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Holsters, Accessories and Leather

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WW2 Japanese Officer's Quality Brown Leather Map Case and Shoulder Strap. L 308 - L 308
WW2 Japanese Officer's quality brown leather map case with shoulder strap. This is made from quality leather which is supple and has a very nice patina. The map case has a front and rear compartment. The front of the map case has a fold over flap which is secured over a brass button. The flap has a 5 point star stitched to it over the securing strap as extra decoration. It is also 'worked' with a boarder around the edge of the flap and case. This is one large expandable compartment probably for maps and documents. Inside the case there is a blue paper sticker in Japanese. The reverse has another expandable compartment, inside this is a leather and green felt pen and writing board with leather pockets stitched for pens and pencils. The flap on the rear compartment is secured with press studs. The sides have pen / pencil leather pockets stitched to them. The leather shoulder strap has a steel adjusting buckle and a 'dog clip' at one end to detach it. The shoulder strap secures to two steel rings which are secured to the case with leather loops. This is a very nice quality officer's map case. All stitching is present and secure. The price includes UK delivery. L 308

WW2 German Black Leather Flare Pistol Holster With Side And Top Flaps. Sn 14139 - 14139
This is an unusual design WW2 German flare pistol holster. The holster is made from black leather. It has a side and top flap which fold over each other and secure over a brass stud. The bottom and side of the holster are black supple leather allowing plenty of give for the flare pistol. On the reverse it has a large leather attachment, stitched and riveted. It has a belt loop and also incorporates two brass hanging loops and a brass stud. Inside the holster it has a spare round pouch stitched into it. It measures 9 1/2" along the straight side, 12" across the diagonal and is 7 1/2" across the top. The leather is in excellent supple condition. All of the stitching is present and secure. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14139

WW1 1915 Dated Imperial German Luger PO8 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol 'Hard Case' Brown Leather Holster By Carl Lottmann. Sn 14231 - 14231
An original WW1 1915 dated Luger PO8 'hard case' holster made of brown cow hide. The cover is secured by a leather strap and metal buckle, both are in excellent condition. The holster has a magazine carrier stitched to the right aspect (Empty). It is stamped on the front under the flap with the manufacturers name "Carl Lottmann Arnstadt". The reverse of the holster has two leather belt loops, both of which are secure. It is stamped between the belt loops with "Carl Lottmann Arnstadt 1915". The inside has its original leather toggle quick draw strap and pocket with flap cover for Luger stripping tool (Empty). All of the stitching and leather of the holster are clean and intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14231

WW1 1915 British .455 Webley Mk. VI Service Revolver Holster by Parkers & Co (Coach Builders) London. L 309 - L 309
A superb condition brown leather holster, dated 1915 for the Webley Mk.VI .455" Service Revolver. It has a full flap cover with retaining strap and brass stud fastener. The rear has a large rear belt loop with original brass loop. The strap is crisply impressed "Parkers & Co (Coach Builders) London" together with "1915" date. All leather, brass fittings and stitching are intact and in excellent condition. Price for this nicely stamped WW1 dated holster includes UK delivery. L 309

British WW1 1916 Dated Brown Leather Open Top Holster For Webley Mk.VI .455" Service Revolvers For Machine Gun Crews By HGR Stamped to '3PWV" (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) With Brass Cleaning Rod. Sn 12691 - 12691
An excellent WW1 1916 dated British brown leather open top holster for the Webley Mk.VI .455" service revolver, complete with its brass cleaning rod contained in a slim pocket at the rear. The strap to secure the flap is stamped with "HGR 1916" (Hepburn Gale Ross Ltd). The rear has two brass clips for fixing it to the equipment belt and releasing it quickly if needed. Between the clip it is clearly stamped with "4 PWV" (4th Prince of Wales Volunteers). The holster has it's original retaining strap and brass stud. It has three drainage holes in the bottom leather base. The holster retains a very nice patina. All stitching and leather is intact. The leather and stitching are in excellent condition. These holster's were popular with machine gun crews because the weapon could be drawn easily from the prone position because of the open top. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 12691

