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1936 British Royal Navy Marked No.56 VI Leather, Cork & Canvas Cordite Charge Carrier. MISC 812 - MISC 812
An excellent original Brown leather Royal Navy cordite charge carrier. Constructed of Leather, cork and canvas, these carriers were used by the Royal Navy prior to, during and after WW1 to carry the cordite charges for Naval guns. The front is ink stamped with the Royal Navy 'N' mark, War Dept Arrow and diamond cartouches. It has a complete canvas lining, heavy duty leather carry handle and separate brass riveted canvas carry handle. It has a hinged lid with brass riveted leather retaining stap and brass stud. It measures 38" in length & 8" diameter. The lid of the carrier is crisply impressed 'No.56 VI' and 'RL' either side of War Dept arrow. It is also dated '3-36' (March 1936) Price includes UK delivery. MISC 812

RARE, UNUSUAL, English, 1935-1936 Farrier's Walking Stick With Integral 'Hands' Measure, Spirit Level Arm & Hallmarked Sterling Silver Mounts. Sn 10206 - 10206
This is a rare Farrier's walking stick. Made of sycamore it measures 37" in length with a curved handle. The head of the stick has Sterling silver hallmarked mounts which date to London 1935-36 and a German Silver end cap. The upper mount has a thumb recess which, when pushed reveals an integral folding wood measuring stick which lies within a recess in the walking stick. The professionally made measuring stick is graduated in 'hands' and metres/cms (to 170cms) for measuring the height of horses. The measure has a hinged 15 " brass arm made to lie across the horse to measure it's exact size. The arm incorporates a small glass spirit level to ensure the arm is straight when measuring. The measure is marked 'Made In England'. Price for this rare, unusual functioning piece of Farrier's equipment with Sterling Silver mounts includes UK delivery. Sn 10206

Senior Service Advert Sign depicting H.M.S. Eagle For Newsagent & Tobacconist Shops Circa 1960-70. Sn 9717 - 9717
An original hardboard Senior Service advertisement sign for Newsagent & Tobacconist's shops (Circa 1960-70). The sign is thin hardboard and is painted on both sides. On the front it depicts an aircraft carrier H.M.S. 'Eagle' being escorted by 'Weapon' class destroyer with an aircraft over head and another escort in the background. The painting has a signature 'John S. Smith' in the bottom left corner and an open packet of 'Senior Service' cigarettes on the bottom right. It has a blue and white thin boarder. On the reverse the sign is painted in plain blue. The sign measures 30" x 20". The sign has a small 1" piece missing from the bottom right (as can be seen in the photographs) but other than this it is in fantastic condition and the paint is bright and undamaged. The price includes Uk delivery.

SOLD SOLD (10/04) Mint Original 1965 Dated British Army Issue Regimental Sergeant Major's Pace Stick WD Marked By C&S Ltd. Sn 9583 - 9583
Pace sticks are usually carried by warrant officer and non-commissioned officer drill instructors in the British and Commonwealth armed forces as a symbol of authority and as an aid to military drill. A pace stick usually consists of two pieces of wood, hinged at the top, and tapering towards the bottom, very similar to large wooden drafting compasses used on school blackboards. They are usually shod and fitted with highly-polished brass. They can open so that the tips separate at fixed distances, corresponding to various lengths of marching pace, such as "double march", "quick march", "step short", etc. When opened to the correct pace length, the pace stick can be held alongside the holder's body by the hinge, with one leg of the stick vertical to the ground, and the other leg pointing forward. By twirling the stick while marching, the stick can be made to "walk" alongside its holder at the proper pace. Otherwise, while on parade or when marching, it is normally carried tucked tightly under the left arm and parallel to the ground, with the left hand grasping the stick near the top. The pace stick is usually permitted to be carried off the parade ground by the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM); however, at a particular Regiment's discretion, other Srgeant-Majors may carry a pace stick. This is a near mint original 1965 dated British Army issue RSM's Pace Stick. It's legs with correct brass fittings measure 37 1/2" and have the correct brass hinge and hinged 'pace measure' bar recessed into one leg. The same leg has a steel plate with War Dept arrow mark, 1965 date and manufacturer's mark 'C&S Ltd' together with stores code numbers in original white paint. The wood is impressed with WD arrow and number '237'. It has it's original brass retaining screw which keeps the stick securely closed when carrying. Price for this superb RSM's Pace Stick includes UK delivery. Sn 9583

WW1 Era 5 Piece Collection Of Commemorative Pottery By Grimwades Stoke On Trent Featuring 'Bairnfather's Fragments From France' Cartoons. Sn 9246 - 9246
In 1916 The Bystander published their Bairnsfather book Fragments from France, described as “48 pages of screaming comicality". Towards the end of 1917 the owners of The Bystander granted Leonard Grimwade of Stoke On Trent permission to reproduce a limited number of Fragments From France cartoons on items from the Grimwades range of pottery then in production. The first piece to be made by the Staffordshire firm bearing one of Bruce Bairnsfather’s illustrations was “Well if you knows of a better ‘ole go to it “ Bairnsfather Ware was an immediate success, and for the remainder of the duration of the war, the Grimwades factory produced pieces featuring the Fragments from France drawings. The Pottery was marked " A Souvenir of the Great War” or “A Momento of the Great War”, with the dates of commencement, Armistice and the Signing of Peace underneath. This nice collection of Bairnfathers pottery features the famous "Well if you knows of a better ‘ole go to it “, 7" diameter circular dish. A 9 /4" diameter fruit bowl "Dear_ At present we are staying at a farm". A 5 3/4" diametr dish & cup, ”When the ‘ell is it goin’ to be strawberry?”. A 4" diameter circular butter/pin dish "Keeping His Hand In". All have nice glaze with clear illustrations and no chips or cracks. They all have the Stoke on Trent manufacturer's marks on the base. The cup & pin dish are marked with the correct 'Souvenir of the Geat War & Armistice' lettering. Price for this nice set of original WW1 commemorative pottery includes UK delivery. Sn 9246

