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British Officer's 1912 Pattern Cavalry Officer’s Sword With Etched Blade, Kings Crown Royal Cypher By Wilkinson Sword London & Leather Covered Field Service Scabbard. Sn 14316 - 14316
This is a very good, British Officer's 1912 pattern Sword & Scabbard made by Wilkinson with scabbard. The sword has a 35" single edged blade with fuller. The blade has staining consistent with age. The blade is etched on both sides with foliate panels and has Royal Cypher, Crown 'GR' (George Rex). The ricasso is marked with ordnance quality star and insert on one side and the reverse by the manufacturer Wilkinson Sword London together with crossed swords legend and Royal appointment. The blade is fitted with original leather hilt washer. The full knuckle guard is decorated with a foliate design and crisp Kings Crown & Royal Cypher. it has a stepped ornate pommel. Its fish skin bound grip with thumb recess & wire binding is undamaged & the wire is tight and intact. The sword is complete with its leather covered field service steel scabbard. The scabbard has no dents and the leather is clean and intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14316

SOLD SOLD WW1 Era, Model 1895, Prussian Officer's Pickelhaube Helmet With Imperial State Cockades & Fitted Transit Case. Sn 12724 - 12724
This is an original WW1 Era M1895 Prussian Officer's Pickelhaube. It has the correct original correct large Prussian Eagle helmet. The helmet is in superb condition, all the stitching and leather of the body is intact. It has a large vented conical spike and correct chin strap mounts with original leather chin strap which has brass buckles. Both sides of the Pickelhaube are mounted with Imperial State cockades. It is complete with its original clean leather liner. The leather is ink marked with numbers and letters which may be dates and / or Regiment numbers ‘JR 84’, ‘1904’, ‘1911’ and ‘III8’ (illustrated). It is approx UK size 6. The helmet comes with its original leather covered wood transit case with leather carry handle, removable base and leather retaining strap with buckle (one end of the retaining strap has perished and does not meet the buckle but could easily be replaced). The interior of the case is fitted with padded material and has a small handwritten ink monogram ‘JW’ (illustrated). The leather of the case is undamaged and has just light surface scuffs consistent with age and use. The exterior of the case has the partial remains of a blue coloured contemporary transit label (illustrated). The price for this excellent original WW1 Pickelhaube set includes UK delivery. Sn 12724

Boxed, 1953-83, West German, Walther LP 53 Break Action .177 Calibre Air Pistol. Sn 10192 - 10192
The LP53 (Luft pistole/ Air Pistol)pistol) was produced between 1953 and1983. It is a .177 calibre air pistol with the same design lines as Walther's famous .22 LR Olympia target pistol. The LP53 is made of blued metal with beautifully formed brown plastic grip panels. Movie posters for early James Bond films show Bond holding an LP 53 pistol instead of his usual service PPK ( images of a contemporary movie poster and photo from a movie photo shoot featuring Bond with an LP53 are illustrated in image 2). This example of the LP 53 has excellent finish to the metalwork and undamaged brown plastic contoured grips with Walther banners. It has target sights and is stamped on the left side of the frame with the Walther banner and patent detail 'LP Mod 53 Cal 4.5 (.177)' together with 'Made In Germany' & serial number '065156'. The pistol functions perfectly and is contained in its original cardboard box with removable lid and Walther labelling. The price for this excellent air pistol with connection to the iconic Bond series of movies includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Bill regarding sale and delivery of this item apply. Sn 10192

Original, Cast Bronze, Nazi Era 1935-1936 Dated Kochs Adlern A H Maschinen Werke A.G, Bielefield, Jahreswende, Steel Combat Helmet Factory Worker’s Commemorative Wall Plaque. Sn 14322 - 14322
A superb 24cm diameter, cast bronze, German combat helmet factory worker’s wall plaque featuring an embossed portrait of a German soldier wearing a steel combat helmet. The embossed German script lettering around the portrait "Sichern uns freiheit und ehr" translates to “secure liberty for us and honour” and "Eiserne arbeit stahlerne wehr", roughly “Iron Work-Steel Helmets”. To the rear is the manufacturer’s detail, "Kochs Adlern 'A' H Maschinen Werke A.G, Bielefield, Jahreswende 1935-1936 (Cooks Eagle Machine Works, Bielefield, year ending 1935-1936). The plaque is 15mm thick and weighs 1.84 Kg. The rear has its original hanging ring for wall mounting. A unique Nazi piece. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14322

MINT, British, Air Arms .22 Calibre Side Lever Carbine Size Air Rifle With Sound Moderator & Tasco Varmint 2.5 x 10 Magnification Telescopic Sight. Sn 11870:15 - 11870:15
This is a near mint British Air Arms air rifle in .22 calibre. The rifle has a 14 ½”” barrel including sound moderator and measures 39 ½” overall. It has superb woodwork and rubber shoulder recoil pad. The metal work retains all of its original blueing and the top of the Air cylinder is grooved for telescopic sight. The cylinder is marked ‘Air Arms’. It is serial number '43844'. The rifle cocks loads and fires with a nice tight action. It is fitted with sling swivel lugs and a ‘Tasco Varmint’ 2.5x10 telescopic sight in the same mint condition. The optics of the sight are excellent and are adjustable for aim from 10 yards to infinity. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. Sn 11870:15

