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1920-1932 English Arthur Turner, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Double Barrelled, Side By Side, 12 Bore, Boxlock Ejector, Hammerless Shotgun. D 1451 - D 1451
The English gunsmith Arthur Turner is recorded as having premises at 5a West bar Sheffield Yorkshire between 1920 & 1932 (see page 351 of British Gunmakers by Brown). This is a very good double barrelled, side by side, 12 bore, boxlock ejector, break action, hammerless shotgun by Turner. The shotgun has browned steel barrels that are 28" length. It measures 43 ½” overall. The metal side plates have etched decoration. The top of the barrel rib is crisply marked by the maker ‘Arthur Turner 5 West Bar Sheffield’. The shotgun has a brass post fore sight & safety catch positioned behind the top lever. The walnut stock has a chequered wrist and fore stock. The bottom edge of the stock has an inlaid void German Silver shield. It has a ribbed horn butt plate and double triggers. The weapon’s metal work is in nice undamaged condition with even patina throughout. The weapon breaks open as it should but it does not cock and dry fire. A nice piece ideal for display or decoration. Price includes UK delivery and the deactivation certificate. D 1451

***SOLD***SOLD*** 1897 - 1905 English Robert Hughes London & Birmingham Martini Action 577x450 Calibre Large Game Cape/ Sporting Rifle With 6 Leaf Graduated Rear Sights, Octagonal Barrel, Mint Rifling. Sn 14017 - 14017
Robert Hughes 1855-1900 was a gun and pistol maker at 22 Moland St., Birmingham until 1872 and at 100 Moland Street from 1873. He adopted the style 'Universal Firearms Works' in 1868. The Company became Robert Hughes & Sons in 1897 and remained in business until C1905 (see page 255 of British Gunmakers Vol 2 by Brown). Their guns were well known and favoured in the London gun market, known for their high quality Sporting Rifles, typically sold to Gentlemen traveling to Asia or Africa for big game hunting. This is Robert Hughes & Sons Martini action large game Cape rifle by Hughes & Sons. The action has crisp foliate engraved decoration on the top and both sides featuring Lions and Gazelles in Jungle / Forest settings. The left side is signed ‘Robert Hughes & Sons Gunmakers, London & Birmingham’. The trigger guard and lever have faint engraved decoration. The woodwork is all original and has knocks, bumps and bruises consistent with age and use. It has a near mint bore with crisp rifling. The barrel length is 29” and it measures 46” overall length. The top barrel flat has tooled decoration. It has a block & blade foresight, 6 leaf rear sights graduated 200-700 yards and fixed ‘v’ notch plate sight, steel butt plate and horn fore end block. Its loading and firing actions work as they should. The price for this nicely marked Cape rifle by a quality manufacturer includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre, antique firearm no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 14017

RESERVED RESERVED C1900 Martini Action .297/230 Obsolete Calibre Cadet Rifle. Sn 14020 - 14020
This is a very good Martini Action .297/230 obsolete calibre Cadet Rifle. These Rifles were used as military training rifles. It is complete with sling swivels, blade foresight & adjustable ladder rear sight. The 27 ½” steel barrel's bore is clean with sharp and well defined rifling and it has a crisp martini action. It measures 43” overall length. It has all original wood furniture and metal work & has a steel butt plate. The left side plate has a small ‘Crown below AF’ inspection mark and number ‘36918’. The metal and wood have no external manufacturer marks. As an antique, obsolete calibre weapon, no Licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14020

U.S. M7 Bayonet For M16/AR 15 Assault Rifles By B.O.C. In It's Correct U.S. M8A1 Scabbard By P.W.H. Sn 14036 - 14036:1
An original modern variant U.S. M7 bayonet by B.O.C. in it's correct U.S. M8A1 scabbard. The bayonet has a mint chequered black plastic grip. The blade measures 6 3/4". The straight crossguard incorporates a muzzle ring. The bottom of the crossguard is stamped with "U.S. M7" and on the other side of the blade with "B.O.C.". The pommel has a 'squeeze grip' release mechanism which works perfectly. The scabbard is green composite and has a metal throat mount which is stamped "U.S. M8A1 PWH". It has an integral green webbing frog which is riveted to the scabbard and this forms a belt loop. It also has two webbing straps which fold over the bayonet to secure it with a press stud. The frog also has a brass wire belt clip. (See White & Watts No 942, pages 413 & 441). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14036:1

