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WW2 Shin Gunto Japanese Army Officer's Sword With Signed Tang ‘NOSHU SEKI NO JUNIN 23rd GEN FUJIWARA KANEFUSA MADE’ Emperor Hirohito Mark, 1934 Pattern Mounts With Matching Numbers ‘118’, Azai Clan Silver Family Mon, Tasselled Cord & Scabbard - 15310
This is an excellent original WW2 Japanese Officers sword and scabbard . The sword has a fish skin handle bound with cord. It has its original 1934 pattern copper and brass fittings and floral Menuki. It has all matching assembly numbers ‘118’ to the seppa tsuba, fushi on the tsuka. The pommel has a silver family mon badge of the Azai clan (Azai Nagamasa was a Daimyo during the sengoku period. His clan were located in Northern Omi province). The lanyard ring is fitted with an original period Japanese army Officers blue and brown tasselled cord. The tang is signed on one side with Japanese script characters ‘NOSHU SEKI NO JUNIN 23rd GEN FUJIWARA KANEFUSA’ & Showa stamp of Emperor Hirohito (Kanefusa’s born name was Kato Koichi and worked in the Seki (mino / modern gifu prefecture). He won numerous awards in sword exhibitions and was ranked 1st seat (National Swordsmith) in the 6th exhibition of swords 1941. He was ranked Kibin No Retsu in 1942. Many of his blades are signed as prize winning blades (see Oshigata Book Of Modern Japanese Swordsmiths 1868-1945 by Slough). The blade is 27 ¼” length (38” overall). The blade is as found and unmessed with. It has no damage and has gunome hamon. The blade has small areas of staining consistent with age and would benefit from professional cleaning. The sword is carried in its wood scabbard with single hanging ring and ornate brass mounts. The throat mount has rare patent markings (for identical marks see Fuller & Gregory’s Japanese Military & Civil Swords & Dirks page 66 figure 12). The scabbard has its original leather field combat cover laced at the throat and original brass shoe drag (see similar in Fuller & Gregory page 70 plate 93). The price for this nicely marked Japanese sword by a prize winning swordsmith includes UK delivery. Sn 15310

Original Large Framed, American WW2 1940-1944 Colour Lithograph ‘Belgium Fights On’ Propaganda / Recruitment Poster By The Belgian Artist R. Sturbelle Published By The Belgian Information Center New York USA. Sn 15182 - 15182
After the German occupation of Belgium in May 1940, a Belgian Government in Exile was set up in London, while in 1942 the Belgian League was established to organise resistance to the Germans. The purpose of this poster was to encourage support within America for the Belgian resistance cause. In the diagonal sweep of the composition, the image of the bound prisoners facing the German firing squad is counteracted by the avenging Belgian soldier and the thrust of the fighter aircraft. The artwork was by R. Sturbelle, whose name suggests he was himself Belgian and the posters were published between 1940 & 1944 by the American Belgian Information Center, New York. The Colour lithograph paper poster retains all of its original vivid colour and has no staining or damage. The composition comprises a cluster of four bound prisoners in the upper left corner before a firing squad of helmeted soldiers who stand on the diagonal at the right. The central image shows three war planes flying in formation. In the lower centre, printed in full colour, is a charging soldier thrusting his bayonet, seen from above. Large red type is printed across three lines: "Belgium Fights On". The signature of the artist “R. Sturbelle” is printed in grey in upper right corner. “Published by the Belgian Information Center 630 Fifth Street New York City” is printed in black across the lower margin of the poster together with a small printed Union Registration mark. The poster is mounted in a later dark wood frame with clear laminate plastic window. The poster in its frame measures 32” x 26” x ½” and the rear is mounted with cord for wall hanging. NB. Due to the fragile nature of this piece it is only available with frame within the UK and delivery/ collection will be by arrangement. Sn 15182

RARE, 1930-1935 1st Type Webley Senior .177 Calibre Air Pistol With Straight Grips. Sn 14952 - 14952
This is a rare 1st type Webley Senior .177 Calibre Air pistol. These pistols were made between 1930 & 1935 (see page 214 of Hiller's book The Collector's Guide To Air Pistols). It is undamaged with original finish and black grips with Webley signature roundels. The left side of the cylinder is stamped 'The Webley Senior Made In England' together with British & International Patents. The right side is stamped 'Webley & Scott Ltd, Birmingham and with Webley International Patents'. The forward barrel block is stamped 'S.177' (calibre). The left side of the frame is stamped serial number 'S4942' & the front of the cylinder stamped with matching number '942'. It has a blade foresight & adjustable rear sight and it cocks and fires perfectly with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 Air Pistol the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. Sn 14952

