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WW2 Nazi German Police Dress Bayonet By ACS Alexander Coppel Solingen, Unit Marked ‘S.Ar.II.444’ & Scabbard. Sn 14571 - 14571
An excellent Nazi German Police dress bayonet. It has its original nickel plating on all parts (there is a small area of wear to the plating near to the tip of the blade on both sides). It has superb Stag Horn grips, the right mounted with Police Eagle with Swastika, Eagle head pommel with functioning bayonet button & upswept, oak leaf crossguard which is Regiment or Unit marked ‘S.Ar.II.444’. It has a 13" single edged, fullered blade with crisp manufacturer's marks Alexander Coppel and ACS trademark on both sides. The back of the blade has a small ‘* above k’ inspection mark. The back of the cross guard is numbered ‘232’. Its original black leather covered wood scabbard with nickel plated chape and locket is in similar excellent condition with all leather & stitching intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14571

WW2 Showa Japanese Officer’s Sword With Signed Tang & Scabbard With Field Combat Cover. Sn 14534 - 14534
This is an original WW2 Showa Japanese Officers Sword & scabbard. The sword has a fish skin handle bound with green cord. It has its original copper and brass fittings, darkened menuki, pierced iron tsuba and leather washer with strap with eyelet. The tang is signed with engraved Japanese script characters and Arsenal mark on one side & original paint characters on the reverse. The original 27” clean blade has wave hamon. The sword measures 37 ¼” overall length. It is carried in its wood scabbard with single hanging ring. The scabbard is fitted with its original leather field combat cover with a single brass stud near to the throat which attaches to the hilt strap eyelet perfectly to retain the sword in its scabbard. All leather and stitching of the cover are intact. The price for this sword worthy of further research regarding the signatures includes UK delivery. Sn 14534

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY 22/9) RARE, ORIGINAL, WW2 British Commando & Special Forces Sterile Smatchet & Webbing Scabbard . (Sn 14577 Daggers & Swords) - 14577
In many respects the WW2 British Special Forces Smatchet is one of the most mysterious British issue knives of the period. Its development appears to have been around the same time as the FS Commando dagger i.e 1940-41. The Smatchet is listed as equipment issued to Commandos for D-day. While some examples bear War Dept Broad arrows no examples have been found bearing manufacturer's names ( see pages 38-39 and plate 76 of Flook's book British & Commonwealth Military Knives). This rare, original sterile example of the Smatchet is excellent and undamaged. It has the correct large leaf shaped blade 10 ¾” in length which is undamaged and has just staining consistent with age. It has riveted wood grips which are undamaged. It has a brass oval cross guard & grey alloy pommel holed for wrist strap. There are no visible WD or manufacturer marks on this Smatchet. Its webbing scabbard has single retaining strap with brass stud fastener & integral belt loop. The sheath is clean & all material stitching & rivets are intact. The price for this rare piece of WW2 British Special Forces Equipment includes UK delivery. Sn 14577

Original, WW2 German Luftwaffen- Kampfmesser Pilot’s & Paratrooper Fallschirmjager Boot Knife & Scabbard. (Sn 14582 Daggers & Swords) - 14582
An original WW2 German Luftwaffe Luftwaffen- Kampfmesser Boot Knife & Scabbard. These knives were carried in the boots of Luftwaffe pilots and Air crew and were favoured by Nazi Fallschirmjager Paratroopers (see page 78 of German Combat knives 1914-1945 By Mery). The knife has a clean 6 ½” blade which is undamaged and has just light staining consistent with age. The overall length is 11". The grips are smooth contoured wood and secured to the tang by three rivets. The ricasso is stamped with the correct stylised Eagle 'Luftwaffe' mark. Its original scabbard is metal with original black paint. It has the correct 2 prong metal belt/boot clip riveted to the rear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14582

SOLD SOLD (25/9) MINT, UN-ISSUED, British WW2 WD B2 3rd Pattern Commando Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting Knife With No.1 Mould Mark & Scabbard. (Sn 14576 Daggers & Swords) - 14576
A near mint, un-issued condition, WW2 3rd Pattern Fairbairn Sykes commando fighting knife. The 3rd pattern FS knife was introduced in 1942 (see page 61 & 62 of British & Commonwealth Military Knives By Flook). This example has an undamaged ribbed and blackened brass handle which has a number 1 mould mark. It has a pristine 171mm blued dagger blade with medial ridge. The cross guard is stamped ‘B2’ with WD arrow. It is complete with original leather scabbard with external blackened brass chape and belt loop. It retains its 4 leather sewn on tabs & elasticated retaining strap. All leather & stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14576

