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Medals and Decorations

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9 Ct Gold And Enamel G.V.I.R. Royal Army Service Corps Sweetheart Brooch. M 104 - M 104
This is an excellent quality 9 ct gold George VI Royal Army Service Corps Sweetheart brooch which has red and blue enamel inlay. The brooch is in perfect condition. It is stamped on the mount with "9CT" as can be seen in one of the close up photographs. The brooch measures 55mm wide. The wearers pin on the reverse is in perfect condition and has the 'roll lock' still working. This is a very nice example. The price includes UK delivery. M 104

Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858 With Ribbon To W. Eyles 53rd Regiment. M 103 - M 103
This medal was awarded to 2437 Pte William Eyles of the 53rd Foot Regiment, ex 80th Foot No 2297. He was wounded at Khuswa on the 1st November 1857. He volunteered to the 81st Foot. The medal roll confirms the above. The medal is impressed "Wm. Eyles, 53rd Regt.". An 'extremely fine' medal and ribbon. The price includes Uk delivery. M 103

Air Efficiency Medal and Ribbon. M 102 - M102
This is a George VI Air Efficiency Medal To Corporal C. Barrett of the Auxiliary Air Force. It was awarded for 10 years service in the Auxiliary and Volunteer Air Forces of Britain and the Commonwealth. This is a pre 1948 issue medal and would therefore denote service in WW2. The medal is silver and the recipients name is impressed on the edge, "857335 CPL C Barrett A.A.F.". This is a very attractive medal which is worthy of further research. The price includes UK delivery. M 102

SOLD SOLD (28/11) To Private 43602 Robert Edward Davies 16th Battalion Welsh Regiment Killed In Action 1917. A Victory Medal & War Medal Combination With Cap Badge & Period Coins. Also Pte Davies' Scroll & War Records Information. M 805 - M 805
Born in 1896 at Pentre, Glamorgan Wales Private 43602 Robert Edward Davies 16th Battalion Welsh Regiment served in France & Flanders. He was sadly Killed In Action on 27th August 1917. This is his Framed Death Plaque with Regiment Cap badge, an original 1896 dated half Penny coin (His year of birth), original One penny coin dated 1917 (The year he was KIA). Mounted with these items are a WW1 Victory Medal and War Medal with correct ribbons. The medals are named to ‘J689779 ORD RN J.R. Davies’ (Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy). The display also features a hand embroidered patch with floral motif and the words ‘To My Dear Sister’. All are beautifully set on a rich velvet background in a glazed dark wood frame (13 ½”x14”x2”). The rear of the frame has a hanging bracket. The display comes with the original Death Scroll to Private Davies and a copy from Force War Records regarding his service and The Welsh Regiment’s deployment during the Great War. Price includes UK delivery. M 805

RESERVED RESERVED WW2 MBE group of 7 Medals, Miniatures & Photo Album. M 147 - M 147
A very complete Member of the British Empire breast Order, long service group of 7 medals to Mrs. Edith Alice CHRISTIAN-FLETCHER M.B.E. from Stockport a long serving member of the Womens Voluntary Service. The medals are the Civilian MBE in a gilt finish, 1939/45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Queen Elizabeth Coronation Medal and a Womens Voluntary Service Medal. All unnamed as issued with original ribbons and fitted on a pin bar. A corresponding, contemporary set of miniatures is included as is the WVSM box. With the medals is a scrap album containing dozens of press cuttings about her, Photographs, Invitations and other personal items. She was born in Liverpool in 1895, married in 1919 & moved to Cheshire. She joined the WVS in 1938 & aided in billeting refugee children & making camouflage netting. During the Blitz she became a Queen's Messenger & travelled with them to help in London during the V1 bombings. At the end of 1944 she travelled with the WVS throughout Europe particularly in Holland and Germany. In 1960 she received the MBE for her work in the community and in 1961 the WVSM when it was first instituted. She received an additional Long Service clasp in 1968 for 30 years service. She was involved in a multitude of organisations all listed in papers in the album. She died in 1970. Price includes UK delivery. M 147

Revised Edition Of 'For Fuhrer & Fatherland' 1985 By John Angolia. BO 1033 l - BO 1033
Revised Edition Of 'For Fuhrer & Fatherland' 1985 By John Angolia. This ius a comprehensive work by a noted authority on military awards of the third Reich. It is profusely illustrated with detailed text. It is an important work for collectors of Third Reich military wards. The price includes UK delivery. BO 1033

" x Volumes of 'Formans Guide To Third Reich German Awards and Their Values' Book. BO 1030 - BO 1030
These are 1st and 3rd Editions of Adrian Forman's invaluable price guide to Third Reich awards and are fully illustrated together with prices for each item. They are a very handy set from 1988 and 2001 showing how items have increased in value. The price includes Uk delivery. BO 1030

Egypt 1882-1889 Medal, No Clasp- Reverse Stamped 1882 To P. Coughlan, HMS Agincourt. Sn 10982 - 10982
Egypt 1882-1889 Medal, No Clasp-Reverse Stamped 1882 To P. Coughlan, Signalman on H.M.S. Agincourt. The H.M.S. Agincourt was a Minotaur Class Armoured Frigate built in 1865 and spent most of her service as the flagship of the Cannel Fleets Second In Command. The medal is in excellent condition. It is complete with the correct ribbon. The medal is impressed with "P. Coughlan Sign HMS Agincourt" (see the second photograph). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 10982

WW2 Era Polish Soldier's 13 Medal Group Mounted For Wear. Sn 10739 - 10739
This is a WW2 Polish War veteran's medal group mounted as worn. The group consists of 13 medals including Orders and Long Service. All have their correct original ribbons and are mounted on a cloth patch for wear. Price for this substantial collection of Polish Medals includes UK delivery. Sn 10739

Group Of 3 x Medals to X4162633 L.A.C./Cpl S.C. Thomas R.A.F. along with Discharge Wallet and Papers. Sn 10391:3 - 10391:3
A group Of 3 x Medals to "X4162633 L.A.C./Cpl S.C. Thomas R.A.F." along with a Discharge Wallet, Letter of Retirement dated 7th December 1976, Certificate of Discharge stamped at Northwood, Certificate of Qualifications and a metal wearers mount and ribbons for mounting the medals for wear. The medals consist of a General Service medal with Malaya Bar and ribbon impressed to "4162633 L.A.C. S.C. Thomas R.A.F.", a General Service Medal with Malay Peninsular Bar, and ribbon impressed to "X 4162633 Cpl S.C. Thomas R.A.F." and a R.A.F. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal and Ribbon impressed to "Cpl S.C. Thomas (X 4162633) R.A.F.". All three medals are in very good condition. He was a photographer and served 22 years. The wallet is light blue plastic and is stamped with "RAF Form 856A". The job description, form 856c/14/6 is dated 29/11/76 and is named to Thomas. The Certificate of Qualifications (form 856B) is again completed out to Thomas with all his qualifications showing him as a photographer (ground). The certificate of discharge is also made out to Thomas. The retirement letter is dated 7th December 1976. Lastly, the wearers pin and mount along with ribbons is in good condition. The price includes Uk delivery.
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