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Large 19th Century Corsican Folding Vendetta Assassin's Knife With Etched Blade 'Vendetta Corsa' (Continuing Revenge), 'Che La Mia Ferita Sia Mortale' (May Your Wounds Be Mortal) & Bone Scales. Sn 15884 - 15884
These daggers were made by Corsican blade makers and were favoured by assassins and families involved in Vendettas that often led to bloodshed. It was typical of these knives that they would be etched with motto's to remind the assailant and the victim of the reason for the assault with the blade. This example has the form and characteristics of those made in the 19th Century. The steel single edged steel blade in typical Corsican form is 8 ¾”” in length and has only light staining consistent with age. The knife measures 18 ½” overall length when open. The blade is etched on both sides with Corsican Mottos within blued panels & foliate decoration. One side has 'Vendetta Corsa' (Continuing Revenge), the reverse 'Che La Mia Ferita Sia Mortale' (May Your Wounds Be Mortal). It has undamaged bone scales secured by rivets. The price for this Corsican Vendetta knife includes UK delivery. Sn 15884

Original, Early Post WW2 1946-1949, Private Purchase Tom Beasley Fairbairn Sykes FS Fighting Knife By Wilkinson With Etched Wilkinson Panel, ‘EGM’ & Original Scabbard. Sn 15886 - 15886
Tom Beasley was Wilkinson Sword's master Swordsmith. One of his outstanding creations was the blade for the sword which Britain presented to the people of the City of Stalingrad in commemoration of the City's defence against the Nazis. These sought after Tom Beasley knives were made between 1946-1949 and are thought to be advertising & private purchase pieces for Wilkinson sword who undertook a sales drive in the early post war years. This is an excellent original hand drawn Tom Beasley FS Knife with correct original scabbard (see page 182 & 183 of The Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Other Commando Knives by Flook). The knife is in excellent condition. Its blade is beautifully etched on both sides. One side has a banner with Monogram ‘EGM’ within banner. The reverse is etched with decorative panels containing 'Wilkinson Sword, London' name and crossed swords legend together Royal Appointment. The orange hue Ivorine handle is undamaged. The dagger has its original brown leather scabbard with brass throat mount and chape. The price for this excellent piece includes UK delivery. Sn 15886

RARE, WW2 1944 U.S. Army Marked Leather Jeep / Motorbike, Bucket Holster For M1 Carbines Stamped ‘ENS’. Sn 15860 - 15860
This is a rare, WW2 1944 dated Leather Bucket / Holster For M1 Carbines. The U.S. Army attached these buckets to Jeeps, motorbikes and all other vehicles to carry the M1 Carbine safely. It is made of thick brown leather and has brass rivets, leather straps with buckles and sprung clip. The bucket is open top with correct recess to fit the cocking lever of the carbine. The recess is correctly reinforced with a figured brass plate riveted to the leather. The bucket has sturdy reinforced stitched edges. The leather is impressed with ‘1944’ date together with ‘US’ (Army), indistinct letters and other letters ‘E.N.S’ (most likely a manufacturer mark). The price for this WW2 dated bucket holster includes UK delivery. Sn 15860

WW2 Era American Imperial United States Army Air Force (USAAF) Folding Survival / Fighting Machete With Locking Blade & Integral Hinged Tin Plate Blade Guard. Sn 15859 - 15859
This is an original American made WW2 era folding machete / fighting knife by Imperial. These machetes were issued to USAAF crew in survival packs. Our example has its original integral hinged tin plate blade cover. The machete measures 17” extended & 11 ½” folded. The 10” blade has some staining consistent with age & service use. The blade is marked by the American manufacturer "Imperial Prov RI (Providence Rhode Island)". Its original riveted black Bakelite slab grips with chequered panels are secure & undamaged. The pommel end of the handle is holed and fitted with leather wrist cord. The machete's folding lock action operated by a small steel button lever on the right scale works as it should. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15859

INERT DEACTIVATED. Near Mint Cold War Period Yugoslav M50 P3 Hand Grenade And Transit Container. Sn. 15858:3 - 15858:3
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is a near mint Yugoslav M50 P3 hand grenade in its original O ringed transit container. The grenade body has a left hand thread for the fuse, the body being adapted to various differing types of fuses. The body is made of cast iron with a grooved internal fragmentation surface. The grenades body retains all of its original green paint and yellow stenciling BP,M50N3 P3K8901,P . The plastic fuse has a left hand thread and lacquered fly off lever which is stencilled in black 9008. The green plastic o ringed transit container is stencilled in yellow BP, M50N3 P3K8901,P on the top. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this inert grenade in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn. 15858:3

