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Victorian British Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry Cavalry Officer’s Helmet With Queen's Crown, Helmet Plate, White Horse Hair Plume, Liner & Link Chin Strap. Sn 15169 - 15169
The Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons was a Yeomanry Cavalry Regiment of the British Army in existence from 1794 to 1956. The Regiment was formed as Volunteer Cavalry known as the South West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry in 1794 during the French Revolutionary Wars. In 1844, it changed its name to the First West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry. Finally, in 1897, after the Sheffield squadron had the honour of escorting Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, at Sheffield and being represented at the Royal celebration of that year, the Regiment became known as the Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons. The Yeomanry was not intended to serve overseas, but due to the string of defeats during Black Week in December 1899, the British Government realised they were going to need more troops than just the regular army and the Regiment provided Yeomanry Battalions to serve in the Boer Wars. The Regiment was converted to an armoured role during the Second World War. In 1956, it merged with the Yorkshire Hussars and the East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry to form the Queen's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry. Its lineage is continued today by A (Yorkshire Yeomanry) Squadron, the Queen's Own Yeomanry. This is an excellent Victorian Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry Cavalry nickel plated brass Helmet With correct white horse hair plume, Leather sweatband & Link Chin Strap. It has a brass top spike, Tudor rose boss devices to each side to support the leather backed brass link chin. It has a very ornate original helmet plate featuring beaded star with gilt edged wreath, Queen's Crown, brass banner with Regiment name and central Yorkshire rose. It has its original leather sweatband which has service wear to be expected. The helmet has no dents, retains its original finish and is approx UK size 7. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 15169

Early WW2 MK 1 British Army Motorcycle Dispatch Rider’s Helmet With Fibre Rim Liner & Leather Chin Strap With Neck Protector Flap. Sn 14973 - 14973
This is an excellent original early WW2 MK 1 British Army motorcycle dispatch rider’s helmet. This helmet has no denting and is complete with webbing liner & padded leather sweatband, vented ear flaps with press stud covers, chin strap with buckle and rear neck protector flap. The helmet has its original green paint and fibre rim. The leather sweatband has an original partial paper manufacturer’s label (illustrated). It is approx. UK size 6 ½. The price for this early WW2 dispatch rider’s helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 14973

Original, British WW2 1942 National Fire Service (N.F.S) Motorcycle Dispatch Rider’s Helmet By J.H. Ltd With Liner & Leather Chin Strap. Sn 15014 - 15014
The Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) formed in January 1938 and fire stations were set up in buildings such as schools, garages and factories. A recruitment drive was launched with as many as 28,000 fire fighters required to support London Fire Brigade's 2,500 officers and fire fighters. To provide a unified service throughout the country, the National Fire Service (NFS) took control on 18 August 1941 when all AFS were merged with local brigades to form a national service. By 1943 over 70,000 women had enrolled in the NFS in the United Kingdom. This is an original WW2 1942 dated British NFS motorcycle dispatch rider’s helmet. This 4 panel crown leather helmet is complete with original 8 tongue leather liner and integral vented ear and rear neck protector flaps which has a leather fastening strap with buckle. The liner is impressed with 1942 date and by the manufacturer ‘J.H Ltd’. The brown leather helmet has its original red paint band and original NFS badge which has surface wear to be expected. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. The price for this WW2 dated NFS dispatch rider’s helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 15014

Original WW2 British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet . HE 870 - HE 870
This is an original WW2 British Overseas Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet. The helmet retains its original leather head band, chin strap & vented top mount. It is also complete with leather sweatband which is marked O over W ARROW D over 290 inside the headband. The headband is also embossed VEROS DETACHABLE& SELF CONFORIMING HEAD BAND. ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. NO. 228467. Price includes UK delivery. HE 870

**SOLD**SOLD**23/4**WW2 1943 Dated British Army Slouch Hat With Royal Regiment Of Artillery Divisional/ Formation Patch, Pagri and Headband. Sn 14894:28 - 14894:28
This is an original WW2 1943 dated British Army topical slouch hat to the Royal Regiment of Artillery. It has its original khaki pagri headband and its khaki body is undamaged. It has its original ventilation holes at the edge of the crown and a press stud fastener on the left side of the brim and skull. The left side of the brim is stitch mounted with its original embroidered cloth divisional/ formation patch for the Royal Regiment of Artillery (a square split diagonally into red and blue triangles). The hat has its original leather sweatband with the makers name of Moores, London, 6 7/8 hat size, 1943 date, a crowfoot. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14894:28