Post 1958 ‘The Webley Mark 1’ .22 Calibre Air Pistol. AI 653 - AI 653
This is a good 'The Webley Mark 1 Air Pistol'. These pistols were manufactured at the Webley Birmingham 4 factory Post WW2 To 1958. Production continued at their Handsworth factory into the 1960's (see pages 71 to 73 of Bruce's book Webley Air Pistols). It has all original metal work with original finish which has areas of light pitting and wear consistent with age and use. It has undamaged black chequered grips. The left side of the cylinder is stamped 'The Webley Mark 1 Made In England'. The left side also has the correct oil hole marked 'Oil' with arrow indicator. The right side of the cylinder is marked 'Webley & Scott Ltd Birmingham' ( the Birmingham 4 post code was removed after 1958) together with Webley Patents. It has an adjustable rear sight & the barrel strap beneath the blade fore sight is stamped 'MK 1 .22' (calibre). The frame is stamped with serial number ‘52887’. The front of the cylinder is stamped with matching serial number '887'. The pistol cocks and fires with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 air weapon, the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. AI 653

Spanish Cometa ‘Indian’ .177 Calibre Lever Action Single Shot Air Pistol. AI 654 - AI 654
These air pistols are made by the Spanish arms company Cometa. The modern military look pistol has a large blued alloy and steel frame. It measures 11” overall length and has undamaged composite grips. The cocking lever is marked with model and calibre detail and the air cylinder has serial numbers (all illustrated). It has a blade fore sight and block rear sight. To cock the Indian, first push on the safety catch, then holding the grip firmly with the right hand, take hold of the cocking arm with the left, and pull up and round in a sweeping arc until the trigger engages, holding back the piston. Now return the lever all the way back and let it drop down into its main rest position. The pop out breech tray will automatically be exposed at the rear of the action, and a pellet can be gently nudged into place in the loading groove. Close the breech, and finally nudge off the safety catch, the pistol is then ready to fire. The pistol’s loading and firing mechanism works correctly with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. NB As a post 1939 air weapon, the restrictions of the Crime Reduction Act apply to the sale & delivery of this item. AI 654

VERY RARE, 1932-1934 1st Type Webley Service MK II .22 Calibre Air Rifle With All Correct 1st Type Features. Sn 15286 - 15286
This is an excellent original early 1930’s 1st Type Webley Service Mark II Air Rifle in .22 Calibre. These rifles also known as the 'Spring Clip Service' due to the flat spring barrel retention clip were introduced in 1932 and produced until introduction of the 2nd Type MK II C1934 (See Chapter 2 of Thrale's book Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005). The trigger guard of the rifle is stamped with serial number ‘S 502’. The weapon is stamped with Patent & model detail, the Webley ‘winged bullet’ logo and Webley address. The barrel is stamped '.22 Calibre'. It has its original undamaged wood stock with chequered wrist & ribbed horn butt plate. It has it's original correct 1st type, flat spring retaining catch, 2 leaf folding sight, 1st type flip up rear sight, safety catch and has a ramp blade fore sight. The rifle loads and fires as it should with a strong spring action. The price for this very rare 1st type rifle includes UK delivery. Sn 15286

1930's Pre-War German Militia .177 Calibre, Break Action Air Rifle Sn 15287 - 15287
This good .177 calibre German Militia air rifle was made a variety of German manufacturer's in the 1930's on the run up to WW2. It has all original metal with even patina & woodwork which has just the knocks bumps and bruises to be expected with age and use. This air rifle has no manufacturer or model marks but has a distinctive breech locking catch which is similar to the one used on the British Greener air rifle. The weapon fires with a strong spring action. It has a 19 ½” barrel and measures 43” overall length. The barrel and air cylinder have matching numbers ‘1104/04’ It has a blade foresight, adjustable rear sight &, steel butt plate. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15287

Crimean War Era WEST YORKSHIRE MILITIA British 1854 Enfield Tower .600” Calibre 2 Band Percussion Rifle Regiment Marked ‘6 WYM 40’. Sn 15288 - 15288
This is a Victorian Enfield Tower rifle made in the Crimean War era. It measures 42” overall with a 26” barrel which is .600 calibre. The bore has crisp well defined rifling and just light staining consistent with age and use. The barrel has proof / inspection marks. It has all original full wood stock and metal work. The wood has just the bumps and bruises to be expected with age and service use. The stock is marked with WD arrow and number ‘2’. The stock has a single sling swivel. The blued steel action plate is crisply marked with Queens Crown ‘VR’ (Victoria Regina), Tower (Enfield) & dated ‘1854’. The rifle has a heavy military hammer, brass butt plate, brass trigger guard & steel barrel bands together with original steel ramrod. The butt plate tang is Regiment marked ‘6 WYM 40’ WEST YORKSHIRE MILITIA It has a flip up ladder rear sight and blade fore sight. It’s cocking and firing actions work correctly. The price for this rifle worthy of further research regarding the regiment mark includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion rifle no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15288