British 1856/58 Yatahgan Sword Bayonet And Scabbard. BAYO 320 - BAYO 320
This is a good example of the 1856/58 yataghan sword bayonet made at Enfield. From 1858 the use of more machinery enabled closer tolerances to make bayonets and in doing so made the bayonets interchangeable instead of bayonets being individually fitted to a particular rifle. This bayonet has a slightly longer leaf spring for the locking bolt and was secured by a screw and not as previously with a rivet on the P 1856 bayonet. The bayonet is 28.25 inches long with a blade length of 22.8 inches. This bayonet has numerous Enfield inspection stamps on the blade, tang and pommel. The grips are made of chequered black leather held by steel pins. The scabbard is made of black leather with steel top mount and chape. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 320

Complete and Original WW1 'Der Weltkrieg' (World War) 1914-1918 German Commemorative Cigarette Card Album By Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Dresden. BO 319 - BO 319
Original and complete cigarette card collector's book titled Der Weltkrieg (The World War) compiled in Germany in 1937 as a commemoration of World War I. This scrapbook for cigarette cards from the 1930s provides an invaluable pictorial record of World War I. It captures the German perspective of the War in picture and writing and functions as a reference book for multiple generations. It features 270 full-colour cigarette cards, all are present and securely fixed, illustrating significant German battles and events. The scrapbook was issued by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Dresden. This scrapbook captures the German perspective of World War I in pictures and writing. Themes such as nationalism, armed forces, everyday life during the war and stereotypical images of the enemy forces are referenced by the visual iconography. Through the chapters the progression of the war is illustrated. The individual sections are organised around each year of the war, 1914-18. The introduction to each chapter lists the different theatres and progression of the war. This summary is followed by sections, which under individual headings like 'Reason and Start of War', display cigarette cards and a short description of the image on that card. The first chapter also features a map of Belgium, France, Germany and parts of Switzerland in 1914 with the German armies and their campaigns. The appendix features cards depicting life behind the front line, the war in the colonies, and Germany's enemies. While the cigarette cards are in colour, the chapters are predominantly printed in sepia. The exception are maps of the East and West front, and the battles in Italy, Serbia and the Orient, which took place in 1915. The book measures 13 3/4" x 10 1/4". The price includes UK delivery. BO 319

SOLD SOLD (13/12) Original Deutschland erwacht (Germany awaken) Third Reich Commemorative Card Album Published In 1933 For The NSDAP. BO 320 - BO 320
This is an original copy of Deutschland erwacht (Germany awaken) a card album issued and published by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst, Hamburg, Bahrenfeld, Germany in 1933 for the NSDAP. This album measures 9 1/2” x 12 1/2” inch with 160 heavily illustrated pages in a hard back cover. The book is complete with its original dust cover and the large pull out rear large section measuring 12 inches x 50 inches of a Nazi rally at Luitpoldhain in Nuremburg in 1933. The album is the Nazi Party's tribute to itself and consists of a very substantial well-written German text with two full-page illustrations in colour, over 160 black & white photos pasted in. In the back is a huge fold-out photo taken at a Nazi Party rally in Nürnberg that measures 12 inches tall by over 50 inches long. The book depicts the rise of the National Socialist Movement from the early 1920s to the seizure of power in 1933. The price of this rare book includes U.K. delivery. BO 320

RARE, WW1 Era German Army Model 1915 Feldfernsprecher Field / Trench Telephone With Original Wood Case & Crank Handle. Sn 15703:58 - 15703:58
The Model 1915 Feldfernsprecher (Field Telephone) is an early telephone used by the Imperial German army during WW1. The phone connects with wires. The user would turn a crank, the field telephone of your counterpart rings and you can talk to them. The telephones could connect troops at the front line to an outpost with the platoon/ company HQ thus avoid using wireless (if you had any). This is a rare to find example. It is complete with its original nickel plated brass handset wired with communication cord, Bakelite ear piece & mouth piece. The fitted case has the correct terminals for attaching communication wires. A terminal block is marked ‘W Ausg’. It also has its original steel crank handle which slots into a winding hole on the side of the case. The hole has a sliding steel cover. The wooden case is well made with its original hinges and steel button catch. The corners of the case have reinforced steel plates. The inside of the lid has remnants of its original instruction label adhered to it. The case measures It measures 8” x 9” x 3 ½”. The case has service wear to be expected and old stable worm holes. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:58

