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Victorian British Police Cutlass / Hanger With Leather Scabbard. POL 4010 - POL 401
This is a very good original Victorian Police Hanger and scabbard. It has a 24” blade with pronounced curve and fuller with sharpened back edge point. The blade is clean and has a sprung rear scabbard release button at the ricasso to prevent it being pulled out by an attacker. The locking tab is broken off with just the release button remaining. The blade is unmarked by any stamps. Its Shagreen handle is in good order and it has a steel single bar hand guard. It has a steel pommel. The overall length of the sword is 29 1/2”. Its black leather scabbard is in nice undamaged condition with steel mounts. The upper mount has a steel locket which also has an oval frog stud. The price includes UK delivery. POL 401

SOLD SOLD SOLD WW2 German High Seas Fleet Badge With Wearers Pin On Reverse. BA 889 - BA 889
This is a very nice badge in excellent condition. The High Seas Fleet Badge was a World War II German military decoration awarded for service to the crews of the Kriegsmarine High Seas Fleet, mainly of the battleships and cruisers, but also those ships that supported them operationally for which there was no other award given. Although the award was instituted in April 1941, it could be awarded for actions that took place prior to this date and could highlight the struggle against the British fleet. The badge is marked to the reverse with "FEC. Adolf Bock Ausf. Schwerin Berlin". It retains most of the original finish. It retains the wearers pin to the reverse. The price includes UK delivery. BA 889

**SOLD**SOLD**WW2 German S A Sports Badge Gold Grade. BA 890 - BA 890
WW2 German SA Sports Badge, Gold Grade. The SA Sports Badge was a decoration of Nazi Germany that was issued between the years 1933 and 1945. It was a political version of the much more generic German Sports Badge which was also issued in great numbers by the Nazis. The SA Sports Badge was issued in three grades (bronze, silver, and gold) as well as a special version known as the "SA Sports Badge for War Wounded". Although originally designed as a physical fitness badge for Nazi storm troopers, the SA Sports Badge was issued across every German military and paramilitary organization. The SS held the SA Sports Badge in high regard, and many of its senior members, Heinrich Himmler, Karl Wolff, and Arthur Nebe among them, qualified for the decoration. The badge was also commonly issued to the Wehrmacht and was one of the few political decorations that the armed forces allowed to freely be displayed on a military uniform (other such decorations included the Blood Order and the Golden Party Badge). This badge is in very nice condition and retains the copper wearers pin to the reverse. It is marked on the reverse with "Berg & Nolte AG Ludenscheid & Eigentum D S.A. Sportabzeich Haupstelle". The price includes UK delivery. BA 890

WW2 German Coastal Artillery Flak Badge By 'K. Wagner Berlin'. BA 891 - BA 891
An original WW2 German Coastal Artillery Flak Badge with wearers pin. The Naval Artillery War Badge or War Badge of the Coastal Artillery (German: Kriegsabzeichen für Marineartillerie) was a World War II German military decoration awarded to the crews of Kriegsmarine land-based marine artillery and anti-aircraft units. Initially presented to only coastal air defence units, it was later awarded to crews of guns positioned against naval targets. The award was instituted on 24 June, 1941 by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder to reward the actions of both individuals and crew members. The medal, designed by Otto Placzek of Berlin, consists of an outer laurel wreath of oak leaves with the national emblem of eagle clutching a swastika (both golden coloured) at its apex. The central area features a coastal artillery cannon with the sea behind (both a grey colour). This badge is in very good condition with most of the gilt still round the outside. On the reverse the wearers pin is present and still opens and closes as it should. It is marked on the reverse with the makers name "K. Wagner Berlin". The price includes UK delivery. BA 891

Scarce German S98/05 uas Bayonet By Anker-Werke Bielefeld & Scabbard. Bayo 269 - Bayo 269
This is a scarce S98/05 bayonet by Anker-Werke Bielefeld. Anthony Carter in his 'German Bayonets' book states that the models 98/02 and 98/05 bayonets by this firm are scarce and are thought to have only been made in 1917. They only carry the 2 line trademark of Anker-Werke Bielefeld with no dates, cyphers or other firm markings. There is however a number "493" stamped on the crossguard. The bayonet is in an all steel scabbard. (See German Bayonets book by Carter Page 27-30 and Page 64-65. A scarce bayonet. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 269

