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Nazi 1934-1939 NSDAP Zellenleiter (Cell Leader's) Shirt/ Short Jacket With Collar Insignia, Metal Kriestag Badge & Cloth Tie With Nazi Party Enamelled Tie Pin. N 430. - N 430
Local level Nazi party 'Cell Leaders' in German Towns and Cities, held the positional title of Zellenleiter. After the establishment of Nazi Germany in 1933, the political position of Zellenleiter became that of political enforcer & they were usually the highest Nazi official that the general population would have direct dealings with on a day-to-day basis. Towards the end of the war when Germany was invaded & defeat loomed for Nazi Germany, many Zellenleiters became associated with the Volksturm and served as ad hoc military commanders when the need arose. This is an excellent original Early Nazi Zellenleiter Uniform Shirt/ Short Jacket. The Jacket made of Brown cotton material has 2 Chest Pockets with pleats and flap covers. The waist has cloth belt loops & brass belt hooks which are each RZM Marked 'M 5/8'. The sleeves have turn back cuffs the jacket has plated metal buttons the rear of which are marked '*Extra Fein*'. One cuff button is missing & the collar button has been replaced contemporarily with a small wooden button. The collar of the jacket bears Nazi 2nd Pattern 1934-39 collar tabs of light brown and blue piping indicating 'Orts' (Town) level and gold bullion stripes with Swastikas indicating Zellenleiter Rank ( See Uniforms of the NSDAP by Jeff Clark). The shirt is mounted with a metal badge stamped with rearing Lion motif and scroll with Swastika together with the word 'Kriestag' & other German script together with '1935'. The rear of the badge has it's original clasp fastener. The jacket is a small size approx UK 32-34" chest. All material & stitching of the jacket is clean and undamaged. The inside of the collar is ink stamped '54 43' and the inside of the body ink stamped 'Heiler'. The jacket is complete with brown cloth tie which is clean but does have a small 1/2" hole in the thinnest end of the tie which could easily be repaired and is not evident when worn. The tie is mounted with an original Nazi Party red & white enamelled circular badge/ pin with central black Swastika and the words ' Heil Hitler Ludendorff V Graffe' in gold along the outer edge. The rear of the pin has original clasp fastener and is RZM marked 'M 1/4' together with 'Ges Gesch' manufacturer's mark. Price for this piece of Nazi history includes UK delivery. N 430.

Paul interested 1941 Dated, 1940 Pattern Luftwaffe Enlisted Buckle & Tab by Sieper. ( Sn 7971. - 7971
This is an excellent condition original 1940 pattern enlisted man's Luftwaffe buckle and leather tab. ( See Angola Belt Buckles and Brocades of the Third Reich page 138). The front of the buckle is embossed with the Luftwaffe Eagle & Swastika surrounded by Oak Leaves. The rear of the buckle which measures 2 1/2" X 1 3/4" is stamped on the edge R.S & S. which is 'RICHARD SIEPER & SOHNE LUDENSCHIELD' ( page 23 Angola) The leather tab is impressed with the RS&S cartouche and dated '1941'. It retains 95% of its original finish and is in excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery. Sn 7971.

S.A. Red Cotton Armband with Woven Centre Sn 7750:33 - 7750:33
S.A. Red Cotton Armband with Woven Centre in gold with a Sword over a Swastika surrounded by a Laurel wreath on a white background sewn onto a red material, this was for participants in Sporting Events. When laid out the arm band measures 21cms x 10cms. (This is one of over 50 original Nazi period armbands collected over the last 40 years by a private collector. All are guaranteed as 100% genuine and original) The price includes UK delivery.

Early RLB 1st Pattern Dark Blue RLB Arm Band with Swastika Sn 7750:2 - 7750:2
Early RLB 1st Pattern Dark Blue Arm Band with Swastika on a White Starburst, on a dark blue material. It has "Bevo Barmen Ges Gesch" woven into the material at the edge. When laid flat it measures 17cms x 10.5cm. This is a rare Arm band. (This is one of over 50 original Nazi period armbands collected over the last 40 years by a private collector. All are guaranteed as 100% genuine and original) The price includes Uk delivery.