SOLD. SOLD. (21/9). Original WW2 Era Nazi Junghans Kriegsmarine 7” Dial Wardroom Mantle Clock In Oak Case With Original Key. Sn 14580 - 14580
This is an original WW2 era Kriegsmarine 7” dial, wardroom mantle clock with a silvered face. It has its original nickel plated steel key. It is in excellent fully working condition and has kept good time whilst we have had it. The clock is un-damaged and the action and face are contained in its purpose made Oak mantle case. The back of the case has a panel secured by 4 screws which allows access to the clocks’ mechanism. The face has a hinged glazed cover with metal rim. The silvered face is clearly marked with the Kriegsmarine Eagle with Swastika and M (Marine) marks together with the star trademark and maker’s name ‘Junghans’. It has black metal hands well defined numerals, inner 60 second counter feature and slow fast adjustment slot for fine tuning. The Oak case measures 10 x 10 1/2 x 6 inches. This is a fine wardroom clock by a quality maker, genuine, working and in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14580

RARE LIMITED EDITION COMMEMORATIVE COLLECTION WW II ‘War In The Pacific’ 6 Various Patterns Fairbairn Sykes Etched Commando FS Daggers By H.G. Long & Co Sheffield Commissioned By The American Historical Society. (Sn 14535 Daggers & Swords) - 14535
This is a Superb, Limited Edition WW II War In The Pacific Set of 6 WW2 Commemorative Fairbairn Sykes Etched Commando Daggers By H.G. Long & Co Sheffield. The set was commissioned by the American Historical Society. All of the full size daggers are in various patterns / hilt forms of the WW2 originals. All are in mint condition with their original finish and beautifully etched blades. Each dagger is marked by the manufacturer H.G. Long Sheffield . All of the blades have superb etching with banners, battle honours, mottos and references to noteworthy events and allied heads of state pertaining to their respective Pacific battles & engagements. From left to right, ‘Victory In The Pacific’, ‘Okinawa’, ‘Philippines’, Solomons’,’Iwo Jima’ & Coral Sea/Midway island. The daggers are all different hilt variations of the WW2 Fs Classics. Including 2 of the rare wooden hilt variations (an example of this collection is illustrated and described on page 63 of the book Allied Military Knives by Buerlein). The price for this excellent complete commemorative FS set in mint condition includes UK delivery. Sn 14535

RARE 'Death's Head' Middle East Commando Knife & Scabbard. Sn 13628 - 13628
The manufacture of the 'Death's Head' India Pattern Commando knives were influenced by members of the WW2 Middle East Commando who went to India and then China to form 'Mission 204'. An example of this knife is shown on page 208 plate 503 of Flook's book British & Commonwealth Military Knives. This is an excellent original example of the rare Middle East Commando knife. It has the correct 'deaths' head' cast brass grip with finger rings & 'cog wheel' type protrusions on the knuckle grip. Its 6" steel single edged Bowie type blade is undamaged. The knife measures 11 ¾” overall. As is common with these knives it does not have any manufacturers marks (see pages 32-35 of British & Commonwealth Military Knives by Flook). It is complete with its correct original heavy duty leather scabbard with rear belt loop & retaining strap which fastens to a brass stud on the body of the scabbard. The front of the scabbard has contemporary hand carved cross hatch etching below initials DB most likely applied in the field by the Commando who owned this dagger. Price for this piece of British Commando history includes UK delivery. Sn 13628

U.S. Army Model 1873 Socket Bayonet For Springfield M1873 Rifles And Scabbard With Integral Frog & Brass U.S. Army Badge. ED 2304 - ED 2304
This is an excellent original American Army Issue M1873 triangular blade socket bayonet for Springfield Rifles. It has a 454mm triangular blade (532mm overall), 76mm socket and 18.5mm muzzle ring diameter. It is complete with excellent undamaged steel scabbard with integral riveted leather frog which has a leather belt loop. The belt loop is attached to the frog by a deeply cast roundel with The U.S Army 'US' mark. The price includes UK delivery. ED 2304

