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WW1 British MK II 1918 Pattern Brodie Trench Helmet With Brodie Ink Stamped Sweat Band & Chin Strap. Sn 16183 - 16183
An original WW1 MK II 1918 Pattern British Brodie Steel helmet. It has its original textured olive paint & just a few shallow small dents consistent with age and service use. It has its correct small central copper rivet at the crown and chinstrap bales attached with correct split pins. It is fitted with its original black oilcloth liner with red ink 'Brodie' manufacturer's stamp. The inner rim is stamped ‘HS 76’. It has its original brown leather chinstrap with buckle. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16183

INERT DEACTIVATED. British 20 Pounder Tank Gun (84x618R) Unfired Brass Cartridge Case. O 1451 - O 1451
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is an unfired brass cartridge case for the British 20 pounder tank gun (84x618R) fitted to the British Centurion tank in 1948 and was used until it was replaced by the 105mm L7 gun developed in Britain which used the same mountings as the 20 pounder gun, thereby up gunning the tank without too much redesign. The 105mm L7 gun used a necked up 20 pounder cartridge case. This cartridge case is headstamped 20Pr Mk1 LOT 20 RLB (Royal Laboratories) 1956 (date of manufacture) and a crowfoot. No licence is required to possess this cartridge case in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Price includes UK delivery. O 1451

SOLD SOLD (20/05) C1750 –C1800 British Land Pattern Socket Bayonet. BAYO 405 - BAYO 405
There were many variations of this pattern of bayonet. This is a nice early, original, British Land Pattern socket bayonet dating to around C1750-C1800 (see Skennerton item B46 pages 32-41). It has a 15.75” Tri-form blade which is straight and clean. It measures 20.5” overall length and has a muzzle ring diameter of 24.8mm. The blade has a small ‘x’ inspection mark. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 405

U.S. Army Model 1873 Socket Bayonet For Springfield Trapdoor Infantry Rifles. BAYO 406 - BAYO 406
This is an excellent, original, U.S. Army Model 1873 Socket Bayonet For Springfield Trapdoor Infantry Rifles This model of bayonet was the last to be adopted as standard issue by U.S. Forces (see White & Watts item No 909 Pages 410 & 430). It has a 18" Tri-form blade which is straight and has just light staining. It measures 20.875” overall length. There are no visible markings on the blade. The socket is complete with locking ring. The bayonet’s muzzle ring diameter is 19.5 mm. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 406

C1770 British Land Pattern Socket Bayonet. BAYO 407 - BAYO 407
There were many variations of this pattern of bayonet. This is a nice, original, British Land Pattern socket bayonet dating to around C1770 (see Skennerton item B46 pages 32-41). It has a 17” Tri-form blade which is straight and clean. It measures 21.8” overall length and has a muzzle ring diameter of 24.8mm. The blade has small ‘Crown over 5’ & ‘*’ inspection marks typical of the C1770 period. The price includes UK delivery. BAYO 407

1921 B.S.A. Standard No. 1 Model (Aka 'L' Or Light/ Ladies Model) .177 Calibre Under Lever Air Rifle. Sn 16244 - 16244
This is a very good B.S.A. Standard No. 1 Model 177 calibre, under lever air rifle. Also known as the 'L' or Ladies/ Light model it measures 39 ½” overall with a 17" rifled barrel. It’s original wood stock has chequered panels at the pistol grip and has just the bumps and bruises to be expected with age and use. It has a ribbed butt with trap. The stock is mounted with a void white metal shield, applied at some point in its life. The rifle has a blade fore sight and adjustable dial rear sight. The metal work is undamaged with original blue finish and is crisply stamped with the correct 'L' prefix serial number on the trigger block 'L16233' which dates it to1921 (see page 27 of the Collectors Guide to Air Rifles By Hiller). The loading port is correctly marked ‘Load 1’. It loads and fires as it should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 16244

Boxed, Post 1992 Crosman USA H9A Series /Benjamin HB22 Single Shot .22 Calibre Pneumatic Pump Action Air Pistol With Original Illustrated Owner’s Manual, Sections Of Original Crosman / Benjamin cardboard Box & A Selection Of .22 & .177 Calibre Sporting - AI 679
The American Benjamin company was started by Walther Benjamin in 1899. In 1977, the Benjamin co, bought the Sheridan Co and in February 1992 Crosman bought the Benjamin Company. Crosman re-designated some models of Benjamin and Sheridan air weapons with their own model numbers as with our example which is a Benjamin Model HB22 produced by Crosman post 1992 using the Benjamin name but re-designated as the H9A Series. This cased example is in excellent condition. The pistol is Pneumatic Pump Action. The air chamber is charged by multiple strokes of the underlever pump action and a pellet loaded into the barrel at a port with bolt in the top of the barrel. The power of the air pistol is increased by the number of pumps.The pistol has a safety catch button on the grip frame. The pistol has all of its original blue finish, Crosman USA manufacturer’s address, model and calibre detail (all illustrated). The pistol is serial number 612403308. It has its original undamaged American hard wood grips, adjustable rear sight and blade fore sight. The bore of its 9 ½” barrel is clean with crisp rifling. The pistol is 12 ¼” overall length. It’s loading and firing actions work as they should. The pistol comes in the alloy carry case in which it was found. The foam lined case has a hinged lid, padded carry handle & integral combination lock. The case contains sections of the air pistol’s original Crosman / Benjamin retail cardboard box, original owner’s illustrated instruction manual, a plastic Prometheus pellet box containing a quantity of Prometheus plastic jacketed lead pellets. Also found in the case and included is an H&N Sport sampler set with 6 individual plastic tubes containing quantities of copper and lead .177 calibre air gun pellets (Crow Magnum, Silver Point, Baracuda Power, Baracuda Hunter, Field Target Trophy, Field Target Trophy Green). All original packaging of the sampler set is present but has at some point in its life been opened and re-sealed. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 air weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. AI 679