Original Nazi Period German Alpine Border Police Badge ( Sn 7621) - 7621
This is an original Nazi period German Alpine / Tyrol Border Police Uniform Badge with its original fittings and back plate. The back plate is stamped with the maker's code of LN1790 9 illustrated). It measures 6cm x 6.5cm and has the officer's number '652' stamped into the centre. between the front and rear plates is sandwiched green baize which is held in place by two clips. ( illustrated). It is of lightweight aluminum construction with a good original patina. It has not been cleaned. The price includes UK delivery. ( Sn 7621)

A Bronzed Spelter Figure Of A German Fire Fighter. N 429. - N 429 / 7288
This is an excellent unusual 10 3/4 " (overall) beautifully detailed, Bronzed Spelter Figure Of A German Fire Fighter. The helmeted fire fighter wearing a gas mask and carrying hose is depicted advancing towards a fire and is securely mounted to is square plynth. The front of the plynth is embossed with a Gas mask with the word 'Degea'. Interestingly the rear of the plynth has a brass plate bearing the words ' Fratelli D'ans Ingegneri' and 'Fiume'. The plate is held to the plynth by 2 pins fixed to it's rear. The plate is removeable to reveal the words ' Auergesellschaft' and 'Berlin 017'. Price for this dramatic, unusual piece which is undamaged with lovely patina throughout includes UK delivery. N 429.

WW1 Era Bronze/Brass Bust Of A German Soldier. N 428. - N428 / 7287
This is an excellent original WW1 Era Bronze/ Brass bust of a helmeted Soldier of the Imperial German Army. The bust is mounted on a marble plynth which together measure 8 3/4" overall. The bust has no damage and lovely patina. The mounting is secure and the attractive plynth undamaged. Price for this dramatic bust includes UK delivery. N 428.

WW2 Berlin 'Souvenired' Red Cross Station Enamel Wall Sign. ( N 423) - N 423
This is a scarce and original WW2 enamel Red Cross first aid post wall 'found' in Berlin after the war. The directional sign 'found' with it is also available. It is in excellent condition and has been removed carefully. It measures 40 x 30 cms and reads ' DEUTSCHES ROTES KREUZ UNFALLMELDESTELLE' It has a small label on it which reads ' Found in Berlin U.Bahn after the war Air Raid Casualty Clearing Post' The sign is slightly convex so the red cross stands out. It has a black enamel back. This is a nice original sign. The price includes UK delivery ( N 423)

WW2 Berlin 'Souvenired' enamel RED CROSS' station direction sign. ( N 422) - N 422
This is an excellent condition, the first of two, metal and enamel signs taken from Berlin after the war. This is a typical original directional sign, 60 cm x 20cm which would have indicated the way to the next casulaty station / RED Cross Post. It reads ' NACHSTE UNFALLHILFSSTELLE' It is a good quality sign, vibrant colours and with only one or two small chips on the edges. The price includes UK delivery. ( N 422)

Original, WW2, German Naval Blockade Runners Badge. ( Sn 6442) - N 417 / 6442
Hitler instituted the ' Blockade Runners' Badge on 1st April 1941, to recognize the courage of Merchant Navy personnel who were breaking the British blockade, which was having a disastrous effect on essential war materials getting to Germany. The badge was designed by Otto Placzek of Berlin and was awarded by The Reich Commision For Sea Travel. The criteria for award were 1. To have brought a ship into Port after successfully running the enemy blockade. 2. To have scuttled the Ship to avoid capture. 3. To have served on a Ship lost to enemy action. 4. To have displayed courage in preventing the Ship from falling into enemy hands. ( See page 143 of Combat Medals of the Third Reich by Ailsby). The metal circular badge is 5 cms in diameter and features a liner, with eagle in flight on the prow carrying a swastika, breaking a chain which forms the outer edge of the badge. The reverse of the badge has a vertical hinged pin with hook fastener. This example is in great undamaged condition with hinged pin in great fully functioning order. Price includes UK delivery.

Pre- Nazi German Hamburg City Police Shako - N 409
An excellent example of a pre Nazi German Police Shako with black municipal leather fittings. Black leather body with state cockade and thick alloy, Hamburg City Police helmet plate with rear screw fittings. Complete with leather chinstrap and original brown leather liner. The helmet is made by Hans Romer of Neu-Ulm (Donau). Size 6 & 7/8". In very nice condition. Price includes UK delivery.

1936 German RAD belt & buckle - 5184
An excellent condition 1936 R.A.D. enlisted mans belt with its alloy RAD buckle with the makers details on the leather tab which I cant read with the date 1938 and the letters, "R.A.D." on it. This is a very unusual feature. The size 105 belt is ink stamped on the rear but hard to read. Very nice belt & buckle. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 5184 )
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