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German Items

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Original, WW2, German Naval Blockade Runners Badge. ( Sn 6442) - N 417 / 6442
Hitler instituted the ' Blockade Runners' Badge on 1st April 1941, to recognize the courage of Merchant Navy personnel who were breaking the British blockade, which was having a disastrous effect on essential war materials getting to Germany. The badge was designed by Otto Placzek of Berlin and was awarded by The Reich Commision For Sea Travel. The criteria for award were 1. To have brought a ship into Port after successfully running the enemy blockade. 2. To have scuttled the Ship to avoid capture. 3. To have served on a Ship lost to enemy action. 4. To have displayed courage in preventing the Ship from falling into enemy hands. ( See page 143 of Combat Medals of the Third Reich by Ailsby). The metal circular badge is 5 cms in diameter and features a liner, with eagle in flight on the prow carrying a swastika, breaking a chain which forms the outer edge of the badge. The reverse of the badge has a vertical hinged pin with hook fastener. This example is in great undamaged condition with hinged pin in great fully functioning order. Price includes UK delivery.

Pre- Nazi German Hamburg City Police Shako - N 409
An excellent example of a pre Nazi German Police Shako with black municipal leather fittings. Black leather body with state cockade and thick alloy, Hamburg City Police helmet plate with rear screw fittings. Complete with leather chinstrap and original brown leather liner. The helmet is made by Hans Romer of Neu-Ulm (Donau). Size 6 & 7/8". In very nice condition. Price includes UK delivery.

1936 German RAD belt & buckle - 5184
An excellent condition 1936 R.A.D. enlisted mans belt with its alloy RAD buckle with the makers details on the leather tab which I cant read with the date 1938 and the letters, "R.A.D." on it. This is a very unusual feature. The size 105 belt is ink stamped on the rear but hard to read. Very nice belt & buckle. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 5184 )

WW2 original German Infantry Marksmanship Lanyard N 394 - N 394
An excellent condition, original silver badge, German WW2 Infantry marksmanship lanyard. The silver metal badge is swen onto the silver braid lanyard which is also in excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery. N 394

WW2 Army Officers Waist Belt - N 366 / 4144
A superb quality brown leather waist belt of an officer in the German Army. Measuring 6cm x 95cm with an excellent Solingen makers stamp in the leather(illustrated). Perfect condition with an alloy, pebbled, double pin clasp, lower alloy D-ring and leather slider with D-ring. Price includes UK delivery.

WW2 German 1st pattern DRL Sports badge - 4144/22
A silver coloured original German DRL Sports badge in great condition with its original tepered vertical pin. First pattern without swastika. In excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4144/22 )

Set of WW2 German Kriegsmarine Leather 'Y' straps - 4144/16
An excellent set of brown leather, WW2 German Kriegsmarine 'Y' straps. Each strap is excellenty stamped with the Kriegsmarine Eagle over 'M' markings and all the alloy fittings are present and working correctly. The small strap alloy fitting is stamped "JLC". In excellent condition and price includes UK delivery. (sn. 4144/16 )

WW2 German Kriegsmarine Minesweepers Badge - N 131
An excellent example of a WW2 German Minesweepers combat badge in superb condition. Rear vertical pin and catch in great condition. Price includes UK delivery.

1940 German 7.5cm Ammunition Carrier - N 124
A wicker, 4 shell carrier for the German 7.5cm ammunition dated inside on the base 1940. Nicely stamped on the inner lid and remnants of the paper label. Metal base and reinforced wooden lid. Price includes UK delivery.

WW1 German Iron Cross Medal Group - 1115
A mounted as worn WW1 Imperial German group of medals consisting of a 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class, Bavarian Service Cross with swords, WAr Cross with Swords and a Bavarian Long Service Medal. All on their original ribbons, gilt crossed swords emblem & hanging pin and backing. Excellent condition. Price includes UK delivery.

Luftwaffe LKpW101 Flying Helmet & throat mikes - N 75
A brown leather winter issue Luftwaffe flying helmet model LKpW101 with stitched on twin throat microphonesMi-4b. It is lacking side buckles and top elastic and has a sheepskin liner. The 2 throat mikes are bakelite and marked, "Mi-4b, Ln. 26779-2". In great condition. Worn by all Luftwaffe pilots. Price includes UK delivery

Luftwaffe LKpW101 Leather Flying Helmet - N 74
A brown leather winter issue Luftwaffe flying helmet model LKpW101 with all its straps, elastics and sheepskin liner. In great condition. Worn by all Luftwaffe pilots. Price includes UK delivery.
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