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ARTILLERY Ammunition 37 mm +

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CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Inert Martini 577 x 450 (15 x available) & .577 Snider Rifle Rounds.(15 x available) ( O 738) - O 738
These are inert black powder brass cased rifle rounds for the Snider .577 & 577 x 450 Martini Henry Rifles . In excellent condition they would sit alongside an obsolete calibre weapon. Please note that these are completely inert and we do not sell live rounds. The price is per round including UK delivery. (O 738) -

1943 Italian M35 inert 81mm H.E. Mortar Round. ( Sn O 727) - O 727
This is an inert 1943 dated Italian High Explosive mortar round for the Italian WW2 model 1935 81mm mortar. The 81-mm Italian mortar Model 35 was a smooth bore, high-angle fire, muzzle-loading Stokes-Brandt type weapon. Remarkably similar in construction to the 81-mm American M1, this mortar was a standard Italian Army weapon. The round is complete with 80%+ of its original paint and stencilling. The lead capped, alloy fuse is stamped ' '1 81 ga LP [ in a circle] star 1/43' ( illustrated). There were two weights of 81mm HE mortar, this one is the light model which would weigh 7.2lb full ( now 6lb empty) and the heavy at 15.1lb. Italian WW2 items are difficult to find and this example is probably as good as they come. The price includes UK delivery. ( Sn O 727)

(Temporarily Unavailable) WW2 dated (1942/43/44), American 37mm, M16 H.E. Anti Tank/ Tank Gun Round. O 708 - O 708
These original WW2 dated ( 1942/43/44) American 37mm M16 Base Fused H.E. Anti tank/ Tank Gun rounds still bear original yellow paint and are brass cased. The headstamp, illustrated, bears the Manufacturer's mark SERVEL and that of the Frank Ford Arsenal. All of the rounds are in good unfired condition. The rounds have wide driving bands and the item illustrated has the driving band marking Lot 0311 2, GLSC 37mm M63 1942. Although all are good quality the rounds vary slightly in condition and the best condition rounds will be sent out first. Contact for best available. NB No licence is required to possess these inert rounds if retained as a part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. (O 708)

Inert 1916 Imperial Russian Navy 1pdr APHE Round - O 693
This is a scarce inert 1916 dated Imperial Russian Naval 1pdr/37mm armour piercing high explosive round. The brass case 37x93R has a typical Russian crylic headstamp and is dated 1916. The base fused (absent) high explosive shell is unfired; it is well marked and dated on the base. It has an un-marked, typical 2-groove brass drive band. These are very scarce rounds and the price includes UK delivery. No licence is required to possess these if part of a collection or display.

Inert 1905 Imperial Russian 47mm/3pdr APHE Naval Round - O 692
This is a very scarce inert 1905 dated Imperial Russian Navy 47mm / 3pdr APHE round. The brass case 47 x 376R, has the headstamp dated 1905. The base fused, (absent) high explosive shell has a typical 3 groove brass drive band. This is an extremely rare round. The price includes UK delivery. No licence is required to possess these if part of a collection or display.

Rare American 1.65" Mountain Gun sectioned round - O 621
This is a scarce example of a sectioned 1903 dated American 1.65" Hotchkiss Mountain Gun explosive round. Used only by the Americans the 42 x 153R brass case has the headstamp (illustrated,) "F.A. 1903 1.65" made at the Frankford Arsenal. The explosive shell has a 2" wide brass drive band and was filled with black powder. The sectioned brass impact fuse has the Hotchkiss Bros. stamp on top. This is a rare round and unusually is sectioned for instruction and display. The price includes UK delivery.

WW2 inert Type 99 Japanese 81mm HE Mortar shell - O 433
An excellent example of an inert 81mm WW2 Japanese Model 99 High Explosive mortar round. It has original black paint and traces of the red filling ring. Nicely stamped all over with Japanese letters and numbers. Price includes UK delivery.

Winchester 1pdr 37mm Heavy Hotchkiss Naval Deck Gun Round - O 393
An original, inert Winchester made 37mm X 120mm Heavy Hotchkiss Naval Revolving Cannon Deck Gun round. manufactured in May 1891 with both the case and shell heavily stamped with all the details. It retains its original finish and paint. Originally base fuzed it was used as an anti-torpedo gun weapon. A scarce item in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess these inert rounds in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display.

SOLD SOLD SOLD Box of 6 German 1937 dated 10.5cm Shell cases - O 338 / 2463
A perfect condition and complete box of matching, 1937 dated, German 10.5cm Light Field Howitzer Model 18 (10.5cm le FH 18) cases. The sturdy wooden box is nicely ink stamped on top with the designation and has its rope carry handle, working hinge and locking catch. Inside it has a paper ID label with the date1944. It is internally fitted for the six 105mm x 155R cases, all made in 1937and coded 6342/65 which means they are brass plated 3 piece steel. In superb condition and price includes UK delivery. O 338

1900 British 12 Pdr 6cwt Mk ll BL shell - O 93
An original shrapnel shell for the British 12 Pdr 6 cwt Mk ll Breech Loading Horse Artillery Gun. The shell is profusely stamped on the base and side and dated May 1900, made by the Royal Laboratories. It has a brass No. 56 Time and Percussion Fuze made by Royal Laboratories in July 1903. Lovely condition, fired and strips down into ints componant parts. Price includes UK delivery.
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