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WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Visor Cap with Bullion Badge in Original Lined Carry Box. Sn 13608 - 13608
This is an original WW2 Japanese naval Officer's visor cap and badge which is complete with the original lined carry case. The caps main body is made of navy blue wool that is in excellent condition and is covered with a pull on dust cover (which has a few white marks on it), the dust cover is original and pulls on and secures with a single press stud at the rear which is still present. There is a ribbed black cloth centre band. The insignia is on a black badge cloth roundel. It includes gold bullion wreath with golden highlights with a nickel silver chrysanthemum at the peak. There is a cockade with a metal anchor and gold bullion. it has a black patent leather chinstrap held in place by a pair of gilt naval anchor buttons. The black leather visor is in good undamaged condition. The interior is fully lined in purple rayon that is in excellent condition. The sweatband is produced in black ersatz leather, on the inside it is ink stamped with a size "22 1/4". The cap is in excellent overall condition and original, the only marks being on the dust cover. The cap comes in its original linen covered and lined cap box. The box is in excellent undamaged condition. It has a makers label inside the lid (see the inset on the first photograph). It has a lid which is hinged on a leather strap which goes over the lid and secures on the front through a steel buckle. There is a metal name plate on the front in Japanese. The box has a leather carry handle on top. the lid is also edged in brown leather, it has the remains of a paper label on the top. This is an excellent, original cap in its original box. The price includes Uk delivery. Sn 13608

WW2 1941 British Tommy Combat Helmet x B.M.B. (British Motor Bodies) With Rare Canadian 1942 Camouflaged Anti Gas Cover By Kaufman Rubber Co. Ltd. HE 863 - HE 863
This is an excellent condition, complete, original, WW2, steel 'Tommy' Combat helmet worn by British Infantry. The helmet has all of it's original black paint. The inner rim of the helmet is stamped "BMB 1 79 1942". It has it's complete padded liner and sprung webbing chinstrap all of which are intact. The helmet is undamaged with no denting. This early WW2 dated combat helmet is complete with an original rare camouflaged anti gas cover. The cover made of a waxed canvas material with reinforced stitched seams is excellent and undamaged. The helmet cover has it's original elasticated band which stretches correctly over the rim of the helmet. The face and neck cover has it's original press stud fastener which works correctly. The inside of the cover is nicely ink stamped in yellow by the Canadian manufacturer "Kaufman Rubber Co. Ltd." and dated "1942" with three stars. It is also stamped with the 'C' (Canadian) War Dept Mark. Price for this excellent early WW2 Combat helmet with rare Anti Gas cover includes UK delivery. HE 863

***SOLD***SOLD*** Victorian New South Wales, Australia, Brass Firemans Merryweather Helmet and Liner. Sn 13523 - 13523
A Victorian New South Wales, Australian brass Fireman's Merryweather helmet and liner. Merryweather helmets were used by British fire brigades from the Victorian era until well into the 20th century. These helmets were modelled on the helmets of the Sapeurs-pompiers which Captain Sir Eyre Massey Shaw had seen on a visit to Paris and introduced to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in London in 1868, replacing a black leather helmet. The design was widely copied by other British and British Empire fire services. These helmets were made of brass, but those belonging to officers were silver plated. Metal helmets are conductive, a safety hazard as use of electricity became widespread, so a new helmet made from a composite of cork and rubber was introduced in London and elsewhere from 1936. However, during World War II, military-style steel helmets were adopted, similar to the Brodie helmet used by the British Army, to improve protection during air raids. A composite helmet was reintroduced after the end of the war. Traditional brass helmets remained in service in Queensland, Australia until 1970. This brass helmet is in excellent condition and is complete with the leather and brass chin strap, leather liner and thick leather sweat band. It is badged on the front to "N.S.W. F.B." (New South Wales Fire Brigade). The combe on the top is secured with 9 dome headed brass nuts and bolts. It is also soldered to the helmet rim at the back. The peak and neck flap are both edged in brass. It is in very good condition, showing only normal use marks, The chin strap is secured with two rotating rosettes, one either side. This is a excellent example of the brass Merryweather helmet. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13523

WW2 British Home Front, Bakelite Munition’s Workers 'Tommy Helmet' With Liner & Chin Strap. Sn 13469 - 13469
This is an excellent original WW2 'Tommy' helmet made of bakelite for Home front Munitions factory workers as opposed to the usual steel manufacture to prevent the potential for creating sparks thereby igniting munitions and causing explosions. The brown flecked bakelite shell is undamaged. It is approx UK size 7 ½. It has its original black oil cloth liner with padded crown and later webbing chin strap. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13469

SUPERB, Post 1952 British Queen Elizabeth II Household Cavalry 'Life Guards' Troopers Helmet With White Horse Hair Plume, Liner & Link Chin Strap. Sn 13460 - 13460
The British Household Cavalry consists of The Life Guards and The Blues and Royals. They are the oldest and most senior Regiments in the British Army. The Commander in Chief of The Household Cavalry is her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This is a superb, Post 1952 British Household Cavalry 'Life Guards' Troopers Helmet With White Horse Hair Plume, Liner & Link Chin Strap. It has a nickel plated skull with brass fittings, leather backed link chin strap, nickel and brass brass top spike with white horse hair plume surmounted by a brass Tudor rose boss. Further Tudor rose devices to each side support the leather backed brass link chin. It has a very ornate original helmet plate resting in a wreath of half laurel and half oak, Queen Elizabeth II crowned collar of the Order of the Garter. Mounted to the centre, a white metal Garter Star bearing a brass Garter with central Cross of St George. It has its original chamois leather liner which is clean & intact. This helmet is as found and uncleaned, professionally cleaned it would look even more spectacular. It is approx UK size 6. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13460