U.S. M6 Bayonet By Imperial and USM8A Scabbard By P.W.H. Sn 14036 - 14036:2
This is a scarce M6 bayonet for the M14 rifle. Introduced in May 1957, it is similar in style to the M5 bayonet but utilises a conventional muzzle ring instead of the gas plug stud found on the M5 which was for the Garand rifle. The M6 was short lived as in 1963 the M16 rifle was introduced and this took the M7 bayonet with larger muzzle ring. The crossguard is stamped with "U.S. M6 Imperial", (the maker). The grips are black chequered plastic held by 2 screw bolts and the release catch is behind the crossguard as in the M5 bayonet. It is contained in its US M8A1 scabbard by 'P.W.H.' One of the most difficult bayonets to find in the 'M' series. (see White & Watts, No 939 pages 413 & 440). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14036

American Garand M1905 Pattern, 1909 Dated Bayonet By Rock Island Arsenal and Scabbard. Sn 14035 - 14035
This is a Garand M1905 Pattern bayonet which has been Re-Issued in WW2 and had plastic grips fitted in place of the original wooden ones. It has then been shortened to 9 3/4" when the original long blades were found to be too unwieldy and now designated M1. The blade carries the original marks on the ricasso of 'RIA' (Rock Island Arsenal) over a Flaming grenade and the date '1909' on one side and "US 148131" on the other. The crossguard is stamped with the number "4535916". The fullers on the blade run through to the tip which has been re-profiled after the original long blade had been shortened. The scabbard is the standard M3 green plastic with metal throat marked with the flaming grenade. (See Martin J Brayley, 'An Illustrated History of Bayonets' book pages 230-242). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14035

NAPOLEONIC WARS ERA British 1796 Pattern Officer's Quality Light Cavalry Sabre With Gilt & Etched Blade & Scabbard. Sn 14016 - 14016
The Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre was used primarily by British Light Dragoons and Hussars during the Napoleonic Wars. The blade is remembered today as one of the best of its time and has been described as the finest cutting sword ever manufactured in quantity. Officers of the famous 95th Rifles, Light Infantry Regiments and the "flank" Companies of Line Regiments adopted these Swords (The Hit Peninsular War, Book & TV series Sharpe's Rifles featured this pattern of Sword). This original Officer's quality 1796 Sabre has a single edged, fullered 32” sabre blade (37 ½” overall). The blade has some staining consistent with age. Both sides of the blade have blued & Gilt panels with Kings Crown and stylised Royal Cypher ‘GR’ (George Rex). Its cross guard with langets, knuckle guard and pommel are undamaged. It has a silver wire bound, leather covered wood grip. The Sabre is complete with its original steel scabbard with 2 hanging rings. The scabbard has even patina. Price for this Napoleonic Wars Era piece includes UK delivery. Sn 14016

Japanese 1926 Showa Samurai Clan, Army NCO’s Wakizashi Short Sword With Mino School Influenced Blade, Double Signed Tang ‘Shigenori’ & Lacquered Wood Scabbard With Leather NCO’s Cord & Barrel Knot. Sn 13929 - 13929 - 13929
This is a very good quality Wakizashi Short Sword with a hand forged, clear wave hamon blade which appears to be Mino School influenced (Mino school C1600-1680). This type of expensive Wakizashi were often carried by Japanese NCO’s whose families belonged to Samurai Clans. The blade with original polish is 20” length. It measures 26 ¼” overall. The Tang is crisply signed on both sides, one side by the sword smith ‘Shigenori’ (Slough’s book Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945 reference’s Shigenori as 1926 Showa, Tokyo Taikan page TK-287, Hawley’s Japanese Swordsmiths Reference SHI-388). The other side most likely a family name. Its handle has fish skin and dark brown leather wrapping with ornate copper fittings and floral meuki. It has a heavy iron tsuba. The weapon is complete with its black lacquered wood scabbard. The scabbard is undamaged and on one side has a label with Japanese script characters featured on one side of the tang indicating the signature to be that of the sword smith ‘Shigenori’ . The scabbard is fitted with an NCO’s leather cord and barrel knot. The cord and knot are complete but the knot has become detached from the cord. This piece is worthy of further research regarding the signatures. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13929

