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Pressed Steel Company Oxford WW2 British Home Front, National Fire Service Tommy Helmet, Liner and Chinstrap. Sn 14255 - 14255
This is an excellent original, WW2, steel National Fire Service, factory detachment to the Pressed Steel Company at Oxford 'Tommy' helmet. The Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) formed in January 1938 and fire stations were set up in buildings such as schools, garages and factories. A recruitment drive was launched with as many as 28,000 fire fighters required to support London Fire Brigade's 2,500 officers and fire fighters. To provide a unified service throughout the country, the National Fire Service (NFS) took control on 18 August 1941 when all AFS were merged with local brigades to form a national service. By 1943 over 70,000 women had enrolled in the NFS in the United Kingdom. The helmet is painted olive green and has its original transfer National Fire Service badge in gold and red. Also on the front below the transfer is the logo of the Pressed Steel Company at Oxford, a three bladed propeller with "PSC". Inside on the rim it has "Drewett" in white paint. It has its original black oil cloth liner and sprung webbing chinstrap all of which are completely intact. The helmet is undamaged with no denting and it retains most of its original paint. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14255

WW2 1941 Dated British Home Front, Worcester City and County Fire Brigade Tommy Helmet By FAI With Liner and Chinstrap. Sn 14254 - 14254
This is an excellent original, WW2, painted steel Worcester City and County Fire Brigade 'Tommy' helmet. The helmet is painted olive green and has its original transfer Fire Brigade badge in silver and red. The inner rim of the helmet is stamped with what looks to "FAI" and "1941". It is also stamped with a number "844". It has its original black oil cloth liner and sprung webbing chinstrap all of which are completely intact. The helmet is undamaged with no denting and it retains most of its original paint. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 14254

Italian Carabinieri Officer’s Hat With State Cockade & Ostrich Feather Plume. Sn 13907:9. - 13907:9
Inspired by the French Gendarmerie, The Italian Carabinieri is the National gendarmerie of Italy, policing both military and civilian populations. It originally was founded as the police force of the Kingdom of Sardinia. During WW1 the Carabnieri fought alongside Italian troops. During the process of Italian unification, it was appointed the "First Force" of the new national military organization. Although the Carabinieri assisted in the suppression of opposition during the rule of Benito Mussolini, they were also responsible for his downfall and many units were disbanded by Nazi Germany, which resulted in large numbers of Carabinieri joining the Italian resistance movement. Since 2001, it has been one of the four Italian Armed Forces. This is an excellent original Italian Carabinieri Officer’s hat with state cockade and plume. The hat is made of black felt material with black lace trim & is in excellent original condition, complete with black leather chin strap with buckle and black cotton lining. The left and right sides have ventilation holes. To the front it has the distinctive Carabinieri ignited grenade plate with National colours rosette and removable ostrich feather plume. The lining has a small paper size label ’60 /7 3/8’. The price for this impressive piece includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:9

WW2 1943 Nazi German Third Reich City Of Bremen Police Shako With Cockade. Sn 13907:7. - 13907:7
This is the very distinctive helmet of the German Police and was worn from the 1920's right up to 1945. The helmet is made and shaped from green wool fibre. This helmet was made by "H. Becker Berlin". The shako is in excellent original condition and is complete with the black leather chin strap with two alloy buckles and alloy strap ends which are slotted for removal from the side alloy lugs. The leather is undamaged. The top is black leather and stitched to the helmet. The helmet body is green fibre and moulded to the unique shape. The peak and neck peak appear to be black leather with a green finish inside. There are two side vents either side. To the front it has an alloy cockade to the City Of Bremen. On the inside it has an 8 tongue leather sweat band. The inside of the sweat band is ink date stamped ‘1943’. The crown has a nice manufacturer’s label ‘H. Becker & Co GMBH C2’ size marking ‘57’ and a contemporary paper label with the typed name ‘Oberm Muller S6’ no doubt the name and designation of the Police Officer who was issued with this Shako. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13907:7

French M1822 Brass Firemans Helmet With Red Mounted Combe and Liner. HE 863 - HE 863
A French M1822 brass Fireman's helmet and liner. The fire service in France is known as Sapeurs-Pompiers. Sapeur means "sapper" and refers to the 1st official fire fighting unit created by Napoleon I which was part of the military engineering arm. Pompier (fire fighter) etymologically comes from the concept of pumping (water) and refers to the manual pumps that were originally used. This brass helmet is in excellent condition and is complete with the very ornate hand worked leather and brass broad chin strap, leather liner and thick leather sweat band. It is badged on the front, see the close up inset. The brass combe on the top is secured with 5 dome headed brass nuts and bolts. The brass peak and neck flap are both edged in folded brass. It is in very good condition, and is ornately worked with a display of leaves and berries. The combe is topped with a red dyed combe which runs from the back to the front. The leather chin strap is secured with two 2 1/4" rotating rosettes, one either side and is covered in a brass cover either side with very ornate design. The inside has a brown leather liner and drawstring and a metal inner liner. This is a very striking French M1822 Fireman's Brass helmet, in excellent condition and complete. The price includes UK delivery. HE 863

