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Military Headgear - Helmets

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Rare, WW1 German M17 Combat Helmet With Original Sectional Camouflage Paint. HE 804. - HE 804
WW1 M16 & M17German camouflage combat helmets had many paint design variants (see pages 74-95 of Helmets of the First War By Haselgrove & Radovic). This is a rare WW1 German M17 Combat helmet. It has it's original Camouflage sectioned paint pattern in shades of greens and browns sectioned by broad black painted lines. It has no dents and all rivets are in place together with it's chin strap bales. The helmet retains part of it's original brown leather headband and chinstrap. It is approx UK size 6 1/2 - 7. Price for this rare quality helmet with original camouflage paint includes UK delivery. HE 804.

Early Nazi Period N.S.D.A.P. German Infantry Helmet, Chin Strap And Liner. HE 799. - HE 799
This is an excellent, original, National Socialist German Workers Party, Early Nazi Period German Infantry helmet. It is in great overall condition with only 2 small dents ( 1 on the left and 1 on the right side of the helmet). The Helmet retains 95% of it's original dark green paint and the front bears the Nazi Eagle with Wreath and Swastika in black. It is complete with original leather liner and chinstrap with steel buckle. the liner has some service wear but is in good condition. The rim of the helmet is stamped ' RL 2 38/28' Which may be date, manufacturer and size codes. (It is approx UK size 7). Also The word/name 'Tergete' has been contemporarily painted on the inside of the rim. Price for this original helmet connected to the Nazi era includes UK delivery. HE 799.

WW2 British 'First Aid' Post 'Tommy Helmet' and Liner. HE 792. - HE 792 / 6469
This is a good condition, complete, grey painted MK II steel helmet which is painted to the front and rear ' F.A.' (First Aid0. It is approx size 7. It has a 1941 dated black treated linen liner and sprung webbing chinstrap. The inner edge of the helmet is stamped '1941 E.C.&Co'. This is a good home front helmet used during air raids. Price includes UK delivery. HE 792

1939 M.R.C. Civil Defence Steel Helmet - HE 783 / 5661
A superb condition WW2 Mk. II Steel Helmet painted with a designation of "M.R. C." over, "N". This could be a Coucil Department, a factory or Colliery, I dont know. In its original khaki paint and excellent overall. The liner is dated 1939, made by,'Helmets Limited" and is size 6 and 3/4". Complete with original chinsdtrap. price includes Uk delivery. The helmet has lost much of its original green paint but the front badge remains. The shell is stamped inside, "BMB 1939". The liner is similarly dated and is size 7. Complete with its original chin strap. Price includes UK delivery.

U.S. Fire Department firemans helmet. - 4974
A great example of a black composite MSA "skullgard" fire helmet of a USA Fire Department. Wide brim. Front leather badge, " USA FD". leather liner and strap with buckle. Nice makers label inside of M-S-A, Pittsburgh. Size about 6 & 1/2. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4974 )

French Fire Officers Firemans Helmet - 4976
A very nice condition silver colour metal Sapeurs Pompiers senior officers ceremonial Fire Helmet of the town of Envermeu. Great brass front badge, top comb and no dents. Inside it retains its original liner, leather chinstrap and buckle. Approx size 7. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4976 )

WW2 French Army Adrian Steel Helmet - 4973
An excellent original example of a WW2 French Army, Adrian pattern Steel Helmet with its original green painted finish. Nice DP flaming grenade badge. Complete with its black leather 6 point liner. Brown leather chinstrap and buckle. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4973 )

WW2 Royal Navy Officers Sun Helmet - 4046
A ggod condition WW2 Royal Navy Officer's sun helmet. Khaki material with wide pagri band and dark blue top line. Leather chinstrap and leather edging. Inside it has a green cloth liner, and asize 6 7/8" leather sweatband. The sweatband is stamped, ""COMFORTEASE", "Royal Letters Patent", Adopted by H.M. Govt.". Needs cleaning or white blancoeing as the RN would wear it on ships. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4046 )

WW2 Bulgarian Model 1934/39 Combat Helmet - 3854
An excellent and scarce example of the Bulgarian Model 1934/39 Steel combat helmet with original green paint and partial National Colours decal on the right hand side. Inside it has a leather six tongued headband secured by 4 steel riveted lugs. It has its original leather chinstrap also. Price includes Uk delivery. ( sn. 3854 )

German M 38 Luftschutz Helmet - HE 3334
A superb condition WW2, Nazi German M 38 Luftschutz 3-pice "gladiator"Helmet. Dark green original paint. Inside it has its original WW1, M16 style, size 56 leather liner and a black leather chin strap with metal buckle. The helmet is stamped RL-S, 38/28 on the inside neck flap. In excellent condition and price includes UK delivery.
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