Cased, 1970’s Polish Predom Lucznik .177 calibre Air Pistol (Walther LP 53) & Accessories. AI 680 - AI 680
Lucznik is a Polish gun factory making military weapons. In the 1970s and ’80s, they also made a single-shot pellet pistol that was that was similar in design to the famous German Walther LP53 (see page 141 of the ‘ The Collectors Guide To Air Pistols by Hiller). The Predom is a .177 calibre break barrel that cocks in a very strange way. The piston is located vertically in the pistol grip and upon firing, springs upward. Our cased example is in very good condition and retains all of its original blue finish. It has the correct black plastic chequered wrap around grips. The frame is crisply marked with manufacturer and model detail together with 1970 & 1973 dates date (all illustrated). It loads cocks and fires perfectly with a strong spring action.It is complete with wood carry case which has a leather carry handle, hinged lid and clasp fasteners. The case is lined with red felt and contoured to fit the pistol and accessories. The case contains the pistol’s original wood cocking aid, Copy of illustrated parts diagram & a BSA Pylarm pellet tin which contains a small quantity of lead pellets. The price for this cased pistol includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Bill apply to the sale and delivery of this item. AI 680

1960’s-1970’s American Made Diana G10 .177 Calibre 20 BB Repeater Air Pistol With Original Instructions. AI 681 - AI 681
Having the same styling as a full size iconic U.S. army Colt 1911 Government Semi Auto Pistol, these Diana G 10, 20 shot repeater air pistols were popular with young shooters in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Although relatively easy to find without box they are rare to find boxed. Our boxed example of the G 10 is in very good condition. The pistol has a loading block / magazine at the muzzle end of the frame which is raised by depression of a button at the front of the muzzle block to allow loading of metal BB’s. The pistol is cocked for firing by pulling back the slide until it locks then manually pushing back into place. The pistol can then fire a single shot & the process repeated until the magazine is empty. The frame has a steel safety catch button. The blued metal frame with cast chequered grips is undamaged. It has fixed sights. The frame has manufacturer & calibre detail (all illustrated). It's loading & firing action work as they should. The pistol measures 9” overall length. The pistol comes with its original illustrated instruction leaflet. The pistol and leaflet are contained in the pistol's original colourful cardboard box with removable lid. The box bears the Diana name and Air pistol imagery. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Weapon the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act regarding sale & delivery apply to this item. AI 681

Victorian British Naval Bosun’s ‘Press Gang’ Cord Bound Cosh With Integral Weighted Ends & Metal Horse Head Embossed Caps. MISC 875 - MISC 875
This is an original, Victorian era cosh in the form used by Royal Navy Press gangs when ‘pressing’ men into Naval service. Those resisting ‘the press’ would often face assault and restraint to enforce their ‘recruitment’. The cosh is tightly bound in waxed or lacquered cord. The cosh measures 11 ½” length. The shaft has weighted ‘club’ head ends which double as pommel ends for striking and to assist grip. Each end has a stepped metal discs with embossed Horse’s heads which are 1.5cm diameter. The price for this unusual piece includes UK delivery. MISC 875

RARE, WW2 Era Early Nazi German 1934 Pattern Luftwaffe Officer's 'Fliegerschwert' Sword By David Malsch Steinbach, Scabbard & Rare To Find 1936 DRGM Marked Double Hangers By Schs & Heisselberg Hamburg & L.B.A (Nazi Air Force Uniform Office Mark). Sn 16259 - 16259
This is a very good, rare to find, original, Nazi German Luftwaffe Officer's 'Fliegerschwert' Sword And Scabbard with rare to find double hangers. This 1934 Pattern sword has a nickel plated cross guard in the form of ‘wings’ and pommel with stylised Swastikas. The handle is blue leather bound with correct wire binding . The Sword's double edged blade with partial fullers is 28 ½” length (36" overall) and is crisply marked by the manufacturer David Malsch Steinbach together with trademark and early Luftwaffe stylised Eagle acceptance mark.The hilt is fitted with original leather washer. The sword is complete with its original blue leather bound scabbard which has its original 2 hanging rings fitted with blue leather tab hanger with alloy hanging bar & 2nd tab hanger with sprung nickel plated clips. One clip is DRGM (Quality assurance) marked. The leather of the tab is impressed by the manufacturer ‘Schs & Heisselberg Hamburg’ and dated ‘1936’. It is also impressed ‘L.B.A’ which is The Luftwaffenbekleidungsamt /Nazi Air Force Uniform Office Mark. The price includes UK delivery. As with all of our stock this item is guaranteed 100% original. Sn 16259

1937 Nazi German & Into WW2, Rural Police Shako By Hans Romer. Sn 16256 - 16256
This is a very good, original Nazi Rural Police Shako. The Shako has a green felt covering with a pair of wire mesh vents on either side. The felt has just a few minor areas of wear but is clean. It has an impressive, large stamped aluminum Nazi Police Eagle with swastika and Oak leaf wreath on the front along with a detachable metal cockade with traces of original black & red paint. It has a brown leather chinstrap and it's swivel chin strap bales are present. It has a brown flat top, visor and neck protector. It is complete with its brown leather sweatband. The sweatband is clean & nicely ink stamped on the inside with size '59' (approx UK size 7). And by the manufacturer ‘Hans Romer’. It is also dated ‘1937’ (all illustrated). Price includes UK delivery. Sn 16256
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