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ARTILLERY Ammunition 37 mm +

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INERT American Winchester made 1896 6pdr round - O 80
A very rare common pointed, base fused, HE round made by Winchester for the 6pounder gun in 1896. The projectile is unfired and retains its wide copper driving band. The necked case is nicely stamped Winchester Repeating Arms Co. Newhaven, Conn. USA & dated 96. Price includes UK delivery.

British Artillery Weapons and Ammunition 1914 - 1918 Hogg & Thurston ( 1x copy in stock) - 1778
This is a scarce book, the bible for collectors of WW1 British Ordnance. Printed in 1972 it has never been reprinted and is the only comprehensive book listing all British Artillery with images, ammunition, lists of fuses, cases and colour codes used during WW1. This is an essential work of reference. Complete with its original dust cover it has 255 pages, hundreds of plates and is printed on quality paper. It measures 8 1/2 inches x 11 inches. These are scarce books and copies in this condition are hard top find. The price includes UK delivery.

SOLD SOLD SOLD Inert French 37mm WW1 Anti-Zeppelin Incendiary round - O 71
A nice January 1917 dated 37mm French Anti Zeppelin Incendiary round. This rare shell has two weep holes in the projectile for the magnesium filling to burn out and its original brass fuze. The projectile & fuze have matching numbers. The case is nicely stamped 1/17. Price includes UK delivery.

Hotchkiss Factory made 37x95R Revolving Cannon Lighter Round - O 13
This are item was manufactured by the French Hotchkiss Factory for the French Ministry of Finance for the paris Exhibition of 1889. It was given to Foreign Government representitives to promote the 37mm Hotchkiss Gun. The case has the Ministry of Finance silver plaque near the base and the base itself is stamped, Societe Francaise des Munitions, Paris. The petrol lighter is still functional. A rare and unusual ite. Price includes UK delivery.

Inert Russian Naval 37x95R A.P.H.E. based Fuzed Round - O 12
A very rare Imperial Russian unfired Armour Piercing High Explosive common pointed steel round with a brass centering band and a 3 groove driving band. The shell and base fuze are dated 1904. The drawn brass case has an unfired primer and is dated 1913. Faint traces of polished out decoration on the case. Price includes UK delivery.

SOLD SOLD SOLD Mint Russian 57mm APCBC M1943 Anti Tank Round - O 41
This is a mint armour piercing capped, ballistic capped round 57 x 480R for the M1943 Russian Anti Tank gun. The projectile is crimped into the brass case, the paint and stencilling are original and the whole round retains its original wax covering. This is an outstanding example .The gun entered service on June 15, 1943 the ZiS-2 57 mm anti-tank gun model 1943. Until 1945 9,645 units were produced. After the war it remained in service used by Soviet airborne troops. The price includes UK delivery.
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