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INERT DEACTIVATED. Original Rare WW1 HALES No 2 Mark 2 Hand Grenade. Sn 15013 - 15013
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is an original INERT WW1 HALES No 2 Mark 2 hand Grenade in excellent condition first introduced in December 1914. The grenade consists of a brass tubular body with a cast iron fragmentation ring near the top of the grenade. The brass body of the grenade under the fragmentation sleeve is stamped THE COTTON POWDER Co_Ltd_ HALES PATENT LONDON. The percussion graze fuse with a knurled edge is present at the top of the grenade There is also a letter B stamped underneath. These were developed from the longer handled MK 1 stick grenade which were found to detonate when soldiers hit them on the back of the trench when throwing. The grenade has the mark 2s shorter throwing handle which is riveted with two steel rivets into a steel collar which in turn is attached to a steel rod that screws into the base of the grenade. The grenade has four 1 ½ inch by 18 inch long buff coloured cotton tails to stabilise the grenade in flight bound to the bottom of the throwing handle by twine. See ‘Grenade’ British and Commonwealth hand and rifle grenades by Rick Landers, pages 16 – 19. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this inert grenade in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. The price includes U.K. delivery. Sn 15013

Pair Of Late 18th / Early 19th Century British Mounted Infantry / Cavalry Officer's Leather Saddle Holsters For Pistols. Sn 15059. - 15059
This pair of British Mounted Officer's Leather Pistol Holsters were made in the late 18th to Early 19th Century. The hard case, open top, brown leather holsters have just light areas of surface wear and are joined by contemporary laced leather tabs in the centre which appears to be a period field repair to reinforce the area where the holsters are joined together. Each holster measure 12 ¾” in length. The throat opening of each Holster measures 4 ¾”x 2 ¾”. The front and rear of each holster have small stitched leather strap loops and the muzzle of each holster has an integral stitched leather cup to protect the muzzle opening of a holstered pistol. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15059

INERT DEACTIVATED. Rare And Original German WILHEIM MODEL 1916 German ‘Fused Stick Grenade model 1916’ Stielhandgranats. (Stick Grenade) Sn 12213 - 12213
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is a rare and original German ‘Fused Stick Grenade model 1916’ ‘potato masher stick grenade’. This grenade appears to be an early example of this grenade utilising the explosive canister off the earlier ‘Percussion Stick Grenade, ‘WILHEIM MODEL 1916’ fitted to the later wooden handle which used a different fusing mechanism . The 70mm diameter by 108mm steel body has a cap held on by two bayonet lugs and two steel fold over lugs each held on by two steel rivets . The steel belt hook is held on by two rivets. The wooden throwing shaft has a threaded steel collar held on by four domed headed screws and is stamped 5 ½ Sekunden (5 ½ seconds delay) E.L.B (manufacturer). The fuse cap is stamped with the letter B and is held on by four rivets and the eight sided end cap is held on by 2 rivets. See German Grenades Of The Great War by Patrice Delahomme. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 12213

Set Of Ten Books And Manuals For The Lee Enfield Rifle. Sn 13084:4 - 13084:4
This is a set of 10 books and manuals for the Lee Enfield rifle and consists of five Ian Skennerton volumes in the Small Arms identification series including the No4, No5, and sniping variants. Two volumes in the British firearms series by Alan Petrillo on the Lee Enfield No1 and No4 rifles. Two North Cape publications on the Lee Enfield No4, No5, P14 and P17 series of rifles and finally a Gun Plunger Press copy of maintenance and repair for the No4 Lee Enfield rifle. This is a comprehensive set for anyone with an interest in the Lee Enfield and all its variants. The books are in excellent condition and include Sn. 13084:4

Victorian British WD 1871 Enfield Snider MK III .577 Calibre Cavalry Carbine With Nipple Protector & Chain. Sn 15063 - 15063
This is an excellent, original British .577 Snider MKIII Cavalry Carbine. The Snider action was introduced to British service in 1866 and muzzle loading Enfield Carbines were converted to allow the use of the .577 calibre brass cartridge. They remained in use until the Martini Henry was introduced. This Enfield cavalry carbine made in 1871 has a 16” steel barrel (34 ¼” overall). The bore has light staining consistent with age and use, the rifling is crisp. It has a brass butt plate with trap and brass trigger guard. The woodwork is undamaged and the stock has an ink Enfield roundel together with other inspection marks. The lock is clean with no signs of rust. It is crisply marked with the Victoria Crown 'V.R', dated 1871 and has the 'Enfield' manufacturer's stamp together with Wd arrow over ‘I’ mark. The top of the breech is stamped 'III' model designation. The hinged breech cover has inspection marks and the correct knurled steel breech release catch. The breech and barrel is nicely marked with Victorian proof/inspection marks. The barrel is also marked ‘Steel’. The carbine has its original brass nipple protector & chain. It has a fixed foresight and adjustable ladder rear sight. The action is strong and works as it should. The price for this nicely marked Cavalry carbine includes UK delivery. NB As an antique obsolete calibre weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as a part of a collection or display. Sn 15063

