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The Flintlock: Its Origin And Development by Torsten Link. BO 311 - BO 311
This is the first English translation of a masterly study of The Flintlock which was originally published in 1939 but in Swedish. The author was the director of the Swedish Royal Armoury which he had joined in 1924. This book was the result of 15 years of research and was in fact his doctoral thesis making it a masterly and important study of the flintlock. The book charts the development and history of the flintlock from its original concept to its successor, the percussion cap. The book is profusely illustrated with crisp black and white photographs showing both full flintlocks and minor details of decoration etc. the book which was published by The Holland Press, London in 1965 is in excellent condition with its original dust wrapper which is complete but with sellotape to the edges. This is a scholarly work which still holds its own even with more modern publications. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 311

SOLD SOLD (09/08) MINT BORES, Early 19th Century English, Smith 16 Bore, Double Barrel Muzzle Loading Flintlock Shotgun With Damascus Barrels & Ram Rod. Sn 15602 - 15602
This is an early 19th century 16 Bore double barrel shotgun. It has Walnut furniture with finely chequered wrist and figured cheek piece. The top of the wrist is inlaid with silver escutcheon inscribed with stylised monogram and rampant Lion on Crown heraldic motif. The fore stock has a white metal pineapple finial ram rod pipe. The shotgun has double 30”, 16 Bore Damascus steel barrels with flat barrel rib & bead fore sight, double Swan neck hammers fitted with flints & double triggers. It measures 46” overall. The colour case hardened action, tang and blued trigger guard with extended tang & acanthus bud finial and blued butt plate have foliate engraved decoration. Both lock plates are signed by the maker ‘Smith’ (there were many British Gunmakers named Smith working in both London & the provinces in the early 19th C). It is complete with brass capped wood ram rod which has a steel worm. The cocking & firing actions of the weapon work perfectly as they should. The barrels smooth bores are clean and near mint. The price for this quality flintlock includes UK delivery. NB As an antique muzzle loading percussion shotgun no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15602

Sixguns. ‘The Standard Reference Work’ By Keith. BO 312 - BO 312
This is a virtually mint copy of the 1961 edition by Bonanza Books. New York and it is considered by many to be the definite ‘Bible’ on sixguns. This book covers everything from derringers to modern pistols and automatics. Not only are the pistols themselves covered but also cartridges, holsters, game shooting, repairs and maintenance etc.. The book is profusely illustrated with black and white photographs. This copy is complete with its original dust wrapper which has a protective plastic sleeve and this has maintained this book in pristine condition. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 312

ORIGINAL AMERICAN CIVIL WAR ERA, Remington 1861 Patent 1858 Army Model 6 Shot, .44 Calibre Single Action Revolver. Sn 15541 - 15541
Remington Army Model Revolvers were used during the American Civil War and the design was the beginning of a successful line of medium and large frame percussion revolvers. Due to limited availability of Colt 1860 Army Revolvers at the time, large numbers of the Remington revolver were ordered by the U.S. Government. It was favoured for its durability and ability to quickly reload by switching to another pre-loaded cylinder. It saw use in the American West, both in its original percussion configuration and as a metallic cartridge conversion. This is an excellent original Civil War era, 1861 Patent Army Model, Large frame, .44 calibre, cap and ball revolver. The pistol has an 8" octagonal barrel and measures 14" overall. The barrel's bore is clean with crisp rifling. The underside of the barrel is stamped with serial number which appears to be '20243' with an inspection mark prefix (illustrated). The top barrel flat is marked ‘Patented Dec 17 1861 E. Remington’s Ilion NYork’. The frame and barrel have small letter ‘B’ factory inspector’s marks. It has a brass trigger guard, blade fore sight, grooved frame rear sight, steel frame & captive lever ramrod. Its Walnut grips have just knocks bumps and bruises to be expected. The cylinder can be removed for quick change of a pre-loaded cylinder and it loads, cocks and dry fires perfectly. As an antique cap and ball revolver no licence is required to own this pistol in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15541

An Introduction To British Grenades By Ian Skennerton. BO 313 - BO 313
This is a 1st edition copy fo the standard work on British grenades. The book is by Inn D. Skennerton who also authorised the standard work on British and Commonwealth Bayonets and many books on rifles etc.. The book was published by Greenhill in 1988 and is a well illustrated reference and chronologically lists the various grenade numbers and marks in service from 1908 to the 1960s. tables are provided to permit identification and comparison of the different types and models, making this study an invaluable reference for military historians, collectors and museum curators. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 313

SOLD SOLD (13/08) 1948-1950, British War Dept Factory Sectioned Cut-Away Lee Enfield No4 Mk1 .303 Calibre, SKN 2092 Armourer’s Instructional Rifle Action, Shoulder Stock & Part Barrel. MISC 891 - MISC 891
This is a now scarce Lee Enfield .303 No4 "SKN" Armourers Instructional Action. Approximately 2500 official SKN No4 actions were manufactured between 1948 & 1950 utilizing downgraded components from condemned Service rifles. Quite a number of skeleton actions were assembled by the Gun trade and by REME workshops, but these lack the official SKN number on the left hand wall of the action body. The contract was originally given to ROF Enfield, but following legal action involving the alleged un-licensed Government manufacture of the L2 Sterling SMG, manufacture was given instead to Sterling Engineering as part of the legal settlement. Sterling then sub-contracted the work to List Engineering of Dagenham, which completed SKN's returned to ROF Enfield for inspection and service acceptance. This example is stamped with the correct SKN designation (see page 230 of the Lee Enfield Story By Skennerton) ‘SKN 2092’. The stock has a brass butt plate with trap. Component parts were carefully sectioned at the factory, with cutaway areas painted red. The piece measures 27 ¾” overall length. This SKN is in excellent overall condition. The bolt action works as it should and it cocks and dry fires. As a sectioned instructional piece not capable of discharging, no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. MISC 891

