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British L2A3 Sterling Sub Machine Gun Bayonet With Steel Grips By Sterling And No.5 MK2 Scabbard With Black Webbing Frog. Sn 13780 - 13780
This is an excellent original L2A3 Sterling Sub Machine Gun bayonet and scabbard (pages 252 to 254 & plate B312 of British & Commonwealth Bayonets by Skennerton). The bayonet has a fullered 8 ¼” Bowie style blade and measures 12" overall. The bayonet retains its original finish and its muzzle ring, cross guard and pommel with lug button are undamaged. It has undamaged steel slab grips. The blade is marked by the manufacturer 'Sterling' within a rectangle. The pommel is stamped 'HC'. Its correct No.5 MK2 scabbard with brass mouthpiece is undamaged. The scabbard is fitted with an original black webbing frog. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13780

SOLD SOLD (LAY-AWAY) MINT, WW2 Era British WD Wilkinson Sword Company ( WSC), No. 5 Jungle Carbine Bayonet, No.5 MK1 Scabbard & 1945 Dated WD 1937 Pattern Webbing Frog By D&M. Sn 13779 - 13779
This is a near mint original British No.5 Jungle Carbine bayonet and scabbard with WW2 dated frog. The bayonet with 8" Bowie style blade ( 12" overall) retains all of its original parkerised finish and it's muzzle ring, cross guard and pommel with lug button that has a good strong spring action are in great undamaged condition. It has undamaged slab wood grips secured by screw bolts. The ricasso is stamped 'WSC' ( Wilkinson Sword Co) with other partially visible unreadable letters or numbers. The reverse is stamped with WD broad arrow inspection marks. The bayonet is complete with its No.5 MK1 steel scabbard with flush steel mouthpiece. The scabbard is in similar near mint condition and retains its original finish. The scabbard is fitted with a WW2 dated 1937 pattern green webbing frog. The rear of the frog is ink stamped with stores code ‘AF0261’ and by the manufacturer ‘D&M’ together with WD arrow and 1945 date. The price for this excellent, complete WW2 No.5 set includes UK delivery. Sn 13779

MATCHING REGIMENT MARKS, 1875 Dated Imperial Prussian M1871 Sword Bayonet for the Model 1871 Mauser Rifle By ‘PD Luneschloss Solingen’& Scabbard Regiment Marked ‘6.R.1.9’. Sn 13773 - 13773
An original Imperial Prussian M1871 bayonet for the 1871 Mauser Rifle and scabbard with matching Regiment marks (see pages 113 to 116 & item 245 of The Bayonet Book by John Watts and Peter White). The bayonet has brass grips, smooth on one side and grooved on the other. The hilt has a push button release which operates smoothly. The quillon is stamped with Regimental markings ‘6.R.19’. It is stamped at the ricasso with partially visible manufacturer detail ‘PD Luneschloss Solingen’. The back of the blade has the Prussian ‘Crown above W’ mark and ‘75’ date stamp (1875). The single edged blade measures 18.3". The blade has light staining consistent with age but no damage. The scabbard is leather and has a brass throat mount with frog pin and brass chape. The throat mount has matching Regiment mark together with other struck out marks. The price for this piece with matching regiment marks includes UK delivery. Sn 13773

1960’s Webley Mark III .22 Calibre Under Lever Air Rifle. Sn 13798 - 13798
An excellent Webley Mark III .22 Calibre Air Rifle. Webley introduced their MK III series of air rifles in 1947. In 1961 Webley began producing Webley MK 3 air rifles with a telescopic sight rail spot welded to the top of the air cylinder (see Page 237 to 243 of Hiller’s Book 'A Collectors Guide to Air Rifles'). The woodwork and metal work of this example are in excellent undamaged condition. The wood has just small light scuffs consistent with age and use & the stock has the correct inlaid 'Webley' roundel. It has an 18 ¾” clean rifled barrel with loading tap and measures 43" overall. The underlever is stamped with serial number 'A9987'. The air chamber has its original spot welded sight rail and the weapon is marked with model and manufacturer detail (illustrated). It has a shrouded block & blade fore sight and adjustable dial rear sight. The loading and firing actions work perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. NB as a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. Sn 13798

1970’s Original Sussex Armoury 'Jackal' Side Lever Single Shot .22 Calibre Military Assault Rifle Style Air Rifle (As Carried By Storm Troopers In The 1977 Film Star Wars). AI 635 - AI 635
The Jackal air rifle was a pivotal design that led to the rise and acceptance of synthetic stock use in Britain today. Sussex Armoury, the Hailsham-based maker of the Jackal range, was not shy in designing air rifles that caught the eye in the 1970s. Its close association with Sig-Hammerli in Switzerland led to production of the side-lever cocking military look ‘Jackal’ air rifle. Interestingly, because of the futuristic appearance of the Jackal, in the iconic 1977 film Star Wars, Darth Vader’s Imperial Storm Troopers were armed with ‘blasters’ which were made from stock parts of Sussex Armoury Jackal air rifles. Sussex Armoury produced the 'Jackal' model Air Rifles until their closure in 1982. Air Arms took over production of the Jackal renaming it the AR7. Sussex Armoury models had 'Jackal' engraved on the top of the cylinder housing while Air Arms models had 'Air Arms' in the same place. This is an excellent 1970’s Sussex Armoury single shot side lever .22 Calibre Air Rifle. It has a rugged black plastic stock. It measures 44 ¾” overall length. It is fitted with sling swivels and is crisply stamped 'Jackal’ on top of its cylinder housing. It is serial number ‘03716’. It has shrouded foresight and adjustable winged rear sight. The weapon cocks loads and fires as it should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this air rifle. AI 635

