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RARE, 1st Pattern WW2 Nazi German Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger With Heavy Nickel Plated Fittings By Gebr Heller Marienthal And Scabbard With Hanging Chains And Clasp. Sn 13594 - 13594
The Luftwaffe came into existence in 1935. Luftwaffe Officers were authorised to wear the 1934 Pattern 'Fliegerdolch' flier's dagger (see page 124 of Daggers Swords & bayonets Of The Third Reich By Stephens). This is an excellent 1st pattern WW2 Luftwaffe Officers dagger with correct heavy nickel plated fittings, scabbard and chains. The dagger has dark blue leather grips with all binding wires present and tight. It has the correct Swastika pommel and stylised winged cross guard also with Swastika. The Swastikas retain their original gilt finish. It has an undamaged 12"dagger blade with remnants of its original leather hilt washer. The blade has just light staining consistent with age and service use. The blade is marked by the manufacturer Gebr Heller with address, trade mark and correct Luftwaffe stylised Eagle inspection mark (all illustrated). Its original steel scabbard covered with dark blue leather with nickel plated chape and locket is in similar excellent condition. The scabbard is fitted with original hanging chains and sprung clasp. Price for this rare Luftwaffe piece includes UK delivery. Sn 13594

VERY RARE, Original Silver Plated Nazi German Condor Legion (Spanish Civil War) Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft Flak Battery Commemorative Plaque To Unit ‘8F.88’ With Inscription In German ‘Condor Legion Fight Against Bolshevism Spain1936-1938' - 13674
The Condor Legion was a Nazi unit composed of military personnel from the Nazi German Luftwaffe and Heer (Army) which served with the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War of July 1936 to March 1939. The Condor Legion developed methods of terror bombing which were used widely in the Second World War shortly afterwards. The bombing of Guernica was the most infamous operation carried out by the Condor Legion. Hugo Sperrle commanded the unit's aircraft formations and Wilhelm Ritter von Thoma commanded the ground element. This is an original commemorative plaque to a Luftwaffe AA Artillery Unit of the Condor Legion. The wooden plaque measures 11 ¾” x 9 ½” x ½”. It is fitted with silver plated copper embossed plate featuring the map of Spain overlaid with a Flak 88 gun, below a banner ‘ Legion Condor’. In between the words is a contemporarily engraved Unit number ‘8F.88’. The plaque also has the Luftwaffe Eagle with Swastika and below the Flak gun is the inscription ‘In Kampfgegen Den Bolschewismus Spanien1936-1938’ (Condor Legion Fight Against Bolshevism Spain1936-1938). The bottom edge of the plate is signed by the maker ‘Otto B Lobig-Cartagena (a city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain). The rear of the plaque has steel ring for wall hanging. Price for this very rare plaque includes UK delivery. Sn 13674

WW1 Era British Royal Navy Leather, Cork & Canvas Cordite Charge Carrier. Sn 13595 - 13595
An excellent original Brown leather Royal Navy cordite charge carrier. Constructed of Leather, cork and canvas, these types of carrier were used by the Royal Navy prior to, during and after WW1 to carry the cordite charges for Naval guns. The front has colourful complete Kings Crown Heraldic Arms Of Great Britain. It has a complete canvas lining and heavy duty leather carry handle. It measures 13 ½” height & 6" base diameter. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13595

QUALITY, Gentleman’s Cherry Wood Sword Stick By Swaine Brigg London With Etched Blade & Sterling Silver Ferrule. Sn 13643 - 13643
This is an excellent, quality made sword stick. Made of Cherry Wood, it is 37 ½” overall in its scabbard. The pristine single edged blade is 24 ½” in length tapering to a needle sharp point. The blade is beautifully etched with foliate strap work on both sides and on one side with the maker’s name ‘Swaine Brigg London’ near to the hilt. The handle has a sterling silver hallmarked ferrule. The blade fits snugly into its scabbard which has a German Silver throat mount and brass end cap. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13643

SOLD SOLD SOLD Victorian Gentleman’s Mallaca Sword Stick With Sterling Silver Hall Marked Collar ‘Chester 1889’, Monogram & Etched Blade, Stag Horn Handle & Scabbard. Sn 13645 - 13645
This is an attractive Victorian presentation Sword Stick. The Curved stag horn handle has a large ¾” length silver hallmarked collar ‘Chester 1889’ which is engraved with a stylised monogram and hallmarked ferrule (mark indistinct). It has a 24 ¾” long blade etched on both sides with foliate panels and measures 34” overall length in its scabbard. The blade has natural aged staining consistent with age. The blade tapers to a pin sharp point. The scabbard has a conical brass end cap and brass throat mount. Price for this attractive Victorian piece includes UK delivery. Sn 13645

