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SOLD (08/10) British Crimea War Medal Duo, Victorian 1862 Worcester Constabulary Ebonised Wood Decorated Police Truncheon All To William Charles Head Preece 2nd Dragoons (Scots Greys) Later Joined The Police, 2 Pairs Handcuffs & Many Research Docs. - 15719
Pre 1713 The Scottish , Royal North British Dragoons (North Britain then being the envisaged common name for Scotland), were already being referred to as the Scots Greys as they were mounted on grey horses . In 1713, they were renumbered the 2nd Dragoons . In 1877, their nickname was finally made official when they became the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys). The Regiment saw much action during the Crimea war. The Crimea Medal was a campaign medal approved on 15 December 1854, for issue to officers and men of British units (land and naval) which fought in the Crimean War of 1854–56 against Russia. The medal was awarded with the British version of the Turkish Crimea Medal. William Charles Head Preece served with the 2nd Dragoons in the Crimea war. On Leaving the Regiment he joined the Worcester Police Constabulary. This is his British Crimea War Medal With 3 clasps & British Issue Turkish Crimea War Duo, Victorian 1862 Worcester Constabulary Ebonised Wood Decorated Police Truncheon & 2 pairs of his Police issue handcuffs. The War Medal consists of a 36mm silver disk with, on the obverse, the diademed head of Queen Victoria and the legend VICTORIA REGINA with the date 1854 below. The reverse has a depiction of a standing Roman warrior about to receive a laurel crown from a flying figure of victory, the word CRIMEA appearing on the left. The medal is notable for its unusually ornate clasps. Each is in the form of an oak leaf with an acorn at each end, a style not used on any other British medal. The ornate, floriated, swiveling suspender is also unique to the Crimea Medal. The original ribbon is pale blue with yellow edges. The medal has 3 clasps Balaklava. For the battle of 25 October 1854. Inkerman. For the battle of 5 November 1854 & Sebastopol. For the siege that lasted from 11 September 1854 to 9 September 1855. The British issue Turkish Crimean War Medal was issued by Sultan Abdülmecid I of the Ottoman Empire to allied military personnel involved in the Crimean War of 1854–56. The obverse shows the Ottoman Sultan’s tughra with the Muslim calendar year of 1271 on all versions. The reverse depicts a cannon standing upon the Imperial Russian flag, with an anchor and a mortar. The four flags of the allies are to the rear. The inscription in the exergue reads "Crimea 1855" for British issue. The ribbon is watered and of dark crimson with green edges. As was common in the era the rims of both medals are privately inscribed, the war medal reads ‘W. Preece 2nd Dragn’s ‘, the Turkish Crimea medal ‘C.Preece 2nd Dragoons’ (the reason for the initial variance is not clear). The medals are mounted on a metal bar with pin. The Victorian Police Truncheon made of ebonised, the body is painted Black and the ribbed grip unpainted natural wood, all varnished. The body of the staff is hand decorated with Victorian Queen’s Crown, heraldic arms of the City Of Worcester and ‘November 28th 1862 W.C. Preece’ in vivid Gold, Red & Black. The truncheon measures 17” in length. Both pairs of period Police issue black iron handcuffs are fully functional and have their original screw keys, one is numbered stamped ‘37’, the other ‘59’. The collection is accompanied by many pages of original ancestral & Regiment research correspondence, printed internet sourced research & a CD titled ‘Crimea War Medal Roll 1854-1855 all of which were found with the collection. The price for collection worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 15719

SOLD**SOLD**11/10**WW2 1941 Dated, British WD Range Finder No.2 MK II With Shoulder Strap & Field Transit Case. Sn 15703:26 - 15703:26
This is a nice, original, fully functioning, WW2 Era 1941 Dated, British Military No.2 MK II WD Marked Range Finder. It has all of its original controls, instruction markings, folding metal carry / support handles, removable lens protector covers & webbing shoulder strap. It has identification plates which bear Patent & model detail and 1941 date together with WD arrow (illustrated). The body of the range finder retains its original green paint and it measures 110cms in length. It is complete with its original field transit case with hinged lid, webbing straps with buckle and carry handle. The case has even patina. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:26

British 1903 Pattern Volunteer / Militia Bayonet By Wilkinson & Land Pattern Brown Leather Scabbard With Integral Frog. Sn 15723 - 15723
This 1903 pattern bayonet was made by Wilkinson. The bayonet has a 12” polished steel blade with medial ridge. The ricasso is manufactuer marked ‘Wilkinson London’. The grips are wood held by 2 screw bolts. It has a blackened steel cross guard with muzzle ring and steel pommel with oil hole and sprung lug button. The land pattern scabbard is made of brown leather and has the correct integral frog and internal chape. There are no WD marks on the bayonet or scabbard indicating that this is a militia or volunteer piece. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15723

