfired German WW 1Gruson Ballooon Gun (53x176R) Round. Sn O 921 - O 921
This is a rare unfired German WW 1Gruson Balloon gun (53x176R), (also called a fortress gun) round. The brass case is stamped PATRONENFABRIK KARLSRUHE MAI 1915 with a 6 . The copper driving banded steel projectile is base stamped KT Sp 110 Sp 110. The brass nose fuse dissembles into 4 components. Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 921
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