SOLD SOLD (11/05) VERY RARE, MATCHING NUMBERS, Cased, WW1 British WD Model 1918 Prismatic Prism Co London Blackened Brass & Steel Sniper Telescopic Sight With Leather Lens Covers & Later Parker Hale Sight Mounts. Sn 15290 - 15290
This is an excellent original very rare to find British WW1 Telescopic Sniper sight. These sights were used by British snipers mounted on SMLE No III MKI .303 calibre rifles. It is made of blackened steel & has a brass adjustment dial graduated from 1 to 10. It is nicely marked with WD & arrow mark above ‘1918 Model’ and by the manufacturer ‘Prismatic Prism Co (London)’ & has serial number ‘77026’ (all illustrated). The scope measures 9 ½” overall length and all optics are excellent including the post reticule. The scope has period brown leather lens cover caps joined by leather strap. It is complete with its original matching number leather trimmed waxed green canvas covered field carry case with riveted leather shoulder strap loops and removable lid with buckle and leather retaining strap. The body of the case has its original ink stamped serial number which matches the scope and was obviously issued with it ‘77026’. There is also a contemporary ink handwritten name and address no doubt a previous owner of the sight. The scope was found with later British Parker Hale scope mounts which are as new and are included with this piece. The price for this rare WW1 Snipers set includes UK delivery. Sn 15290

SOLD SOLD (09/05) British WD Army & Naval Officer’s Officer's Webley MK 1 IV .455/ .476 Calibre Service Revolver With 'Birds Head' Grips & Sam Brown Pattern Holster. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED** Sn 15324 - 15324
An official pattern of the Webley Mark 1 revolver was sealed on 8th November 1887 and officially approved for British military service on 31st January 1890. In 1889 the British Government ordered 10,000 Mark 1 revolvers for issue to the British Army & Navy (see pages 180 & 183 of Webley Revolvers by Bruce & Reinhart). This is an excellent, original example of the Webley MK 1 revolver. It has the correct 4" barrel and has even patina. The pistol has the correct 'Birds Head' shaped chequered panel vulcanite grips. The pistol has a ringed cylinder and blocked barrel. Deactivated to UK / EU specification the pistol cocks and dry fires correctly in both single and double action. The frame is crisply marked ‘Webley Patents MK I’ and with the Webley winged bullet trademark. The barrel is crisply marked ‘P.Webley & Son Birmingham’. The frame is stamped with calibre detail ‘.455/.476’ . The pistol is fitted with military lanyard ring and has a British WD arrow mark. It is serial number '34511'. The original brown Sam Browne pattern leather holster has a full flap cover with brass stud secured by a brown leather strap with eyelet on the body of the holster. The rear has an adjustable belt loop with brass press stud fastener. At some point in its life ‘WD with arrow’ has been lightly scratched into the surface of the belt loop. The holster is undamaged and all leather & stitching are intact. The revolver fits snugly into the holster. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 15324

Victorian British Tranter’s Patent .30 Calibre Five Shot Double Action Percussion Revolver With Spurless Hammer & Octagonal Barrel To Dr G. Lammert. Sn 15325 - 15325
This is an excellent, original, Tranter’s Patent 5 shot percussion revolver with spurless hammer. The weapon's double action firing mechanism work as it should and the cylinder can be removed for speed loading. The top of the frame is crisply inscribed ‘Dr G. Lammert’ no doubt the original owner of this pistol. Its walnut chequered grip is in excellent condition and has a stepped steel butt cap. It has ‘v’ notch plate rear sight and blade fore sight. The pistol’s 4” octagonal barrel has a clean bore with crisp well defined rifling. It measures 8 ¾” overall length. The pistol's metal work is undamaged has crisp foliate tooled decoration and all original finish. The price for this excellent percussion pistol includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15325

VERY RARE, TRANSITIONAL, Cased, Cogswell & Harrison London, Victorian C1860 Double Barrel, Over & Under .40 Calibre, Percussion Pistol With Revolving / Turn Over Barrel Block, Concealed Folding Trigger & Internal Firing Pin. Sn 15234 - 15234
Cogswell & Harrison are London’s oldest surviving Gunmaker. The company founded in 1770, has, for generations made quality fireams. This is an excellent cased transitional Victorian percussion pistol with revolving, over & under barrels. It's steel barrels are 3” in length (7 ¾” overall). Each barrel has small silver bead fore sights and the rear sight consists of a ‘v’ notch block which forms part of the action. Its steel action is undamaged with even patina throughout. The barrels have clean smooth bores. The action and barrel block near the breech have foliate tooled decoration. The top of the action within the foliate decoration is signed ‘T.Cogswell 224 Strand London’. The action has a transitional firing mechanism featuring a cocking lever which has the appearance of a traditional hammer but which actually cocks the weapon’s internal firing pin. It has a concealed trigger which folds out when the pistol is cocked. The barrel block turns over as it should and its firing mechanism works correctly. The pistol's Walnut grip with chequered panels and bulbous grooved butt is undamaged. The grip has an inlaid void silver escutcheon. The pistol is complete with its original walnut case. The case with hinged lid has its original lock & key. The lid and base of the case are reinforced with brass edges and corner panels. The centre of the lid has a void rectangular brass plate. The interior of the case is lined in green felt and has compartments contoured to snugly fit the pistol and its accessories which include a copper and brass powder flask, a steel bullet mould and a brass tipped wood ram / cleaning rod. The inside of the lid has an original Cogswell & Harrison trade label. The price for this quality made cased transitional pistol includes UK delivery. NB as an antique percussion weapon no licence is required to own these pistols in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15234
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