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Holsters, Accessories and Leather

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Boer War/ WW1 British Infantry Belt To The 8th Scottish Volunteer Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment. L 281. - L 281
The Liverpool Scottish, known as "the Scottish", is a unit of the British Territorial Army, raised in 1900 as an Infantry Battalion of the King's Liverpool Regiment. The Liverpool Scottish became affiliated to the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders in the 1920s and formally transferred to the Regiment in 1937 with its identity preserved. This is an excellent condition Boer War/ WW1 British Infantry waist belt with 2 piece white metal buckle to the 8th Scottish Volunteer Battalion, King's Liverpool Regiment. The supple brown leather belt is 1 3/4" width and has white metal fittings and adjustment loops. The belt presently fits approx 36" waist but will adjust to fit a few inches larger. The belt's 2 piece white metal buckle is clean & undamaged and features the Regimental name around the circumference with the Battalion designation in the centre piece. Price includes UK delivery. L 281.

2 X Scarce, British 1939 Pattern, Leather Cartridge Carriers. Sn 7868. - 7868
The British 1939 Pattern cartridge carrier was designed to carry .303 Calibre Charger Clips (10 rounds in each pouch). The carrier was effectively two pockets cut from the middle of a Pattern 1903 Bandolier. The Belt loops were formed with narrow strips of leather riveted to the upper horizontal backing strip, curved over and riveted flat to the lower strip. The standard form of the Pattern 1937 attachment point for the Brace was reproduced in leather, even the oval brass ring and the flared lower section, where it was riveted to the upper backing strip. Internally Guard Straps were fitted, allowing the front charger to be secured, when the rear charger was withdrawn. These 2 x double 1939 Pattern carriers are scarce & in un issued condition with all leather, stitching, brass buckles, studs and rivets intact and undamaged. One of the carriers is stamped '31' with War Dept Arrow. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7868.

WW2 Nazi German Holster For Browning Hi Power Model 1935 Semi Auto Pistols By 'cgn' (Rohrbacher Lederfabrik Joseph Poeschl's Soehne). Sn 7852 - 7852
This is an excellent WW2 German Holster For Browning Hi Power Model 1935 Semi Auto Pistols. It is made of Brown Cowhide with full flap cover and single retaining strap with single stud fastener. It has a single magazine pouch on it's front, the top of which is covered by the flap when closed. The front of the holster (beneath the retaining strap) is crisply stamped by the manufacturer 'cgn' which is the Nazi German war time code for ' Rohrbacher Lederfabrik Joseph Poeschl's Soehne, together with Eagle & Swastika National emblem with 'WaA920' mark. (See pages 180 & 201 of German Pistols & Holsters 1934-45 By Whittington). The rear has a single belt loop. All leather & stitching is intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7852

WW2 German Holster For Walther P 38 Semi Auto Pistols By Moritz Stecher. Sn 7016. - 7016
An excellent, original WW2 Holster for Walther P 38 Semi Automatic Pistols. (See page 180 of German Pistols and Holsters By Lt. Col Whittington). This black leather holster has all leather and stitching intact. It has a full flap cover with single retaining strap which is secured by a single stud fastener on it's quick release flap. The holster has a single magazine holder on the outside of it's front aspect, the top of which is covered by the holsters top flap when closed. The rear of the holster has 2 single belt loops and it is faintly stamped 'P 38' together with crisp manufacturer's lettters 'JWa' which is the German Wartime code for a Moritz Stecher, Lederwerk, Freiburgbove. Also visible is a number '4'. Price for this WW2 holster includes UK delivery. Sn 7016. ( NB. Walther P 38 Pistols for this holster are also available on this web site).

A Quality Western Rig, Tooled Dark Brown Leather in a 'Basket Weave' Pattern L 277 - L 277
A Quality Western Rig. The belt is lined with green suede, with a tooled dark brown leather belt and holster. The holster is lined in tan leather giving a very nice contrast. The belt measures 45" from end to end. The belt has a tooled 'Basket Weave' pattern on the outside, it is very supple. It has a silver coloured buckle which is secured with two rivets. The holster is also tooled in a 'Basket Weave' pattern. It measures 18cm x 9cm approx. It has a very striking tan leather lining and is located in a slight cut out on the belt as can be seen in the photographs. The price includes UK delivery.