**SOLD**SOLD**4/10** RARE MAKER, Nazi German Luneschlos Solingen Kriegsmarine Dagger With Bullion Cord, Portepee & Scabbard. Sn 15727 - 15727
An original Nazi German Kriegsmarine Dagger with scabbard & cord with portepee. The blade is clean and the ricasso is crisply marked with the rare to find makers name and Logo 'P.D. Luneschlos Solingen'. It has the distinctive Kriegsmarine 'Eagle Pommel, ornate cross guard with scabbard retaining button that works as it should and correct brown hue resin grip with wire binding which is tight and secure. The top of the grip has a fine, stable stress crack on one side but is totally secure (can be seen in image 2). The dagger has its original bullion cord and portepee & is complete with original scabbard which is decorated with a 'hammered' and etched design. The scabbard has 2 hanging ring mounts with Oak leaf decoration. The mounts are fitted with original hanging rings. The price for this Kriegsmarine dagger by one of the rarer makers includes UK delivery. Sn 15727

Inter War, Nepalese Military Quality Kukri With 2 Skinning Knives & Original Ornately Carved Wood Scabbard (Not a Tourist Piece). Sn 15725 - 15725
An excellent Nepalese Kukri complete with scabbard and skinning knives The knife has a heavy12” steel curved single edged kukri blade. As is typical of the Kukri form blade it is 'notched' near to the hilt. The blade is clean sharp and undamaged. It measures 16 ½” overall. The handle is ribbed wood and it has a steel pommel plate. The scabbard made of 3 sections of tropical wood secured together by plaited leather binding. The front section of the scabbard is ornately decorated with hand carved designs. The throat of the scabbard has slots which hold its original small wood handled skinning knives, one with with 3” single edged steel blade. The other 2 ½” blade. The price for this well made Military quality Kukri & scabbard which are not tourist pieces includes UK delivery. Sn 15725

C1930 English Holland & Holland Novelty, Ornate, Nickel Plated Metal Hip Flask In The Form Of A Rifle / Shotgun Shoulder Stock Numbered 94923 With Screw Top Lid. Sn 15730 - 15730
Founded in 1876 when the English Gunsmiths Harris Holland & Henry William Holland joined forces, Holland & Holland have been at the pinnacle of British gun making. This is an unusual nickel plated drinking hip flask by Holland & Holland made sometime in the 1930’s. It measures 8” overall length with ball screw top lid attached and the butt of the ‘stock’ is 3” width x 1 ¼” depth. The neck of the flask is marked by the maker Holland & Holland (illustrated in image 2). The flask has ornate embossed foliate decoration and chequered panels as would be found on rifle and shotgun stocks. One side of the flask has a lozenge shaped mark and the reverse has a panel with ‘No. 94923’ both of which can also be seen in image 2. The price for this interesting novelty flask by a famous firearms manufacturer includes UK delivery. Sn 15730.

MASSIVE, C1800 Indian Match Lock 20 Bore Musket With Octagonal Barrel. Sn 15728 - 15728
The matchlock was the first mechanism, or "lock" invented to facilitate the firing of a hand-held firearm. This design removed the need to lower by hand a lit match into the weapon's flash pan and made it possible to have both hands free to keep a firm grip on the weapon at the moment of firing, and, more importantly, to keep both eyes on the target. This is a C 1800 Indian matchlock musket. It has a massive 44” long 20 bore octagonal barrel and measures 5 feet overall length. The smooth bore has residue and staining to be expected. It has a wood stock and the metalwork has hand tooled decoration and brass fittings. It has a bead fore sight and block with notch rear sight. It has a metal press trigger on the underside of the stock which correctly moves the 'match holder' to the metal powder pan which has a swivel cover (illustrated inset in image 2). The musket is fitted with a steel sling ring. The wood and metal have the wear and patina to be expected of a native Indian weapon of its age. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique matchlock musket no licence is required to own this item in the UK. Sn 15728

SOLD SOLD (18/10) C1890 & WW1 Era Imperial Prussian Infantry Regiment Pickelhaube Helmet With White Metal Fittings & Helmet Plate. Sn 15703:26 - 15703:26
A good, original, Imperial Prussian Infantry Regiment Pickelhaube Helmet. It has the correct original huge white metal Prussian helmet plate. The leather helmet is sound and in good condition, all the stitching is firm and the metal work good. It has the correct white metal spike top on one piece circular base. The leather brim has a white metal edge and a white metal spine runs down the back of the helmet to the bottom edge of the helmet’s leather neck flap. The left side has its original metal ‘Red White & Black Imperial state cockade. It has the correct chin strap lugs fitted with original leather chin strap with buckle. The helmet has its original leather sweatband liner. The inside of the brim has contemporary black lettering on a white background ‘K1971.595’. The inside of the neck flap has ink lettering which appears to be ‘BRAV IIP’ together with another small indistinct ink mark. The price includes UK delivery. 15703:26

