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INERT DEACTIVATED WW2 1945 Dated Mills No.36M MK1, Hand Grenade by A. Kendrick & Sons. O 1378 - O 1378
INERT DEACTIVATED. This is an excellent, original, WW2, Mills No.36M MK 1, hand and rifle grenade. The 36M refers to the pattern of Grenade 36 M originally 'Mesopotania' and the fact they were waterproofed. The body of the grenade has following casting mark of a K with three dots in it below the filler plug (A. Kendrick & Sons, West Bromwich). The zinc alloy base plug is marked 'No 36M Mk 1 and 45 (1945) in a circular stamp K (A. Kendrick & Sons, West Bromwich). The zinc alloy filling plug is cast with APDP. The grenade fly off handle is stamped CHATCO. The cast iron body remains much of its original lacquer and has traces of a green (Amatol filling) ring round its middle and a series of red crosses for tropical use near the top of the grenade. This grenade was originally filled and has been correctly deactivated. The price includes UK delivery and no licence is required to possess this inert grenade items in the UK if retained as part of a collection or displays. O 1378

American Remington 1858 New Model Pocket 5 Shot, .32 Rim Fire Obsolete Calibre Single Action Revolver With Sheathed Trigger 1873 Contemporary Remington Factory Converted From Percussion To Rim Fire With Removable Cylinder & Cylinder Plate. Sn 15775 - 15775
The Remington 1858 Army New Model Revolvers were used during the American Civil War, and the design was the beginning of a successful line of medium and large frame percussion revolvers. It is commonly referred to as the Model 1858 due to its patent markings "PATENTED SEPT. 14, 1858 E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, NEW YORK, U.S.A. NEW MODEL". Pocket versions were produced and 1858 Pattern pistols saw use in the American West, both in its original percussion configuration and as a metallic cartridge conversion. This is an excellent original ‘New Model Pocket’ percussion Pocket Revolver with sheathed trigger and removable cylinder for speed loading. This example was converted in 1873 to fire metallic 32 Rim Fire cartridges by modification of the cylinder and addition of a factory made cylinder plate cut with open notches to allow the hammer to strike rim fire cartridges. The rim of the cylinder is stamped ‘’73’ (1873) denoting to the year of conversion. The New Model Pocket was the smallest of the Remington range of New Army/ New Navy pistols in that era to have a sheathed trigger. The pistol has a 3 ½” octagonal barrel and measures 8" overall. The barrel’s bore is clean with well defined rifling. The pistol is serial number 22950. The barrel is crisply stamped with correct manufacturer and 1858 Patent detail (illustrated). It has a steel frame, captive lever ramrod. It is without fore sight. Its Walnut grips have just light bumps and bruises to be expected with age and use. It cocks and dry fires perfectly. The price includes UK delivery. NB As an antique percussion revolver no licence is required to own this pistol in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15775

INERT DEACTIVATED. French 1936 Dated 25mm ý(25x193.5R) Hotchkiss 25 mm S.A. Mle 1934 Anti-tank Gun Armour Piercing Round. O 1379 - O 1379
DEACTIVATED INERT. This is an armour piercing.round for the French 25 mm S.A. Mle 1934 anti-tank gun introduced in the 1934 on a wheeled carriage. This round consist of a copper sheathed projectile crimped in the brass cartridge case and is headstamped CN 38 R (1938) I . The brass primer is stamped D.B.S. 32-38 (1938) . The base of the projectile will have a small slit that will not be visible on the complete round to destabilise the projectile if fired. No licence is required to possess this round in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. The price includes UK delivery. O 1379

1930's 3rd Series Webley Service MK II .22 Calibre Air Rifle. Sn 15663:8 - 15663:8
This is an excellent, original 1930’s 3rd Series Webley Service Mark II Air Rifle in .22 Calibre. These rifles introduced C1935 had a modified centrally mounted flip up aperture rear sight, an improvement on the earlier Type 1 & Type 2 side mounted Webley Service sights (see Chapter 2 of Thrale's book Webley Air Rifles 1925-2005). The trigger guard of the rifle is stamped with serial number ‘S11260’. The left side of the cylinder is stamped 'WEBLEY SERVICE AIR RIFLE MK II MANUFACTURED BY WEBLEY & SCOTT LTD, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND’ and with the Webley 'winged pellet logo'. The barrel is stamped '.22 CALIBRE'. The barrel's bore is clean with crisp rifling. It has the Great Britain, USA, Spain, Germany and Canada 1925 patents stamped on the Right Side of the air chamber. It also has the correct patent Number '371548' on the rear sight block. It has its original finish with even patina. It has its original wood stock with chequered panels at the wrist & ribbed horn butt plate. It has its correct original centrally mounted flip up rear sight, adjustable sight, block and blade fore sight & push button barrel retaining catch. The rifle loads and fires as it should with a strong spring action. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15663:8

