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HUGE, WW1 Era British Military Pattern Brown Leather Holster For Very Large Frame Revolvers. L 315 - L 315
An excellent condition, massive, brown leather holster for the WW1 era very large frame revolvers. It has a full flap cover with retaining strap and brass stud fastener. The rear has a single belt loop. All leather and stitching are intact and in excellent condition. From the open top to muzzle cap measures 12 ¾”. The open top is 6 ¼” width. The overall length with flap closed is 16 ½”. There are no manufacturer or date marks visible on this holster. The price for this unusually large holster includes UK delivery. L 315

1st Type Nazi SA Brass Buckle & Period Brown Leather Belt With Brass Belt Hook. Sn 15390:14 - 15390:14
This is an excellent original 1st type one piece brass variant SA buckle with original leather belt (see page 44 of ‘German Belt Buckles 1845-1945’ by Nash). The front of the buckle has the early form stylised Eagle carrying the 1st type SA ‘rotating Swastika’ surrounded by Oak leaves wreath within a rope roundel with Oak leaves. The buckle is undamaged. The rear prongs and bar are present and function as they should. The buckle has no manufacturer marks. The original period dark brown leather belt is 1 ¾” wide and is 38” in length. The leather is intact and holed for size adjustment. There are no visible manufacturer or date marks on the belt. The brass belt hook is present. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:14

Pre WW2 & WW2 Era Nazi German Army / Heer Enlisted Man’s Pebbled Alloy Die Struck Buckle By HE (Heinrich Erhardt Geisingen Stg) & Nazi Marked 1935 Dated Black Leather Belt With Alloy Belt Hook. Sn 15390:15 - 15390:15
This is an excellent original die struck alloy Heer buckle and belt (see page 126 of German Belt Buckles By Nash). The front of the pebbled steel buckle is embossed with the stylised Eagle carrying a Swastika within a roundel with motto ‘Gott Mit Uns’. The rear prongs and bar are present and function as they should. The rear of the buckle is manufacturer marked ‘HE’ (Heinrich Erhardt Geisingen Stg). The original period black leather belt is 1 ¾” wide, 39 ½” in length and holed for size adjustment. The belt is faintly Waffenamt and dated 1935. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:15

WW2 1943 Nazi German Army / Heer Punishment Battalion Steel Buckle By B&N & Period Black Leather Belt With Steel Belt Hook. Sn 15390:16 - 15390:16
This is an excellent original steel buckle and belt described as the ‘Punishment Battalion Buckle’ by Nash on page 482 of his book German Belt Buckles. The front of the buckle has a pebbled disc. The rear prongs and bar are present and function as they should. The buckle is dated '43' 1943 and manufacturer marked B&N. The belt has no manufacturer or date marks. The original period black leather belt is 1 ¾” wide, 39 ½” in length and holed for size adjustment. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15390:16

RARE, WW1 German M16 Combat Helmet With Original Sectional Camouflage Paint & Original Padded Liner Marked ‘916’. Sn 15574 - 15574
WW1 M16 /17 German camouflage combat helmets had many paint design variants (see pages 46-95 of Helmets of the First War By Haselgrove & Radovic). This original WW1 German M16 Combat helmet is as found & has not been messed with. It has its original Camouflage sectioned paint pattern in shades of greens and browns sectioned by broad black painted lines. It has no dents and even patina all rivets are in place, one chin strap lug is absent. The helmet retains its original leather headband liner with cloth pads stuffed with horsehair. One pad is ink stamped ‘916’. The helmet has no visible manufacturer and /or size stamps. It is approx. UK size 7. The price for this rare, original WW1 helmet with original camouflage paint includes UK delivery. Sn 15574