WW2 Japanese NCO's Type 95 Katana By The Lijima Swords Factory With Kokura Arsenal Mark And Scabbard. Sn 14022 - 14022
This is an original WW2 Japanese NCO's Katana and scabbard. The sword has the typical brown painted aluminium cast handle with lanyard ring and fully functioning scabbard retaining clip. The handle retains much of its original colour. Its fullered, 27 ¾” blade is crisply stamped '45203' and with inspection mark. The blade has staining consistent with age. The hilt is stamped with Kokura (4 combined cannonballs) Arsenal mark and the Lijima Swords Factory roundel with crossed swords mark and inspection mark (see page 185 of Swords Of Imperial Japan by Dawson). It is complete with its original scabbard which has a single hanging ring. The scabbard retains some its original green paint. The throat of the scabbard is stamped with number ‘49851’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14022

MINT, RARE, Original, WW2 1st Pattern, Wilkinson, Fairbairn- Sykes FS Commando Fighting Knife With Etched Panels & 1st Pattern Scabbard. Sn 14057 - 14057
The 1st Pattern FS fighting knife was introduced in 1940 and produced by Wilkinson Sword (see page 63 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives By Flook). This is an original WW2 1st pattern, FS dagger in near mint condition with original 1st pattern scabbard. The hilt is brass with nickel finish & knurled grip with a 2” oval wave cross guard. The ricasso is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'Wilkinson Sword London' & the reverse 'The FS Fighting Knife'. The etchings are crisp. Its double edged dagger blade with medial ridge is razor sharp and measures 158mm in length (blade lengths of these FS knives vary as they were hand ground). It is complete with original 1st Pattern leather scabbard with nickel plated brass chape, integral belt loop with retaining strap and correct ‘Newey’ press stud fastener (see page 77 of Flook’s book). All leather & stitching of the scabbard are intact. The price for this rare near mint 1st Pattern FS fighting knife & Scabbard includes UK delivery. Sn 14057

WW2 3rd Pattern Commando Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting Knife With No.1 Mould Mark, Mint Blade & Scabbard. Sn 14074 - 14074
An excellent original WW2 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife. The 3rd pattern FS knife was introduced in 1942 (see page 60- 63 of British & Commonwealth Military Knives By Flook). This example has an undamaged blackened, ribbed handle. It has a number 1 mould mark on the handle near to the pommel. It has a 172mm blued double edged dagger blade with medial ridge which is in near mint condition and has its original protective wax covering for storage protection. The dagger is complete with correct original leather scabbard which is in excellent condition with external blackened brass chape and belt loop. The scabbard retains its original 4 sewn on leather tabs and elastic retaining strap. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14074

1950 Indian Royal Wedding Bodyguard’s Middle East Commando Pattern ‘Death’s Head Hilt’ Fighting Knife With Engraved Panels 'Jodhpur City Volunteer Corps’ & 'Auspicious Wedding Princess Jodhpur April 22nd 1950’ With Scabbard & Sash. Sn 14069 - 14069
These knives were made for the Jodhpur City Volunteer Corps who provided bodyguards at the wedding of 19-year-old Prince Karam Singh, heir to the Maharaja of Kashmir and 16-year-old Princess Yashorajya Lakshmi, the granddaughter of the hereditary Premier of Nepal on April 22nd, 1950. The knives are similar design as the British Middle East Commando fighting knife shown at Figures 284-287 in Frederick Stephen's Fighting Knives on page 58. He describes the knife as dated 1951. The knife is in excellent condition. It has the correct 'deaths' head' cast silver plated brass grip with finger rings & 'cog wheel' type protrusions on the knuckle grip. Its 6” steel single edged spear point Bowie type blade is undamaged. The knife measures 10 ¾” overall. The ricasso is marked on both sides. One side has the City of Jodhpur crest with 'Jodhpur City Volunteer Corps No'. The other side 'Auspicious Wedding. Princess Jodhpur April 22nd 1950. It is complete with its correct original leather scabbard with rear belt loop & retaining strap with eyelet. The body of the scabbard has its correct stud fastener. The scabbard is fitted with its original correct woven cloth sash for ceremonial bodyguard duties. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14069
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