American Civil War Era, 1861-1872, Smith & Wesson 1859-1860 Patent Model 2 'Tip Up' Barrel .32 Rim Fire Obsolete Calibre 6 Shot Revolver With Sheathed Trigger. Sn 15771 - 15571
Early in 1861 S&W introduced their Model 2 .32RF belt revolver which had a larger frame & calibre than their earlier Model 1, .22 RF pistols. Production of the Model 2 continued through to 1872. This is a very good original example of the Smith & Wesson Model 2 Army 6 shot Revolver in .32 Rim Fire Calibre. It has original rose wood grips which have just the knocks bumps and bruises to be expected with age and use. The butt frame is stamped with serial number '71180'. It has a sheathed trigger and the top of its 6" octagonal barrel is marked 'Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass'. The cylinder has 1859-1860 patent detail (illustrated). The barrels ‘tip up’ action is operated by a ‘push up’ catch at the bottom of the barrel block and the pistol’s barrel rib is fitted with a small brass blade fore sight. The top of the cylinder frame has a ‘v’ notch rear sight. The pistol measures 11 ½” overall and its single action firing mechanism works perfectly. The price for this excellent American Civil War era pistol includes UK delivery. NB As an obsolete calibre antique revolver no licence is required to own this item in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15771

MINT UN-ISSUED, WW2 1945 USAAF (United States Army Air Force) Officer's ‘Fur Felt’ Peaked Regulation Service Cap With Cap Badge With Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot Stores Markings. Sn 15703:55 - 15703:55
This is an original WW2 dated USAAF Officer’s service cap in near mint un-issued condition. It is made from khaki ‘fur felt’ with braided head band. The brown leather peak and chin strap are complete and undamaged and secured by gilt USAAF buttons. To the front it has a gilt metal American Eagle officer’s cap badge. Inside it has a brown leather sweatband, the inside of which has Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot Stores Markings, cap designation, with ‘fur felt’ material detail and size 7 1/8 together with date January 2 1945. The crown has a printed card label covered with cellophane ‘Regulation Army Officers Service Cap’. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 15703:55

Cased, Victorian C1840 Pair Of English William Bond 59 Lombard Street, (The Golden Blunderbuss), London, .500 Calibre (38 Bore) Percussion Traveling Pistols With Octagonal Barrels & Accessories. Sn 15767 - 15767
A large family of English Gunsmith’s named Bond had premises at various London addresses including at 108 Leadenhall Street, 45 Cornhill and at 'The Golden Blunderbuss' 59 Lombard Street, between 1762 & 1879. The Bond's made and supplied firearms to The British East India Company (see page 143 of British Gunmakers Vol 1 by Brown). This is an excellent pair of percussion traveling pistols by William Bond made C1850 at his 59 Lombard Street London address. The pistols are in excellent undamaged condition with all original walnut stocks with chequered grip panels both inset void German silver escutcheons, 5” round polished steel octagonal barrels, engraved foliate decorated trigger guards with extended tangs and pineapple finials, action plates & heavy dolphin hammers. The action plates of each pistol are crisply signed by the manufacturer ‘W. Bond’. The top of each barrel are marked ’59 Lombard St London’. Both pistols are complete with their original wood ram rods with polished metal end caps. Both barrels’ have small bead fore sights and ‘v’ notch plate rear sights. The barrels of each pistol are smoothbore and have just staining and residue consistent with age and use. Their firing actions work perfectly as they should. The pistols are complete with their later fitted wood case. The case with hinged lid has its original lock (key absent). The interior of the case is lined in green felt and has compartments contoured to snugly fit the pistols and their accessories which include a copper and brass powder flask, a steel bullet mould marked ‘44’ , an empty tin for percussion caps labelled ‘E Joyce & Co London metal lined percussion caps’, a number of moulded lead balls, some wadding patches, a metal oil bottle with screw top lid and applicator & a steel tool with indistinct marks (illustrated). The price for this pair of cased pistols includes UK delivery. NB as antique percussion weapons no licence is required to own these pistols in the UK if retained as part of a collection or display. Sn 15767