INERT DEACTIVATED. WW1, 1917 Dated Unfired German 7.5cm Light Minerwerfer (Trench Mortar) Incendiary (Brand Granate) Projectile. O 1358 - O 1358
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is an extremely rare unfired WW1 1917 dated German 7.5cm light Minerwerfer (light trench mortar) incendiary projectile used in the 7.5 cm Minenwerfer a.A introduced in 1909 as a result of experience gained from the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. The meinwerfer was originally used as a siege weapon but half way into the WW1 it gained popularity in the trenches as an infantry weapon due to its lighter weight and portability during an advance which artillery had difficulty in keeping pace with the troops. This is an extremely rare 7.58cm light minewerfer incendiary projectile with six pre machined alloy driving bands on a steel body. There are 8 drilled holes at the top of the projectile with steel sealing discs plugging them held in by 4 stab crimps. The incendiary round was usually filled with thermite incendiary filling and the sealing discs would blow out on contact or timing on the time and percussion fuse allowing flames to shoot out of the projectile to ignite buildings, crops or anything flammable. The round is fitted with a brass L.W.M.Zdra time and percussion fuse and is graduated from 7 to 24. The fuse is stamped L.W.M Zdra and TKD 1917 (1917 date). the projectile is stamped on the side 63 A 18 WD (monogram) Bk. The base is fitted with a brass screw in percussion primer to ignite the propelling charge and is stamped M and D (within a circle) This was a complete round and as a 'mortar' round did not have a separate shell case. The price includes U.K. delivery. No licence is required to possess this inert round in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. O 1358

WW1 French Army Veteran’s M15 Adrian Combat Helmet With 'RF' (République Française) Helmet Badge, Liner & Chin Strap Presented To A Veteran Of The Great War With Inscribed Ornate Brass Brim Plate. Sn 15575 - 15575
The M15 Adrian helmet (French: Casque Adrian) was a combat helmet issued to the French Army during World War 1. It was the first standard helmet of the French Army and was designed when millions of French troops were engaged in trench warfare The later M 1926 helmet was made of a single piece of pressed steel without joining rim and top combe. This is an original WW1 M15 French Adrian Combat Helmet complete with sweatband liner and chinstrap with buckle presented to a WW1 French Army Veteran in memory of the Great War. The helmet is fitted with an original Infantry 'RF' (République Française) helmet badge featuring an armour breast plate & helm and has an ornate brass plate riveted to the brim engraved ‘Soldat De La Grande Guerre (Soldier Of The Great War) 1914-1918’ . The helmet has scuffs and patina consistent with age and retains some of its original dark blue / grey paint finish. It is approx UK size 6 1/2. The price for this presentation WW1 Adrian includes UK delivery. Sn 15575

Original Early Model 1883 Pattern Japanese Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard. Sn 15576 - 15576
This is an excellent, original early model 1883 Pattern Japanese Naval Officer's Dirk & Scabbard. These dirks were worn by all commissioned Officers. Late examples made towards the end of WW2 had simulated sharkskin grips made from plastic or composite material and celluloid cross guards. Early examples had sharkskin grips and ornate gilt finished fittings (see pages 70-73 of Military Swords Of Japan By Fuller & Gregory). This Dirk has the correct shark skin grip with gilt wire binding which is tight. It has an ornate pommel and wave cross guard. The grip is mounted with the Emperor's family Chrysanthemum insignia, or 'Mon'. The fittings retain traces of original gilt finish. It has an 8 ¾” single edged polished steel blade with fullers. It measures 13 ¼” overall and the hilt is slotted for retaining lug which is mounted on its scabbard. The wood scabbard has ornately decorated mounts with traces of original gilt finish and is leather bound which is a rich red/brown colour. The upper mount of the scabbard has the correct press button retaining lug & 2 hanging rings. Price for this sought after Japanese Naval piece includes UK delivery. Sn 15576

