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Holsters, Accessories and Leather

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Boer War Period British Cavalry Leather Saddle Wallets and Leather Lance Stirrup Boot By Ebbert & Co Ltd. Sn 11499 - 11499
Boer War period British Cavalry leather saddle wallets and a leather lance stirrup boot by Ebbert & Co. Ltd. dated 1900. The leather saddle wallets were designed to fit over the pommel of the saddle and fix by leather straps through brass loops on the wallets. They sat in front of the riders legs affording easy access. The wallets are in excellent condition and are complete apart from a small 1" leather loop on the top which is missing. The wallets are shaped and lined with heavy duty cloth inside. The tops are secured over brass buttons on the wallet fronts. On the inside, both wallets have a brass loop. They measure 13 1/2" to the centre, 26 1/2" when laid flat. The leather is in fantastic condition and the stitching is all present and secure. The leather lance stirrup boot was designed to strap to the riders foot stirrup and the lance sat in the bucket and was supported by the stirrup. It is in perfect condition and is nicely stamped with the War Department 'Broad Arrow' on one side of the top and with "? EBBERT & Co Ltd G & M 1900" on the other. Again, this piece of leather equipment is complete with all stitching and it is all secure. The price for the two Boer War period pieces of leather equipment includes UK delivery. Sn 11499

WW1 1917 Dated British Royal Navy/Royal Naval Air Service Leather Amunition Pouch By M. Harvey & Co Ltd. Walsall. Sn 11500 - 11500
A WW1 1917 dated Royal Naval/Royal Naval Air Service leather pistol ammunition pouch. The leather pouch is in excellent condition. It retains a very nice patina and is supple. All of the stitching is in place and secure. It has a fold over flap top which has an additional six round, stitched leather loops. The flap is secured with a short leather tab which secures over a brass button on the front. The tab is secured with copper rivets. Inside it has one compartment for ammunition. On the reverse it has two leather belt loops which are secured with copper rivets. The stitching is also re-enforced with an additional four copper rivets on the pouch. On the reverse it is stamped with "M. Harvey & Co. Ltd. Walsall G & M 1917". It measures 6" x 4 1/4". This is a very nice example. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11500

WW2 German Leather Holster For Nazi Manufactured & Captured Browning Hi Power Model 1935 Semi Auto Pistols By Wilhelms Bosingfeld. L 354 - L 354
This is a very good WW2 German Holster For Nazi made & captured Browning Hi Power Model 1935 Semi Auto Pistols. It is made of Brown Cowhide with full flap cover and single retaining strap and stud fastener. It has a single open top magazine pouch on its right aspect front, the top of which is covered by the flap when closed. The front of the holster (beneath the retaining strap) is crisply stamped by the manufacturer Wilhelms Bosingfeld. Internally the holster has its leather ‘quick draw’ strap. The rear has 2 belt loops. All leather & stitching are intact with just the surface scuffs to be expected with age and service use. Price includes UK delivery. L 354

WW2 1941 British War Economy 1939 Pattern Leather Holster For .380 Calibre Service Revolvers, Complete with Cleaning Rod, by Wm Thomlinson Ltd. Sn 11253 - 11253
An excellent condition, WW2 1941 British war economy 1939 Pattern leather holster for .380 Calibre service revolvers. All leather and stitching is clean and intact. The rear of the holster has 2 x 2" belt loops riveted to the body with a total of eight flat rivets. It has a single brass press stud fastener stamped 'N.B. Ltd' on the full flap cover. Internally the holster has a slim stitched leather loop pocket for cleaning rod and is complete with the cleaning rod. Inside the flap it is ink stamped in blue ink with a crisp stamp "WM. Thomlinson Ltd 1941". The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11253