Boer War / WW1 British Army Officer's Brown Leather Revolver Holster. L 306 - L 306
This is a Boer War / WW1 era British Army Officer's brown leather holster for a revolver. The holster is in very good condition and retains a nice patina. It has the faint shape of a revolver cylinder, possibly has been used for a Boer War era British Bulldog revolver. The long straight side measures 8". It has a fold over flap secured with a leather strap over a steel button. The flap has the remains of a folded stitched edge. On the reverse it has a leather loop which is stitched and riveted with two steel rivets. The belt loop would accept a 2" belt. All the stitching on the holster (apart from the folded seam on the flap edge) is present and secure. This is a very nice Boer War era holster. The price includes UK delivery. L 306

Contemporary Colt Percussion Revolver Leather Holster. L 304 - L 304
This is a contemporary Colt Percussion revolver black leather holster. The holster is in good condition, all stitching is present and secure. It has a fold over flap top and a leather strap folds up from the back to secure it over a brass button. On the reverse it has a stitched leather belt loop to take a 2 1/2" - 2 3/4" belt. The long side of the holster measures 9 1/4" long, and it measures 13 3/4" long on it's diagonal. The price includes UK delivery. L 304

WW1 German M1883 Reichsrevolver Holster For Mounted Field Artillery Gunners. L 302 - L 302
WW1 German M1883 Reichsrevolver holster for mounted field artillery gunners. The M1879 Reichsrevolver, or Reichs-Commissions-Revolver Modell 1879 and 1883, were service revolvers used by the German Army from 1879 to 1908, when it was superseded by the Luger. The two versions of the revolver differ only in barrel length (The M1883 had a 5-inch barrel). Although the design was dated, the weapon was extremely robust, and they were still used through World War I. The M1879 is referred to as the "cavalry model" and the M1883 as the "officer's model," by collectors, which were not official designations. The longest side of the holster, not including the flap measures 8", 10" including the flap. The holster is in very good condition. It retains a very nice patina. The stitching on the holster is all present and is secure. It has a fold over flap secured with a leather strap through a steel buckle. Inside it is clearly stamped with "L.G. 01". On the reverse it has two belt loops which are stitched. This is a very nice original example, (See 'Der Reichsrevolver Und Seine Varianten' book by Heinrich E. Harder, pages 184 & 191). The price includes UK delivery. L 302

A WW2 1941 Dated 1939 Emergency Pattern Rippled Leather Ammunition Pouch By D.R.S.P. L 301 - L 301
A WW2 1941 dated 1939 Emergency Pattern rippled leather ammunition pouch. Just as had happened in 1914, emergency measures were required to provide equipment in a rush. The heads of the leather industry were approached and asked to design a leather alternative to Pattern 37. This was then delegated to two men. Over one weekend, they designed and made-up a set. This was taken to the War Office, where it was approved on the spot. An order for one million sets of Leather Infantry Equipment Pattern 1939 was passed back to the leather manufacturers. By the end of 1939, this order had almost been filled. This is a 1939 emergency pattern ammunition pouch. Made from rippled leather it has a fold over flap secured over a brass button on the front. It has one compartment with a small inner flap. On the reverse it has a leather belt loop which is stitched and riveted. The belt loop is stamped with "D.R.S.P. Cawnpore 1941 2 G 92" and a War Office 'Broad Arrow'. All stitching is present and secure. The price includes UK delivery. L 301

WW1 1917 Dated U.S. Army M1897 Colt .38 Revolver Holster By G & K. L 390 - L 390
This is an excellent WW1 1917 dated U.S. Army Model 1897 Colt .38" revolver holster. It has a single broad retaining flap with single brass stud fastener. The front of the holster is stamped with the U.S. Army 'U.S. Roundel'. The rear of the holster features a broad 5" belt loop large enough to slide onto the cartridge belt of the day. (see Page 196 of Doughboy to G.I. by Lewis). The belt loop is nicely stamped "G & K 1917 A.G.". All leather and stitching of the holster is intact. It is fitted with a muzzle tip plug with ring and a thigh retaining cord. The price for this excellent nicely stamped U.S. Army holster includes UK delivery. L 390
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