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WW2 1943 Dated, German Double Gurttommel Drum Magazines MG 34 & MG 42 & Carrier.( 4x available) Misc 785. - Misc 785
An original double carrying frame with two mint MG 34 & 42 belt drum magazines. They are referred to as ' Gurttrommel' for the drums and ' Gurttrommeltrager' for the carrying frame. They have original paint finish and the frame is clearly stamped with manufacturer and date code 'bdk 43' (illustrated). When full both drums carried a 50 round belt. The drums clip onto the side of MG 34's and the MG 42. An excellent addition to any German MG collection or display. For full information on these accessories see pages 403-406 of 'German Universal Machine Guns' by Myrvang. ( ask for details of those available at the time of ordering please.) The price includes UK delivery. Misc 785

WW2 Japanese Battle Flag / Ensign Of The Empire of Japan. Misc 777. - misc 777
This is an original WW2 Japanese Battle Flag / Ensign Of The Empire of Japan. The flag is made of white cotton measuring 52 x 26 inches. It has a large central vivid red sun roundel printed in it's centre. The flag has nice stitched edging which is completely intact and hollow 2 inch edging to the left and right hand sides for pole mounting. Price includes UK delivery. Misc 772

WW2 Japanese Battle Flag. Misc 776. - misc 776
An original 36" x 26" WW2 Japanese Battle Flag. It is made of white silk and has a central vivid red printed roundel surrounded by Japanese script. Price includes UK delivery. Misc 776.

Original WW2 Japanese 'Occupation' Flag. Misc 770. - Misc 770 / 6297
An original 34" x 25" WW2 Japanese 'Occupation' Flag in good condition. It is made of white silk and has a central vivid red printed roundel surrounded by 3 sets of Japanese script each with one of the following in English above ' Yokohama, Japan, and Tokyo. The Flag has 1 corner edged with a stitched leather pad and hanging cord. Price includes UK delivery. Misc 770.

**UNAVAILABLE**UNAVAILABLE**Superb WW2 Japanese Good Luck Flag - MISC 765 / 5516
A superb condition WW2 Japanese yosegaki hinomaru or good luck flag, measuring 65 x 50cms printed on silk with two leather reinforced corners and cotton ties. This example is covered in characters. An excellent original example.

WW2 War Savings Campaign Plaque 1944 - 4785
An original 590 x 350 'De la Rue Plastics' plastic wall plaque for the War Savings Campaign 1944. Featuring a British Infantryman with a lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 Rifle with spike bayonet fixed and the message, "War Savings Campaign 1944. Presented by the War Office in recognition of successful achievement in Salute The Soldier Week". In perfect condition. price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4785 )

Large Framed 1916 Silk Cheshire Yeomanry - MISC 111
An original large silk embroidered panel of the Cheshire (Earl of Chester's) Yeomanry dated Egypt 1916. In its original 28" x 26" gold frame with glazed front, it has embroidered into it the words, "Souvenir of Egypt 1916, From Arthur to Mother". In perfect condition. Due to its size and fragile nature delivery is by arrangement and at cost.

Marston Excelsior ME 12 Shot Exploder - MISC 47
A WW2 period Marston Excelsior ME 12 Mk.II Transistorised Shot Exploder for use in quarries. Ministry approved and with leather carrying strap. No key. Price includes UK delivery.
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