Early 20th Century British AM ‘Air Ministry’ Marked Brass Bulkhead Clock With 60 Seconds Time Keeping Feature & Original Key. Sn 14293 - 14293
An original British form brass bulkhead clock. This example has a 5” diameter white enamel face which is clean with brass metal hour and minute hands together with an inner 1 ¼” diameter 60 second timer roundel with black metal second hand indicator. The clock case is brass and comes with its key. The face also has an adjustable slow-fast slider in a slot for fine tuning the time keeping. There is also a hole for key winding. There are no manufacturer marks on the exterior of this piece. The face is covered by a hinged glazed brass rimmed cover. The inside of the cover’s rim is marked ‘AM’ most likely ‘Air Ministry’ (illustrated). The rim has a small brass post to assist opening. The clock case measures 6” in diameter and is 3” deep with face cover closed. The rim of the case has 3 drilled holes for wall mounting. This clock has recently been cleaned and serviced. It is fully functioning, keeping precise time. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14293

British WW1 1918 Brass Mk IX Brass Trench Periscope By R&J Beck Ltd With Screw off Wood Handle. Sn 14012 - 14012
An excellent British WW1 Brass Trench Periscope. The scope measures 23 ¼” overall and has a screw off 9 ¼” contoured wood handle with brass ferrule. It has an adjustable brass eyepiece and all optics function as they should. The frame is stamped and dated by the manufacturer 'R&J Beck Ltd 1918'. It is also stamped with number '240022' and model designation ‘Periscope Mk IX’. The brass scope retains its original olive green paint. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14012

MINT, UN-ISSUED, WW2 D-Day Landings Era, April 1944 Dated British WD 1942 Pattern Parachutists Over Smock Size 5 By Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd. Sn 8332 - 8332
An original, near mint, un-issued condition British 1942 pattern Parachutists over smock .Made of olive denim it features 2 grenade pockets, an "ape tail" with 3 sets of Newey brass snaps for adjusted comfort and a full length brass zip. Inside it has a superb, original label (illustrated), ink marked ‘Jackets Parachutists 1942 Pattern Size No. 5 Height 5'11" to 6', Breast 38" - 43" Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd Apr (April) 1944’ together with WD arrow. The price for this WW2 Para smock made just 2 months before the D-Day landings 6th June 1944 includes UK delivery. Sn 8332

INERT DEACTIVATED. WW2 German 20mm Soluthern (20x138B) Drill Round. O 1239 - O 1239
INERT DEACTIVATED. This an extremely rare WW2 German 20mm chrome plated drill round for the 2cm Flak 30 and 38 guns. Very few drill rounds were issued with the guns, the total usually being 2 drill rounds per gun. This weighted steel drill round is nickel plated and retains 95%+ of its original finish, The headstamp is H42 Waffenampt and a manufacturers monogram within a 4.5mm circle . There is a cavity in the base where the primer would be. Price includes UK delivery. O 1239

INERT DEACTIVATED. Czech PT-Mi-BaIII Bakelite Anti-tank Mine. O 1240 - O 1240
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is a Czech PT-Mi-BaIII plastic antitank mine which was developed after WW2 from the German World War II Tellermines 42 and 43. The difference being that the mine casing is made of plastic bakelite instead of metal. The mine has a shear type pressure plate integral with the casing and is fabricate from two bakelite mouldings cemented together. The fuse well is located centrally in the bottom of the case and is covered by a threaded cover plate. The fuse is a Ro-2. The mine is 330 mm in diameter and 110 mm high. The mines threaded base plate and fuse well both unscrew. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this inert items in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. O 1240

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY) Original 1937 Dated Constables / Sergeants Glamorgan Constabulay Police Six Panel Helmet and Kerb Chain Chin Strap with Kings Crown Helmet Plate. Sn 13907:52 - 13907:52
An original 1937 dated Constable's or Sergeant's uniform helmet of the former Glamorgan Constabulary. Glamorgan wore this style of helmet from the latter part of the reign of Queen Victoria until a change of uniform and helmet design in the early 1960's. The Glamorgan Constabulary ceased to exist after 1969, when the South Wales Constabulary was formed by amalgamating Glamorgan with the police forces of Cardiff City, Merthyr Tydfil and Swansea Borough. The helmet is constructed of cork with outer covering of wool. It has a chromed ball top which has four rosettes leading from it. It has a chromed kerb chain which hooks onto a rosette on the left side and runs through another on the right hand side, then secures onto a hook at the rear of the ball top. The helmet plate is a Kings Crown Glamorgan Constabulary plate. Inside it is stamped in white with "G. C. 1937 A 153". It has a leather sweat band which is nicely stamped with the manufacturers mark of 'Christy's of London'. The helmet also has a black leather head band. This is a very nice helmet. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:52

WW2 INERT German 20 mm FFM (20x80) HEI (High Explosive Incendiary) Meinengeschloss (M geschloss) Cannon Round O 1241 - O 1241
This a WW2 German 20mm FFM (20x82) HEI (High Explosive Incendiary) Meinengeschloss (M geschloss) aircraft cannon round fitted to various German aircraft during WW2, including the Me109, FW190,various night fighters and bomber aircraft. The brown lacquered steel cartridge case is percussion primed and is headstamped wg (Hasag, Hugo Schneider AG, Altenburg plant). 4e 43 (1943 date) (Waffenampt)54 .The projectile is a copper driving banded high explosive incendiary with a nose fuse stamped ZZ1505A eeo 477 44 . The projectile retains approximately 95% or the original yellow paint and all of its green incendiary band. It has the following black stencilling on the side M over edq (Deutsche Waffen- u. Munitionsfabriken AG, Luebeck Schlutup) 34a42 and a Waffenampt . Both projectile and cartridge case have no cracks in the necks. No licence is required to possess inert rounds in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. O 1241
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