SOLD SOLD (04/12) MATCHING NUMBERS, 1877 -1909, Nickel Plated Colt Model 1877 ‘Thunderer’ Obsolete Centre Fire Calibre .41 Long Colt Double Action 6 Shot Revolver. Sn 15890 - 15890
The Colt M1877 was a double action revolver manufactured by Colt's Patent Fire Arms from January 1877 to 1909. The Model 1877 was offered in three calibres, which lent them three unofficial names: the "Lightning", the "Thunderer" and the "Rainmaker". The principal difference between the models was the cartridge in which they were chambered: the "Lightning" being chambered in .38 Long Colt; the "Thunderer" in .41 Long Colt. Both models had a six-round ammunition capacity. An earlier model in .32 Colt known as the "Rainmaker" was offered in 1877. The 1877 "Thunderer" in .41 calibre was the preferred weapon of the wild west outlaw Billy the Kid and was his weapon of choice when he was killed by Pat Garrett in 1881. This original Model 1877 Colt “Thunderer” in the obsolete calibre .41 Long Colt has a 4 ½” barrel and measures 9 ½” overall. The metal work retains most of its original nickel plated finish. It is side gate loading and has a captive sprung ejector rod under the barrel. It has a blade fore sight and grooved frame rear sight. The pistol is serial number 105756 which is stamped on the frame, barrel block and butt. The top of the barrel is stamped Colts PTFA MFG Co Hartford CT USA’. The barrel is also stamped ‘Colt DA 41 (calibre)’. The left side of the action is stamped with 1871-75 Patent detail (all illustrated). Its original, correct, hard rubber gutta percha grips are excellent and undamaged with rearing Colt roundels. The pistol’s single and double action firing mechanisms work as they should. Price includes UK delivery. As an antique obsolete calibre revolver, no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15890

RARE, WW2 Sten MK V 9mm Calibre Sub Machine Gun By M/78 (Elkington & Co Birmingham) With Original Webbing Sling. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**. Sn 15888 - 15888
This is an excellent original, 9mm Calibre, WW2, Mark V Sten Sub Machine Gun with a wood stock and pistol grip. These rare SMGs, were introduced in 1944. It has its original black painted finish and undamaged metal work. It has a steel butt plate and fixed sights. It is complete with original magazine and original webbing sling. The top of the magazine housing is stamped "M/78" (the British War Time code for Elkington & Co Birmingham) and the underside ‘Sten MK 5’ together with serial number ‘20247’ (illustrated). Deactivated to UK / EU specification, the weapon’s trigger moves and the magazine can be removed but it does not cock & dry fire and it is not capable of stripping. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 15888

Suez Crisis Era, 1954, British Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerley No.4 MK 2, .303 Calibre Rifle, Sling & No.4 ‘Pig Sticker’ Bayonet By Poole With Scabbard & Webbing Frog. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**. Sn 15889 - 15889
This is an original .303 calibre S.M.L.E. No.4 rifle as used in WW2, Korea and the Suez Crisis. These rifles were also issued post WW2 to National Service troops. The woodwork and metal work of this weapon are in excellent undamaged condition. The rifle is fitted with an original webbing sling. The weapon is marked 'No 4 MK 2 F (Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerley)’, ‘6/54’ (June 1954, 2 years before British troops were deployed during the Suez Crisis). It is also stamped with serial number 'PF401577'. It has a brass butt plate with trap, flip up rear sight and winged fore sight. The rifle comes with an original WW2 dated No.4 ‘Pig Sticker’ bayonet. The bayonet has an 8" spike blade. The barrel block of the bayonet is stamped by the manufacturer 'P’ (Poole) and has other indistinct numbers. The bayonet fits the rifle perfectly and is complete with original scabbard and webbing frog. Deactivated to UK/EU specification the weapon’s trigger moves and the magazine can be removed but it does not cock & dry fire and it is not capable of stripping. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 15889
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