The American Cartridge ‘An Illustrated Study Of The Rimfire Cartridge In The United States’ By Charles R.Suydam. BO 314 - BO 314
This is an excellent book for cartridge collectors and students of ammunition. This copy is by Borden Publishing Co. of Alhambra, California and is the revised edition of 1973. This book has been long out of print and is in virtually mint condition with a full and undamaged dust wrapper. There are more than 425 cartridges which are photographed full size and individually studied. There are chapters on identification, cleaning, display, appendices on manufacturers, headstamps and cartridge boxes. This is a standard work which is invaluable to both the collector and student of ammunition. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 314

NEW TO MARKET, OLD FAMILY BLADE, WW2 Japanese Officer’s Sword Hand Forged Old Family Blade & Scabbard From The Estate Of A Burma Veteran. Sn 15607 - 15607
It was common practice for WW2 Japanese Officers use old family blades as their side arms and carry them into battle. This is a very good WW2 Japanese Officers Sword with old family blade & scabbard in as found, un-messed with condition direct from the estate of a British Army Burma Veteran. The sword has a fish skin handle bound with brown cord. It has its many original copper and brass fittings including tsuba and floral menuki. The pommel has its original lanyard ring. The hilt has a push button scabbard retaining clip which functions as it should. The tang is un- signed and has 2 peg holes indicating that this blade is an old family blade re-fitted with WW2 era mounts for war use. The original 24 ¾” hand forged fullered blade is an old family blade, hand forged. The blade has a sharp cutting edge, original polish and wave hamon. The sword measures 35 ¾” overall length. It is carried in its steel scabbard with copper mounts, single hanging ring and retains its original brown paint. The scabbard has just a few small dents to be expected with age and service use. The price for this WW2 era Japanese sword with old family blade clearly captured or recovered from the battle field includes UK delivery. Sn 15607

MINT, WW2 Era Italian Fascist MVSN (Milizia Voluntaria Sicurezza Nationale) Leaders Alloy Eagle’s Head Hilt Dagger With Fascist Devices & Correct Nickel Plated Steel Scabbard With Integral Black & Bullion Braid Belt Loop. Sn 15599 - 15599
This is a near mint original WW2 era Italian MVSN Leader’s Dagger & Scabbard. It measures 11” overall. It has an alloy Eagle’s head hilt with black composite inserts on the left and right sides. The inserts have applied alloy fascist devices. The hilt has an integral curved finger guard. The 6 ¾” polished steel blade is undamaged. The knife is complete with its original steel scabbard with integral black & bullion braid belt loop. The scabbard has no dents and retains all of its original nickel finish. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15599

British Regiments In South Africa 1899 – 1902 by John Stirling. BO 315 - BO 315
This is a mint condition 1994 reprint by J.B. Hayward and Son of the original edition of 1903 published by William Blackwood and Sons. The book was compiled just one year after hostilities and aims not to give a history of the war but to give a summary of services on most of the units present in the campaign. The book gives the dates of sailings, ships from the official records and first hand accounts of those who served in the field. The book gives an easy to read account of all important battles and movements. This is an invaluable reference work for both medal collectors and anyone with an interest in any of the regiments that served in The Boer War. The price includes U.K. delivery. BO 315

WW2 Era Klittermann Haan & Moog Solingen, German Army NCO’s M98 Dress Bayonet With Stag Antler Scales & Scabbard. BAYO 307 - BAYO 307
This is an original WW2 era German NCO’s M98 dress bayonet (see German Clamshells by Gary L. Walker and R.J.Weinand, page 15). It has thick undamaged Stag Antler scales, alloy Bird’s head pommel with press button lug, alloy finger guard & fullered 8” single edged steel blade. The blade is undamaged and has just light staining consistent with age. The blade is marked by the manufacturer Klittermann Haan & Moog Solingen together with the company trade mark. The bayonet has its original black painted steel scabbard with frog bar and ball end. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 307

British Land Pattern Socket Bayonet. BAYO 305 - BAYO 305
This is a British land pattern socket bayonet made by Osborne and Gunby who were trading from 1808 onwards. The bayonet has an overall length of 20 ½ inches with a blade length of 16 inches. The socket length is 4 inches and the socket diameter is 25 mm. Many of these bayonets had alterations to the length of the slot in order to fit Sea Service or Indian Service weapons. The blade is marked with the maker Osborne and Gunby. See British and Commonwealth Bayonets by Ian Skennerton page 40, items B49 and B50. The price includes U.K. delivery. BAYO 305
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