Victorian 'Pine Cone' Design Copper and Brass Powder Flask By G. & J.W. Hawksley. Sn 13532 - 13532
An original Victorian copper and brass powder flask with an overall 'pine cone' design. It is in excellent condition and free of dents and with the seams in perfect condition. The neck has an external thumb spring which operates smoothly as it should. The brass collar retains the original screws. The neck is nicely stamped with the manufacturers name "G. & J.W. Hawksley" (A Sheffield maker from 71-75 Carver Street and appears in directories from 1876, see 'The Powder Flask Book' by Ray Riling, pages 114 and 297 fig 414) and it has four adjustable dram settings "2 1/4, 2 1/2, 2 3/4, 3". It measures from the top of the neck to the bottom 8". It is in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13532

Small Victorian Copper & Brass 'Bag' Plain Powder Flask With Ring Attachment For Pistol Shooters Of The Percussion Era. Sn 13534 - 13534
A small Victorian 'Bag' plain powder flask with a ring attachment. This small powder flask only measures 4 1/2" from the top of the neck to the bottom. It is in perfect unmarked condition, free of any dents and damage. Small flasks have over the years been erroneously considered to be priming flask but with a ring attachment were in fact used with a cord attached for handy accessibility by pistol shooters of the percussion era. (see Pages 272 & 274 Fig 152 of 'The Powder Flask Book' by Ray Riling.) The flask is in excellent condition. It has an adjustable three position neck which adjusts smoothly. It has an external thumb spring which operates smoothly. The collar retains the original screws. It has a brass ring on the base. The flask seams are in perfect undamaged condition. The flask has a very nice patina. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13534

Victorian 'Plain' Small Copper and Brass Powder Flask. Sn 13533 - 13533
An original Victorian copper and brass plain powder flask. It is in excellent condition and has just one pin point dent on one side. The seams are in perfect condition. The neck has an external thumb spring which operates smoothly as it should. The brass collar retains the original brass rivets. (see 'The Powder Flask Book' by Ray Riling, pages 271 and 275 fig 174). It measures from the top of the neck to the bottom 5 1/4". It is in excellent condition. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13533

An Original H.M.S.O. Book Dated 1914 "A Handbook Of The 3" Q.F. Gun. Land Service." Withdrawn Stock From The Imperial War Museum. BO 303 - BO 303
This is an official H.M.S.O. book dated 1914 and has come from withdrawn stock of the Imperial War Museum Library. The volume covers all aspects of the gun including the gun itself, mounting, sighting and ammunition. It is fully illustrated with detailed drawings and exploded diagrams. There are also neat handwritten notes in the text and the front and rear endpapers carry an oval rubber stamp with 'No 17 Company Royal Garrison Artillery'. There is also the same rubber stamp on the front cover with an ink inscription "Rec'd 9/10/14' Unusually this copy also has stiff board covers instead of the usual paper ones. The price includes UK delivery. BO 303

British WW1 1918 MK IX Brass Trench Periscope By R & J Beck Ltd With Screw off Wood Handle. Sn 13683 - 13683
An excellent British WW1 Brass Trench Periscope. The scope measures 23" overall and has a screw off 9" contoured wood handle with brass ferrule. It has an adjustable brass eyepiece which screws out to focus and all optics function as they should. The frame is stamped and dated by the manufacturer "Periscope MK IX 1918 R&J Beck Ltd No 27140". Richard Beck and his brother Joseph Beck were both London apprentices in the mid 1800's. Smith Beck & Beck was established in 1865, and became R & J Beck Ltd in 1894. The Beck brothers were highly skilled instrument makers, and soon became known as one of the leading makers of microscopes, before adding telescopes and lenses to their accomplishments. By the end of the 1880s they had more than doubled their capacity to meet the demands of the home and overseas market. Beck used the trade name Cornex, taken from their address at Corn Hill, London. The brass scope retains about 90% of it's original brown paint. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13683

British WW1 1915 Webley MK III Brass 1" Calibre Trench / Signal Flare Pistol. D 1441 - D 1441
An original British WW1 1915 MK III Brass Trench / Signal Flare Pistol By Webley & Scott Ltd. The pistol is fitted with undamaged slab wood grips. The pistol cocks and dry fires perfectly and has excellent, clearly defined Webley manufacturer's name, model and War Department inspection stamps on the left side of its frame together with "Webley & Scott Ltd London & Birmingham 15(1915) III" and the War Department 'Broad Arrow. It also has serial number 15538" together with Webley Winged Bullet on the right side of its frame. The pistol is complete with military lanyard ring. The price includes deactivation certificate and UK delivery. D 1441

Victorian British Police West Ridings Constabulary Cutlass / Hanger With Leather Scabbard. POL 400 - POL 400
This is a very good original Victorian Police Hanger and scabbard. It has a 24” blade with pronounced curve and fuller with sharpened back edge point. The blade is clean and has a sprung rear scabbard release button at the ricasso to prevent it being pulled out by an attacker. The blade is unmarked by any stamps. Its Shagreen handle is in good order and it has a steel single bar hand guard and downturn quillon. It has a steel pommel. The overall length of the sword is 29 1/2” and it locks firmly into the scabbard. Its black leather scabbard is in nice undamaged condition with steel mounts. The upper mount has a steel locket which is nicely stamped with "WRC" (West Ridings Constabulary) and also has an oval frog stud. The price includes UK delivery. POL 400
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