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ARTILLERY Ammunition 37 mm +

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INERT 3.7cm Stielgranate 41 For German 3.7cm Pak 36. Sn O 898 - O 898
This is an inert German WW2 Stielgranate 41 hollow charged fin stabilised hollow charge A.P. high explosive projectile for the Pak 36 anti- tank gun used by the German army in the WW2.The spigot of the projectile fits into the bore of the Pak 36 and a special blank round is used to fire it. The projectile has an unfired nose fuse AZ5075, derived from the rifle grenade and is a direct action type armed by setback on firing. The projectile has approximately half of the original green paint remaining. The photograph shows a Pak 36 with a projectile loaded, (pg 190 Hogg, German Artillery of WW2). Price includes UK delivery. Sn O 898

INERT French Studded Explosive La Hutte System Projectile Sn O - O 897
This is a rare shell of the 1858 French La Hutte muzzle system for the French Model 1858 rifled muzzle loading cannon. This rifleing system relined smooth bore cannon with a rifled liner. The projectile has 12 zinc studs in two rows and is 84mm in diameter. The height of the projectile is 180mm. The unfired brass percussion nose fuse is a 25/38mm System Budin Model of 1875 and is stamped on the side with the number 77. The price for this rare projectile includes UK postage and packing. Sn O 897

INERT Unfired WW2 German Mint Clockwork ZtZ.S/30Fg Time Fuse Dated 1942 In Original Bakelite Transit Container. Sn O 894 - O 894
This is an Inert unfired WW2 German ZtZ.S/30Fg clockwork time fuse dated 1942 in its original Bakelite transit container. The fuse with its Junghans clockwork mechanism is undamaged in the original screwed base Bakelite transit container. The fuse has the makers stamp ‘CCV’. The fuse was used on 88mm, 105mm and 128mm Flak guns. Price includes UK Delivery.

SOLD SOLD Rare INERT Unfired WW1 12pdr Anti-Zeppelin Incendiary Recoiless Davis Gun Aircraft Projectile. (0 888) - O 888
This is a rare unfired INERT unfired projectile for the British WW1 Anti-Zeppelin recoiless Davis 12 pdr aircraft gun, the Gun-Ordnance QF12 pdr. Mk 1). This weapon was designed by an American, Commander Davis. He designed 2, 6, and 12pdr guns for aircraft. The projectile was loaded with a side primed cartridge case with a blowout rear seal that contained an equal weight of lead shot and propelled it from the rear or the gun on firing. The gun barrel was rifled with shallow rifling and the rear shot ballast barrel was smoothbored. This incendiary projectile was used against the Zeppelins. Early guns were separately loaded. The projectile is for the Ordnance QF12 pdr Mk 1, a gun that was 12 feet in length and weighing 200 pounds. (See Hogg, British Artillery Weapons and Ammunition 1914 – 1914 pages 202 to 204). A rare opportunity to buy this very scarse projectile. Price includes UK delivery. O 888

WW2 1940 U.S. 37mm MK III A2 'Air Cobra' Aircraft HE Cannon Round (Case & Projectile). O 868 - O 868
An excellent original WW2 1940 dated U.S. 37mm MK III A2 'Air Cobra' Aircraft High Explosive HE Cannon Shell with projectile. This round was made at the Frankford Arsenal and is unfired and fitted with a 'dummy' M50 fuse. The drive band is inscribed ' LOT 3z09 16NP 37mm M55A1'. The case is designated 37x145R and the base is crisply stamped with designation and lot detail together with 1940 date (illustrated). Price includes UK delivery. O 868

1905 Mk I British 18pdr Shrapnel Round With VSM No. 80 Mk I Fuse O 854 - O 854
A 1905 dated inert Mk I British 18pdr shrapnel round with VSM No. 80 Mk I fuse. The shell is a 'fired reoverd' shell in forged steel. It is a Quick Fire 18pdr which is clearly stamped with "Q.F.18.Pr" and "I F.SE.O.C. 27.9.05" and "E" "T1" and L" on the side as can be seen in one of the photographs. The shell was manufactured by Elswick Ordnance Co. on the 27/9/1905' The fuse was manufactured by Vickers Son & Maxim and is a Mk I No 80 time percussion fuse which is date stamped April 1906. This is fitted to the shell. The brass case is a 18pdr MkII, manufatured in 1917 by The Gramaphone Record Co. and is stamped with "18Pr II Lot 279 17 jag No 1 II US E.W.B.C. lot 2040 1/16" and the War Department 'Crows Foot' The round is in excellent condition. The price includes Uk delivery.

Inert Russian Inert 76.2mm Field Gun Arrow Head A.P. Round. - O 842
This is an original and inert complete round for the Russian M 1942 ZIS-3 Field Gun. This round, made in 1950 during the 'Cold War' period, retains 95%+ of its original paint and stencilling was designated 76.2 x 385R. It is exactly the same round as was used throughout WW2 and is fitted with an armour piercing steel arrow head shot with a single copper drive band. The brass rimmed case is in un-fired condition. Soviet soldiers liked ZiS-3 guns for their extreme reliability, durability, and accuracy. It was easy to maintain these guns and train novice crews with them. Light carriage allowed the ZiS-3 to be towed by trucks and heavy jeeps (such as the American lend-leased Dodge 3/4) or even hauled by the crew. ZiS-3 had good anti-armour capabilities, it could knock out any German light and medium tank with its armour-piercing round. The appearance of the Tiger I and later the Panther, however, made the lives of ZiS-3 crews much harder. This is a scarce round in this condition and the price includes UK delivery. ( O 842)

INERT Soviet 76mm M1942 Field Gun Fragmentation H.E. 'OF 350A' Round. ( Sn O 802) - O 802
The Soviet 76mm Divisional Field Gun was the backbone of the Red Army's field artillery during WW2. It was used following WW2 and throughout the Cold War although it is now considered to be an obsolete weapon. This complete and Inert High Explosive Fragmentation round was made in November 1989 and retains nearly all its original paint and stencilling. The brass case is 385mm long and the fixed round is 655mm overall. It has a 13.72mm copper drive band. It is fitted with a direct action fuse which incorporates a delay to allow penetration of buildings and cover. Originally it was loaded with 6oo gms of Trotyl and had a maximum range of 13,750 metres. This is an iconic round in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. ( Sn O 802)

Inert 1956 UK M29 Mk 1/1 3.5 inch Practise Bazooka Rocket Round. ( O 812 ) - O 812
This is an excellent inert 3.5 inch Practise Bazooka round for the British and American post war anti-tank bazooka. It is a British version the M29 Mk 1/1 and it retains 80%+ of its original paint, stencilling and finish. It is good order with a couple of minor blemishes and it would look good alongside a deactivated weapon. The price includes UK delivery. ( O 812)

Inert, WW2, 1943 Dated, British 4.2" H.E, Heavy Mortar Round. Sn 6762. - 6762
This is a great condition original Inert, WW2, British 4.2" High Explosive, Heavy Mortar Round. It 's body, vented tail and fins are in great undamaged condition. It has nice patina throughout and is complete with it's it's original removeable fuse and end cap. The body is date stamped '6/43' (June 1943). The fuse is stamped ' GD / 86' with original white paint and the end cap is stamped ' PLUG REV AEM 162 MK/8 REMOVE BEFORE FIRING'. Price for this impressive, Heavy Mortar Round includes UK delivery. Sn 6762
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