Victorian C1860 English, John Venables, Oxford 28 Bore Muzzle Loading Percussion Sporting / Hunting Rifle With Octagonal Brown Wash Barrel & Ram Rod. Sn 15054 - 15054
This an excellent percussion sporting / hunting rifle by John Venables who was a quality English Gun maker recorded as having premises in Oxon, Oxford between 1846 & 1863, he is then recorded in the same location operating as Venables & Son in 1868 (see page 105 of English Gunmakers By Bailey & Nie). It has a beautiful Walnut full stock with chequered wrist and German Silver stock mounts. It also has a void German silver escutcheon inlaid. The stock also has a polished horn fore end block. Its 29 ¼” octagonal brown wash steel barrel is signed ‘Venables Oxford’. The bore has light staining consistent with age and crisp rifling. The rifle measures 46” overall. The action has foliate scrollwork decoration and is crisply signed ‘Venables’. The rifle has its original wood ram rod with brass end cap and brass worm, heavy Dolphin hammer, sling swivel lugs, blade fore sight and ‘v’ notch plate rear sight. It has a steel butt plate with extended tang and trigger guard with extended tang and acanthus bud finial. The weapon’s cocking and firing actions work perfectly. The price for this excellent Victorian rifle includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15054

C1800 Moroccan/ Middle East/ Afghan North West Frontier 36 Bore Flintlock Jezail Musket With Georgian Tower Brown Bess Lock, Octagonal Barrel & ‘Club Foot’ Wood Stock With Thick Polished Horn Butt Cap & Steel Ram Rod. Sn 14945 - 14945
The Jezail was a simple, cost-efficient and often handmade muzzle-loading long arm commonly used in British India, Central Asia, parts of the Middle East and Morocco / North Africa. Jezails were generally handmade weapons, and consequently they widely varied in their construction. Jezails were seen as very personal weapons, and unlike the typical military weapons of the time which were very plain and utilitarian, Jezails tended to be well crafted and have very long barrels. The firing mechanism was typically either a matchlock or a flintlock. Since flintlock mechanisms were complex and difficult to manufacture, many Jezails used the lock mechanism from captured or broken Brown Bess muskets. The stocks were handmade and some ornately decorated, featuring a distinctive curve which is not seen in the stocks of other muskets. The function of this curve is debated; it may be purely decorative, or it may have allowed the Jezail to be tucked under the arm and cradled tightly against the body, as opposed to being held to the shoulder like a typical musket or rifle. During the Anglo Afghan Wars the Jezail was the primary ranged weapon of Afghan warriors and was used with great effect against British troops. This is a very good quality flintlock Jezail. It has a 49 ¾” long octagonal steel barrel with blade fore sight & 7 ornate hand tooled copper barrel bands. The muzzle diameter is 13.4mm approx. 36 bore. The smooth bore has staining and residue consistent with age and use. It measures a massive 5’3” overall length. The action is from a British Georgian Brown Bess musket and is marked Tower Crown GR (George Rex) & with small inspection mark. The Brown Bess Swan neck hammer is fitted with flint. Its wood stock has knocks bumps and bruises consistent with age and use. The metal has silver a gold coloured decoration on cartouches with script characters on top of the breech and ‘v’ notch block rear sight. It has the typical Jezail curved club foot butt with thick polished horn end cap which has naïve hand tooled decoration. The wood and metal have the wear and patina to be expected of a native weapon of its age. It has its original steel ram rod. The Jezail cocks and dry fires. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique flintlock weapon no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 14945

RARE, American Civil War Era Dutch Model 1854 .54 Calibre Lorenz Rifled Musket (1861 Springfield) With Nipple Protector, Chain, Socket Bayonet & Leather Sling. Sn 14894:32 - 14894:32
The Lorenz rifle was an Austrian rifle used in the mid 19th Century. It was used in several European wars, and also featured prominently in the U.S. Civil War. The Lorenz rifle was designed by Austrian Lieutenant Joseph Lorenz on similar design principles as the 1861 Springfield Armoury Rifled Musket. It was first approved for manufacture in 1854, and was Austria's first all-new infantry firearm in decades. The Lorenz rifle was the third most widely used rifle during the American Civil War. The Union recorded purchases of 226,924 and the Confederacy bought as many as 100,000. This original Lorenz rifle has standard steel lock and furniture and undamaged walnut stock with figured check piece which has just the bumps and bruises consistent with age and use. The metal work has even patina. There are no external manufacturer or date marks visible. It has a steel butt plate, sling swivels fitted with leather sling and original steel ram rod, It has a blade fore sight and ‘v’ notch block rear sight. The bore of the musket’s 36” round steel barrel is clean and the rifling crisp. The rifle measures 52” overall length. The weapon’s cocking and firing actions work perfectly. The musket comes with its original steel socket bayonet. The 18 ¾” diamond section blade of the bayonet is straight and undamaged. The socket arm is engraved with letters and numbers ‘1.79.4 St’ above ‘1083’ most likely a Regiment designation and weapon number. The socket is undamaged and has the correct steel locking ring. The bayonet fits the musket perfectly. The price for this rare piece includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre antique firearm no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 14894:32