VERY RARE, British Victorian Charles Lancaster's 1850 Patent Regulation Oval Bore 2 Band .450” Bore Match Target Percussion Rifle. Sn 13682 - 13682
Charles William Lancaster (1820–1878) was an English gun maker and improver of rifles and cannon. Lancaster was the eldest son of Charles Lancaster, gunmaker, of 151 New Bond Street, London. In 1850 Lancaster patented his Oval ‘smooth’ rifling system which reduced the problems with fouling, common with black powder rifles and increased accuracy. This is a very rare Lancaster's patent Percussion Match Target Rifle in regulation .450" bore. It is faintly stamped on the barrel 'Lancaster's Patent' and the side plate of the action ‘Lancaster’. It has excellent all original woodwork with steel fittings including butt plate, trigger guard with extended tang / finger rest, forward barrel block, barrel bands, block fore sight, 1200 yard flip up ladder rear sight, heavy Dolphin hammer, nipple protector with brass chain, sling swivels and steel ram rod with ribbed brass end cap. Its 36” barrel has a clean bore with correct Lancaster Patent Oval rifling. Total length is 52 ¼”. The loading & firing actions work perfectly. The price for this very rare weapon includes UK delivery. This is an antique percussion rifle and no licence is required to own it in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 13682.

Victorian Era Gentleman’s Mallaca Stained As Tropical Coromandel Ebony Sword Stick & Scabbard. Sn 13646 - 13646
This is an excellent original Gentleman’s sword stick in the form popular in the Victorian era. The elegantly curved handle of the sword stick and its scabbard are excellent and undamaged, made of Mallaca stained as Coromandel (a fine-grained, greyish-brown ebony streaked with black Ebony from the Tropical Sri Lankan Coromandel tree). It is 35 ½” overall in its scabbard. The heavy duty slim square blade is 27 ½” in length tapering to a needle sharp point. The blade is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. There are no manufacturer or retailer marks on this Sword Stick. The handle of the sword stick has a German silver collar and ferrule. The scabbard has a German silver throat mount and brass end cap. Price for this attractive antique Sword stick includes UK delivery. Sn 13646

MINT, Boxed, 1980’s West Germany FB Record (BARTHELMS, FRITZ) Record Jumbo .177 Calibre 'Top Lever' Air Pistol With Accessories. Sn 13655 - 13655
The Company FB Record was founded by Fritz Barthelms in 1948. Production of airguns began in the late 1960s. In the 1980s, the Record brand began to include more substantial and interesting air pistols. The strangely named Jumbo features one of the most interesting mechanisms in the airgun field, a very compact concentric piston design with 'top lever' cocking action. This is a near mint fully functioning example of the Record Jumbo. Its metal work retains its original finish. Its wood grips are undamaged. The pistol is crisply marked by the manufacturer 'FB Record', 'Cal .177) and 'Made In West Germany'. It is serial number 15459. The pistol has a safety catch to the left side of the frame and it loads and fires perfectly. The pistol is complete with its original green cardboard box sleeve with’ FB Record Jumbo’ detail and contoured polysteyrine box with removable lid which snugly fits the pistol. Also included is the pistol’s original illustrated instruction pamphlet, wire cleaning brush and a Gamo 500 Mod. Match pellet tin which contains a quantity of .177 calibre lead target pellets. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale and delivery of this item. Sn 13655

***SOLD***SOLD*** MATCHING NUMBERS, Original, WW2 Japanese NCO's Type 95 Katana With Tokyo 1st Arsenal ‘To’ Mark & Kokura Arsenal Mark & Scabbard With Leather Field Combat Cover. Sn 13673 - 13673
This is an original WW2 Japanese NCO's Katana and scabbard with field combat cover. The sword has the typical brown painted alloy cast handle with lanyard ring and fully functioning scabbard retaining clip. The handle retains much of its original paint. Its fullered, 26 ½” blade is crisply stamped '97538' on one side of the blade near to the fuller (Tokyo 1st Arsenal blades were stamped in this manner as opposed to the back edge of the blade in other Arsenal examples). The hilt is stamped with Tokyo 1st Arsenal ‘To’ inspection mark and Kokura Arsenal combined 4 cannon balls mark (see pages 186 and 189 of Swords Of Imperial Japan by Dawson). It is complete with its original scabbard which has a single hanging ring. The throat of the scabbard is stamped with matching number ‘97538’. The scabbard has its original full length leather field combat cover. The throat of the scabbard is laced. This piece is clearly a bring back, surrendered or recovered from the battlefield. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13673

WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Kai-Gunto Sword With Naval ‘Sun Ray’ Tsuba , Signed Tang ‘Mihara Yoshiteru’ (Mihara- City Founded in 1936 in Hiroshima Prefecture) & Lacquered Wood Scabbard With Brass Naval Mounts. Sn 13688 - 13688
This is an excellent, original WW2 Japanese Naval Officers Kai-Gunto sword & scabbard. The sword has a fully bound Tsuka with gided copper Naval fuchi-kashira & 3 cherry blossom menuki each stippled & moulded/chiselled in high relief. The outer bottom of the fuchi (collar) has 3 characters stamped in it & the corresponding base of the handle has 2 on each side. It has oval blued flat tsuba with “& 30” stamped on one side. The 4 small seppa & the 2 large seppa have “& 30” stamped into their rear. It has silvered copper habaki and it has a brown cloth tassel loop. It has Naval ‘Sun Ray’ design on 2 of the hilt fittings. The tang is crisply marked on one side with 4 Japanese script characters ‘Mihara Yoshiteru’ (Mihara is a City founded in 1936 in Hiroshima Prefecture). On the same side is a small indistinct arsenal stamp of a Japanese character where the tang becomes the blade. The 26” oil quenched blade is excellent with original polish and typical ‘Wave’ hamon. The blade is razor sharp. The sword is carried in its original lacquered wood scabbard with brass Naval mounts and 2 hanging rings. The lacquered surface of the scabbard has small areas of surface wear consistent with age and service use, this does not detract from the attractiveness of the piece. Price for this excellent Naval sword with signed tang includes UK delivery. Sn 13688

***SOLD***SOLD*** SCARCE, French Brevete SGDG Hotchkiss 7.92mm Calibre Strip Feed Light Machine Gun Turkish 1922 Contract With Bi Pod. Sn 13689 - 13689
A very scarce French manufactured Hotchkiss strip feed Light Machine Gun made for the Turkish Government in 1922. All metal work and wood furniture is excellent & original. The frame is marked with Turkish script and crest indicating that it was made in France and supplied to the Turkish Government as part of Contract in 1922. The side of the frame is crisply marked 'Brevete S.G.D.G No.3293' (illustrated). It is fitted with bipod, forward wooden grip handle, folding steel butt plate / shoulder support & swivelling wood carry handle. The weapon strips, cocks and dry fires as it should. These are scarce weapons, rarely found on the collector's market. Price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. D 13689

RARE, 1914- 1924 American Harrison & Richardson Arms Company 1907 & 1909 Patent .32 Calibre Self Loading Pistol (Webley .32 Semi Auto). Sn 13690 - 13690
In 1905, the famous British revolver-making firm of P. Webley & Scott introduced a series of blowback-operated pistols in .25 and .32 calibers that were designed by William Whiting. The .32 model was adopted by a number of police departments in Great Britain and throughout the empire. After negotiations with Webley in 1909, H&R obtained a license to produce the British firm’s pistols for sale in North America, and in 1912, H&R introduced the Harrington & Richardson .25 Caliber Self-Loading Pistol. While the .25-caliber pistol was almost identical to the Webley design, H&R’s engineers, with the assistance of Whiting, decided that some improvements would make the larger caliber model more attractive to American buyers. First, they substituted a simple internal striker mechanism for the Webley’s cumbersome, external hammer. This provided a smoother, snag-free exterior and also did away with the heavy hammer spring, which made retracting the slide to chamber a round much easier. Also added was a grip safety that blocked movement of the firing pin unless it was fully depressed. In 1914 the Harrington & Richardson .32 Calibre Self-Loading Pistol was released on the market. It possessed the slab-sided, squared-off silhouette; sharp grip-to-frame angle; and exposed barrel common to the Webley semi auto pistols. The pistol had a 3.5-inch barrel and measured 6.5 inches overall. It weighed 20 ounces unloaded. Grips were hard rubber. Manufacture of the .32 pistol continued until 1924, with approximately 40,000 units being produced. During World War II, the U.S. government obtained numbers of nonstandard handguns, and a small number of H&R pistols were among them. According to Dutch arms expert Bas Martens, in 1941, the Koninlijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger (KNIL)–the military forces in the Dutch East Indies–obtained a quantity that were issued as the 7.65mm Pistool H&R. The Dutch national police used others in the postwar years. This is a rare, original H&R (Webley) .32 Calibre Automatic Pistol. It has the correct internal hammer & correct hard rubber chequered grips with embossed combined ‘HR’ roundel grips which are undamaged. The pistol is in very nice original and complete condition. It has a 'v' groove rear sight and a blade foresight. The 8 round magazine is released by pressing a button on the bottom of the frame between the grips, this operates as it should. On the left side of the receiver it has ‘H&R Self Loading Calber .32’ along with number ‘27910’ and ‘Safe’ above the frame mounted safety catch lever. The right side is stamped with Harrison & Richardson Arms Co address and Patent detail (all illustrated). The pistol strips, cocks and dry fires. It is complete with a de-activation certificate and the price includes UK delivery. Sn 13690
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