SUPERB ORIGINAL WOOD, WW1 1916 British BSA Co Ltd Short Magazine Enfield SMLE No.1 MK III .303 Calibre Rifle & Sling. **UK/EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**. Sn 15795 - 15795
This is an excellent WW1 dated SMLE No.1 Mk III .303 calibre rifle. The rifle has superb all original woodwork throughout and date & manufacturer's stamps, ‘Crown GR’ (George Rex) with Crown, BSA Co L (Ltd) 1916, SHT L.E III’. It is complete with sight protector wings, magazine cut off which opens as it should and stripper clip loading bridge. It also has a brass butt plate with trap and original webbing sling. Its original magazine can be removed and retains its original loading plate and spring. Deactivated to UK / EU specification the weapon’s bolt and trigger move but the firing mechanism has been internally disconnected so it will not cock and dry fire & it is not capable of stripping. The price includes UK/EU deactivation certificate and UK delivery. Sn 15795

WW1 Era British Officers Brown Leather Covered Swagger / Riding Crop Sword Stick With Polished Horn Hilt In The Form Of A Horse’s Fetlock With Shoed Hoof & Scabbard. Sn 15738 - 15738
This is an excellent unusual original British Officers brown leather covered swagger / riding crop Sword Stick & Scabbard. It has a 14" rectangular section blade which narrows to a pin sharp point. It measures 21 ¼” overall (in its scabbard). The blade is stamped with number ‘3’ on 2 flats. The grip is made of polished horn in the form of a horse’s fetlock with hoof mounted with a white metal horseshoe secured by pins. The wood scabbard is expertly bound in brown leather with a braided leather wrist loop at the throat. The bottom end of the scabbard has a leather flap for use as a riding crop. The price for this unusual form of sword stick includes UK delivery. Sn 15738.

Edwardian Gentleman’s Cane Sword Stick With Chestnut Handle & 1907- 1908 London Hallmarked Sterling Silver Mounts & Heptagonal Section Spike Blade. Sn 15739 - 15739
A very good Edwardian Gentleman’s Sword Stick. The sword has a 26 ¼” Heptagonal section spike blade which is straight and tapers to a pin sharp point. The sword measures 37” overall (in its scabbard). The curved chestnut handle is varnished and heartwood can be seen on top of the grip. The handle has Siver mounts. One mount has London 1907-08 sterling silver hallmarks. Its cane scabbard is undamaged & the tip of the scabbard has a conical brass end cap. The price for includes UK delivery. Sn 15739

SUPERB, WW2 Nazi German Robert Klaas, Solingen, Pattern Number Nr 237 Pattern Army Officer's Dress Sword, Lion Head Pommel With Red Glass Eyes, Mint Officer’s Leather Bullion Stitched Cord, Portepee & Scabbard. Sn 15793:1 - 15793:1
This is an excellent, original WW2 period Nazi German Robert Klaas, Solingen, German Army Officer's Sword. The sword is his Nr 237 pattern With Lion head pommel which has the correct red glass eyes. It also has the correct Klaas pattern Nazi National Emblem ‘Eagle with Swastika’ on the langet and a plain shield with void oval on the reverse langet (see page 102 of the book Swords Of Germany By Angolia). It has a flat knuckle bow and wire bound grip. The knuckle bow, hilt back strap and pommel are adorned with gilt oak leaf decoration. The sword measures 36 ¾” overall and the ricasso of its 31” single edged, elegantly curved, fullered blade is stamped with the ‘Robert Klaas, Solingen’ makers mark. The blade is undamaged and has just light staining consistent with age. The sword is complete with its original Officer’s leather strap with bullion stitching and bullion portepee. The strap & portepee are near mint, clean and undamaged. The cord is intact but does have areas of service wear consistent with age and use. The sword has its original black painted steel scabbard with single steel hanging ring, fixed hanging bar and small shoe. The price for this impressive Nazi piece includes UK delivery. Sn 15793:1

RARE, Original WW2 Era Nazi German Police Officer Rank Sword By Alcoso (Alex Coppel), Solingen With Officer’s Bronze Nazi Eagle Badge Hilt Mount & Scabbard. Sn 15793:2 - 15793:2
This is an excellent, rare & original WW2 period German Nazi Police Officer rank sword (see page 252 of the book ‘Swords Of Germany’ By Angolia). The sword measures 36 ¾” overall and the ricasso of its clean, 31 ½” single edged, blade with partial fullers is stamped with the Alcoso Solingen manufacturer’s name and trademark (Alex Coppel). The blade is fitted with original leather hilt washer. Its ebonised wood ribbed grip is undamaged, has original tight wire binding and is mounted with the correct Officer’s Bronze Eagle with Swastika and Wreath badge. The handle has an ornate oak Leaf motif ferrule, knuckle guard and stepped pommel. The sword is complete with its original black painted steel scabbard with single steel hanging ring, fixed strap bar and shoe. The throat has an ornate steel mount with geometric design. The scabbard retains its original black paint finish. The price for this rare Nazi Police sword includes UK delivery. Sn 15793:2
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