Original British Enfield Model 1853 Muzzle Loading Percussion Rifle Sergeant’s Multi Tool By T.Gilbert. Sn 13789 - 13789
Dating from 1853, this is the more complex of the Enfield gun tools, designated the "Sergeants". The muzzle loading Model 1853 Enfield percussion rifle was much used during the American Civil War, as well as with British and Empire forces worldwide. These tools were carried by Sgt’s to assist in maintaining / repairing rifles. Made of steel,the tool dismantles as it should. The screwdriver arm is stamped with a small inspection mark and by the manufacturer ‘T.Gilbert’. Fully assembled the tool measures 5” x 3 ¾”. The price for this quality tool includes UK delivery. Sn 13789

SOLD SOLD SOLD MATCHING NUMBERS, Nazi Marked, Early WW2, 1941, Carl Walther (ac) P38 9mm Parabellum, Semi Automatic Pistol. D 1428 - D 1428
The Walther P38 was a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol developed by Walther as a service pistol of the Wehrmacht in 1938. This is an excellent, original example of the Walther P38 Pistol. Its metal work has original finish with nice patina throughout. Its bakelite grooved grips have no cracks and are totally secure. The left side of its slide is crisply stamped 'P38' and with serial number '6514c'. The slide is also stamped 'ac 41' which is the German War time Nazi manufacturer and date code 'Carl Walther’ and ‘1941' date. The left side of the frame is also Waffenamt '359'. The right side of the slide is Waffenamt '359' and has the German Army ‘Eagle with Swastika’ mark. The frame and barrel are stamped with matching numbers. The pistol strips, cocks and dry fires perfectly. Price for this early WW2 dated Nazi marked weapon includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. D 1428

Original, WW1 Era Imperial Prussian NCO Guard’s / Grenadier’s Infantry Pickelhaube Helmet Plate. Sn 13588 - 13588
This is a large original Imperial Prussian NCO Guard’s / Grenadier’s Infantry Pickelhaube Helmet Plate. The plate features the gilt brass Imperial Prussian Eagle With motto banner and central silvered metal star with central embossed Eagle and motto roundel. The curved Eagle is 7 ½” from wing tip to wing tip. The rear has the correct mounting rings. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13588

Original, 1970’s Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) 2nd Battalion South Belfast Arm Band (2 available). Sn 13795 - 13795
An original 1970’s era UVF green webbing armband. The armband is in clean un-issued / un-worn condition. It has an adjustable strap and pronged brass buckle. The Arm band is ink stamped ‘U.V.F 2 (2nd Battalion) South Belfast’. The price is for 1 arm band (2 available) & includes UK delivery. Sn 13795

SOLD SOLD SOLD Original 1867 Victorian Hand Decorated Ebonised Wood Police Truncheon With ‘VR’ Royal Cypher. Sn 13705 - 13705
A Victorian police truncheon, colourfully hand decorated with Queen’s Crown, stylised ‘VR’ (Victoria Regina) Royal Cypher and 1867 date above Fleur De Lis. The truncheon is made from ebonised wood and the handle has 2 decorative ribs which would also assist grip. The decoration is in excellent bright condition. The grip is holed for wrist strap and fitted with later short leather wrist cord. The truncheon measures 16” length. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13705

Original Victorian Hand Decorated Lignum Vitae Hard Wood Police Constable’s Truncheon With ‘VR’ Royal Cypher. Sn 13706 - 13706
A Victorian police truncheon, colourfully hand decorated with Queen’s Crown, stylised ‘VR’ (Victoria Regina) Royal Cypher and panel with rank designation ‘Constable’. The truncheon is made from traditional heavy Lignum vitae hard wood, the staff is varnished and the decoration is in excellent bright condition. The grip is grooved for grip & wrist strap. The truncheon measures 15 ½” length. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13706

Original, WW2 1938-1945 Dated, Polychrome Decorated Rochdale Special Constabulary Lignum Vitae Police Truncheon. Sn 13707 - 13707
This is an original WW2 lignum vitae hardwood Rochdale Special Constabulary Police Truncheon dated 1938-1945. It is 15 ½” length. The wood is undamaged and features Polychrome decoration, the Kings Crown with Royal Cypher (George Rex) together with Rochdale heraldic arms above ‘1938-1945’ date and banner ‘Rochdale Special Constabulary’ . It has a deep grooved grip with rounded end and is fitted with original wrist strap. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13707
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