WW1 1918 Dated British Land Service Brown Leather Open Top Holster For Webley .455 Service Revolvers & Large Frame Colt/ Smith And Wesson Service Revolvers By HGR. Sn 11146 - 11146
British Land Service Pattern open top holsters for .455 calibre MK VI service revolvers and Colt/ Smith & Wesson large frame service revolvers were produced between 1890-1920 (see page 37 of ‘WD Revolvers Of The British Services 1854-1954’ By Chamberlain & Taylerson). This is an excellent WW1 British Land Service brown leather open top holster for use with Sam Browne belt rigs.The holster has the correct open top with retaining strap with eyelet and brass stud to the body. The muzzle end of the holster is also open. The rear of the holster has a stitched pocket for cleaning rod a stitched tab with brass buckle and 2 additional adjustable leather straps with brass buckles to allow the holster to be worn on either the left or right side of the belt rig. The tip of the retaining strap is faintly impressed by the manufacturer ‘HGR’ together with what appears to be ‘1918’ date. All stitching and leather are intact. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 11146

WW1 British 1915 Dated Sam Browne Holster For Webley & Enfield MK VI .455" Calibre Service Revolvers By T. Langley Walsall. Sn 11145 - 11145
A superb condition brown leather holster, dated 1915 for the Webley & Enfield MK VI .455" Calibre Service Revolvers. It has a full flap cover with single brass stud and has a retaining strap with eyelet stitched to the body. The body is impressed by the manufacturer ‘T.Langley,Walsall’ and dated 1915. It has a large rear belt loop with original brass bar and hook for attachment to Sam Browne belt rigs. All leather and stitching are intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 11145

WW1 1916 Dated German Mauser Pistol Holster. L 342 - L 342
A WW1, 1916 dated German Mauser pistol holster. The holster has a fold over flap which has a closure strap stitched to it. The strap secures over an alloy stud on the front of the holster. The stitching on the closure strap is all present and secure. On the front of the holster it has a spare magazine pouch stitched onto it. (empty). To the left of the magazine pouch is a stamp "FranzHerrmann Erfurt 1916". On the reverse it has a stitched belt loop. The leather is in a very good, supple condition. All of the stitching is secure and present. The price includes UK delivery. L 342

WW2 Holster For The German Walther PPK. L 341 - L 341
An excellent WW2 holster for the German Walther PPK. The holster is in great condition and has a very nice patina. It is fabricated from cowhide. The holster has a fold over flap which is secured with a closing strap which folds up and over an alloy 'button' on the flap. The holster has an additional magazine pouch stitched onto the front, (empty). Under the closing strap it is stamped with "D.R.G.M." (Trademark of Al-Brecht Kind, Berlin-Nurnberg). and below this is crossed rifles surmounted with a wreath and below this "Akah". The rear of the holster has a leather, stitched belt loop. The holster measures 6.59" high by 4.62" maximum flap width. The holster is in great condition. The price includes UK delivery. L 341

Pre WW1 American Officer's Private Purchase Small Frame Open Bottom Leather Revolver Holster. Sn 10873 - 10833
A pre WW1, American officer's Private Purchase, small frame, open bottom leather revolver holster. The holster is made from quality dark tan leather and has a very nice patina. It has a fold over flap secured over a brass 'button'. On the reverse it has a folded over, double thickness, leather loop which secures a brass wire clip for securing the holster to webbing/belt. The stitching is in excellent condition and the quality of the leather is very good. The holster has an open bottom to accommodate different barrel lengths. The holster measures 8 1/4" along the straight edge and 5" across the top of the flap. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 10873

WWI British 1914 Pattern Leather Holster & Pouch For The Small Frame Colt & Smith & Wesson .380 Revolver. L 339 - L 339 /10891
WWI British 1914 pattern leather holster and pouch for the small frame Colt and Smith & Wesson .380 revolver. A Colt Police Positive with 6" barrel and .38 Special fit perfectly into this holster. The holster is dark brown leather with a fold over flap, secured over a brass button which is secured to the flap. On the rear there is a broad 4" belt loop made from leather and stitched on. Inside the front flap there is handwritten in ink "S.C. Broadbent 44 Thornton Road Bridlington E. Yorks" making this a very researchable holster. The holster measures 9 1/2" long on the straight side and 6" across the top of the flap. The pouch is also made from the same dark brown leather and has a fold over flap with a securing strap which has two punched holes. On the rear it has a leather belt loop. Both the holster and pouch are in excellent condition and retain all of the stitching, which is all secure. The price includes UK delivery. L 339
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