Early WW2 1940 Dated 1939 Pattern British WD Home Guards Officer’s Khaki Winter Great Coat, Size 5, By Lotery & Co Ltd With 2nd Lieutenant's Rank Insignia & ‘Home Guard H6’ HG Unit Shoulder Titles. Sn 15703:27 - 15703:27
This is an excellent original early WW2 dated 1939 pattern British HG Officers Khaki Winter Great Coat. The heavy khaki serge material has all of the correct King’s Crown buttons on the body and epaulettes apart from one small button on the lower section of the rear vent which is absent. The coat has 2 large flap pockets. The large collar has the correct hook and the rear has the correct vent and adjustment strap. Both sleeves have cloth ‘Home Guard H6’ HG Unit Shoulder Titles and both epaulettes have enamel and brass 2nd Lieutenant rank insignia. The inside of the shoulders and sleeves are lined. All material is clean and has no mothing. The inside of the overcoat has a clean printed label with size, pattern detail, WD arrow, 1940 date and manufacturer name ‘H.Lotery & Co Ltd’. The lining also has an original ink marking ‘5/7-S 5’. The label and ink stamps are illustrated. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:27

MINT, UN-ISSUED, Early WW2 1939 British 'Tommy' Combat Helmet By MA Co With Original Painted Formation / Division Marking, Liner, Chin Strap & Original Camouflage Netting Cover. Sn 15703:28 - 15703:28
This is an original near mint British 'Tommy' Combat Helmet. It is complete with original oil cloth sweatband liner and elasticated webbing chinstrap. The chin strap has a small indistinct ink stamp (illustrated). The crown is stamped by the manufacturer M.A. Co and dated 1939. This is repeated on the inner rim of the helmet. The helmet is undamaged with no dents & painted with its original olive green paint. The right side of the helmet has its original half blue and half white formation / Division roundel mark. The helmet is fitted with original camo netting which is undamaged and securely fitted (to avoid potential damage we have not attempted to remove it). The helmet is approx. UK size 6 1/2. The price for this nicely marked near mint Tommy Helmet with original camo net includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:28

RARE, WW2 Nazi German Krankenträger / Sanitätsunteroffizier Winter War / Russian Front Snow Camouflage Army Combat Medic’s Double Decal M40 Combat Helmet With Original Liner. Sn 15703:29 - 15703:29
Nazi German army Krankenträger were soldiers trained in advanced first aid and were permanently attached to a company. Wearing a red cross armband and armed with a pistol. The Sanitätsunteroffizier were the backbone of the German army medical service. Each company had one. They were trained in medical schools for 6 months and organised the medical service in a company and at battalion level. Controversially unlike other Nations’ combat medics they were issued with pistols. There was not a single, unanimously agreed upon code of conduct towards combat medics who tend the wounded in the combat zones during WW2. The attitude towards the medics wholly depended upon the combatants and theatre. In many schools of thought, the German medics arming with side arms made them a legitimate target. This is rare to find, original WW2 era Nazi German Krankenträger / Sanitätsunteroffizier Winter War / Russian Front Snow Camouflage Army Combat Medic’s Double Decal M40 Combat Helmet. The helmet retains its original stippled white snow with brown earth tone flecks camo paint . All rivets/ pins and steel chin strap bales are correctly in place. There are no visible manufacturer marks on the inner rim of the helmet where they would normally be found but they are most likely present under the camo paint finish. The helmets National Tri-Colour decal and Eagle with Swastika shield decal are crisp with vivid colour. The helmet is complete with original undamaged leather liner which has even field/ combat wear. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:29

WW2 Nazi German Luftwaffe 'Luftshutze' (Air Raid/ Civil Defence) Single Front Decal Helmet By ‘ET64’ (Eisenhutten-Thale), Liner And Chin Strap. Sn 15703:30 - 15703:30
This is an excellent, original, WW2 German Luftwaffe 'Luftshutze' (Air Raid/ Civil Defence) helmet. The Helmet retains its original green over grey paint and the front bears bold Luftwaffe Eagle with Swastika gold & black decal. The inner rim is stamped by the manufacturer ‘ET64’ (Eisenhutten-Thale). It is complete with original leather liner and chinstrap with steel buckle. It is approx UK size 7. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:30
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