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Military Headgear - Helmets

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RARE, Model 1945 French Armée de l'Air Pilot's Steel Helmet With Hinged Steel Collar Armour. Sn 10255 - 10255
The French Air Force (French: Armée de l'Air is the air force of the French Armed Forces. It was formed in 1909 as the Service Aéronautique, a service arm of the French Army, then was made an independent military arm in 1933. This is a rare Model 1945 French Pilot's heavy steel helmet together with hinged steel collar armour. The helmet has a contoured neck guard and padded leather ridge to the forehead. The top of the helmet has a reinforced spine. The helmet retains some of it's original black paint and has no dents. The inside of the helmet has it's original leather and webbing liner and leather chin strap with buckle. The inside of the helmet also has it's original white paint marking 'Franck Modele 1945 France' and partially readable 'Milliers' name (illustrated). The helmet is approx UK size 7. The helmet is accompanied by it's original hinged steel collar armour secured by a raised steel stud. The collar is backed with leather and designed to protect the shoulders and chest of the pilot. The leather backing of the collar has some service wear. Price for this rare pilot's helmet complete with collar armour includes UK delivery. Sn 10255

Post 1901, Home Service Pattern, Scottish, 1st Forfarshire Volunteer Artillery Blue Cloth Helmet With Ball Top Mount Marked Patent 23092 & Regulation Cork Helmet . Sn 10249. - 10249
The 1st Artillery Volunteer Corps in Forfar was originally formed at Arbroath in Scotland in 1859. In 1880 the Brigade became the 1st Forfar Artillery Volunteers. In 1908, as a result of the re-organisation of the Territorial Force, they became part of the North Scottish Royal Garrison Artillery and a Battery of the 210 Highland Brigade Royal Field Artillery. This is an excellent Post 1901 Ball topped 1878 Pattern Home Service blue cloth helmet to the Forfarshire Volunteer Artillery. It has metal cross piece, ball top and rose bosses supporting link chin chain. The front of the helmet bears the impressive A Post 1901 white metal Helmet Plate of the 1st Forfarshire Volunteer Artillery. The plate has the King's Crown, Royal Arms, with scroll below inscribed “1st” over an artillery piece resting on a scroll “Forfarshire Volunteer Artllery”. The helmet plate is original with correct lug mounts. The helmet is complete with leather sweatband, stitched panel lining and red material with draw string (some of the hem stitching of the red material has perished with age but this could easily be repaired). The lining blue ink stamp 'Patent 23092' together with contemporary hand written pencil mark '6 9/8' (possibly size). The crown of the helmet has a lovely leather label embossed in gold 'Regulation Cork Helmet' (illustrated). It is approx. UK size 6 1/2 - 7. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 10249

Original Korean War Era Rear Seam, American U.S. Airborne Combat/ Jump Helmet With Painted Formation Markings & 1953 Dated 'ABL' Marked Liner. HE 843. - HE 843
This is an original American U.S. Airborne Korean War Era rear seam combat helmet. It retains it's original olive green paint finish and has contemporary 'spade' formation markings to the left and right sides. The helmet has no dents. It is fitted with it's original Airborne liner with leather and webbing chin straps and Leather 'jump' chin cup. The straps and liner are clean and in excellent condition. The liner has an ink stamp 'ABL' and is dated 1953. The webbing has numerous ink letters and numbers. It is approx UK size 7 1/2. As with all of our stock this helmet is guaranteed 100% genuine and original. HE 843

French Model 1882, WW1 Era Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet With Plume & Horse Hair Mane Manufacturer marked By G. Helbronner & Franck, Paris . Sn 9970 - 9970
An excellent WW1 Era French Model 1882 Cuirassier Cavalry Regiment Helmet. The helmet has a white metal skull, brass peak binding, ear to ear wreath with grenade to the centre. The white metal of the skull has some tarnishing to small areas consistent with age. It has leather backed scales chin strap and ornate ear roundels one of which is Stamped by the manufacturer 'B. Franck, Paris'. The rear of the helmet is marked by the manufacturer 'G. Helbronner' together with number '59' and small ' Star with letter C'. It has a superb Medusa head finial and removable red Ostrich feather plume to the left side. It also has a plaited black horse hair falling mane. The exterior of the helmet has just light service wear. We have left it in it's original uncleaned, as found condition. Proffessionally cleaned this impressive helmet would have an even greater dramatic appearance. The helmet is complete with cloth liner which is undamaged and has just the service wear to be expected. It is approx UK size 6 1/2. Price for this impressive helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 9970

WW2 1942 British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet With Formation Patch By Moores London WD Marked. HE 840 - HE 840
This is an original WW2 British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet. It's cover is undamaged. It has it's original leather head band & vented top mount. The left side of the helmet has it's original red formation mark. It is complete with leather sweatband which is WD marked and size '6 5/8' and dated '1942'. It also has it's original foil liner which has service wear. It has brass chin strap hooks. The sweatband is also marked by the manufacturer 'Moores London'. Price includes UK delivery. HE 840

