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20th Century British Naval Ship's Brass Bulkhead Clock With 60 Seconds Time Keeping Feature Mounted On Oak Plaque & Original Key. Sn 13869 - 13869
An original British form brass bulkhead ship’s Clock. This example has a 6 ½” diameter face which is clean with black metal hour and minute hands together with an inner 1” diameter 60 second timer roundel with second hand indicator. The clock case is brass and comes with its original brass key stamped ‘Swiss made 4.50’. The face also has an adjustable slow-fast slider in a slot for fine tuning the time keeping. There is also a hole for key winding. There are no manufacturer marks on the exterior of this piece. The face is covered by a glazed brass rimmed cover which screws off. The clock case measures 9 ½” in diameter and is 3 ¾” deep with face cover on. The rim of the case has 3 drilled holes for wall mounting. The case is screwed to an 11” diameter Oak round plaque which is 1” thick. The plaque is mounted with a fixed brass hanging ring for wall mounting. This clock has recently been cleaned and serviced. It is fully functioning, keeping precise time. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13869

SOLD SOLD SOLD MINT, Victorian Era English Wilkinson London & Sheffield, Finest Sword Steel, Bowie Knife With German Silver Fittings & Chequered Buffalo Horn Scales Retailed In India By Walter Locke & Co Ltd Calcutta & Lahore With Scabbard. ED 2159 - ED 2159
Besides being well known as sword makers Wilkinson produced some of the most historically important knives (see page 213 of the London Knife Book by Flook). This is a near mint, quality made, Victorian era Bowie by Wilkinson. It is 12” overall length with a clean 7 ½” Bowie blade. The blade is marked on one side by the maker ‘Wilkinson London & Sheffield’. The reverse at the ricasso is marked with ‘W’ above crown mark and ‘Finest Sword Steel’ and along the blade by the retailer ‘Walter Locke & Co Ltd Calcutta & Lahore’. It has a tooled German Silver cross guard, grip frame and stepped pommel. The scales are chequered polished Buffalo horn secured by 4 German Silver rivets. The scales are in similar near mint condition. The Bowie is complete with its original brown leather open top scabbard with integral belt loop. The scabbard has tooled decoration on one side and a stitched seam to the rear. All leather and stitching is clean and intact. Price for this quality knife which would have been an expensive item in the Victorian era includes UK delivery. ED 2159

SOLD SOLD SOLD 1901 Patent Chelsea Clock Co Boston USA Ship’s Brass Bulkhead Clock With Naval Watch 'Ships Bells' Chimes, Complete With Brass Key & French Made Chelsea Clock Co USA Ship’s Brass Barometer. Sn 14051 - 14051
This is a quality pair of Ships instruments made by the Chelsea Clock Co USA. The clock case is case is brass with a thick screw off glaze cover with brass rim. This example has a 4” diameter silvered face which is clean and marked ‘Chelsea Ship’s Bell’. It has metal hour and minute hands. The face has 2 key holes one for winding the mechanism the other for adjusting the hands. It also has a slow/ fast fine adjustment slot. The case is 5 ¾” overall diameter and 3 ¼” deep including glazed cover. The rim of the case has 3 factory drilled holes for bulkhead mounting. The back of the case is numbered 19475 and impressed by the manufacturer Chelsea Clock Co Boston USA together with Dec 311901 patent detail. It is in full working order with correct crisp chimes (Naval chimes mark the time honoured "Ship's Bells" Naval watch system, four hours on, four hours off (each half hour is marked by an increasing number of strikes until "eight bells", time to change over). It has its brass key numbered 6 on one side and ‘Popular Progress Made In England’ on the reverse. The brass barometer also made by Chelsea has the same size dimensions as the clock and same factory drilled mounting holes. The barometer has a glazed screw off glazed cover with brass rim. Its silvered face has metal indicator arrow. The window has a silvered arrow with central adjustment dial. The barometer capable of gauging weather, atmospheric pressure and temperature has black gothic lettering including ‘Made In France’. The rear of the case has the same manufacturer and patent date detail as the clock but is numbered ‘630’. The barometer is fully functioning. The price for this quality nautical set includes UK delivery. Sn 14051

5 x Various Police Male Constable's / Sergeant's Blue Serge Queen's Crown Helmets With Ball Tops. Sn 13907:36 - 13907:36
5 x various one, two and six panel police forces male Constable's / Sergeant's helmets, all with helmet plates and Ball Tops. They are all blue serge bodies, with chrome ball tops and all have a Queen’s Crown (QE II) metal helmet plates. All five helmets have a leather sweat band with string adjustment cord and three have chinstraps. The first is a two piece Bedfordshire & Luton Constabulary helmet, size 7 1/8" with a patent leather chin strap which is in tact but come un stitched. The second, a one piece York City Police, size 7 1/8", the third is a six panel Dorset Police helmet with side chrome rosettes, the fourth is a six panel Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary helmet with cloth external headband and the last is a six panel Devon & Cornwall Constabulary helmet with side rosettes and no chin strap. The price EACH includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:36

Original City Of London Police, Senior Officer's Uniform Peaked Cap With Rare Queen's Crown Blue Enamel Cap Badge X J. Compton & Webb Ltd, London. Sn 13907:37 - 13907:37
An original City Of London Police, Senior Officer's uniform peaked cap with rare Queen's Crown blue enamel cap badge by J. Compton & Webb Ltd, London. The cap is in very good serviceable condition. It has a leather sweat band inside and green lined peak. The peak has officer's braid on the outside. It has a black leather chine strap secured at the sides with chromed buttons. The headband is the City of London red and white chequer. The cap badge is a Queen's Crown with City of London in brass inlaid into blue enamel. The top is blue serge and is in unmarked condition. Inside it is lined in red silk / cotton and has the makers name "J. Compton Sons & Webb Ltd London" embroidered in white cotton. The cap has no size markings. It is in good condition and has a rare blue enamel Queen's Crown badge. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:37