SOLD SOLD (23/05) WW2 1943 & 1944 Dated Canadian 'D.I. (Dominion Industries) MK VIIz .303 In Cartons' Labelled .303 Ammunition Box. O 855 - O 855
This is an excellent original WW2 Canadian .303 Ammunition Box. The box measures 16 1/2"x10 3/4"x81/2"and is constructed of wood with iron fittings. It has a removeable lid which is secured by 1 fixed & 1 hinged iron bar. It has 2 original webbing carry handles & has it's original black painted removeable steel liner. The box is complete and undamaged. It does have superficial scuffs to the body which is to be expected of an original WW2 piece and is consistent with Military use. The box has nice original labeling to the front, back & sides 'D.I. (Dominion Industries) MK VIIz .303 In Cartons' together with date '3-7-44' (3rd July 1944), 'Warning' notices and the remnants of Canadian Maple Leaf sticker. The box also has numbers stamped in original yellow paint. The edge of one panel is date marked 'CF-1943'. Price includes UK delivery. O 855.

Manchester Regiment, Ladysmith, Boer War Signed & Framed Limited Edition Print by Peter Archer. Misc 804 - MISC 804
A large signed, framed, limited edition print by Peter Archer depicting Pte. R. Scott and Pte. J Potts VC of the 1st Battalion, Manchester Regiment at Caesar's Camp, Ladysmith, 6th January 1900. This very lively and thought provoking limited edition print is framed with an ornate gold coloured framed which measures 27" x 24". The visible print size being 20" x 16". It has a limited edition number "25/50" written in pencil on the bottom left of the print and is signed in pencil by the artist on the bottom right. The caption at the bottom centre reads "Pte. R. Scott and Pte. J. Potts VC 1st Battalion, Manchester Regiment Caesar's Camp, Ladysmith, 6th January 1900. This is a very nice limited edition print by a well known artist. The price includes Uk delivery.

Victorian Japanese Tortoise Shell Eating Set, Chop Sticks & Knife Misc 803 - MISC 803
An original Victorian Japanese tortoise shell eating set comprising of 2 x Ivory chop sticks and a tortoise shell handled knife complete with tortoise shell holder. The holder is made from tortoise shell, brass and ivory. The container is made up of two tubes, each 7" long and held together at the top middle and bottom with brass rings which are riveted. At the base there is an ivory tip. Down one side there is a decorative brass strip as can be seen in one of the photgraphs. The knife has a tortoise shell handle and a 5 1/4" polished steel blade with a single edge. The two ivory chop sticks measure 8". A very unusual Japanese eating set. The price includes Uk delivery. Misc 803

SOLD SOLD (09/04) Japanese Mess Tin and Winter Khaki Drill Insulated Canvas Cover with Shoulder Strap Misc 801 - MISC 801 / 8959
A scarce Japanese mess tin set in it's original winter Khaki Drill insulated canvas cover with a shoulder strap. The mess tin set comprises of the main tin with a kidney shaped lift off lid and inside a further kidney shaped insert giving a three piece mess tin set. The tin has a wire handle secured on both sides. The kidney shaped insert and lid are both stamped with japanese writing, the insert on the base and the lid on the inside. The tins are in very good condition and measure, when fitted together 5 1/2" high, 7" wide and 4" across. The tins fit snugly inside the canvas insulated cover. The cover is khaki and is insulated with thick padding for winter use. The cover has no markings. The cover has a canvas shoulder strap and ties at the front to tie the top flap down. It has a small stitched loop on the front. It has a drwer string cord top to enable the tin to be secured. The price includes Uk delivery.

SILK WW2 Japanese Battle Flag / Ensign Of The Empire of Japan. MISC 800. - MISC 800 / 8985
Japanese pilots and sailors often carried personal battle flags amonst their kit which they would display when going into battle. This is an excellent quality original WW2 Japanese Battle Flag / Ensign Of The Empire of Japan. It was found together with 2 Japanese Naval daggers. Stock number ED 2192- Naval Officer's Dirk & Stock number ED 2193- Kamikaze Pilot's Dirk, which are listed separately on this site. The flag is made of white silk which in WW2 Japan was rare & expensive. It measures 41 x 28 inches and is undamaged with just light staining consistent with age. It has a large vivid red sun roundel printed in it's centre. The flag has nice stitched edging which is completely intact and 2 reinforced tab ends with cords for mounting on a pole or rifle. Price includes UK delivery. MISC 800
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