Original Victorian British Kreisa London Mameluke Pattern 1831 General Officer's Sword With Etched Blade, Antique Ivory Hilt, Scabbard & Original Field / Campaign Carry Case. Sn 14339 - 14339
The introduction of the 1831 pattern sword followed a vogue for mameluke style swords during the 1800’s. This pattern of sword is still worn today by British General Officers and Lord Lieutenants (see page 176 of World Swords by Withers and page 206 of Swords of the British Army by Robson). This is an original Victorian British Mameluke Pattern 1831 General Officer's Sword. It has a beautifully etched blade and antique ivory handle. The blade is crisply marked by the London manufacturer or retailer ‘Kreisa Bury St, St James’s London’ . The blade also has decorative etched panels on both sides featuring Crossed arms, Royal Cypher ‘VR’ & Queens Crown (Victoria). The sword has an undamaged 30” blade (35 ¼” overall). The blade is fitted with original leather hilt washer. The hilt has undamaged antique ivory scales and ornate gilded brass fittings including cross guard with finials, central wreathed crossed arms, rose bosses, pommel hole mounts and grooved grip strap. The sword has its original brass scabbard with single hanging ring. The scabbard has a few small dents consistent with age and service use. Also included is the swords original waxed canvas Field / Campaign carry case. The case is in excellent condition with all stitching, leather strap, buckles and carry handle intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14339

Superior Quality, Imperial German Cavalry Officer's Dress Sabre / Sword With Best Quality Tooled Blade By Weyersberg & Co Solingen & Scabbard. Sn 14438 - 14438
This is an excellent original Imperial German Cavalry Officer's Dress Sword & Scabbard. The superb elegantly curved blade is 30 ½” in length (36" overall). The blade is crisply tooled on both sides. One side has foliate panels with banners and arms Imperial Eagle & crown with Kaiser bust portrait. The reverse has banners and arms including rifles with fixed bayonets, swords and picklehaube helmet, foliate panels, Imperial Eagle with banner ‘Mit Gott Fur Kaiser Und Reich’. The back of the blade is deeply tooled with the manufacturer’s name ‘Weyersberg & Co Solingen’ It has its original ornate brass hilt. The knuckle guard decorated with embossed decoration. The cross guard has Cavalry 'crossed swords' decorated langet on one side and void shield with helm langet on the reverse. It has curved quillon with Lion’s head finial, Lions head pommel with red glass inset eyes and lions mane back strap. Its fish skin ribbed grips with bullion wire binding are exellent and undamaged. The blade is fitted with original leather hilt washer. The sword is complete with its original black painted steel scabbard with single hanging ring and shoe. The scabbard has some small dents consistent with age and service use. The price for this quality Imperial Cavalry Officer’s sword includes UK delivery. Sn 14438

WW1 Era British George V 1845 / 1854 Pattern Infantry Officer’s Sword With Etched Blade Numbered 1301.5, Ordnance Roundel Inlaid To ‘James Howarth’, Scabbard, Leather Field Combat Cover & Frog. Sn 14442 - 14442
The 1845/54 pattern sword was the successor to the 1822 pattern, the main change being the folding langet of the Pattern 1822 being removed (see page 175 of World Swords by Withers). This original infantry Officer's Pattern 1845 / 54 sword has a 32 ½” single edged blade with part fullers (39" overall). The blade is undamaged with just light areas of staining consistent with age. There are no visible manufacturer’s marks on the blade but the back of the blade is numbered ‘1301.5’ which may, with further research assist to identify the manufacturer. The ricasso has the ordnance acceptance star and inlaid roundel. The blade is fitted with original hilt washer and etched on both sides with stylised Royal Cypher and Crown together with decorative panels on both sides. The voided brass bowl guard has stylised Royal Cypher ‘GR’ (GeorgeRex) & King’s Crown in the centre. It has brass stepped round pommel with ball end. The guard is contemporarily engraved ‘James Howorth’ most likely the name of the Officer who owned this sword. It's fish skin grip with finger grooves & gilt binding is in superb condition. The sword is complete with its leather covered wood scabbard with German silver insert at the mouth. The scabbard is fitted with original leather frog with 2 hanging straps, brass buckles and brass stud. All leather and stitching of the scabbard & frog are clean & intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14442
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