RARE, Original, WW1 Era, Prussian Cuirassiers Cavalry Officer's Steel & Brass Helmet With Imperial State Cockades, Spike Top & Fitted Transit Case. Sn 13459 - 13459
The Prussian Cuirassiers were a heavy Cavalry Regiment of the Royal Prussian Army. The Cuirassiers fought in the Second Schleswig War, the Austro-Prussian War, the Franco-Prussian War and World War I. This is an original WW1 Era Prussian Cuirassiers Officer's helmet. It has the correct original large Prussian Eagle helmet plate and strengthened neck protector with riveted edges. The helmet is in excellent condition. The polished steel helmet has just a few small surface dents and undamaged brass fittings. It has a large vented conical spike and correct original leather backed scales chin strap. Both sides of the helmet are mounted with Imperial State cockades, black on one side & red/ black on the other side. It is complete with its original leather sweatband. The black felt lining of the helmet has surface wear consistent with age and service use. It is approx UK size 7. The helmet comes with its original leather covered wood transit case with removable lid and retaining straps with buckle. The top of the case has a carry handle which has become detached at one side at some time in its life (this could easily be repaired). The interior of the case is fitted with padded material. The leather of the case is undamaged and has just surface scuffs consistent with age and use. Price for this excellent original WW1 Prussian Cuirassier’s Officer’s helmet with transit case includes UK delivery. Sn 13459

Inter War Ampleforth College Officer Training School (OTC) North Yorkshire, Officer's Full Dress Cap By Flights Ltd London With Original Cap Badge. Sn 13448 - 13448
An excellent original Officer's full dress cap with cap to Ampleforth College OTC located in North Yorkshire. The cap is in excellent condition and free of any moth damage. It has red piping and black lace head band. The cap shows signs of careful use and storage. It has a black peak with gold bullion braid and a black patent leather chin strap secured with brass King’s Crown heraldic arms buttons (illustrated). The cap retains a nice shape. To the front it is fitted with original ‘Ampleforth’ OTC cap badge which is in excellent condition. Inside the cap it has the leather sweat band and clear plastic liner. There is no size inside but it is approx. UK size 6 1/2. The crown has a nice Tailor’s mark ‘Flights Ltd Military Tailors & Outfitters London’ (illustrated). The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13448 (NB British 1907 Pattern bayonets marked To The Ampleforth OTC are available separately on this web site)

ORIGINAL, Nazi German Police Double Decal Combat Helmet With Liner. HE 860 - HE 860
This is an original Nazi Civil Police double decal helmet. The helmet retains its original black paint finish. It has no dents. The inner skirt of the helmet is has no visible manufacturer or size stamps but they may be present under the paint. The left side of the helmet features the correct National emblem shield decal. The right has the correct Nazi Police shield with spread wing Eagle, wreath and Swastika. Both decals have excellent colouring and have just the wear consistent with age and service use. The helmet is complete with leather liner which has even field/ combat wear. The liner has a very faint ink stamp which appears to be ‘55’. All leather and stitching are intact. The helmet is approx. UK size 7. Price for this rare Nazi German Police helmet includes UK delivery. HE 860

RARE, ORIGINAL, "Herman Goering Regiment" Early Nazi German Double Canted Decal Police Combat Helmet By ‘DRP THALE’ With Liner & Chin Strap. HE 859 - HE 859
This is an original example of an early Nazi Civil Police helmet with canted insignia; a National colour shield at right and a black/white swastika at left. It is unclear as to when the Nazis switched the insignia on early Police helmets to incorporate the police Eagle/wreath. Photos of these helmets in wear seem to be dated throughout the mid 1930s. These helmets were known as the "Herman Goering Regiment" helmet because for a time, Goering was the leader of the Berlin Police. The helmet retains its original black paint finish. It has no dents. The inner skirt of the helmet is manufacturer stamped ‘DRP Thale’. The left side of the helmet features the correct canted National emblem decal. The right has the correct canted Nazi Swastika. Both decals have excellent colouring and have just the wear consistent with age and service use. The helmet is complete with leather liner which has even field/ combat wear and what appears to be a later leather chin strap with clasp fastener. All leather and stitching are intact. It is approx. UK size 7. Price for this rare Nazi German Police helmet includes UK delivery. HE 859

Inter War British Overseas Colonial Service Tropical Solar Topee Helmet By Hobson & Sons London & Transit Tin To Lieutenant Edwin Alex Laird Royal Artillery. Sn 13388 - 13388
Edwin Alex laird was born in 1894 at Orkney Scotland. He joined the British Army as a boy soldier in 1900 and was sent to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force in 1914 and remained in Europe throughout WW1 from 1914 to 1918. He went on to serve in India & the north West frontier. In 1931 he was commissioned as Lieutenant and rose to the rank of lieutenant Colonel in 1947. This is an excellent original British Colonial Tropical Solar Topee Helmet & transit tin to Lieut-Col Laird. The Topee’s canvas cover is undamaged. It has its original red head band 'Pagri' & vented spike top mount. It is complete with felt backed brass link chin strap, sweatband and original lining. All material and stitching of the helmet are undamaged. The lining has a nice paper label with manufacturer’s name Hobson & Sons London and what appears to be size ‘7 ½’. The sweat band is impressed ‘Hobson & Sons London’ and has contemporary hand written names including ‘E.A. Laird’. The helmet is contained in its original japanned transit tin with hinged lid & carry handle. The case has a lock (key absent) and embossed latch plate ‘Manufactured By Hindu Trunk House Dehli’. The body has original stencilled lettering ‘Lieut E.A. Laird RA’. The tin is undamaged. Price for this Solar Topee to a British Officer worthy of further research includes UK delivery. Sn 13388
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