WW2 French Infantry 1926 Pattern Adrian Combat Helmet, 9 point Liner & Badge. HE 838. - HE 838
This is a WW2 French Infantry 1926 Pattern 'Adrian' Combat Helmet complete with it's original 9 point liner, chinstrap and 'DP' with ignited grenade badge. The liner is stamped with an ink '58' roundel (it is approx UK size 7). The helmet differs from the WW1 design by being stamped from 1 piece of Steel and having a series of small ventilation holes in the crown instead of a single large hole which was viewed as a weak point of the old design. It retains it's original finish and is an excellent example of this pattern of French helmet. Price includes UK delivery. HE 838

WW1 French M15 Adrian Combat Helmet With 1930's & WW2 'RF' (Republique Francaise) Air Ground Crew Helmet Badge, Liner & Chin Strap. HE 838 - HE 838 / 9808
The M15 Adrian helmet (French: Casque Adrian) was a combat helmet issued to the French Army during World War 1. It was the first standard helmet of the French Army and was designed when millions of French troops were engaged in trench warfare The later M 1926 helmet was made of a single piece of pressed steel without joining rim. This is an excellet original WW1 M15 French Adrian Combat Helmet complete with it's original clean undamaged sweatband liner and chinstrap. The helmet is fitted with an original 1926 & WW2, 'Army Of The Air Ground Crew' Helmet Badge with 'winged star' and 'RF' (Republique Francaise). The inside rear rim of helmet is hand written etched '299 Section TM' with other unreadable script and number '91'. It has just a few minor dents and retains most of it's original dark blue paint. It is approx UK size 6 1/2. Price for this WW1/WW2 Adrian includes UK delivery. HE 838.

Original WW2 1942 Camo Sigle Decal M35 Helmet By ‘CKL’ Eisenhuttenwerke, Contemporarily Painted Operation Dragoon US 6th Army with Liner & Chin Strap HE 818 - HE 818
An original WW2 1942 dated camo German M35 helmet, liner and chin strap. The helmet is period painted on the front to commemorate Operation Dragoon, the Allied Invasion of Southern France on the 15th August 1944 where the US Army was involved. The helmet has a white square painted on the front which is edged with a black line, inside the square it has "Operation 601 Dragoon Provence TD" with a 'Y' painted in black with 8 white stars painted on it. The helmet is a veteran 'bring back'. The helmet has a single 'eagle with swastika' decal on the left hand side and is camo painted in shades of tan, brown and green. Inside it retains the brown/tan leather liner and draw string both of which are in very good condition. The black leather chin strap is secured at both ends onto metal buckles and has a buckle for adjustment. The chin strap is date stamped with "1942 and RBN /1/1151/0005" as can be seen in one of the photographs. The inside of the helmet is painted green and the inner rim is stamped with shell size '64' and manufacturer code manufacturer code ‘CKL’ which is Eisenhuttenwerke. This is a very good condition, complete M35 helmet. The price includes UK delivery. (Commission)

Scarce, Early WW2 1940 Dated Home Front, 'Tommy Helmet', London Bridge Rubber Works' with 1940 Dated Liner By JCS Ltd . Sn 8087. - 8087
This is an excellent condition, complete, original, WW2, painted steel 'Tommy' helmet, manufactured for personnel working at the London Bridge Rubber Works factory which continued production throughout the London Blitz. The helmet is painted black and has the original, Gold and Black 'Winged Triangle' on Sky Blue background Company badge emblazoned on the front. The badge lettering which has some abrasions, reads ' Bridge Rubber Works', 'LBA Service For Safety' & 'London & South'. The inner rim of the helmet is date stamped '1/1940' ( Jan 1940). It has a black padded liner and sprung webbing chinstrap all of which are completely intact. The liner is faintly marked 'JCS Ltd 1940'. These helmets were made to fit all sizes. The helmet is undamaged with no denting and it retains a lot of it's original black paint. This is a scarce, early WW2 dated, Home Front helmet. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 8087.

WW1 & Nazi German SA Troops, M 16 Steel Combat Helmet With Early Single Wehrmacht Decal. Sn 7670. - 7670
A nice, Nazi German M16 Steel Helmet with liner. Originaly this helmet was painted WW1 green but has been overpainted in the 1930's with black paint for issue to early SA troops. It has a single Wehrmacht decal C 1934/35 consisting of the Eagle National Emblem with swastika. The liner is stamped '55'. The helmet is approx UK size 6 - 6 1/2 and has it's chinstrap bales. The inside of the rim is marked '21' & the helmet has no dents. This is a superb original helmet and like all of our stock is guaranteed 100% genuine. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7670.
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