WW2 Era Nazi German DAK Africa Corps (Deutsches Afrikakorps) Double Decal Tropical Helmet. Sn 13675 - 13675
This is an excellent, original WW2 era Nazi German DAK Africa Corps (Deutsches Afrikakorps) Double Decal Tropical Helmet as used by DAK troops in the Africa & Italy campaigns. One side of the helmet is mounted with its original metal shield badge with enamelled German National colours. The other side has the Nazi Army DAK metal shield badge with silver coloured ‘Eagle with Swastika’ on a black enamel background . The helmet is complete with clean leather sweatband and leather chinstrap. The liner is impressed with a crisp manufacturer’s triangular cartouche (illustrated). The helmet is clean and undamaged with just light areas of wear to the brim edge consistent with age and service use.. The crown of the helmet has the correct brass vent. It is approx. UK size 7 1/2. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13675

WW1 Belgian Fireman's Steel Helmet With Bronzed Badge, Liner and Chin Strap. Sn 13637 - 13637
This is a WW1 Belgian Fireman's Steel helmet, complete with bronzed badge to the front, leather liner and leather chin strap. It has a steel comb to the top which is secured with four dome headed rivets. The edge has a folded seam. To the front it has a Belgian Fire Service bronzed badge. Inside the helmet is has a black leather liner with brass eyelets, a drawer string and leather chin strap. The chin strap is secured on one side but the metal wire loop is missing from the other side. This is a complete helmet in very good undamaged condition. The outside is free of dents. The helmet retains about 98% of the original paint on the outside. The price includes UK delivery. Sn 13637u

Boxed WW2 American Naval Commanders Service cap and Two Covers, Size 7 1/2. HE 864 - HE 864
A boxed original WW2 American Naval Commander's Service Visor cap and two spare covers, named to Commander G. Y. Wilkins and manufactured by Berkshire Flex. As per the 1941 'minimum outfit' requirements, Navy officers were to purchase 2 caps, 1 rain cover, 1 blue cover, 3 white covers, and 2 khaki covers. Later, in 1943, when the grey working uniform was introduced, a matching cover would also be required. An Officer's cap can easily be identified by its large distinctive cap device, cap band with a backing for the device, and gold colour chin strap. The Officer's cap device design was a spread winged eagle in silver, perched on a silver shield, superimposed on a pair of gold, crossed anchors. Its height was approximately 2 1/4-inches and could be made of embroidered wire, metal, or plastic. Prior to May, 1941 the eagle on the officer's cap device faced to the left and thereafter the design was changed so that the eagle faced to the right. This was done so that the eagle's face would be aligned with the sword arm, which is the heraldic position of honour. At this same time all uniform buttons, including cap buttons, were changed so that the eagle faced right. This cap is boxed in the original manufacturers cardboard box which is complete with the lid. It is in good condition. There is a label at one end which gives the style as "Gold Visor" and size as "7 1/2". The cap is complete with the device, gold chin strap and gilt side chin strap buttons. The inside of the cap has a leather sweatband which is in good condition and a liner with "Berkshire Flex" and a hand written name tab "CDR GEO. Y. Wilkins". It is complete with a white cotton cover and navy blue wool cover, both look in as new condition. There is no damage to the cap or top cover and overall it is in very good condition. The price includes UK delivery. HE 864

Pre WW1 1912 Dated British Rifleman's Seal Skin Fur Busby By Hobsons & Sons London With Label To “No 236 Rfn J Cave D Compy” With Kings Crown Badge & Plume. Sn 13598 - 13598
This is an excellent British Rifleman's Busby. Made of Seal Skin, it has a black fur body with black cords forming a plaited festoon at the front, plain black cloth top, black corded boss mounted with Kings Crown Bugle / Horn front badge in blackened metal. It has a leather sweat band and is complete with its removable green & white horse hair plume. The inside of the busby has a 1912 dated Hobson & Sons label and another label with inked details “No 236 Rfn J Cave D Compy”. It is approx. UK size 6. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 13598

WW2 Japanese Naval Junior Officer's Visor Cap with Seaman's Badge. Sn 13611 - 13611
This is an original WW2 Japanese naval Junior Officer's visor cap and badge. The caps main body is made of black cotton that is in excellent condition and free of any marks or damage. There is a plain black cloth centre band. The Seaman's insignia is secured with a brass clip on the reverse of the badge. It has a black patent leather chinstrap held in place by a pair of gilt naval anchor buttons. The black leather visor is in good condition. The interior is fully lined in black cotton that is in excellent condition. The sweatband is produced in black ersatz leather. The cap is in excellent overall condition and original. Sn 13611
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