British 1888 Mark II Lee Metford Bayonet By Wilkinson and MK I Scabbard. Sn 14039:3 - 14039:3
This is an early Edwardian, Lee Metford, 1888 Mark II bayonet manufactured for the British .303 calibre Enfield, Lee Metford rifle. The bayonet blade which is in good clean condition, double edged and unfullered with a medial ridge running from the ricasso to the blade tip. The ricasso of the blade is also marked with a Crown over "E.R. 12 01 Wilkinson London" (Manufactured December 1901). The reverse is stamped with the broad arrow and an inspection stamp. The grips are of wood, held together with two brass rivets and are stamped"49" over "W" below a Crown. There is an oil clearance hole in both of the grips. The bayonet is contained in a standard 1888 MK I pattern scabbard. (See Skennerton's item B215 pages 170-173). Sn 14039:3

WW1 German Imperial M84/98 2nd Model Bayonet, By Gebr. Hartkopf, Solingen, Scabbard and Brown Leather Frog. Sn 14095 - 14095
This is a very nice Imperial German M84/98 2nd Model bayonet from WW1. It is stamped on the blade with "Gebr. Hartkopf Solingen (The manufacturer) on one side of the ricasso and on the other with "H. Mundlos & Co" (The retailer). The crossguard is stamped with a number "7647" and the spine of the blade is stamped with a Crown over "W" and "16" (1916) along with an inspection mark. The pommel also is stamped with an Imperial inspection mark. The bayonet is complete with its steel scabbard which in turn is with a very nice contemporary brown leather frog. (See White & Watts No 283 pages 115 & 128) A very nice complete WW1 combination. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14095

WW1 1917 Dated U.S. Remington Pattern 1913 Bayonet, Scabbard & Frog. Bayo 302 - Bayo 302
U.S. Pattern 1913 Bayonets were made by Remington for the British .303" P.14 rifle. These bayonets were later issued back to U.S. Forces with the British markings cancelled out and U.S. re-stamped. This is a nice original, WW1 U.S. Remington Pattern 1913 Bayonet for P.14 rifles. It has a clean blade and undamaged grooved slab wood grips. It is stamped on the ricasso '1913' and with the Remington roundel together with '9 17' date (September 1917). The reverse has a cancelled British Inspection stamp and is stamped 'U.S'. It is complete with original black leather No 1 MK II scabbard with steel mounts and round frog stud. It is complete with a British 1925 Pattern webbing frog as used by the R.A.F. and is dated 1940 to the rear. There is also a faint Air Ministry mark "A.M." below a Crown. (See Bayonet Belt Frogs book by Anthony Carter, item 152 page 37). An unusual combination of a bayonet being used over a long period of time. The price includes UK delivery. Bayo 302

German M1871 Regimently Stamped Bayonet By Weyersberg & Stamm, Solingen, Scabbard. Sn 14094 - 14094
A very nice M1871 bayonet for the Mauser rifle. It has brass grips and a steel recurving crossguard. The blade is fullered and is stamped with the makers name "Weyersberg & Stamm Solingen". The crossguard is stamped with a regimental stamp, "B6 R1 130". The other side is stamped with a serial number "61607". The scabbard is brass mounted brown leather and the Frog Stud is stamped with the number "r 3615". (See White & Watts No 245, Pages 113 & 116). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14094

WW1 1910 Dated British 1907 Bayonet By Enfield and Regimentally Stamped To Oxfordshire Light Infantry & Scabbard Converted For Drill Purposes. Bayo 303 - Bayo 303
This is a converted 1907 bayonet which has had the tip rounded off for drill purposes. It is stamped on the ricasso with a Crown over "E.R." followed by "1907 11 10 (Manufactured November 1910) and "E.F.D." (Enfield). The other side is stamped with a War Department Broad Arrow and several inspection stamps. The pommel is stamped with "OX" over "321" denoting regimental use by the Oxfordshire Light Infantry. The scabbard is the standard No 1 MK II with tear drop frog stud. (See Skennerton's Item B236 pages 188-189). The price includes delivery. Bayo 303

WW1 1915 British .455” Webley Mk. VI Service Revolver Holster by Parkers & Co (Coach Builders) London. L 309 - L 309
A superb condition brown leather holster, dated 1915 for the Webley Mk.VI .455" Service Revolver. It has a full flap cover with retaining strap and brass stud fastener. The rear has a large rear belt loop with original brass loop. The strap is crisply impressed "Parkers & Co (Coach Builders) London" together with "1915" date. All leather, brass fittings and stitching are intact and in excellent condition. Price for this nicely stamped WW1 dated holster includes UK delivery. L 309

WW1 1916 Dated British 1907 Pattern Bayonet By Scarce Maker J.A. Chapman and Scabbard. Sn 14039:2 - 14039:2
This is a WW1 1916 dated 1907 Pattern British bayonet by a scarce maker. It is stamped on the ricasso on one side with a Crown over "1907 12 16" denoting it was made in December 1916. Below this is a makers name "Chapman". On the other side it has several inspection marks and the pommel is stamped with "H.Q. 105" (presumably Headquarters). Chapman produced 300,000 1907 bayonets in WW1 compared to Wilkinson's who produced 2,360,000 and therefore makes them one of the smaller manufacturers and quite scarce. (See Skennerton's item B235, pages 186-192). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14039:2
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