ORIGINAL, WW2 Japanese Infantry Officer’s Combat Cap With Embroidered ‘Star’ Badge, Chinstrap & Removable Neck Cover For Tropical Use. Sn 14894:8 - 14894:8
This is an original WW2 Japanese Officer’s combat cap complete with its original chin strap and neck cover for Tropical use (see page 108 item 296 of Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Uniforms & Equipment By Nakata & Nelson). The olive serge cap with peak and original fabric chinstrap is clean & intact. The front of the helmet has the original embroidered yellow ‘star’ badge on a felt patch roundel. The leather sweatband is clean and undamaged. The band is ink stamped ‘7’. The cap’s removable 3 panel cloth neck cover is secured to the cap by a knotted cloth tape at the rear of the cap and small brass hooks on the cover which slot into small stitched loops on the rim of the cap. The cap is approx. UK size 6. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14894:8

Victorian Albert Pattern Staffordshire Queen’s Own Royal Yeomanry Other Ranks Helmet With Chin Strap, Liner & Plume. Sn 14801 - 14801
This is a scarce example of the Albert pattern helmet adopted by the regiment in 1850. It has a blackened steel crown with large brass helmet plate and edges with traces of silvering. The replacement rose bosses support a silvered link chin chain with leather backing. The plume holder which is incomplete supports a black horse hair plume. The interior has the original leather lining. It is approx. UK size 7. This is a scarce helmet worthy of minor restoration. Sn 14801

Original, WW2 1944 'D-Day' British 3rd Pattern Camouflaged Paratroopers Jump Helmet By BMB With Camo Netting, Liner & Chin Strap. Sn 14849 - 14849
This is an excellent original WW2 1944 dated 3rd Pattern British Paratroopers Jump Helmet (See page 93 of For King & Country By Glenn). 3rd pattern Jump Helmets were manufactured from 1943 and featured a manganese steel shell with webbing liner & leather chin cup. They 1st saw action on June 6th 1944 for the Normandy Invasion. This helmet has no denting and is complete with correct liner & chinstrap. It has its original green camo paint. The leather sweatband is date stamped '1944' together with manufacturer's mark 'BMB' and size '6 3/4'. The helmet is also fitted with its original Camo netting which is worn in places consistent with age and service use. The price for this Airborne jump helmet includes UK delivery. Sn 14849

WW1 French M15 Adrian Combat Helmet With 'RF' (République Française) Infantry Helmet Badge & Liner. Sn 14727 - 14727
The M15 Adrian helmet (French: Casque Adrian) was a combat helmet issued to the French Army during World War 1. It was the first standard helmet of the French Army and was designed when millions of French troops were engaged in trench warfare. The later M 1926 helmet was made of a single piece of pressed steel without joining rim and top combe. This is an excellent original WW1 M15 French Adrian Combat Helmet complete with its original sweatband liner. The helmet has original chin strap bales. The helmet is fitted with an original Infantry 'RF' (République Française) helmet badge featuring an ignited grenade. The helmet has no dents and it has original dark grey paint finish which has even patina & scuffs consistent with age and service use. It is approx UK size 7. The price for this WW1 Adrian includes UK delivery. Sn 14727

Victorian, London Rifle Brigade Shako By Samuel Brothers London With Queen’s Crown Plate. Sn 14703 - 14703
The London Rifle Brigade was a volunteer unit of the British Army. The Regiment was first raised in the City of London on 14 December 1859 as 1st London (City of London Volunteer Rifle Brigade) Rifle Volunteer Corps, a rifle volunteer unit made up of five companies. On 1 July 1881 it was made part of the King's Royal Rifle Corps as its 9th Volunteer Battalion. Ten years later, in December 1891, it was renamed the 1st London Volunteer Rifle Corps (City of London Volunteer Rifle Brigade). When the volunteer and militia units were re-organised as the Territorial Force in 1908 the unit was again renamed, becoming the 5th (City of London) Battalion of the new London Regiment. This is a very good original Victorian era private purchase Shako of the London Rifle Brigade. The Shako has a blue serge covering with a broad patent leather headband and patent leather peak. The crown of the Shako is trimmed with patent leather. The surface covering has areas of service wear to be expected. The front of the Shako is mounted with its original Victorian blackened metal Queen’s Crown London Rifle Brigade plate. The Shako is complete with its leather sweatband and silk liner. The crown has a gold leaf Queens Crown Military Outfitters roundel ‘Samuel Brothers London’. The liner and sweatband are clean and intact. The Shako is approx. UK size 6. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 14703
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