Rare, Pre 1900's British Yeomanry Saddle Bags, Private Purchase, Regimentally Marked To An Officer Of The West & Cumb Yeomanry By Merry, London. Sn 7003. - 7003
This is a very rare set of British Yeomanry pre 1900's Saddle bags. The leather bags and attachments together with straps and buckles are all in excellent undamaged condition with all leather and stitching in tact. The leather does have minor scuffs which is to expected of a piece of this age which has been in Military Service. The bags which each measure 14"x12"x 4" with full flap covers each secured by 2 retaining straps with buckles are fully lined with cotton material. The broad leather back Strap that joins the bag is 17" x 10" and features an adjustment strap with buckle. The flap of each bag is crisply stamped ' F. Bentley. Esq, West & Cumb. Yeo' (Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry) and the body stamped 'West & Cumb Yeo'. The rear of each bag is crisply stamped with the cartouche of the retailer 'Merry, St James Street, London'. Price for this rare, attractive, fully functioning set of nicely marked Yeomanry Saddlebags includes UK delivery. Sn 7003.

WW1/WW2 U.S. Army M1897 Colt .38 Revolver Holster. 'Rock Island Arsenal'. L 270. - L 270
This is an excellent WW1/WW2 U.S. Army Model 1897 Colt .38" Revolver Holster. It has a single broad retaining flap with single brass stud fastener. The Front of the holster is stamped with the U.S. Army 'U.S. Roundel' and the tip of the retaining flap is stamped with small letters 'P.F.L.'. The rear of the holster features a broad 5" belt loop large enough to slide onto the cartridge belt of the day. ( see Page 196 of Doughboy to G.I. by Lewis). The belt loop is nicely stamped ' Rock Island Arsenal' 'H.E.K' 'A.F.A.M.N.G'and with number '29' which is impressed with a winged eagle motif. (The Rock Island Arsenal was originally established as a Government site in 1816, with the building of Fort Armstrong. It has been an active manufacturer of military equipment and ordnance since the 1880s). All leather and stitching of the holster is intact. Originally this holster would have been fitted with a muzzle tip plug with ring for a thigh retaining cord, however it was common practice for Troops to remove the plug during operational service to provide drainage thereby preventing the holster becoming flooded during combat. The plug of this holster has been contemporarily removed. Price for this excellent nicely stamped U.S. Army holster includes UK delivery. L 270.

Complete, American Made, Smith And Wesson, Police/ Security, Tooled Leather Pistol Holster Rig. L 258. - L 258
This is a great opportunity to own an original complete, Smith & Wesson, American made, heavy duty tooled leather Rig. The Rig comprises a 2 inch width, Heavy duty black leather belt beautifully tooled in a basket weave and scallop edge design. The belt will fit waist sizes 34" to 42" and has a large 3" steel buckle which is removeable to allow greater adjustment along the belt's width. This feature provides greater waist size adjustment. The belt is profusely stamped with S&W logos and number '42'. The belt is fitted with all original tooled matching Smith and Wesson accessories which are all crisply stamped on the reverse with S&W logos and product numbers including, An open top quick draw holster for 4" barrel pistols with press stud retainer and additional quick release stud fastener ( stamped B501 94W, PAT # 3.942.692), A closed top handcuff pouch with single stud flap fastener ( stamped B70W), An open top Pepper/CS Spray holder (stamped B74W) and a double ammunition carrier with 2 individual flaps and stud fasteners. (stamped B67W). The rig also has a torch hanger with 1 1/2 inch inner diameter steel ring and 5 free hanging, matching tooled leather belt loops, (1 stitched leather loop , 4 loops with double stud fasteners). Price for this complete, rugged and attractive, tooled leather S&W Police/ Security Rig includes UK delivery. L 258.

1943 Canadian 'Emergency Production' Pattern 1937 Webbing Service Revolver Holster. Sn 6326. - 6326
This is a near mint condition 1943 dated ' Emergency Production' 1937 pattern webbing service revolver holster, for Webley and Enfield .380 Service Revolvers. The simple, rugged design of this webbing holster allowed it to be mass produced for the demands of the Canadian commitment to WW2. The holster has a single brass stud clasp fastener and stitched into the rear of the holster are 3 brass bar hook belt fixings. The brass clasp fitting on the lid of the holster is stamped ' UNITED- CARR, CANADA'. The inside of the canvas lid is clearly ink stamped by the manufacturer 'ZL&TL LTD' and date stamped 1943 with a War Department 'arrow'. The holster is clean and undamaged with all stitching intact. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 6326.

WW2 Leather Holster for Luger 9mm Parabellum Pistols. Sn 6315. - 6315
This original WW2 Leather Holster for Luger 9mm Parabellum Pistols is in good condition. Made of very dark Brown Leather Cow hide, the Holster has a magazine pouch on it's right aspect (Magazine available seperately on this website). The Holster has 2 belt loops which are in excellent functioning condition. The inside of the holster's lid on the right hand side is marked with manufacturer's detail ( illustrated) Price includes UK delivery. Sn 6315.
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