1875 Dated Dutch Model 1871/88 Beaumont Vitali 11x52R Obsolete Calibre Bolt Action Rifle By P. Stevens Maastricht With 4 Round Box Magazine. Sn 14950 - 14950
The Beaumont rifle is the first purpose-built cartridge rifle to be used by the Netherlands. Edouard de Beaumont designed the bolt and receiver which has very clean smooth lines with few sharp edges. The bolt is particularly aesthetic with no gripping surface on the cocking piece and bulbous bolt handle. The top of the chamber is drilled with two holes to vent gas away from the shooter in the event of a case rupture. This is a common feature in first generation bolt rifles as early brass cartridges were of varying quality. The rifle chambers the 11x52R Beaumont cartridge. P. Stevens of Maastricht was contracted to produce the majority of Beaumont rifles. This example is in good condition. It has original wood furniture which has just the knocks bumps and bruises to be expected of a service rifle of its age. The stock is stamped with an indistinct roundel. The metal work has even patina. The barrel length is 33” and it measures 52” overall. The breech is stamped 'P.Stevens Maas Richt’ together with inspection marks. The barrel is date stamped ‘1875’ and numbered ‘814’. The butt plate tang has numbers ‘1890’ above ‘814’ (illustrated). It has an adjustable rear sight, block & blade foresight, safety catch, sling swivels & correct magazine. The bore is clean with crisp rifling. The loading & firing actions work perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre antique rifle no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 14950

MINT, WW2 Era German Army Officers Dress Bayonet By Robert Klaas Solingen Scabbard With Cord & Bullion Portepee & Leather Frog. Sn 15076 - 15076
A near mint condition WW2 era German Army Officers Dress Bayonet. It has a superb clean blade and the ricasso is stamped with the 'Robt Klaas Solingen' makers name and trademark. The hilt is fitted with original leather washer. The bayonet's black stippled scales are in similar superb condition. It has a swept cross guard & birds head pommel with correct bayonet groove and working push button release catch. The bayonet has its original black painted steel scabbard. The scabbard has no dents. The paint finish has some scuffs consistent with age. The scabbard is mounted with an original black leather frog with single belt loop. All leather & stitching of the frog is intact. The frog has its original Officer’s grey leather cord with bullion wire trim & bullion portepee. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15076.

RARE, 1930's Webley Service MK II 2nd Series/ Type .22 Calibre Air Rifle With Safety Catch & 1st Type Flip Up Aperture Sight. Sn 14943 - 14943
An excellent condition, 1930's, Webley Service MK II 2nd Series/ Type, air rifle in .22 calibre (see pages 32-37 of Christopher Thrale's book Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005). The Left side of the cylinder is stamped 'WEBLEY SERVICE AIR RIFLE MK II". 'MANUFACTURED BY WEBLEY & SCOTT LTD, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND and with the Webley 'winged pellet logo'. The barrel is stamped '.22 CALIBRE' It has the Great Britain, USA, Spain, Germany and Canada 1925 patents stamped on the Right Side of the cylinder together with the correct patent Number '371548'. The rifle is fitted with a 1st type flip up adjustable aperture sight and has the rare to find safety catch feature on the right side of the frame. It has an excellent stock with chequered panel neck and ribbed horn butt plate which has a few small chips. The weapon is serial number 'S1282' which is stamped to the rear of the trigger guard. The weapon cocks loads and shoots as it should. The price for this rare air rifle includes UK delivery. Sn 14943

1925 B.S.A. Standard No. 1 Model (Aka 'L' Or Light/ Ladies Model) .177 Calibre Under Lever Air Rifle. Sn 14944 - 14944
This is an excellent B.S.A. Standard No. 1 Model 177 calibre, under lever air rifle. Also known as the 'L' or Ladies/ Light model it measures 39 ½” overall with a 17" rifled barrel. It’s original wood stock has chequered panels at the pistol grip and has just the bumps and bruises to be expected with age and use. It has a ribbed butt with trap. The rifle has a blade fore sight and adjustable dial rear sight. The metal work is undamaged with original blue finish and is crisply stamped with the correct 'L' prefix serial number on the trigger block 'L26443' which dates it to 1925 (see page 27 of the Collectors Guide to Air Rifles By Hiller). The cylinder has faint electroplated BSA name and address. It loads and fires as it should with a strong spring action. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14944
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