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An Earl Mountbatten of Burma, Royal Doulton, Large Character Jug Misc 797 - MISC 797 / 8146
An Earl Mountbatten of Burma, Royal Doulton character Jug. The jug is Royal Doulton design number D6944. The jug depicts Earl Mountbattern of Burma in a blue Royal Navy uniform and cap with a grey anchor and rope as a handle. The jug is designed by Stanley James Taylor in 1933 and it is number 1087 of a Limited Edition of 5,000. The jug also has "59 8" written on the base. It stands 7" high. The jug is in perfect unmarked condition. The price includes Uk delivery.

A Lord Kitchener Large Royal Doulton Character Jug Misc 796 - MISC 796 / 8144
A Royal Doulton large character Jug of Lord Kitchener. Royal Doulton design number D7148. The jug depicts Lord Kitchener wearing a khaki uniform with a black collar and a white and brown cap. The jug handle has "Britons, your country needs you" in black lettering along it along with a 'Union Jack' flag and 3 poppys. The jug was designed by David B. Biggs. This is number 614 in a limited edition of 1,500 issued worldwide. It measures 7.5"high. The jug is in perfect un marked condition. Lord Horatio Kitchener was renowned for his war efforts. This model was issued to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lord Kitchener's death. The price includes UK delivery.

A Glenn Miller, Royal Doulton Character Jug Misc 795 - MISC 795 / 8149
A very nice Royal Doulton character jug of Glen Miller shown wearing a brown uniform, beige shirt and with gold coloured US Army badges. It has "Moonlight Serenade" in black letters on the handle. The jug was designed by William K. Harper and issued in 1994 - 1998. It has "7 81" on the base. It is 7.5"H . This jug commemorates the 50th anniversary of the disappearance of Glenn Miller in an airplane over the Bay of Biscay in 1944. The jug is in perfect unmarked condition. The price includes Uk Delivery.

Field Marshal Montgomery Large Royal Doulton Character Jug Misc 793 - MISC 793 / 8145
A very nice Royal Doulton Character Jug of Field Marshal Montgomery. F.M. Montgomery is depicted wearing a black beret and khaki uniform. It also has campaign names "Eygpt, El Alamein, Tobruk, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, France & Germany" down the outside of the hadle. It has a number "7" on the base. It stands 6.5"high (Large) The jug is in perfect unmarked condition. Issued for the 50th anniversary of Montgomery's victory over Rommel in North Africa in 1942. The price includes UK Delivery.

Post 1940's, Dennis Fire Engine Chrome Plated Brass Mounted Presentation Bell With Functioning Striker On Plynth With Plate Engraved 'B.V.F.B'. Sn 8142. - 8142
Founded in 1895 Dennis Specialist Vehicles Limited was a major British coachbuilder and manufacturer of specialised commercial vehicles based in Guildford, England. The company was best known as the manufacturer of Fire Engines. This is an original presentation, chrome plated brass Dennis Fire Engine bell probably made sometime after the 1940's when Chrome plating was introduced. It is mounted on a brass frame and wooden plynth. The bell is 10" in height ( excluding plynth) and 10" in circumference at it's widest point. It is complete with lever operated striker and works perfectly with a loud deep resonance. It is undamaged and the frame to which the bell is mounted is securely fixed to the wood plynth which measures 12 x 16 x 1 1/2 inches. The brass frame has traces of original red paint. The plynth is fitted with a brass plate nicely engraved ' B.V.F.B'. Price for this excellent Fire Brigade presentation Bell includes UK delivery. Sn 8142.

British WW2 1944 Commando 'D-Day' Bergen Rucksack By Ballymena Manufacturing Co. MISC 792. - MISC 792
This is a rare original British WW2 Commando 'D-Day' Bergen Rucksack produced for the D-Day landings. Equipment worn by troops on D-Day differed considerably between the Commando Units involved (see page 79 of The World War II Tommy By Brayley & Ingram). This example is made of rugged canvas & is in great condition for its age. The rucksak when packed measures approx 24" x 20" x 15" and is mounted on a steel frame for comfort when carrying. The back of the rucksack has it's original reinforced stitched leather anchor points where mounted to the frame and has a top large flap cover with webbing retaining straps and interior lined waterproof cover for additional waterproof protection. The top of the rucksack's body has brass rings stitched into the webbing for drawcord which is not present but could easily be replaced. The body of the rucksack has a central large flap covered equipment pocket and others on the left & right sides. The rucksack opens to reveal it's waterproof lining which is intact and a seperate dividing pocket. The rucksack and frame are complete with all of it's correct shoulder straps and buckle fasteners. The rucksack does have does have some minor service wear to the outer canvas which is to be expected. The interior of the pack has an excellent label which is nicely ink stamped 'Ballymena Manufacturing Co Ltd' with War Dept Arrow & '1944' Date. This is a scarce and highly collectable piece of D-Day equipment. Price includes UK delivery. MISC 792.

London Blitz Recovered 1871 Bronze Bell by J Warner & Sons London. ( sn 7854) - 7854
This is an unusual item for us to acquire, a bronze bell dated 1871 and cast by John Warner & Sons of 2 Jewin Crescent, Cripplegate, London, Bell and Brass Founders to His Majesty the King, By Royal Warrant. ( from THE BELLRINGER Jan 26th 1907 ) This bell was recently un-earthed in a garden shed having been reputedly stored there since being recovered during the London Blitz. It is probably a church or school bell, weighs approximately 50lb and is 13 inches in diameter and 12 inches high. Warner's details are cast into the bronze and the original clapper is present. It makes a wonderful resonating sound. This is a good item, functional and un-damaged. It is very heavy and delivery will be by arrangement and at cost. ( Sn 7854 )

WW2 1943 Dated, German Double Gurttommel Drum Magazines MG 34 & MG 42 & Carrier.( 4x available) Misc 785. - Misc 785
An original double carrying frame with two mint MG 34 & 42 belt drum magazines. They are referred to as ' Gurttrommel' for the drums and ' Gurttrommeltrager' for the carrying frame. They have original paint finish and the frame is clearly stamped with manufacturer and date code 'bdk 43' (illustrated). When full both drums carried a 50 round belt. The drums clip onto the side of MG 34's and the MG 42. An excellent addition to any German MG collection or display. For full information on these accessories see pages 403-406 of 'German Universal Machine Guns' by Myrvang. ( ask for details of those available at the time of ordering please.) The price includes UK delivery. Misc 785

WW2 Japanese Battle Flag / Ensign Of The Empire of Japan. Misc 777. - misc 777
This is an original WW2 Japanese Battle Flag / Ensign Of The Empire of Japan. The flag is made of white cotton measuring 52 x 26 inches. It has a large central vivid red sun roundel printed in it's centre. The flag has nice stitched edging which is completely intact and hollow 2 inch edging to the left and right hand sides for pole mounting. Price includes UK delivery. Misc 772

WW2 Japanese Battle Flag. Misc 776. - misc 776
An original 36" x 26" WW2 Japanese Battle Flag. It is made of white silk and has a central vivid red printed roundel surrounded by Japanese script. Price includes UK delivery. Misc 776.
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