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Optical Instruments

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WW2 1943 U.S. Military M12A2 Panoramic Artillery Gun Telescopic Sight. OPT 793. - OPT 793
This original U.S. Military, M12A2 Artillery Gun Sight is undamaged and in fully functional order with good optics which give a clear panoramic view with range grid. Made in America by M.L. Co in 1943 this item retains most of it's original green paint. The sight is complete with it's original mounting bracket and numbered adjustment dials. The body of the sight has model, date and manufacturer's detail stamped in white paint ' TELESCOPE PANORAMIC MI2A2 N0. 7269 W.P.B M.L. CO1943'. Price includes UK delivery. OPT 793.

*** TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK ****Military Binoculars and Telescopes for Land, Air and Sea Service by Hans Seeger (Fernglaser Ur Fernrohre) BO 341 - BO 341
Military Binoculars and Telescopes for Land, Air and Sea Service by Dr. Hans T. Seeger Revised and expanded 3rd Edition. This book has both German and English Chapters, the two most key chapters being in English. It is the definative work on military binoculars by Dr H Seeger. It was last printed in 1996 and now out of print. The book is fully illustrated throughout with black and white plates and sketches. It consists of 537 pages and measures 28cm x 22cm. The price includes UK postage.

WW2 U.S. Airborne Paratrooper's Arm Compass & Strap. 6238. - 6238
This is an original WW2 Arm Compass used by American Airborne Paratroopers. It is complete with it's extended original leather strap with metal buckle for wearing on the arm over the Para smock . The back of the Compass is clearly stamped 'CORPS OF ENGINEERS, U.S. ARMY, MANUFACTURED BY SUPERIOR MAGNETO CORP. L.I CITY NY U.S.A.'. The compass functions perfectly. Price for this original scarce item includes UK delivery. Sn 6238.

WW2 British Mark IX 408C Course Setting bombsight - 5620
This is a WW2 British Mark IX 408C Course Setting bombsight used by the RAF and RCAF in Mosquito, Lancaster, and Wellington Bombers for 20lb HE bombs. The Mk. IX has a raised front sight and a longer front 'arm' so that the bombaimer can cope with the higher speeds and also can use the front quadrant more easily to let the target 'run down' the wires on approach. (Raising the sight allows for a more acute angle, and one can sight further ahead.). Now mounted on a wooden stand for display. Price includes UK delivery. (sn 5620 )

1943 RAF, Air Ministry Binoculars & Fitted Case - 4993
A superb condition pair of 1943 dated Royal Air Force , Air Ministry issued x6 Binoculars in their nicely stamped made by WB in a matching fitted case. The binoculars have excellent optics, textured black body, red screws and original webbing neck strap. In a beautiful brown leather fitted case with excellent stampings on top showing it was made by WRAY. London. Complete with shoulder strap and stamped underneath by the owner, "K. Atkinson". Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4993 )

WW2 U.S. 155mm Artillery Gun cased directional sight - 3988
A perfect condition, boxed, WW2, American Directional ring sight from a 155mm Artillery Gun. Made by Jones & Woodland Company, New Jersey, USA it has all its componant sighting aids fitted to the ring. In its wooden fitted box with brass hinges and catches. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 3988 )

1941 Royal Air Force 6 x 30 Binoculars & Case - 3869
An excellent pair of WW2 RAF 6 x 30 Binoculars in its fitted leather case. Nicely stamped with Air Ministry 'AM' and crown as well as their designation and WD arrow with 6E/293. Made by 'Wray' of London and dated April 1941. These were standard WW2 RAF issue. Excellent optics. See p. 214 of of Fernglaser und Fernrohre by Hans Seeger. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 3869 )

British Tank Gun Barrel Inspection lamp - 3360
A WW2 period British Tank Barrel / bore Inspection tool Mk.1A made by GEC. A blackened brass tube with an adjustable, illuminated viewer at the end, it is operated manually and with an inlluminated adjustable periscope arrangement. it is used to inspect the bore on Tank Guns by Armourers. Uses a series of prisms as in a periscope. In excellent working condition and complete with cables and plug. Total length 33". Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 3360 )

Brand New, unused Bushnell Scopechief Telescopic sight - 2330
Brand new, boxed, unused bankrupt stock. A Bushnell Scopechief 3.3-10x42 Telescopic sight. Fully coated optics, Wide angle view, one piece body tube, waterproof. One of the best rifle scopes on the market. With all instructions and leaflets in the box. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 2330 )

Brand New, unused Bushnell Blackthorn Telescopic sight. - 2331
Brand new, boxed, unused bankrupt stock. A Bushnell Blackthorn 3x-9x Telescopic sight. 40mm amber coated objective lens aperture, Wide angle view, 1/4" click adjustments, fully coated optics, one piece body tube, waterproof. With all instructions and leaflets in the box. Price includes UK delivery. ( sn. 2331 )
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