MINT, MATCHING NUMBERS Transit Cased, Cold War Era Russian Army NSZP-3 Night Vision Image Intensifier For Dragunov Sniper Rifles AK47, RPD, RPK Rifles With Webbing Carry Cover, Accessories & Instruction Manual In Russian Text. Sn 15573 - 15573
A near mint transit cased unissued condition Russian NSZP-3 Night Vision Image intensifier For Dragunov Sniper Rifles & AK47, RPD, RPK Rifles. The NSP-3 was a huge jump in technology because it was capable of amplifying ambient light so no infrared projector was required. This lightened the scope and eliminated the need for a large bulky battery but the main advantage was the fact that, because you no longer needed to beam infrared light out for the unit to work, you could observe without being seen by another Night Vision device. This model of night vision sight were issued to cold war Soviet troops.. The scope is numbered 781127. The sight comes with many accessories all sealed in plastic bags of issue (we have not opened the clear plastic bags to examine the contents. The sight also comes with its canvas carry bag of issue. The case also contains its original instruction / service Manual In Russian text. All are contained in their original steel transit case with securing clips and braces. The case has clasp fasteners and carry handle. The front of the case has the correct stencilled lettering NSZP-3 together with matching number 781127. The inside of the lid has a parts check list in Russian text. The optics of the sight have not been tested. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15573

C1845 British East India Company (EIC) .650 Carbine Calibre Percussion Dragoon Pistol With Brass Fittings & Captive Steel Ram Rod. Sn 15565 - 15565
This is an original EIC marked percussion Dragoon Pistol. It measures 15 ½” overall and has an 9" un-sighted round steel barrel which is .650 Carbine Calibre. The smooth bore is clean. The barrel has small proof / inspection marks (illustrated). It has a heavy military Dolphin hammer, brass trigger guard with extended tang, brass fore end block and butt cap with fixed steel lanyard ring. The pistol has its original captive steel ramrod. The action plate is marked with the rampant Lion EIC mark (illustrated). The original dark walnut full stock is undamaged. The metal work has even patina throughout. Its action works as it should. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion pistol no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 15565

DEACTIVATED INERT. Unfired German WW2 1943 Dated 7.5cm (75 x 493R) HE (High Explosive) Round For The Panzer IV Tank, Sturmgeschütz III and Sturmgeschütz IV tanks. KwK40 / StuK40 guns. O 1359 - O 1359
DEACTIVATED INERT. This is an unfired German WW2 1943 dated 7.5cm (75 x 493R) HE (High Explosive) round for the Panzer IV tanks KwK40 gun and StuK40 Sturmgeschütz III and Sturmgeschütz IV assault guns. The steel case for this round is stamped 6339St 7.5cmKwK40 aux (Polte, Werk Magdeburg, Poltestr. u. Fichtestr.,Magdeburg, Germany) dxf 43 (1943 date) Waffenampt 884. The case is stencilled on the base sprgr (high explosive) III FES (sintered iron driving band) The unfired HE projectile is fitted with a sintered iron driving band and is stamped on the side of the cnt 8 44 (August 1944 date) 37 Waffenampt 20?. The alloy KlAZ23 (Kleiner Aufshlagzuender 23) nose fuse is stamped KlAz23 umg 1944 (date) bpm 222 waffenampt 184 . There is also a delay of 0.15 seconds and no delay screw at the base of the fuse. No licence is required to possess this inert round in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. O 1359

INERT DEACTIVATED WW2 U.S. 1943 & 1944 Dated 37mm M16 Tank / Anti Tank APCBC Round. Sn 15588:3 - 15588:3
INERT DEACTIVATED WW2 dated U.S. 37mm Tank / Anti Tank round. The undamaged projectile's copper drive band is crisply marked ‘LOT 80 23140-113-1943 (date)- 37mm M5181’.The projectile has ‘Z’ & ‘6’ stamped on the rim of the base. The hollow brass shell casing is head stamped ‘37mm M16 LOT 145 23141-81 SMC 1943 (date)’. The brass base primer is stamped ‘LCP 2 10 44 (2nd October 1944 date) M3882’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15588:3
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